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so welcome to another episode of our to see page a day.

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Today we continue with the deceit of sore throat bacharan We are on the second page of the surah and in verse number six Allah subhanaw taala begins by saying our oath will lie in the shape and the regime in the Lavina CAFO will serve as an ally and alter him emblem to lead him lie to me known as for those who disbelieve it makes no difference. Whether you want them or not, they will not believe in the previous episode we spoke about how Allah subhanaw taala after mentioned the guidance of the book, the Quran, Allah azza wa jal will categorize people visa vie the Quran or the book of Allah subhanaw taala into three categories. The first category is the one that we mentioned in the last

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episode, and that is the category of believers. Those people who firmly believe in the book of ALLAH SubhanA data they accept it as being the divine revelation of Allah azza wa jal, and they try the utmost to follow its teachings and to follow the guidance that is found therein. In verse six and verse seven, Allah subhanaw taala, where we begin in today's episode, Allah has the dimensions The second category, and the second category is of the disbelievers, those people who are in opposition to the first category. And Allah azza wa jal describes them. And he says in the livina Cafaro, as for those who disbelieve,

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and what Allah subhanaw taala is referring to here are those people who are completely entrenched in their disbelief to the extent that they will never accept guidance. So Allah subhanaw taala, when he says, so that when I leave him and delta from Eminem to the room, it is equal. It is regardless of whether you invite them or don't invite them one day, but don't want them. They will never accept Islam, and they will never believe we're speaking about those groups of disbelievers or other large social speaking about those groups of disbelievers that will never accept a man that no matter what the guidance is, that may come to them, they will never accept it, because there are so far gone in

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their disbelief. And so this is you know, if the first category that we spoke about in the last episode were the likes of Abu Bakr and Omar and Horace Mann and rd Radi Allahu Anhu mentioned or even other companions than this category, in which we are speaking now about the likes of Abu Jiang and Abu Lahab. And Pharaoh and our own and her man, and those types of people. They are the people who aren't searching for the truth, and even if the truth was blatantly to come to them, and even if they had no logical or any other reason to reject it, they would still do so. Like

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Bucha Khalid Abu Lahab, who saw the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam bring the message of Islam. They knew of his truthfulness. They knew of his honesty, they knew of his integrity, they knew that this was a man that should be believed and followed. But for whatever reason, their personal reasons, their personal gripes, their personal ambitions, they refuse to accept the message of Allah subhanaw taala. And so Allah azza wa jal is saying that these are the types of people it is equal, it is it will make no difference whether you want them or you do not want them.

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Let me know they will never believe they will never accept Islam. And then Allah azza wa jal mentions the reason why there is and he says in verse number seven, what am Allah Who are the Kulu behavoir that's to marry him? What are the absurdity? humilis Shaohua well of them either when or when Allah azza wa jal has sealed their hearts and the ears and the eyes are covered, and they will have a great torment. Allah subhanaw taala tells us in this verse that those people who when they go to that level of disbelief when they turn away from Allah azza wa jal to that level, then Allah subhanaw taala covers their senses, in the sense that even if they saw every sign, they want to hear

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every sign, they would be unable to contemplate over it within their heart and accept it as the truth. So Far Gone, are they in their disbelief, and this is a very important principle. And that is the principle that when a person disobeys Allah subhanaw taala or just believes in Allah azza wa jal, the further they go and they entrench themselves within the disbelief, the further they become from Allah subhanaw taala until they reach the extent that all of the senses it is as if they are covered and no guidance will be accepted by them. The same is said for the Muslims even though Allah azza wa jal is not speaking about the Muslims in this verse, but we know from

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authentic sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that when a person sins, a black.is placed within their heart, and when a person sins a second time another black.is placed in until that heart becomes darkened by the cover of sin, that a person a person is engaging in because of the amount of sins that they are committing. And so that is why the Muslim always turns back to Allah azza wa jal why the Muslim always makes Toba. As for those people who are entrenched in disbelief, this is what we're referring to invest sixes and seven. So to be very clear, we're not speaking about those people who are willing to accept guidance, non Muslims, disbelievers who are in

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doubt or who are searching for the truth or who are looking for something which has a greater meaning to their life. If those people are sincere, and they hear the message of Islam then Inshallah, by Allah's permission, they will accept the religion of Allah subhanho wa taala. But as for those people who are so far gone in disbelief, or rather we can see that Allah azza wa jal knows in his infinite wisdom and knowledge that they will never accept Iman, those are the people that Allah azza wa jal is referring to in verses six and seven. So Allah subhanaw taala says that their hearts and they and they and their eyes and their ears all of them are covered. And because of that

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covenant that is placed upon them, they will never accept Eman and they will never return to the guidance of Allah subhanaw taala.

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So as you can see, in the first section, Allah azza wa jal used three or four verses of the surah to speak about the believers and then Allah subhanaw taala in two very succinct, very comprehensive versus speaks about the disbelievers. Now in a number of verses, Allah azza wa jal will go to some length exposing the third category of people and they are the category of the Munna, Philippine, the hypocrites and Allah azza wa jal exposes them and speaks about them in detail, because they are a danger because of the inherent characteristic of openly showing Islam but inside internally within the hearts conceding Cofer and disbelief, Allah subhanaw taala says in verse number eight

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will mean a nasty many men Munna Billa, he will be Leonel Healy Wilma, whom we will meaning, some people will say, we believe in Allah azza wa jal in the last day, when we did they do not believe in the fact or hypocrisy is the concept of someone artfully showing good and inwardly conceding evil is when the outer and the inner do not merge, and they are not wanting to sin, but they differ that is the fact that is what we call hypocrisy. And there are two types of hypocrisy, there is a hypocrisy of action, which even the Muslims may fall into, by virtue of doing something internally, which differs from the outer actions or doing something externally rather that differs from the inner

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self. Or there is the the hypocrisy of belief and that is the hypocrisy that Allah azza wa jal is referring to in these verses, and that is the hypocrisy that takes the person outside of the fold of Islam. The hypocrisy of action is as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in the famous Hadith, that the sign of the hypocrite is three, that if he speaks, he lives, and if he makes a promise, he breaks his promise. And if he is entrusted, he is deceptive. This is the hypocrisy of action, even a Muslim can lie. And lying is essentially you knowing in the heart that what you're saying is untrue. But you'll still speak it, someone who makes a promise, but in their heart, they

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know that they're going to break it. Someone who accepts a trust from someone, but in their heart, they know that they're going to be deceptive. This is from the categories or this is from the science of hypocrisy. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam warned us, the Muslims against us. But then there is a further or another level of hypocrisy which is far far grave more grave and far, far more dangerous. And that is the hypocrisy of belief. And that is when a person inwardly is a disbeliever. But actually professors, Islam, and this took place in Medina, when the Prophet SAW Allah while he was still in migrated to the city of Medina, because in Mecca, the Muslims were weak.

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And because of the weakness of the Muslims, you only accepted Islam. If you truly wanted to accept Islam, because you knew that by accepting Islam, you will be tortured, you will be persecuted, you will probably be split from your family. Your wife may well be confiscated and you may even be murdered and killed for the belief that you have. But once they arrived in Medina, and especially as is mentioned in Zaha Hadid moseyed or the Allah who I know my especially after the Battle of Buddle when the people who were non Muslims are a group of them within Medina so that the Muslims have now become strong they had power because they just defeated the coalition the Battle of better than

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those people now who are who are not Muslims and still refuse to accept Islam in their hearts. They apparently showed Islam and they apparently showed that they were muslims in Saudi became known as the Muna, Philippine and those Munna Filipinos hypocrites would constantly try to undermine the Muslims. They would constantly try to go behind the back of the prophets on Allah where it was cinnamon how look

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From the orange, they will constantly be the ones who will ridiculing the Muslims and mocking them and making fun of them. And so Allah subhanaw taala exposes them. Within these verses in Surah Al Baqarah. Allah azza wa jal says Romina NASCI Mia Cole, and from amongst the people, meaning the hypocrites, are those who profess and claim, we believe in Allah at the last day, meaning actually, they will pray, they will say the shahada, they will fast they will give us the care, they will do every action of the Muslim, but every so often, because Islam as we know cannot just be something which people profess outwardly, it is something which comes from the heart. And if the heart is

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corrupt, then that must show at one place or at one point or another. It must show itself within the actions and within the speech of the tongue. We know that for those people don't always there will always be signs of their disbelief. And that is when Allah azza wa jal says we're Mahieu meaning they are not believers. And therefore that shows that the believers are those therefore, that don't have this particular trait. The believers therefore are not those people who inwardly believe one thing I truly believe something else. If you truly believe Islam, is the true religion from Allah subhanaw taala. Then why would you pray when Allah commands you to pray? Why wouldn't you wear hijab

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if you're in a system and Allah commands you to do so? Why would you dress as a Muslim, behave like a Muslim, have the character of a Muslim, perform the acts of worship of the Muslims, if that is truly the belief that is in your heart? And so Allah subhanaw taala says concerning the hypocrites, Well, Matt, who'd be meaning, that is not the definition of a believer that they simply profess that they simply state that they simply claim to be Muslims, but rather the true measure of the believer is the one who has belief of the heart action of the tongue, and or speech of the tongue and actions of the limbs as well. Allah subhanaw taala tells us the reason why these people do what they do. He

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says subhanaw taala you had your own Allah will livina men in verse number nine. Why am I the owner Illa fossa, homage rune, they seek to deceive Allah and the believers. But they only deceive themselves, though they do not realize it. They think they're by professing to be Muslims, but then would be conceding disbelief. They think that they're fooling Allah subhanaw taala see what what hypocrisy does. See what disbelief does see how Shavon comes and plays with the hearts and minds of people, that a person will go to the extent that they think that they can actually believe that they are fooling Allah subhanaw taala that they think that they're harming the Muslims, Allah azza wa jal

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says, but rather they only deceive themselves, because they are the ones who will be exposed. They are the ones that Allah azza wa jal will make their affair known to them. And even if in this life, they managed to escape, even if in this life, they managed to remain hidden and unknown, Allah subhanaw taala will expose them in front of all of creation and human piano. And so this is the difference between the believer and the disbelief of the difference between the believer and the hypocrites. The believer is the one who knows that Allah azza wa jal knows that Allah is All sin, all hearing all knowing that when I owe you sin, we must turn back to Allah subhanaw taala and seek

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his forgiveness that Allah azza wa jal if we concealed our sins in this life, that is from his mercy subhanaw taala that he doesn't expose us in front of everyone, whereas the hypocrite is the one who conceals disbelief, and they think they're fooling everyone. They think they're getting away with it. And Allah subhanaw taala says very clearly, that they only deceive themselves. They don't deceive Allah azza wa jal, and they don't deceive the believers. In verse number 10, Allah subhanaw taala tells us the reason why they behave the way that they behave. If the disbelievers Allah azza wa jal conceals their hearts or conceals their or seals their hearts and seals the ears and the eyes

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from receiving guidance. Then likewise the people of hypocrisy, Allah subhanaw taala says concerning them in verse number 10, feel OB marathon fuzzer the human Lahu Mirada This is a disease so there is a disease in the hearts and Allah azza wa jal has only increased them in that disease. Willa Hamada Lehmann Bhima can we live on an agonizing torment awaits them for the persistent line. Allah subhanaw taala says that these people have a disease in their hearts. And there are two types of diseases when it comes to the diseases of the heart. The first is the diseases of doubt. And that is the disease of a person having disability for a person having for example, innovations or a person

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having doubts about Allah azza wa jal, and his existence. And then there are diseases of desires. And those are the diseases that make people turn to certain desires, whether it's desires of the opposite gender or desires of wealth or fame or power, or whatever it may be. Allah azza wa jal says concerning these people that they have a disease in their heart, that disease is the disease of disbelief, of hypocrisy. And we know therefore, that the diseases of doubt of belief of hypocrisy

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To these diseases of disbelief and hypocrisy, they are more grave and more dangerous than the diseases of desires.

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Allah subhanaw taala therefore describes these people as being people who are diseased. And Allah azza wa jal says that as a result of that fuzzer the Humala humara, Allah azza wa jal increases them in that disease. Allah subhanaw taala deals with people in the way that they behave with him. subhanaw taala if a person comes to Allah azza wa jal with disbelief, Allah subhanaw taala keeps them in disbelief. If they don't truly come wanting to seek guidance, but they come with disbelief entrenched within that, then Allah azza wa jal seals their hearts and seals their eyes and the ears as Allah azza wa jal mentioned before. If a person comes with disease, and they seek to undermine

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the religion of Allah, they seek to harm or what they think is harming Allah azza wa jal and His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and the book of Allah and the region of Allah subhanaw taala. Allah azza wa jal says we will only increase them in the disease that they have. Allah azza wa jal treats them in the way that they behave. And likewise for the believers if they turn to Allah. They come to Allah with humility and humbleness, seeking forgiveness, asking Allah azza wa jal for repentance, then Allah subhanaw taala also behaves on deals with him in that same regard.

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Allah subhanaw taala says in verse number 11, continuing with his description of the hypocrites will either appeal and I'm glad to see do Phil Barlow in Amman animosity Han when it is said to them Do not cause corruption in the land. They see. We are only putting things right, we are only rectifying things. This is from the traits of the hypocrites Allah azza wa jal says that what is worse than a person who goes around causing evil and corruption in the land, not only that, but then claiming that that very evil and corruption is good. Like someone who goes and commits murder, someone who goes and steals the wealth of people, and then they claim through their own propaganda through their

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own means that actually what they're doing is for the benefit of all, that what they're doing is actually good. This is how Allah azza wa jal describes these people of hypocrisy, because they in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were the ones trying to be treacherous. They were the ones who were trying to allow the disbelievers of coloration the other Arab tribes to come and attack the Muslims. In Medina, they were the ones who were giving up the sequence of the Muslims in Medina, and getting those other tribes and people of Arabia to come and attack the Muslims in their own city and in their own homes. And they claim that that was for good. They claimed it was

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for unity. They claim that it was for the greater good of society, they claimed and made their propaganda very clear in what it is that they were trained to do. Allah azza wa jal says that this is the way that they are. They think, or they deceive themselves, and fool themselves into believing that what they're doing is good. And Allah subhanaw taala negates this in verse number 12 And he says Allah in non human move Sedona Willa Kyla Sharon, but in reality, they are the ones causing corruption, though they do not realize it. Allah azza wa jal says what is worse? What greater corruption can there be than those who disbelieve in Allah who prevent others from the Path of Allah

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azza wa jal who tried to deceive Allah subhanaw taala and His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who show enmity to Allah azza wa jal and His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the greater corruption and evil after this corruption is the greater harm than the one who turns away others from the Path of Allah subhanaw taala and stops them from seeking guidance. Is there anyone worse than in the time of the prophets of Allah? Why do you send them those group of hypocrites, who in the most dire of circumstances, and in the times of most needs, such as in the battles of whether or not they return with a great section of the army of the Muslims because they will hypocrites? Is

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there anyone worse who tries to undermine the honor of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as the hypocrites did? In the story of the splendor of Alma the insha Radi Allahu anha when they claimed and they attacked her honor, and therefore indirectly they attacked it, or even directly, they therefore attacked on our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And so Allah azza wa jal says that these are the people who in reality, are causing corruption, but they don't realize they don't see what it is that they're doing. But Allah subhanaw taala records, everything that they are doing. Allah azza wa jal in verse number 13. He continues with a description and he says concerning the hypocrites will either be the law whom, um, you know, come on ermine and NAS, bone, mineral Camera M and a sofa when it is set to them believe as others have believed, when it is set to them, meeting the hypocrites believe, have a man believe in Allah believe in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam believe in the Quran, as the others have believed

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meaning like the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Radi Allahu Akbar in believed Abu Bakr has believed believe as Omar has done

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Believe, like man and Ali and Abu Huraira and Irish and Khadija and all of the other companions about the Allahu Anhu Intermarine. Have the Eman and be like them. They say, Oh no, no, come on. I'm on a sofa. They say should we believe as these phones do? Allah in Homosassa ha, well I killed the moon, but they are the fools, though they do not know it.

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When they're told to have Eman, the hypocrites respond and they say, we're not going to behave like these phones, they would consider the likes of Abu Bakr on an arm on an Earth man and it allowed the Allahu Anhu mammalian and other companions to be foolish. Why do they consider them to be foolish? Because they look as the disbelievers and hypocrites often do. They look through the lens of the dunya. What is the lens of the dunya, the lens of the dunya is that these people were part of orange, the greatest tribe of the Arabs in all of Arabia, they had all of the suave, all of this prestige, all of this honor. They had all of this power and fame. And they left it all. And they

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abandoned it all for what for poverty, for being with slaves, for being with the women and the children and the weak and the needy, for being with the poor for being exiled from their homelands for having to leave behind their possessions and come to a land that is strange and foreign to them all for what for a belief that they have about some god that they have to worship alone. They consider this to be foolishness, because to anyone that looks through the lens of the dunya. And this world, they would always choose the beauty and the dominance of the dunya over the man of Allah subhanaw taala. So they say should we believe like these foolish people? Allah azza wa jal says

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Allah in our home, who Mustafa Ha, but in reality, they are the phones while they the phones, because they are looking at the temporary life of this world that 10 2050 100 years that a person lives for, that they may or may not even get what they call it. People want wealth, and they want fame, and they want power and all of those things. But how many people from across the world actually achieve that? The smallest percentage of people will become extremely wealthy, and the smallest percentage of people actually gain real power and fame and real prestige. Everyone else is fighting writing day in day out, but do they actually achieve what they set out and desire? Most?

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Perhaps not. And so when in reality, and even if they do achieve what they set out to achieve, for how long? 10 years, 50 years, 100 years, but for the believers who sacrifice for the short term, leaving of the dunya knowing that it is not important to Allah azza wa jal that it is insignificant in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala instead turning to Allah and His worship and his belief and good deeds, helping the people guiding them doing what is good for society. Allah subhanaw taala says they are the ones who ultimately win. They are the people who are not fools, because they have sacrificed something temporary for the goodness and the greatness and the reward and the everlasting

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happiness and joy of the actor of the next life, then you will have an eternity of reward in return for what it is that they're doing. And that is why Allah azza wa jal says that the hypocrites they continue in their propaganda they continue in the attributes of disbelief and hypocrisy. And they say, well either Lacan Levine, Iman who called who Montana, with a Hello eluxury arkanian, called who in American in American homestead has, even when they need to believe as they see, we believe, but when they are along with the evil ones, with their devils, they say we are really with you, we will only mocking them. This is how they behave, to profess something outwardly, that differs with

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what is in the inner self. And that is the epitome of someone who is a liar and someone who is false and someone who has no integrity or honesty about them. That when they're with the believers, they see where with you, when they see that the Muslims are strong. They go with them, when they see that they're gaining wealth and prestige and power. They want to be with them. But when they go to their disbelieving friends or when they go to the Allah azza wa jal calls them devil shouting because of the evil that they that they spread and the corruption that they spread in the world. They say in actually an actual fact we are with you, in Amman, Mr. Hassan, we will only make fun of them mocking

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and ridiculing them. Allah azza wa jal says in verse number 15, refuting this claim of this or refuting this belief of this Allah Who yesterday you will be him while you're looking to him for you to Yanni we are my own. Allah azza wa jal is indeed mocking them, and allowing them more slug to wander blindly. In the insolence, Allah subhanaw taala says it is Allah who mocks them. This is from the attributes of Allah azza wa jal, that is said in comparison to something or as a response or result of something that the disbelievers do. We don't say that Allah azza wa jal from its attributes is that he mocks or that he makes fun of someone. But we say that if people try to mock

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Allah azza wa jal or his religion, Allah subhanaw taala does well

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to them in turn, and that is from the ultimate power and ability of Allah subhanaw taala. Because to mock someone is to seek to have power over them, or to see if seek to have some influence over them, or some prestige over them. People make fun of others and bully others because they consider themselves to have power over them and some type of strength over them. Allah azza wa jal makes it very clear that these people have no power over him subhanaw taala they have no prestige or strength or might ovim Subhana wa Tada. They seek to mock Allah azza wa jal in reality, they are only mocking themselves and Allah azza wa jal will expose them. And Allah subhanaw taala will ridicule them on

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the Day of Judgment when they will see the punishment that Allah azza wa jal has prepared for them on human piano. And that is why in verse number 16, Allah subhanaw taala says in the final verse of this particular page, Allah azza wa jal says Allah equal Levine estado Bala lettable, Buddha, firmer or Behati Jarrah, to whom mama can remove the dean, these people have bought meaning the hypocrites, they have bought error in exchange for guidance, they have bought meaning the transaction has been made by them, where they bought misguidance in exchange for guidance. So the trade reaps no profit and they are not from the right and decoded. It is as if Allah subhanaw taala is saying that these

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people seek misguidance as a product that they want to purchase, what is the currency or the cash that they using guidance? The hypocrites know the truth of Islam. They will with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they witnessed the revelation of the Quran. They're surrounded by the believers. They go to the masjid. They hear the sermons and the guidance and the message and the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they have the currency of guidance. And it's as if they've said that we don't want it. So they've spent instead, and they bought misguidance as a result, and that's, you know, if someone was to come, for example, and say, here's 10 pounds, and I

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want to buy one pan with it, we say to them, that's foolish, it doesn't make any sense. Why would you spend 10 pounds to buy one pound? Why would you give a gold coin in order to buy a silver coin that is worthless, let alone someone who has a priceless diamond? A gem that is worth such a great amount of wealth and in return you buy for it a piece of copper or tin. It doesn't make any sense. And so Allah has already seen that these people that example is of is like this, Allah azza wa jal has given them something so precious. So something so amazing, and that is the guidance of Islam, the guidance of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they said,

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no, actually we'll sell that and we'll buy misguidance we'll take the path of sheep on and we'll take the path that will ultimately lead to the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala and that we come to the end of this page and inshallah Tada in the next page, we will continue with the remainder of the description of Allah azza wa jal that he gives concerning the hypocrites and then what Allah subhanaw taala goes on to within Surah Baqarah Baraka Lao frequent masala Nabil Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato

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