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The importance of learning from experiences and staying true to Islam is emphasized, along with the importance of acceptance and embracing the "assorted Mafia." Fasting is also emphasized as a powerful way to reach a point of being healthy and healthy, as it is crucial to one's life. The conversation ends with a brief advertisement for a young man who died few days after fasting.

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Pipe fasting in Oman, my choice or not my choice. The youth yesterday, were amazing by them, y'all know, the questions I had, and all the questions about Ramadan. And that's why I invited them to come view beautiful, right? So one of these I was asking them, do you have a choice in this? And the answer is

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Do I have a choice in plastic at all? No, no, absolutely not. Except to be very correct. Now, when I say this, and I am absolutely adamant about it, I need to bring proofs, learn one thing in this day, I will ask you for deeming the principle of this D that everything is

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accepted, there is a ruling, there is a proof, there is an evidence. So I cannot hold on to this is how long this is how long I can do this. The essence of it is the same thing with food. The essence in food is everything is handled. But except the things you know. So when I say number one is an obligation before I give you the next slide, who said

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You said you said yes I am very adamant about it. So before I do this, let's do the the the other one.

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Because that's how it is this is number one. You want to this. So when you tell me number one is an obligation to have an evolved sister who just accepted Islam. She looks at you and says What should I do? And you're going to say what you said Shahada and then you can say you're going to learn how to pray with teaching and then in Tunis, you need to start fasting because of no one is coming and this is how it is the only Avenue on which surah

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and amazing things side note for you to learn and the bottom the cow has all the details of the essence of Islam The Pillars of Islam, five of them is an assorted baka

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lexotan Hydra tons of other hand the only surah talks about fasting Ramadan is specifically talks about smaller talks about tight and talks about the concerns with

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Yes or No Did you know this

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What if he didn't know this if anything on this what happened to understand what he was talking about? polity keep your solid and especially the middle one and you stand up in a row with complete submission that's just like yeah even

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cooler Neiman Marcus read another component of you mean backmarkers up job

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yeah even though I'm I'm sorry that's where I was headed. And people complain about the Microsoft Teams spend from the pure of what you made and what we brought you out of the earth. So that's the physical often man and and where does it hide?

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The windfall of human height of an elephant Oval Office or hydrogen is an appointed and once and whomsoever Hajj became obligate obligatory in the saga for su no relationship and no disobedience to Allah, and then

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Muslim so the four things amazing, the longest one, just a side note for you to learn second school or the Quran, and it is the longest one in all the principles of the pillars of the D is assorted Baba was revealed in Mecca and Medina.

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What about it, of course.

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Look at your faces.

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But that's something I'm not going to give you all the answers today. If you need to go on, hold on. So that's majority of it is monkey. it's maddening. I'm sorry. Yeah, but there is some part and one of them is it of course he wasn't revealed. And the last is when was it revealed to you? Now let's go back to this. Okay, so it is an obligation. It's an obligation from the Quran, it's an obligation from the sooner and it's a funding consensus, no scholar, no scholar, from that mother that lives in the West lives in the East lives now lived 100 years ago, 1000 years ago, I disagree that this is an obligation. It's not my choice. And I always and I said this yesterday to the youth and I'll say

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this today, a choice I have is to obey or not to obey. That's absolutely a choice. But there is no choice in Ramadan is not an obligation that you get the point the Milan is an obligation, my choice to avail. Not that's your choice. So definitely consensus. And it is one of the freedom Pillars of Islam that we just talked about. This one and I'm just going to translate

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For you to Maine came to Australia Salatu was Salam why he This is a he's a biohacker when he was asleep, and like want you to because this is not a very well known he's probably most of them to men King to me. That's what was what they sought to say I'm saying while I was asleep, and they held my wrist and took me to a rough rugged mountain, or sorry, sorta cinema scene, they said climate go up. I said, I can't. And they replied, We will help you. I climbed to the end, and heard the loud noises. And I said, What are these? They say, this is the cry of the people of the hellfire. May Allah protect us. Then we walk walked further. And I came across men hanging from their ankles

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upside down. Their mouths were torn,

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and blood flowing from them. And I asked Who are they? who they are? And they replied, those are the ones who break their fast before the time to break the past. Did you get the meaning?

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Yes or no? So what is this hobby related to the obligation of song?

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It's a hidden way.

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They broke the past little bit before

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they broke their fast a little bit before the time, intentionally write and see the result. What about those people who doesn't pass.

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And that's why I say this all the time. Because

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especially for us living in the West. And these days, the hours is long. And it's not an easy, fast ride. But don't take it easy, also not too fast.

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And this is one of the things you really have to know this is an obligation, this is not a choice, I will train myself, I'm gonna ask a lot to help me a lot, we'll make it easy. But don't just say I can't, I can't so hard. Don't say, Don't take it as we say don't take it lightly.

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So you already know I'm an OT belicoso am kamakoti, Valentina COVID. It's a three iron,

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talking about fasting. And then there is another IO to talk about the data. And then there is another is talking about the details of fasting, we'll come to a young man who died few days.

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So number one, fasting is not only us, but what's so special about our fasting. So all the other nations before us were ordered to fast true or false. Do you have a non Muslim friends? Yes or no? Yes. Do they fast? Yes. Do they felt the same way we do. So that's the difference. So that's how you say cookie value, minimal copy from the principle of fasting, it was there. It's not new.

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Like salah and the way we perform prayer, it's new. We are the only nation that we prostrate Tomas pantalla put our head on the ground. But first thing they all did, but the way we fast is unique way and then Allah gives you the tool which we're going to come to in detail who the they are exempted from economy suffer if I determine you're sick, you're traveling from another time, we're going to come to this detail in just a few slides. So this is one after the other. So next is this one now specifically overloaded because somebody will say why don't you know how we argue about everything, these things? And everything doesn't make sense and explained to me I'm not convinced all this and I

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really know how many surah in the Quran.

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And then I say doesn't make sense hearing about the word Rama what is the Quran shadow Madonna lady who's in the month of Ramadan in which was bestowed was revealed, told us to set up from I'm sure you give me a shot of me assuming this is okay. Here is

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this part, this part? For those of you

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who know more, this is the obligation. Meaning here.

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Whoever of you lives to see this month show should actually shoot fast. That's the obligation. And there's a principle in the Koran when you're going to read inshallah, in the month of July and I'm moving on your feet.

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Every order in the Quran means it's an obligation unless there is an explanation otherwise, did you get to the point. So when Allah says love, talk to the side on top, do not kill animals. When you're in a state of economic, that's an obligation.

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But when you're not going to set up a home, it's okay to go hunting. Right? When Allah says let's go to college and not get drunk, perform salah and you are intoxicated. That's an obligation. So someone

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tells you where is in the Chronicle.

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And they get some weird reasons on why Ramadan. You can say ego Shahada, Allah used it. He wrote shalom about the month of Ramadan. And if you're gonna say, okay, Sha two says I have to fast and you're gonna say Here you go, man shadaloo comitia for your soul, whomsoever live to see the month, show faster.

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That's very clear.

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Especially integrally formed the whole on the evidence how the aura is opening, they call it, it is absolutely, absolutely no doubt. No doubt at the word, no doubt in it in the way to reach us.