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Okay menstruation because I'm healing is the reason I put this I put it in right? Angela,

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all the people of knowledge knew I know from the top

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to this day, from every level every corner of this earth where Muslims are the woman who has her period can not fast because maybe you are looking at me why she is so much stressing on this because I'm getting these questions. Why not?

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Why not first?

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He's had so and he has

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done and in this in the same thing it's a die she actually she said quitting not at the time of course. Well his thought was we of course everyone might have their period no one will be provided for we are ordered to make up fasting that means a little fast. But we're not ordered to make a sale. A woman came to her and asked her why.

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Look at this, even at that time, and she says to me, are you willing to do

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that for the sake of questioning? Look at her answer. This is what we did. This is what he ordered us.

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Within a fast within pray, we made up the first thing we didn't make up a solar house. Remember what I told you at the beginning? First fasting teaches you and me to submit to the will of football. It's not it like but but what

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semina will

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tell you now,

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this is another job. I always get this you probably don't behind him this right? So he do on fasting.

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A little h1 and eat. You get your people and the drama starts.

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But it's only 20 minutes left.

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But I'm not at

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the choices. The answer is Sunday. I know.

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He chose who allowed the blood to come out. If you think this way.

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Couldn't he make it in the morning, and you have enjoyed your coffee run to dinner?

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According to he made it 825 and your car is gone is all valid house. That's it. So it doesn't matter what and that's why I put this it doesn't matter what time in the day. It starts as when you're out or I am or the woman in the state of menstruation. So Young is home.

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Is this act of disobedience?

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Should you make it up? The answer is absolutely

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no one.

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Okay, waters, beautiful. You can make it any time but that's the most famous quote of Sedaris. And she used to say,

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she said, can they really so I have these two makeup from Ramadan. But I couldn't make it up to children. I was busy with on a Swanee santosa.

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Here you are.

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You want to do it immediately. You want to do it once a month. You want to do it in shop, man, it's absolutely up to you. However, however, what is the better?

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Why sooner the better in this one, because it's an obligation.

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And it's like a nice like,

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it's like a debt, and you have to pay it. So if I can do and a lot of the woman say this, it's easier immediately after all, because my body is still used to it. The longer you push it, but that's not necessarily some people. Again, remember your situation, your family situation, your husband approval, all these things. You have to all take it in consideration. And when you decide you want to do it immediately. You want to do it one day a month or you want to do it on a Monday and Thursday. It doesn't matter. We're going to leave it to the only thing I would highly recommend don't leave it to the last minute Don't call

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me it was like whoa, I have six days and only five days left over. If Siobhan is 29 days I am in big trouble. Why did you do that? They want this is the depth for why it's not for me are you? So don't push it way to the end. But can you relate to Siobhan? Absolutely you can. It's an option. Yes. How about the six?

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Six shows

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the usual argument as always, I'm going to show you a slice of of the original argument and question five so comes in which I show what I'm going to say in the notes okay. So

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For the six days of Shola because it's beautiful swellings, gewesen whomsoever, that's my room past the drama one, followed by six days of Shama of Shama as if she or he fasted the whole year, because it's 36 days 1306 so the question always comes up every year

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Should I make up my days? Or should I make a while and now of course because we are getting so much more

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stingy? Can I

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buy one get one free?

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Say this is what they tell me. I love a freaking guitar. And you hear this after three years, I was like, Okay, now the questions come up. This is how you do there's a three opinions about this. One opinions are the

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obligation is an old belief. And always obligation comes before

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extras before the extras so you need to start with your obligation. Very sound opinion, highly respectable scholars. So you do this. And then you followed by show why that means 70 average times six that's 13 days of shower, your first comes the other group, highly respectable, but they look at it a different way. Those they looked at it that it's your obligation, an obligation before the other group came to this. Had he said the following. Sharp Joann they call it Eva to muscles or rock the muscles, it's a certain time, it's only 30 days. And if I cannot do it at that time, I cannot do it later.

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And I if I cannot do this with this for many reasons, then this comes first.

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And you can do to me as as you wish based upon the action of the most knowledgeable woman in history of Islam. Both

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personally, person and if you are a beast, inshallah you will want to ask your nurse will guide you well.

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If you really performed on the lawn beautiful, what's what's your next will guide you

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I'm sorry.

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If If your situation and now remember this, your husband and now your your, for example, you're having all the guests coming for you when you have to think of all the circumstances it's not going to be possible. But I'm talking about it's your choice for your choice. If you have biophar Grace, Grace reached the top when you're so much connected. You're so worried about your day. Because you always remember I don't know if I'm going to be doing this.

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And I want to do but both are combining them the answer is

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absolutely no. And think of it this way. Can you do so that

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you do the sooner and the sooner at the same time. Buy One Get One Free? Why not?

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Why not?

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Because forum is an obligation. An extra is an extra same story. Short one this will be put to rest this arguing