Riad Ouarzazi – Your Ramadan 2013 #09

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The segment discusses various news stories and their origins, including a woman named Jana who apologizes for her actions and Hannah who claims to be a bricks woman. The discussion also touches on the use of the concept of Islam and the importance of remembering it. The group discusses the use of allia and the belief that everyone is watching and listening to someone. They also talk about the importance of being aware of people who create stars and the need to deal with them. The video ends with a mention of a bar or restaurant called La Lukic.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam aleikum wa rahmatullah Tada. Or while I care to

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the others as he will come here to another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2013. Today is Day nine. There's

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a super allottee to 311 Jana. What as he said Scylla, Harmonia and maharlika Allah subhanho wa Taala and you're not well and you mean badly upon Jani subhanho wa Taala

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Madonna young be mushy it less of a akuna holder and waka maraca Morocco Mahi subhanho wa tada

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a semia en Paseo de la comunidad facility offering a Nemo kuna

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Annie Stefan Amina nurse evil as the tsunami of LA. And if I hadn't Hola Hola, como la Cava?

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Su you and yeah, and he and the Dalai Lama, who has recently had a shot in mobarak hana with Allium for Elena. Lisa facotry have a shot Ramadan, then the kathina nurse yeah neotype awesome Hannah.

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And robotic Ramadan. Well, they can have a whole lot more Acaba and Hannah Hurtado, aka wouldn't Lisa? Yvonne? Well, they can fish for the whole they quickly have our meat cola for Hua subhanho wa Taala a Hakeem who subhana wa tada Sameer well who Allah Bhosale

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commercial editor, Buhari minister Howdy.

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Howdy. Howdy Toshi believe the Messiah in the hustle de la you saw to send me a sign yes elbow and Amanda Islami will email and he would send for them at a certain color is salatu salam said Buddha laka and the Kabbalah for ellipta kuntala for in New York. We have more acaba

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de la Nakata, la weightlifter Kampala

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okay from Allah subhanho wa Taala

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working in the history of Allah subhanho wa Taala the whole

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at the time, but let's

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come to Tombow

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Yeah, no, no, they will not subhana wa Tada. They are no more lockable. Not so.

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Yeah, no, you're not way smarter than that. Somehow the * was the Haida for one more hate subhana wa tada Aki subhana wa Tada, Alamo Haman subhana wa Tada. Now your family he shaved one foot out of the water of his center. Now your family she left all the one of you said what are you a Harper vlv color shake some hands Oh Tada.

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My brothers and sisters today shout Allahu taala we're talking about an amazing concept that if we really understand and live with shall make us intergender inshallah huhtala it is the concept of Allah watchfulness of Morocco, Morocco, Allah Subhana

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Allah subhanho wa Taala he is the watch for some Hannah, who is Alibaba and he is the author of hearing some Hannah who was to have this hadith reported by Buhari when a man came to the Prophet Mohammed. In fact, this man was a traveler, and this man was really sort of Sam, you believe came in? You know asking the Prophet few questions or Mark was narrating the Hadith. and Japan as the Prophet Mohammed Al is or someone he came in a form of a traveler of a man asking him about the man asking him about Islam. Amen. And he said, when he asked him about s and the Prophet told him, I said, Is that your worship Allah as if you see him? And if you don't see him he sees you? We do not

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see Allah subhana wa tada we can't see him subhana wa tada but he's watching all over us. And is the meaning of sand the meaning of Allah, Allah watchfulness. Will you worship or like worship a lot as if you see him.

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But if you don't see him, he sees you.

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You know, anyone who are in the masjid Allah sees you is something that you go to the ministry, you act as if Allah Subhana Allah to Allah is right there and you come out from the masjid when you're driving on your you know, by yourself in your home or at work, you're acting as if Allah is not watching you. And none of us do actually act as if Allah is not watching us. You asked a lot of Muslims out there do you believe that Allah is a semi unboxing like all these the old watch world and the old hearing this of course we do. But they sometimes really love us behave as if I was not watching us. It's really something that we need to teach ourselves and teach our, you know, our

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spouses and our our kids. The fact that Allah is with you, anywhere that you are. Well, who am I? Who am I?

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What Who am I am a quantum soprano manorbier enemies of Hannah Horta, Hannah

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cassina, nurse yet Asana co UK and the law level he

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is alive.

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mizithra masala and who? Allahu Akbar, Allah and Nana she can be

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whatever can either

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for CRA

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or with the queen to the key of t.

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In the lie Aki, Allah Yurok aina McQueen's

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Friedman's film, film mishit where the key messages came out in 2008 Well, who wouldn't blame in some kind of weather Idaho semi

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sometimes we act as if allies not watching us and my brothers and sisters allies with you anywhere you are. I never tell anyone you are.

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Well, who am I? He is with you anywhere you are. He is with you with his knowledge subhana wa tada is above the heavens subhana wa tada

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Rosa, Rosa for his his throne. subhanho wa Taala.

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But he's watching us, listening to us hearing us.

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He is the old hearing the old see and somehow that it's a notion that we need to remind ourselves of, because we tend to forget this concept of allas watchfulness that Allah is watching you. And sometimes people who are when they're fasting, they act Mashallah okay fasting that you know, Allah is watching that, but as soon as soon as they break their fast or maybe even when they're fasting, but when they're alone, they forget that Allah is watching them. Emotional Karbala.

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felucca fissara para la

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la la cabina mo, Colorado

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Colorado Haryana

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Kerala Hala kawaki Kakaako aina makakuha Yanina Hayakawa

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a mental this woman in the midst of the desert, you know the night everybody's asleep and he told me to come come there's nobody just you and I. She says is anybody watching us? He said he says no. Just the stars. Yeah. And he's trying to make it look so nice. Just the stars. So she says and where is the one who created the stars? How about the one who created the PSAs? Isn't he watching us? You want to commit however you think people are asleep? But Allah is watching you. You want to commit haram Your father is not home but Allah is watching you. Your mom is not home but Allah is watching you. Your boss is not there but Allah is watching you booked a selfie Wait, what I can unlock?

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McClay set we'll wait. Elia luck. Xhosa. Xhosa took place to invade Allah Iraq.

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In America

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yeah animal Hi.

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Man. How are you?

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Yeah, Annie. Today's interview she

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was the

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test and I see her she

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would I can you Emily I will do you kept all of your luck

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with Nikki Nikita her crying.

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Like he knows the trees trees of the eyes.

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And what's the heart is conceived?

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What's your concealing subhanho wa Taala. He knows it. He knows it. He knows everything that we think about not only things that we other but things that we are thinking of airing that we are thinking of saying he knows them somehow with data that Tricia has over the eyes. You think you'll fall in Allah when you sell something wrong? You know something that is wrong, it's got something wrong and he tried to sell it to make some money. And you know that they're they know there are a lot of defaults in it. And you want to treat that person that you're sending it to and they'll tell you that this thing is really is crystal nice. There's nothing wrong with it. And then you wake your

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eye to your friend saying that you fooled him. But Allah is watching you. Yeah.

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And he knows what you are hiding inside of you some kind of hotel holla he knows the old scene he is the old scene he's the old hearing so how know what the harder

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man the lady or money lady manner our use of when? Yes.

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Ma mo Angela has ease.

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What about loss of Hannah what

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can be done okay.

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Well I can

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hopefully woman Allah Subhana Allah.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala call him Allah in the world via SMS way. Mandela in the lobby

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Number three, Allah, Allah, Allah Allah in the OB, la, la, la la la la la la, la la la, la la la baby.

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Ah, see he

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Yeah, anyway a little LA.

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You say no, I can't, I can't lie. He's watching me. How can I commit the sin? You know, not publicly, not publicly, people will see me however privately privately always watching me.

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You see publicly people will see you

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privately a lot is seeing you ally senior in fact publicly and privately at all times.

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He's with us of Hannah who was the Hara.

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And this is the meaning of a son, my brothers and sisters, is that we worship Allah as if he sees us as if we see him I'm sorry. Worship Allah as if we see him because for we don't see him he sees us subhana wa at all times. teach it to yourselves into your families and your spouse's anywhere you are a lot is watching you. Tell that to your son, Tim that to your wife, tell that to your daughter, then that to your spouse to your husband. Allah is watching you anywhere you

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can have the ethnic with phonetic what is always equities ozotic

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What do you think

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of La Lukic? I never taco they Suffolk my own madness.

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Madness the cassava for masala Alec

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And another another episode of Rocky Ramadan. 2013. I say? I said I'm Ali

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