Born With The Possibility To Err

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Hola Salam Baraka Vina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa salatu salam to Steven Kathira to mama but

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how many of you here can claim that their mashallah their flawless? anyone dares to raise their hand to say I am flawless? I don't make any mistake I don't commit any sense nobody

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otherwise you won't be here right?

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May Allah subhana wa Tada make us all from the people of general Bananaman brothers your sister this hadith an abuse of Allah Allah wa sallam is speaking about one of those most important basic elements of human nature. Hadith number 1871 Imamura mo Allah Allah Tala one Ebihara of the Allahu Anhu kala Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. Well, are they in fcbd lolium tunable leather have Allahu Taala become? Well Ajah Bill Coleman he was named guna first floon Allah Allah, Furlong romslig, this hadith the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, by the one in whose hand my soul is, if you do not commit sins, Allah will replace you with the people who would commit sins and seek

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forgiveness from Allah. And Allah who will certainly forgive them are all Muslim. What is this hadith meningioma doesn't mean hey,

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that's an invitation right? A stop for Allah Now that's not what it means. Allah Subhana Allah says like he had created you with the possibility and the ability to air and make mistakes.

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Like you are not the perfect creation like the angels, whom ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada described in the Quran as what? Leia sunnah Allah Hama Omraam. If I don't am a moron, they never disobey Allah azza wa jal, no matter what command they receive from Allah subhanho wa Taala they will fulfill his command.

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We're not at that level. And we will never be at that level. Why is that?

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Because we're human beings. We can see that light hearted handler who one day was walking in the streets of Medina because he meets him he goes good morning your handler How are you doing today?

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handled immediately he said Karnataka handler is I feel hypocrite today

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to whichever closer did was shot, he said What do you mean? Because con Hakuna and the Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. Pharaoh had the Sunnah for Corona. Well, Jonathan Narayan we sit with the prophets of Allah Selim we hear from him. We feel as if we see Jana and Jana with our own eyes like we see reality.

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Well, I can either first name and nd or our first and our other one as well. As far as I've seen and Catherine the moment we leave we go home we intermingle with our our spouses, our children, we forget so much. Which means we our Eman dips goes down

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for Cara Salah Salah and he told him he says look, now under come takuna if it were to come come at Hakuna Angelus of hardcore melodica. If you could, if you could be at home the way you are with me, the angels will shake hands with you in the streets. What is he saying exactly that if you are at that level of practice and dedication, devotion, you will be with angels. But we're not. Why because ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala by design, He created us with the possibility of making mistakes and error.

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And he says God, and if you are not that type of creation, that's what it means. If you're not that type of creation, he would have removed you would have cleared another creation that has the possibility to make mistakes and error. So they could come back to Allah subhana wa Taala seeking forgiveness, so he could forgive them.

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But the Prophet SAW Allah Allah wa sallam he is saying Allah subhana wa Taala His name is a fool. The one who forgives a law firm, the oft forgiving subhanaw taala at the web, they want to accept the repentance over and over again, all these beautiful names in relation to what do you and I and what do we do, which means in our mistakes, and if there is nothing to forgive, what does it mean to be forgiven? If nothing to have no mistakes to amend the word the meaning of Toba? So that's why Allah subhana wa Taala in this hadith, he says in the health codici says if you did not if you did not have that possibility of making mistakes, I would have changed you completely. Not only am I

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they say but hamdulillah that's even show a Rama from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada which means if you make mistakes, that's alright. Fix it. That's what you need to do. Come back to Allah subhana Medina, and he also we learned from this hadith as well. Is that to be careful, just because ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala accepts and he is oft forgiving, and accept the person Stober. Is there any guarantee for anybody

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Anybody seem to be forgiven

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as your man is a guarantee, if someone makes a mistake, he is a professor Sam says, If you don't make mistakes, Allah will change you to another creation, I will make myself to forgive them. When they come back to them, is there a guarantee for us to be forgiven our sins? The answer is no. So what does that mean? Don't take your chances with Allah subhanaw taala don't say oh, the Hydra is invitation to make mistakes. It's okay then to make mistakes. No, no, it doesn't say that. The hadith is tells you look, if you make a mistake, you have a chance to be forgiven, but there is no guarantee. So don't try to take your chances and say okay, so if you could, if we make mistakes,

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then later be try to avoid making these mistakes.

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Don't do them deliberately. Don't make them intentional. But they do happen. That's when you come back to Allah subhanho wa Taala and seek his forgiveness. Now the lesson learned from this hadith is as human beings, we are not that we are human beings, we are perfect in a certain way. What does that mean? We cannot reach the angelic perfection. So stop trying to impossible. Stop trying to impossible. Some people, they beat themselves down so much self loathing, it just consumed them completely. Why? Because when they make a mistake, they don't tolerate themselves. And they keep beating yourself down until they become desperate.

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But at the same on the other hand as well too. Don't be too relaxed and too confident that Allah Subhana Allah forgive him. So no matter what I do, Allah will forgive me. No, no, don't be that type of person. But if you make a mistake, it's okay. Perfection at the level of the angels is not possible for you to achieve. So what is the human perfection? The human perfection if you make a mistake, you're European.

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If you make mistakes, you're going to fix it. you reconcile with the Lord Subhana wa Tada that is the human perfection in every time your MO Allah Allah he says quite well so Misha Ratan Tata in laser Macerata Matata, it is not a condition to be righteous that you become that you should be flawless you make no mistakes, there's no that's not one of the conditions that I just want. What I can say is one of the conditions that if they make mistakes, they repent, repent back to Allah subhanho wa Taala so that's the meaning of this hadith so no one can take this as an excuse to make mistakes. Rather just make make your best insha Allah Tala and a way of staying away from mistakes,

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but if they do happen, return back to Allah subhana wa Tada and seek his forgiveness May Allah subhana wa Taala Forgive us our shortcomings gerbil and Amin and protect us on the path of Goddess Allah. Allah Allah any questions your man?

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A good question. If someone makes a mistake, unintentionally, and they sincerely they sincerely repent to Allah subhanho wa Taala and seek his forgiveness. Does that mean that there is no guarantee Allah will forgive them? What's the answer? This is your ma.

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There is no guarantee

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because Allah might actually delay their forgiveness for something else. Whatever that is, not because of that particular sin.

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But as a believer, I'm responsible to do the right thing. And what is the right thing if I make a mistake, that I sincerely return return back to Allah subhana wa Darna seek his forgiveness until now the dilemma they have to position on this matter. Some they tell you take the path of confidence that ALLAH SubhanA wa will forgive you.

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Other Arema they say No wait, like one of the swords of the Salah when he was once sin crime. So a man came to him call what's going on? I mean, you're crying too much. Why don't you take it easy on yourself? So he said to me, he says Carl, have you ever committed a sin before? Who's Yeah, many? Because you seek forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala for them? Who's Yeah, I did. Did you get any guarantee they were forgiven? And said, No, we don't go and cry more. Perhaps Allah subhanaw will show mercy to you and forgive you. So there are two positions. Some they say no. If you do your part, be confident Allah will forgive you they will make it put you at ease handle a lot of damage

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so you can move on with your life. Otherwise you'll become desperate of the Mercy of Allah if we don't actually have that kind of position. Other than say, No, it's better for you to stay actually on the on the side of caution. So that you don't feel too confident and you start doing good. So whichever position you don't want to take, that depends on what's in your heart. Allah Allah

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subhana Calamba 100 Estrella and several good Suburgatory Saramonic Warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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now you can release your babies inshallah time.