Haifaa Younis – Ramadan Series Day 02

Haifaa Younis
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To the virtues of Ramadan why it is so special now in general the way we're going to learn to learn about fasting in general because that's something we need to learn and then we'll come to or Milan specifically so fasting there's two kinds we're going to cover of course some of the fifth part of it and then chocolate most of the questions that every year is the short one no more Don't be me. So the first thing is for coins okay and you have it in front of you. And before we say the first thing for the client is what does fasting mean?

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What is the worst song for those of you who know all of the RCM stuff?

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And him suck holding

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quality? Who himself then if you look when you study beauty, every act of a value every act of worship has two meanings they always teach you this no matter what. No matter new music What does the word mean for example, how many of you when someone tells you My name is money and for example, don't you normally say What does my me What does money mean by the way

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beautiful now you're asked to actually allow the reader

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that's really the one who is always in a state of worship, how much is singular so always the first thing is the meaning the meaning of the word what does it mean then there is the

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meaning meaning the meaning in this religion so now I'm talking about if you look at any Arabic dictionary whether you are a Muslim whether you're Christian you're Jewish doesn't matter what does fasting pasty mean to home to home stand still stay still and that's why the word is used not only for fasting the way you and I know we always used to say it and Dada began with saw the person is fasting from talking and you see you have this in the Koran quality in order to Mani sama for the new condominium and see I am have made an oath to a lot that I am going to be fasting from talking meaning and who says that

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say dominium right in the reader to the rock Nice

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to see you say the Maria when she got pregnant and brought a nicer so that means I held my tongue from talking. They say in the Arabic language solitary, the wind is fasting. What does that mean? The wind is not drinking anything. Meaning the wind stopped,

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stands still solid so the wind was blowing and suddenly stopped. They say sama to shrimps. The sun blasted same way in the middle of the sky or the middle of the day when the sun become inizia stopped there. Some partitions some little hail that's very common. The horses husband What does that

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it's drinking and eating so when the horse is ready to move to move and everything is ready but she stopped then she's fasted I need to learn this because that will remind you and teaches you and me and us What does a loved one for me from this fast because there is an external dimension of the fast thing which we'll we'll cover but there's an internal What does he want from me? He doesn't want my hunger and thirst so what does he want from me inside to be standard so that you get to the point so the soul is that you suck you are holding yourself time then we come to the What do they call it conventional definition meaning the next definition for those of you who know Arabi The

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other one is beautiful one of the most beautiful way I looked I found about him saquon muscles the examining muscles which allow if you hold special things in a special time with a special conditions. Did you see those beautiful exactly you hold? Right You hold special things special time and in a special conditions. And we were going to cover this inshallah, that now the types of plastic out of Milan is

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right, and we're going to come who said so and why. And number two is

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volatile, extra meaning

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Mondays and Thursdays and then you have

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what's the tournament?

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Every month like that's, that's the volunteer. That's the extra

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Somebody was

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just give somebody else who knows. Maybe the best. Exactly. Beautiful. What is the first thing of height that's actually

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A very common example just the same.

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In hygiene and hygiene, yes, if I cannot do something, I can make up for it by fasting. And what is that thing?

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Oh, okay, if you have done the Nia have some of hygiene, tomato, or hadoo Kieron meaning you're going to do on board and fetch together either together, what are you going to do it and you separate part one of the requirements of that kind of hygiene is you have to slaughter an animal. If you cannot, and don't be surprised, a washer, ie that example. I've seen with my own eyes, somebody does not have the money to pay. Bailey can go for help. How do you make up for it you fast another to me 300 or so it is.

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Three days in during the Hajj itself. And seven days when you go back to CATIA from Canada, these are attendees, so they call it a tournament plastic making up, you did something wrong and you want to fix it. The fixing is by fasting. And the other common example.

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If I made that Oh, except when you make an awesome, you didn't fulfill it. But the car is not the only one. There's other options. For hedge. That's the only option. But for all these other options, one of them is slim. Okay, so that's the last one is forbidden. It's how long

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and you have to be specific, in short, and by the end of the day, if you learn two things, two things, then.

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Number one is when you speak about this, Dean, you have to be very specific. It's like lawyers when they speak every word count. And there is more to fasting than the casual I have been doing all these years. If you can go out today at the end of the day with these two. That's beauty. So when you say I really do you have to be specific.

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The first day of the aid of the either a small ad for the ad, the ad for Milan, only the first thing is Hello. Secondly, a lot of people start doing the show up

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in hygiene. The four days of hunt, you are not allowed. It's hard. It's not McCool disliked. It's absolutely forbidden

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in learning. So it's this people muscle Mattila Cola, they fast all over you. So don't they often say that it was described as one of them except those so forbidden. Absolutely is you are not allowed. And if you did, then you want to be closer to Allah. Anyone who knows this deal will tell you you need to break it because you're not obeying a mature actually this will be gone.

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