Haifaa Younis – Ramadan Series Day 04

Haifaa Younis
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You know there are so I just thought was an unposted nine months nine number ones So where was the fasting became obligation when and where second year so the second year of

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the off mainly second year on Medina and it is our sorry sorry for some lasted nine, nine years, nine years so that's from the sun it's from his tg

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and this is the hadith of Rasul Allah so to say that this is in Buhari, he says the following, I put it in our being in English so you can enjoy both, which was about one an hour the anytime you read Benjamin Katowice one is you have to put in your mind, the Bedouin mind. Right? For example, to make things easy for you, when you say someone come from America and ask me a question, someone come from Europe, and asked me a question. And someone comes from the Middle East and asked me question, the way they asked is different. And what they are looking for is different because of their background. So the veterans in general, when you see this become so obvious, like, they really want the bottom

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line. You explain it to me right away, they really straightforward, so I'll be doing cute Thomas when he saw to a sinner, and he was thought I will rise. It's like an upset or very excited you can use this. And he said, Tell me what is my obligations? You know, when you say I'm too busy, don't tell me do all these things. Give me your bottom line. And he says mahalo, mahalo, you ego, tell me what a lot made obligation on me. And he said, number one,

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a swallow five, not unless you want to do more. And he says, What did he what's obligation forecasting? And he said wrong, unless you want to do and he says muffle volume zeca What about Sacra? What's my obligation? And he explained it to me and he explained to him all the rules of Islam now what he said Paula one lady account he made an oath by the one who have dignified you I will not do I will do this and nothing

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is it's look as the answer because a lot of us would say call us while you're making all this Nine Yards I'm going to pass my five free my five I'll do to hedge I'll do my as a cop and I'm done. Look what he answered pilot

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in Saudi

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he said he is going to be successful if he was truthful meaning

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this is not easy. Don't take it lightly. Don't take it lightly. You're talking about all your life five solo on time properly I'm not gonna do anything more neither before nor after anyone in this room or anyone you know, I can guarantee you that all their life they did this or they will do this

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That's what he said.

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He was a truthful then he that's it. You don't need more assured as they say what we learn from this is that song is an obligation because he asked him Tell me only your obligation Don't tell me more. And that's what he told me. So you have now put on you have now from the sooner the action of Amazonia salatu salam and his sayings and that's another one which is when he popular had if you probably all know that narrated by, say nama robiola one and he says the stone was built on five you will notice when in Islam, Islam was built on five and you declare what is the only good you perform five soda you performs a car and then you fast then you do the 100 if you are able that's it. That's

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the house that's the foundation. Without these there's no house, there's no foundation. And I cannot pick and choose because these days we're picking and choosing. I can I can do Salah but I can do so exactly what I can do. So what I can do so I'm giving an example yesterday when I had the meeting with the with amazingly everybody I asked who is going to be fast, everyone is fasting.

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But when I asked about sada and they were very honest, I really loved and to third did not raise their hand.

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And I said who says fasting is more important than smarter, more subtle, more important than fasting is not to me pick and choose as the one who created me and you and who brought me the D and who explained to me this religion. He said these are five he didn't say do this and if you can do the other so don't pick and choose. You have to the reason I'm saying this is I want us to change the way we look at Allah obligations. For choice once you say obligations on a choice, I have a choice to obey Allah or not and I will be on the sequences but these are not choices. So now you have the sooner now you had the the Quran you have the single from a sunny side. This is

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His actions and this is another holiday it's also in Mojave. So it was before the second year of the Hitler he was too fast always assured. When Milan became an obligation, he made an obligation. Rather, Ramadan is the obligation

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