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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah, Allah, he was happy.

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We praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household, his companions, may Allah bless them, bless every one of us, grant us all goodness and keep us steadfast, right up to the end of time. May Allah grant that to our offspring to me, my beloved brothers and sisters, we start off with a prayer

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for you, the people of Sydney

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we start off with a prayer

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala guide those who are trying to put off the fires to be able to succeed in putting them off

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in the quickest shortest possible time. I mean,

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maybe effects of that fire

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be contained. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala Have mercy, not just on humankind, but on all other creatures. I mean,

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if you were to look at the beginning of man, Allah subhanho wa Taala created Adam and he created thereafter Eve, or what may peace be upon them. I mean, there is a debate who ate from the forbidden fruit first, right? It's an argument.

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The Koran songs the problem, but before I tell you that, who do you think ate first? Can you please tell me who ate first?

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Who ate first? Yes.

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that's one answer. Who ate first? Yes.

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Okay, who ate first?

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Mashallah, I heard the right answer, right. It was neither Adam nor he. Okay. Did you hear that? So who ate first? I

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mean, ha Subhana. Allah, Allah says they both ate panela it was irrelevant who ate first? That's what it is. Allah says in the Quran, they both ate first. I hear men saying Eve. But I heard a man here saying Adam today. I think his wife is sitting right next to him.

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Allah bless you all. Mashallah. Mashallah tabarrok. Allah. The point being raised here is people blame each other. I have actually heard people say, you know, if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have been on Earth.

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Well, in that case, you wouldn't have met me isn't that what one could argue. But my brothers and sisters, we lose focus. We don't realize the point Allah subhanho wa Taala raised in the Quran is both of them ate and it was part of the divine plan of the Almighty, that he wanted, or he knew that they would, and it was within like I said his divine plan, he knew that they would do something that he told them not to do.

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So what was the plan?

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Allah knew He created them in a certain place, it was known as Jenna there is another debate as to whether it is the agenda we will be going to if we go to Paradise, inshallah we will go to Paradise. Is it the same gender that Adam and Eve were created in? The vast majority say no, that was a special gender that was created by Allah called genital etilaam. It was a special place where they were meant to be tested, because the agenda You and I are going to go to there, there is no prohibition, there's no forbidden fruit at all. Everything that comes to your mind, you can get it done, it will be done.

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We have

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that's a description in the barn regarding what they will be in Paradise, the one we're going to go to Allah says whatever your soul desires, and whatever is tasty to your eyes. Imagine we don't taste with our eyes. But Allah is saying whatever is tasty to your eyes, you see something and you want it and suddenly it's already yours, just with the thought so panela but your thoughts will be good and everything will be perfect. It's not going to be the way we are today. Today, I might get connected to my kitten so closely, that I'm going to think Oh Allah, if you don't allow this chicken of mine to be with me in paradise, I'd rather not go to Paradise. I've heard young people say this, right. I

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don't know how close you

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To your kittens, right?

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But the idea is when they ask you the question, will my kitten be in paradise? The true answer is, the true answer is, if you go there, and you are in there, and you still remember your kitten, and you want it at the time, Allah will give it to you. But in Commons, you won't even think of it. Okay? Did you hear what I just said? People said, What do you mean? I'm not gonna think about it, you won't. May Allah grant us goodness, let's get there. I've given an example, in the past of a child in the womb. Those things you love in your mother's womb? If I were to present them to you today, you will probably want to puke. Right? Why? Because it's irrelevant. It's something that's

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from a totally different world, from a totally different, you know, stage of existence. I enjoyed it, perhaps so much. I must have been swimming from one side of the room to the other, the beginning, right, and enjoying my movements. And then it became more difficult, right? But it's okay, right now, I can't even remember what happened.

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So Panama, may Allah grant us ease. The reason I'm raising this is because there was a plan of the Almighty that many of us forget. And it is manifest in a Hadith of the Prophet peace be upon him. Before I get to the Haji. Let me tell you, we will mighty prohibited one thing. Unfortunately, they fell in this thing that the almighty prohibited? Does that mean Adam was not close to the almighty? Does that mean he defied the almighty? Does that mean that he was not interested in a relationship with Allah? Is that what it means? Not at all. They were the closest Allah loved Adam so much that Allah made him the first of a species.

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Allah loved him so much. Allah made him the first of an entire species. He is our grandfather, right? You just need to add the term great. A few million times, I think, right.

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Okay, but he is, first of our species. I love him so much. He did something wrong. Did Allah hate him as a result? No.

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He immediately knew that you know what, things are not going to be the same. But I need to turn back to my makeup because he is my maker. I have no option. I have no option but to seek forgiveness from this maker who's blessed me with so much that I have my brothers and sisters, all of us What do we have? We have ourselves what we

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look within yourself. Don't you see the signs of the Almighty the blessings of the Almighty the mercy of the Almighty. You're looking at me today? Who gave you these eyes? How much did he charge you for the eyes? What does he charge you for the oxygen? you're breathing? What did he charge you to taste food? Nevermind the food itself? What did he charge you, for example, for your nose? That you can smell your feet? What did he charge you for your skin? What did he charge you for everything else? Your brain the fact that you could move and walk and so on, even if Allah has taken some of this away from you as a test, he still has blessed you with much more than he may have taken away

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from you. So Adam alayhis salam recognize that he or Hawaii alayhis salam recognize that sapan Allah, they recognize the both of them. And what does Allah say and what I love about this divine legacy, what I love about the Quran, what I love about the words of ALLAH is if you were to look deeper into them, they're always very, very just, Allah didn't say, the one h before the other, nor did Allah say the one sought forgiveness before the other call, I

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don't want to

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see both of them together, turned to Allah. And what did they say? Oh, our, our Lord, our Creator, are you who nourishes are you who cherishes and provides Are you in whose hands lies the entire control of existence? They are saying robina we've wronged ourselves, we did something we were not supposed to do. We did something we were not supposed to do. So what we want from you is if you don't forgive us, and if you don't have mercy on us, we're going to be the losers. We want you to forgive us and have mercy on us. Okay, fast forward to the Hadith. I was saying. I'm going to let you know about Guess what? The Professor sanlam says.

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If we were not people

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turned back to Allah after a sin

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because we didn't sin at all. Allah would create creation creature, creatures who would sin and seek forgiveness.

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Did you hear what I just said?

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It sounds very strange.

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If you didn't sin

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and repent, the Almighty would create creatures who sinned and repented.

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That doesn't mean go out and sin and say I'm gonna sin because I just said today that the almighty loves those who sin. That's not what it is. It is when you do it not out of defiance of the Almighty but out of human weakness, human error out of a blunder out of the trap of the devil. And that's the reason why Allah created man. He already had creatures who obeyed him totally the angels existed before us. What does the Quran say about the angels? The same for an

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LA ya soon Allah.

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They do not transgress against Allah at all. And they do exactly as they are told. Allah already had creatures who did that. So why did he create us? Well, he wanted the other creatures that are mentioned in the hudy we will go wrong because of human nature. The best form amongst us are those who can stay as close as possible to what the Almighty has asked. But at the same time, you are not perfect. Oh man, there is no perfection on this earth. Forget about it. Nobody's perfect. That's why none of us sitting here can live in harmony with a perfectionist, because we're not perfect. You marry someone and they want everything perfect. You're not gonna get along. Sorry. Come on, you need

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certain things. I always say don't leave some of my thing strewn all over. I love it. I'm a human man. You know, sorry, I'm not giving license to the guys here, man.

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But we are human. We want things good. Yes. I'm not saying don't as best as you can. That's how it should be. I'm not perfect. Nor are you. Our children are not perfect, nor our parents, nor our brothers and sisters. But make do with it. get along with people learn to adjust a little bit here and there because there's no perfection here. So where is perfection. I always say, if this world was perfect, there would be no reason for us to want to go to Paradise. So Allah says, I'll create sickness, you will be sick, you will have a flu, you will have a cough, you will get tired. Why? So you can look forward to paradise. I'll create a problem a little war zone things are happening you

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don't like you don't agree with to see who reaches out with a helping hands and who doesn't. In order for them to all work towards this perfect paradise. You want to work to paradise, you are one of two people either you are in a big disaster or you know of someone in the big disaster. If you're in a big disaster. You have to be a patient you have to know a day will come when the dawn will strike. You know that the daylight when you see the crack of dawn, it's only after the darkest hour of the night. If you haven't yet seen the darkest hour of your night. Remember, it's still coming because then you will appreciate dawn when I say it's hot I only say so because I know what cold is

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all about. When I say it's tough. I only know so because I know what easy is all about. When I say oh this person is tall. I'm only saying that because I've seen others who are short. So the comparison here is made I want paradise. I will only want paradise when I now know this is so imperfect. There are so many so many flaws that we see here because you know what? This is the world. Allah didn't create it perfect. I can let you in on something amazing. Do you know Allah could have created us with anything he wanted? What did he choose to make us with?

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Say, Clay Mashallah. What? CLAY That's right. Clay, sand dust. You know, these are the different stages and phases of the creation of man. It's all the same thing, right? Imagine on your window. So when you see the same thing you were created with? What do you do?

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You can't stand it right? You can't stand your own origins. Do you agree? Sorry. You better just say yes. Come on. Don't be shy. Right? So you dust it away. That's what Allah made you when he wanted he would have created you with anything else. Maybe gold, maybe platinum. You know, we could say well, the Australians they made with Platinum guys, you better watch out. Let's go there man. Allah says you know

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What even gold and even platinum and silver and whatever you have is all part and parcel of that dust that clay perhaps if you were to look into it and you were to you know, process it a little bit you extract from it whatever you want Where is gold from the mines? Where are the mines

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in Africa Mashallah.

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And what do people do? They will then mined into the mountains under the ground and remove and extract from the same clay that we were made from gold, silver, and so on. And so Medina comma Idina

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for free giulietti to Islam in the Hadith says either

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the people are like mines of gold and silver, you know, there are a lot of interpretations of that. I want to tell you something amazing today. Every one of us is filled with a lot of gold and a lot of platinum and a lot of silver, if you're ready to mine that people will benefit from it, and so will you but you have to work hard for a mine, I need to dig deep I need to sweat I need to try and then I will get the I will get the gold mixed with all the sand and then I need to separate it and it's an effort right when I've separated it what will happen I get this little gold and then I need to make it into jewelry. So I will have to apply heat and pressure

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and I will have to apply. Or if I want it to be beautiful jewelry, I have to be using precision machinery right, which will poke and make little shapes and holes exactly where I wanted and it will look like a beautiful necklace. So panela you will also create it from something just like that. If you're ready to for people to apply heat on you. You know your teacher comes to you someone else who's your parents, someone who's reminding you, they will tell you things that will make you sweat sometimes, hey, what you did was wrong. Are you ready to take that you've applied the heat? Well, you're just extracting a little bit more of the gold from inside. You become a lesson person, you

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become an asset to humanity. You start helping others when people look at you they just see gold, they don't see dust anymore.

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You see what I'm saying? We created from that Subhan Allah. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is reminding us to say you know what, as men,

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part of the plan of Allah is actually the Toba the turning and the repentance that makes you a better human being. That's what it is. If you want to know one of the quickest ways of getting to paradise, it's constant repentance. You seek the forgiveness of Allah for this reason, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him who was upon the level of perfection none of us will get to. He used to seek the forgiveness of Allah, how many times a day 70 How many times a day, up to 100 times a day. And there is no contradiction between the two. One says the prompts are seldom used to seek forgiveness. ACTA means Sabina mala, which means more than 70 times a day, and the other says 100

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times a day. So there is no contradiction. It means a lots and lots. I want to ask you biLlahi Aleikum by the name of Allah I asked you and myself, how many of us have sought forgiveness of Allah today? Five times or 10 times?

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Starting with me, Subhan Allah, May Allah help us to improve ourselves.

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The perfect one used to seek forgiveness. Why is the door to paradise? We are we are not on that level. We will never get on that level. How many times did we seek forgiveness?

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Sometimes a week passes we say no. And sometimes the devil gets hold of us to the degree that he makes us think I'm too far I am beyond repair. I am a write off. I've been written off. I cannot seek forgiveness because what I've done, Allah will not forgive. And that's why Allah tells us in the same Koran, that same beautiful word of his. Allah says kuliah evadne.

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Tell them oh my worshippers who have transgressed against themselves.

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Don't ever lose hope in the mercy of Allah. Do you know what that verse means? If you lose hope in the mercy of Allah, You've insulted Allah, that's what it means. Allah is telling you, I will forgive all your sins no matter what you've done, and I am the most forgiving, Most Merciful, and you're here busy saying I don't think you're gonna forgive me. Aren't you?

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insulting Allah. Isn't that an insult to Allah, don't lose hope you're good and so am I, that goodness will show when I try my best to develop my relationship with Allah. I need to Allah knows the environment is not going to be so positive, to bring you towards Allah all the time. But Allah does know that you will get the reminder now and again to say come turn to Allah, Allah loves you. Allah does love you. Allah loves all of us. Why are we sitting here? The love of Allah? What do we want from today? We want to become people who can reach out to others, we have humans appealing to us. Are you listening to what I'm saying? We have humans appealing to us to do what? To reach out

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into our pockets and to be able to at least try and please Allah by reaching out to the same of our species. I started off with a prayer for Sydney. Why? Because as far away as I am, we feel the pain

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of a fire that is raging on the even the experts cannot put off. It's something that is saddening whether there are Muslims being affected or not is totally irrelevant. What really is the case is that if we don't feel we're not actually human beings

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are not human beings.

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If things were to go wrong, and I were to say my brothers and sisters, you know, we just help the Muslims and that's it. I'm not a human. I'm not a I haven't understood Allah. I've been saying the last two days a statement that I want to repeat here.

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Do you know if you want to gauge how close you are to Allah, and how much? How much you've understood who your maker is? You just have to ask yourself

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what is my relationship with the rest of the creatures that the same maker I'm trying to please has made? That's all?

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Don't you love Allah? Do we not love Allah? We do. Right? Did Allah make you alone? Or has he made other things as well?

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So if you love Allah, will you not respect everything else that he made? He made everything. I had a young boy come to me one day and tell me when I don't respect the pigs because you know they had?

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Well, that's a question he requires an answer.

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He might not have worded it as a question but for me. I told him everyone come here, we don't eat pig. Yes, but we don't throw stones at the pig. We don't hurt the pig that life was given by Allah. I might not eat it. But Subhana Allah, it's still a creature of Allah.

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if, if, for example, there's a dog down here, and that's an amazing narration. I said it before here in Sydney for those of you who might have attended my talk the last time I was here, that you know, if Allah has given paradise to someone because of being kind to a dog, remember that narration speaks about being kind to a dog. Do you know why kindness to a dog? Have you ever thought of why it was a dog? Why couldn't it have been something else? Why not a bird?

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Because sometimes birds you're attracted to these birds, man, wow, there was a peacock, I gave water to the peacock. It was so beautiful. You forget about the water. It's more about the beauty of the peacock. For example, if there was another human being you gave water to. And by far it's more important to give human beings water. Let me quickly explain. In Islam, we are taught to care for all life, humans, animals, and the birds meaning those creatures that are not human beings, as well as plantation and the ecosystem. We're taught to care for everything but we are taught to prioritize for example, if there is an ocean and we see you know, a boat is capsize, may Allah protect us and

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you find that there are human beings drowning and there are five dogs that are drowning. What do you start with?

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as a Muslim, you need to save both my intention. I'm going to get all five dogs out and I'm going to get all these human beings out as well. That's my intention and I dive in with my team. What happens then I start off with what please can you tell me that human beings Did I hear someone say dogs?

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Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah protect us. Luckily, he's a young boy if he was old it said I hope that's not that's not your mother in law then Allah protect us.

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Hola gracias disease. By the way, I've come across some really, really, really, really good mothers in law. You know, every time people say Why do you talk about mothers in law

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So Pamela, I've come across some really good ones. And I think the new generation, we always say that I'm not going to be like my mother in law, I'm going to be a good mother in law. But what we don't understand is, by the time we get to that age, they'll our kids will be doing such absurd things that they will, they will probably look at us and say, we're not going to be like, you guys, we're going to be better than you, you know. And so the circle continues. And Allah grant us all goodness, Allah grant us goodness, as much as you think you're going to be good, the crazy stuff that's going to be happening 10 years from now, you're gonna want to say, No way. No. How do you say

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no, they're gonna, etc. May Allah grant us ease. So we need to care for everyone. If you have understood who is your maker, you will never ever divide people on racial lines. The one who made a red person is the same one who made a brown person, same one. So if you are going to divide people this line, that line you come from this place, I come from this place that you think you're better. Can I press the red button here? It's really a good one. Okay. Listen to this. Every one of us, myself included.

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We need to work on one sickness. What is it? As much as we say, No, I'm not a racist. I'm not at this. I'm not that. Isn't it? true that some way in our hearts, we still feel that we are slightly better than the village that's, that's on the other side, even if they're from the same city, the same country? The same everything? Isn't it true that every one of us maybe there's an exception here in Sydney, but every one of us, isn't it true? That we feel within ourselves that I but these guys are tough? No, these people watch out for them? Or that nationality? Be very careful. So who's the good guys, it's only me, myself and I, there is a small element of it that we still need to work

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on. You know, you come from this part of the world, you still feel I'm slight? Am I right?

00:26:55--> 00:27:35

Am I right? When you deal with back you have recognized the La La Ilaha Illa? Do you get my point? Allah made them Allah made me Did Allah make us to discriminate Allah says Lita araku, just to get to know one another, Allah created differences so that the world wouldn't be boring. You know, I always say if everyone was exactly the same, everyone look the same. You wouldn't know who's who, you know, when the cars all look the same. The whole line of Toyota's, they have numbers to distinguish them is number plates, we would all have had a number plate. If I wanted to call you out, I would, I would have to say 56348. And the brother would say yes, that's me. Mama, grant us

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So my brothers and sisters, remember one thing, the moral of what I'm saying today, don't lose hope in the mercy of Allah, you are a good person, believe in the goodness within you build it eradicate the bad, it's never too late. No matter what you've done. Don't ever think that Paradise is not at close reach. I was saying why was it a dog? Right? Why was it a dog? It was not a peacock. It was not a bird. It was not a pretty lady. It was not? Because if it was, perhaps the intention of the person would have been brought to question. But because it's a dog, there's no doubt that that intention was absolutely amazing.

00:28:20--> 00:29:01

It was for the sake of Allah mentioned, if you were to assist an animal that you don't normally get so close to if we released two or three dogs into this room? I think in five seconds, we will be out. Right? Right. That's the same dog that the Almighty says well, there was someone who cared for the dog and gave it a bit of water. And you know, because because he understood who Allah was the one who made me make the dog, if I'm thirsty, and this dog is thirsty, I need to know as much as I need the water, the dog also needs the water because the maker of the dog created this life. Let me look after the life of the dog and Allah will take care of me and the person got paradise today,

00:29:01--> 00:29:15

people are harming human beings. They're killing human beings with the name of the same merciful maker who gives you the right to do that. Those people have not recognized the law, you get what I'm saying? May Allah grant us ease.

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So let's not blame each other. Let's not say the male and the female and this and you know, like I said, right at the beginning of this talk, let's go back to the reality to say listen, we're in it together. We have to help each other. We have to instill this hope. Yes, there is an element of fear there is but Allah Almighty alone will grant us safety from Hellfire and from evil. He knows his mercy outweighs everything else. While he was here at galusha a, Allah Himself is saying, My Mercy has encompassed everything so don't lose

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hoping the mercy of Allah, Masha Allah I've spoken for exactly 30 minutes on the dot May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness I think he gave me 35 minutes Didn't you say 35 minutes 32 I'll give you back the two inshallah Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless every one of us, you know, we got to share what we have Zika is two and a half percent I give you back to it's okay.

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And as it is, it's human appeal and I you know, I didn't have much to give back. So I'd rather give you a little bit more time to be able to collect in Sharla

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Bella here my brother, you know, they said has an A to B actually I'm Talia. You know, all good is multiplied by 10. My brothers and sisters I love you for the sake of Allah, I feel the vibe. I feel the goodness. And I hope you felt it to the idea was divine legacy. Yes, although it's concentrating on females, I needed to clarify that you don't ever blame Eve for the sins that you commit. Oh men who are out here. Did you hear what I said? For me? That's a powerful point. And remember that we all need to respect each other. It's not about saying oh, this is better and that's better. Yes, Allah has given each one a role. But at the same time, Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to work with

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each other, to be able to earn his mercy. Don't think that you're going to be doomed to hell simply because you made a very big mistake or two or 10 of them in your life. It's not too late. You can get up today and change things. May Allah subhanahu wa taala Have mercy on all of us. akuto colorada sallallahu wasallam