You and I Will Be Tested I Let’s Understand the Quran

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The speaker discusses the importance of having a clear understanding of one's beliefs and how they will be measured during a test. They also give examples of how successful individuals are in their field and stress the importance of being tested. The speaker emphasizes the need for acceptance and acceptance is crucial to success in college.

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Thus people think

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they will be left to say we believe

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and you will not be tested.

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This is a rhetorical question. Do you think you're gonna go out and say I'm a Muslim? And Allah will not test you on the spot?

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What does that mean? How will I live this? When you say I'm a Muslim? When you say I'm a believer, when you start publicly looking in acting,

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a lot of test you with every claim a lot with test me with every claim, I claim.

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You will be tested. You need to put this clear statement of formation. But let me tell you one thing.

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Don't you think fitna and test is only something I don't like.

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Test and fitna the word fitna, in the Quran doesn't mean sickness. loss of a loved one, didn't get a job fired from a job, don't have money. That's one side.

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You're sick.

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You're tested. You're healthy. Everything was perfect. Absolutely tested.

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You are so beautiful. Everybody talks about your beauty. You're tested.

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And the other woman is not. She's tested.

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I'm gonna give you a heads home example. For the married woman. Your husband is the best husband Allah created

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as a test, absolute test. And the husband is the most difficult one. And or spouse. Both are test.

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Parents. So your friend parents are anything she wants. They say they treat her so well. They hug God they give her she's tested. And your parents is everything, not what they should be. You're tested.

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So do you think you're gonna be living on this earth saying I'm a believer and you will not be tested? Number one message. Each one of us morning and evening. It's not a one test we've tested. So when you apply for this college for the youth in here, and you apply to Harvard and you get this letter from Harvard saying you're accepted, are you going to do after jumping?

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Right. Get ready for the test. You're going to be tested.

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You got the letter and you didn't get accepted any new. You are absolutely qualified. But if didn't get tested, you didn't get accepted. While law it is the same.

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We don't look at it this way.