Most Difficult Surah In The Quran

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Recording your progress will be one of the most difficult sources of the Quran which is suited to Nisa. So sort of Denisa wants to give you guys a little bit of background there and want to talk a little bit about sort of decipher today, because we don't always have an opportunity for those you that say, Oh, brother, I'm out of it, you know, I'm on sort of three belcarra Like, you know, why, why should I worry about it or wants it in Milan. The reason why I mentioned is not to scare you.

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There's a lot that's gonna scare you when you go through life and in this program, and hamdulillah but it's to get you ready for, you know, what, what is going to be probably probably the biggest test in this program. And so for those of those students that have completed sort of to Nyssa, we've noticed that Michela they've done a really good job of working for sort of Tula EDA and and just kind of getting their next things forward. So to Nisa is one of the big tests that you have in your Quran journey. So in the Quran journey, there are a couple of kind of we call it blocks points where students end up not making it any further the first major block actually appears in sort of the

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backlog so for those people that are memorizing sorted Bacara your first block that's come up and we've discussed this before, is roughly that like page 10 to 12 mark where we basically come from start talking about you know, what you've heard me say a pub and restaurant you know, when we start talking about this covenant this taken we believe these pages just go from like, they're not we'll start cameo parents Michela said would you like to jump on the mic and share a couple of words with us? hamdulillah it's really lovely to see you. Oh, no, you can Okay, just just for a moment I'll have the AsSalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh to everyone. Thank you so much. Omar. Just the

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the poke in to show everyone where we are and what's going on Alhamdulillah sama hamdulillah have is fondly here with us. And we are on the clock. We are on the last page here. This is the last page of images and we are in full swing friends. So does Ark Allahu hadal

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start Omar for covering us today. We are in the middle of the Quran revolution semester. So let's see if this can mean something to you. But friends this much of the Quran is available and ready for you. This much of the Quran is waiting for you to

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to memorize it Allahumma Nia Soto can Huda what to call alfalfa well Xena

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and from the above camera does aka LA who later does offer everyone no start Omar thank you for making this possible and not having us have a leave off but I believe that I have to go out to hunt these bring back big treasures and that's I just wanted to pop in to share that was not Oh my thank you for sharing about certainly saw thank you for sharing about the tougher pages. Thank you so much

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Michelle that and we really appreciate you signing in mashallah have a wonderful session and I'll see you again next week inshallah you got it Islam are they going after the law