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salatu salam O Allah, Allah Allah He was happy human whether

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we are on the series of

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reminders with regard to the specific characteristics of this ummah of Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah was I was lm by which we are recognized, which is our brand by which we are distinguished in the world.

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Today I want to talk about one of the most important of those characteristics, and that deals with what we eat.

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Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam was asked who is a Muslim?

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And he said the one who believes in La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasulullah.

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He also worships in the direction of the Kaaba, he worships in the same direction we worship, and he eats what we slaughter.

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three conditions of somebody being a Muslim that he says he believes in Laila Illallah, Muhammad Allah worships in the direction of the Kaaba and eats what we slaughter.

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I want to talk about the issue of eating halal.

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And I want to talk about the issue of eating halal and when myself and you because one of the major reasons for non acceptance of why is eating Haram.

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Allah subhanaw taala does not accept the drama and does not accept the above that of people who eat Haram.

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overcapacity Alon, who

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one day came back from outside somewhere.

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And he asked his servant who was the house you asked him Is there anything to it? The servant gave him a bowl of milk.

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And Delano drank the milk.

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When he finished drinking the milk the servant said

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every time I give you anything to eat, you ask me where did you get this from?

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today who did not ask me

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I didn't ask you what Where did you get it from? You know, I expect you to be gay. I am careful. So I expect you to be given.

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The man said that. He said in the Avaya Helya before I became Muslim, I used to be a magician.

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And I did some magic for a tribe which lives outside of Marina

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but they did not pay me for that.

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So today I was passing by that way and they gave me this milk as payment for this magic which I did before I became Muslim.

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And I brought it and I gave it to you.

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So our sister further on who he started he put his finger in his mouth and he started vomiting and he vomited until you brought up blood.

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The people that grabbed him they stopped him and they said what are you doing you will kill yourself.

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And he said I'm doing this because I heard my hubby Muhammad Mustafa sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying that if a single morsel of haram goes into the belly and gets digested and becomes part of the body, then the fire of jahannam is wajib on that body

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We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us from this now again as you know if you go into the fix the math I'll have this whole story then there is no need for our city to vomit. Because first of all,

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he whatever he ate and drank he drank without the knowledge number two whatever that man did the if there is a sin the sin is on that man it's not on our

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bodies I always say that is a habit had taqwa. So they did not need for this I have always did more than what is required. We have we have minimalist thinking we look at the lowest common denominator the smallest piece, this hammer did not live like this. I have had a different standard. Right. So over Sousa delanco there is no one there's no Mufti in the world who is a bigger Mufti than della Han. But he his understanding of what is right and what is wrong is different to ours. So I have the law if the muzzle are correct, it is not that the muscle is wrong. But we are talking about a level of

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carefulness yet, which is more than what we normally practice today. So one lesson is to be very careful. Now the key thing is why I'm saying this

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is because today our plate has become International.

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There was a time

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When what came on your plate was from either your house itself, or maximum it was from your village.

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If you ate a chicken, then this chicken you knew

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this chicken you were personally acquainted with. You had the chicken had a name, you know who that you knew who the aunt of the chicken was, and you knew who the uncle of the chicken was, right? And the chicken was well known to you, before it came onto your plates, and then that you can also you just round and round the house before you caught it. And then you you know, you give it some water to drink and then you slaughter it properly in the method that we know. today. Our chickens come from God ridge.

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Our beef comes from Brazil.

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Our mutton comes from Australia.

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Our orange juice comes from

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South Africa or it comes from America.

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a lot of the objects of you know which they have in the occupied territory. So it comes from there. Now, water, mineral water, right, there was a time when you know you drank the water of the tap. But today also of course, you can still drink the water from the tap and then in maybe about 10 minutes you have Shahada insha Allah.

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So you drink you drink, you drink milk and water up to the plate has become International.

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I'm not even talking about what else goes in. I'm talking only about the meats. But if you look at if you if you go to a Chinese restaurant, they also have ajinomoto in the food and a monosodium glutamate. And if you go to some other place, they have something else with the food and salsa blade is exhausted now.

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Therefore it is very important for us to be clear about what we are eating.

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The reason I'm saying is

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I don't have anything against chickens. But one of the biggest sources of eating Haram is eating chickens.

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Please understand one thing very clearly, I don't know how many of you have actually been inside a chicken Processing Factory Has anybody here Have you ever seen the inside of a chicken Processing Factory? Have you ever have you ever seen the machinery how it works

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chicken processing machinery is designed for the same purpose to achieve the same goals as any machinery which manufactures anything and that is what goal maximum output per minute.

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Right. So the factory is designed like that.

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Just to give you a very quick description of what happens the chickens are put into inverted funnels into funnels actually not inverted the actual funnels the hole at the bottom, the chicken is put into the funnel, so the neck and head of the chicken sticks out of the funnel

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then this is passed through a water bath which is electrified

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so the chicken is given a what they call a mild shock. Now if you put your finger into that water, you will see how mild the shock is. Right. And to the best of my knowledge. The chickens do not have a complete cardiac profile done before they are put into this thing so we don't know what the heart condition of the chicken is and how it takes that shock right? So many of those chickens when they hit that electric current their souls depart for them inshallah, right so that's the end of that chicken, but it goes down and why do they do that because they don't want the chicken to flop around. Then they have two versions one version you got a line of people standing there with blades

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and this is this is on a conveyor belt. This thing is not waiting for you right? So as it goes, the guy just goes slit slit slit slit city is just cutting like this right? In some other cases you have a tape which is running which has Bismillah Allahu Akbar does this guy cutting we don't know what he's saying maybe things will Allah we're inshallah right. The tape is run the tape is where Viva la la, la la, la la the tape is running. And there is a blade a mechanical blade which cuts the chicken right cuts the throat of the chicken.

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In some cases, they have gone even a step further which is they have written Bismillah Allahu Akbar on the blade.

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Right in Malaysia, there's a factor whether it's on the Blade Runner, and this is cutting. Now in some case against a blade again the chicken again what the chicken does, in some cases, the head to get separated from the body. In some cases, it does not get separate from the body. And then this chicken now gets processed.

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In the plant and finally it arrives, now you do not know whether you are eating the chicken which had a weak heart and a dyed in the water but you do not know whether you are a chicken whose head came off and you are eating that chicken and so on and so forth.

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Now, the method of slaughter in Islam, there are different I'ma have different opinions somebody said you can either say Bismillah and that is enough Some people say some some some I must say that if you while you are slaughtering, saying Bismillah also is not required as long as the guy that was so and so on. However,

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the one opinion on which everyone is agreed that that is the best way even though I may permit something else, but this is the best way that is, has three requirements. Number one, the person slaughtering must be a Muslim. Number two, he must say Bismillah Allahu Akbar. And number three, he must slit the throat where he is cutting both the carotid

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arteries and the jugular vein without separating the head from the body.

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Right. So as long as these three things are done, this is insha Allah supervillain, right, exactly. Now,

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none of that is happening in a chicken factory, believe me.

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And what are we eating? We don't know what we're eating.

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our international plate, and after we finish eating our international food, same thing in Brazil, the cattle comes from Brazil. How do you have you ever been Have you ever seen a cattle slaughtering place in the West

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they either stun the cow

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with again electric shock, or they have what they call a dead bolt which is like a like a like a like a pistol which hits it in the head. And it usually kills it. But even if it doesn't kill it, it you know d incapacitates it and then if it's being done according to the halaal thing, somebody reads the throat throat and who that somebody is we don't know.

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All of this stuff is coming onto your plate comes with a halal stamp.

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The godhra Chicken comes with a halaal stamp from a Masjid in Bandra.

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Right now, which was what was you know, the was what was his? What budget? Are these people going and actually inspecting what is happening if they go to the factory, and if they have like one you know, great grain of human they will not put the rocks and believe me because that's the fact that's actually the buy point I'm making is chicken processing machinery is not designed for halon.

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So there's no way that somebody who's got a factory and can be heard is not possible

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except where their hand slaughtering, in which case the capacity will be very small. There are there are one or two factories where they are actually doing hands watering. You know, what is that? We have that we don't know. See? See how things happen? Now again, do remember, there are people who have certified that having a tape saying Bismillah Al Akbar is okay. That people who have certified people may not be like me, I'm talking about Allah. I'm talking about Mufti and from that place, the people who are certified they're having Bismillah Al Akbar written on the blade is okay. My point is all of those fatwas are given for the benefit of the manufacturer. They are not given for the

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benefit of the eater.

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Yes, it is to have on the on the part of the Mufti maybe he's entitled to do to do the stats. I'm not going into that part of it. All I'm saying is as far as I'm concerned, it is not it is not hard. I don't care who does what is there.

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Right. So now our international plate we've got this beef from Brazil we've got this mutton from Australia we've got a chicken from this factory and that factory. And then we've got this orange juice which is stamped halaal

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you've got mineral water which is stamped Hara ask you I'll tell you why it is stamp halaal asked me Is it necessary to stamp orange juice?

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Is it necessary to stamp mineral water? I'll tell you why. Right now.

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At the end of your meal.

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Many of us now then we wash it down with

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black liquids with secret ingredients.

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Yes or no? I'm not saying it has alcohol. It has this it has that I am speaking the truth. I do not know what it has. That is a fact. It has secret ingredients. The Islam that I know for a Muslim to eat something which he does not know which has secret ingredients in itself is

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how do you eat something which secret ingredients? You don't know what it is? how can how can you eat it? Where is your taco

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The only thing which can be said with certainty about those drinks is that they are excellent toilet cleaners.

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There's nothing else that can be said we certainly do about that. Now, why is orange juice tampilan because the filtration of that is done. Generally the filtration of that is done through pig bladders.

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The membrane the filtering membrane comes from pork come from pig bladders.

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Same thing for mineral water.

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That's why they established halaal meaning this particular one has not come from that source. Allah knows best.

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Any of you interested in some more discussing details, please contact me. I will give you any number. There is a scientist in quotes, who has done extensive research on this on what is halal and what is not Allah. I'll give you his number. I'll give you his Twitter account. I'll give you his email, talk to him, Go meet him. And he'll explain to you all of this

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point I'm making my brother's is please be careful about what you eat.

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There are five pillars of Islam. Eating meat is not one of them.

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Right? Do you know

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our kind of Islam is eating meat in that no.

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I always tell my friends, they know what will happen I tell my friends you know a Brahmin, Hindu Brahmin does not eat meat all his life his entire life to please his God

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and we cannot meet we cannot eat meat you cannot leave meat for one meal to please Allah Subhana Allah Hadji Muslims today have reached a stage where they will eat anything as long as it is that

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only condition is required it should be dead

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then this will eat anything like the hobbit or whatever and then we stand in salah and we make dua making heroes and this and that and nothing is getting accepted. If you say no I don't know why you are a door is not accepted because you eating haram How does do I get accepted when you eat? Ah

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seriously think about this. seriously think about this.

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For a Muslim to eat something which is doubtful. It said the action itself will run.

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Where is

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the distinguishing feature of this oma is we eat halal. We do not eat Haram. So I tell people know your chickens right before

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we eat the chicken as the chickens what therefore the name of the chicken was? Make sure see see how things happen? You know, I'm old enough to remember a time when you either cut your own chicken or you went to a shop and the chicken you saw the chicken alive in front of you. It was slotted? Right. So there were small businessmen who supplied a few chickens. And they had a small business and this business for that family. Everyone's still a chicken. There was no shortage of everyone's still a chicken. But this chicken came from maybe 1000 small businessman who for them that was their livelihood. Then comes the chicken plant the chicken processing plant. Now there's one guy, all

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those 1000 people have gone out of business. Their families have nothing to eat. One guy is producing chickens and everybody's eating her up.

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And please understand very clearly, just because it has a halal stamp does not mean it is hella you must know who is stamping that. If it is an organization that you trust Alhamdulillah inshallah It is okay. But just because it is stamped halal means nothing. Just because you are sitting in the restaurant next to the Haram and eating chicken in Makkah does not make it halal.

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does not make it hard. It's not one of the conditions that you should eat the chicken next to next to the harem No.

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You can be sitting inside the car and eating chicken still it would be up to her.

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It is our job to find out somebody one of my one of my friends told me is his job was a King of Saudi Arabia to provide us as a very nice

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job of the King of Saudi Arabia to provide me with alkota

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is going into yoga into your mouth and your belly not into his belly.

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So make sure what you put in the mouth because not only is that physically bad for us, not only is something which if we do it deliberately will destroy an ocular, but it is something which will destroy our ibaadat and it will destroy our DRI Allah subhanaw taala does not accept the DA of people who eat harm.

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Make be very very careful if you don't know Don't touch it.

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We have our group here are these

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Young men here they have gone and researched and they will tell you which shops The chicken is halal because they're getting it from individuals for people and it is hand slaughtered and so on. But wherever whichever country you live in make sure just because you live in a Muslim country does not mean that the food you are getting there we just stamped halaal is actually holla

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please understand is very clearly very funny The other day I will quit and refined mango juice made in quit so I told the guy find me one mango tree in quit

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find me one mango tree in quick

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stamp made and how can you remain quiet?

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Because don't grow and quit. So how do you find the mango deeper? So people stamp anything

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so it's all delivered watani everything was done he asked me what

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it means the cow came from India. The Bangladeshi was milking it and the Saudis standing there so it's Wataniya

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la botella please understand that this is not is not foreign gift. We do not eat haram Muslims do not eat Javi Allah This is our distinguishing feature.

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And let us be very clear about that. That does not destroy the power of our rods inshallah We ask Allah subhanaw taala to protect us and let us be very careful with regard to what we eat. It is better not to touch it I always tell people if you are a problem, you have all these doubts because this see this thing looks good. Right? Just think about it and say instead of haram if I told you it was poisoned, what would you do?

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Instead of haram if I told you this has got an allergen which will give you such a severe allergy that you will not even walk 10 steps from here you will drop What will you do when you touch it?

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Of course you will not go near it. But when you say haram now you got any number of arguments. I talked to the chef I talked to that chef no matter which chef who doctor with us.

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So let us be very clear and be careful with what we eat what we put in our mouths and make sure I'm not saying don't eat I'm saying make sure Please eat Please eat absolutely validated Allah Allah tala, but make sure that it is actually slaughtered in the correct manner and that you are satisfied with the people who are slaughtering it so that you're sure that what you're putting in your mug is salat, wa salam ala will carry while he was savage me