Children’s Series – What if you forget that you’re fasting?

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A teacher talks about the importance of fasting during school holidays to avoid mistakes and brings up the need for forgiveness and proper behavior. The teacher also emphasizes the importance of fasting to avoid future mistakes and encourages parents to learn from past mistakes and be more conscious.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, my beloved children, I have a very, very good question for you today. So if you are fasting, and somehow you forget that you're fasting, and then you happen to eat something, and then you remember a, I'm fasting, what should I do? Now, I had that happen to my daughter, and she's quite young. And she began to cry and say, I wasted my fast. And this was just before the F bar, just before the fast had actually ended. And so I told her Don't cry, but she wasn't believing what I was saying. And then I had to explain to her that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam explained this to us, because Allah already knew that people are going to make

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mistakes. So Allah says that if you made a mistake, we're not going to hold it against you. And that's not only in Ramadan, but even outside Ramadan. If it was a serious mistake, you apologize, and you perhaps seek forgiveness, and it won't be held against you. But if you did it, purposely, then we have a small problem.

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Because sometimes some people eat quietly, we're not allowed to do that. Don't cheat, rather, be honest, be straightforward, don't eat quietly. You can say I can't manage, I really have to drink and so on. If you can't make the fast like I told you before, you're still a child. It's not yet compulsory on you, but it's good to start getting used to it. But the question is, if you've made a mistake, what should you do? Well, the professor seldom says men nesea, whoever forgets where who saw a moon and is fasting, or while the person is fasting, they forget for a color. Oh, Sherry, but and they have eaten, or they have drunk something. They ate or drank something right. And they

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didn't know they forgot that they were fasting, falutin, Masako, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, that person should finish their fast they should complete the fast to the evening, they should ignore the fact that they ate Do you know why? For innama abama hula who was a taco, because that food in that drink was from Allah who just fed them amazing. Which means if you really made a mistake, it happens even to old people. Sometimes, at the beginning of Ramadan, they forget that they were fasting. And so they see you some water, they drink water, they have a sweet, they have something and then sometimes they don't even remember they fasting until after they finished eating

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everything. Well, in that case, you were lucky that you just made a mistake. So if it was a mistake, don't worry, Allah subhanho wa Taala allows that and he says it will not break your fast and it will not reduce your reward. It will not nullify meaning it's not going to cancel that fast. The Fast is valid and it's okay. You just made a mistake, and you're forgiven. So my dear children, look at how the mercy of Allah works. It's amazing because Allah says, I know you're going to make mistakes, and I'm not going to hold against you those mistakes. It was just a mistake, carry on. No need to cry, no need to actually become sad. It's okay. It can happen from anyone. People make mistakes, but

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learn from your mistakes and try and be a little bit more conscious next time. Try not to do that try to put things in place that will continually remind you of fasting and fasting and so on. I think that was a really good lesson. What do you think of it? inshallah, if you're listening to this from my youtube channel with demand oficial then leave a comment below. I'll try to acknowledge that comment, at least with a little love heart. But until we meet again, my beloved children as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh