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Can you please? I'm sorry.

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Give us a schedule for someone who's staying at home. Ramadan wise, can you give us a day daily schedule just one day?

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and his family are at home with him. He's not working. Can you just give us an insight? How should you spend your day in normal? Ah,

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yes. Hey, Kareem, I am more in need of hearing that answer from you than they are hearing it from me.

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I'm gonna I'm gonna give you the mic. I thought this show was asked Kareem. It's not as fun. So

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I'm gonna turn the mic. I have some suggestions. But but I honestly, because it seems like you actually thought of an answer to that question. I want to hear what you have to say. And I'm going to add some things to know. All right. You know, I it's really, in my opinion, is a very

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challenging, you know, for somebody like myself, who used to fly all the time traveling, now I'm spending more time with my children. I'm finding out things about them that I did not even, you know, and it's very interesting, you know, some of these things are really good than some of them are, you know, what are you?

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I think the first thing that we need to focus on is the family of two a concept of togetherness. Like let's try to do things together. And that can be manifested in the five daily prayers almost Jana don't skip one. And Daily Star and the Lisa, who I think that will promote that spirit. And of course, once it comes to Tara, we have but not everybody would qualify for that because of the

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but I was really more interested in getting your input regarding education, like should you make the Quran the main theme here, like every night? Or should you go in teachings them in teaching your family tenants of the religion like the the belief system, like the what is going on in the world and all of that and maybe that's your input there inshallah?

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Exactly, law here. Um,

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you know, my thoughts on this are very scattered. So, I'm gonna say some of the things I have in my mind, and then, you know, hopefully, somebody, hopefully the listening audience will be, you know, charitable enough to

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give me a pass on not having thoroughly thought this through because the reality is, is that

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I'm going to throw this out there where people just like everybody else.

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Except that, except that, I think that we are busier now analyst fans knows best. But we are busier now. Because we did than we were before, because there are more people who now need guidance, and they need counseling. And they, I mean, this is for some people, they need marital counseling, because they've never been with their spouse this long. And figuring out stuff like man, I didn't notice about this person and let me know.

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So, so so that now let's move on to Ramadan.

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Let's start with the beginning of our day, which which will be so hard.

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It I think it's very important that we, you know, that we have our support together, and that we remind each other on a daily basis that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said to soeharto for inofficial horti Baraka that were that to say how to eat the pre dawn meal because in Soho there is Baraka, do you know, that a lot of us eat support, and we don't realize that it's the last third of the night. And that this is the time when Allah subhanho wa Taala comes to the lowest heaven. And he calls out who from amongst me who from amongst my service is seeking forgiveness, so that I can forgive them. This is so hard time so hard time What are we doing? We're eating we're stuffing our

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faces we you know, yeah. See, remember this time, this time itself is a blessed time, we need to remind ourselves of that every single day. And we can use sohar to develop a larger principle in Islam, which is that India to how we lie that he has a bad death. That through intention, we can turn normal mundane activities into accident You bet. So we're eating so horror because the prophets I seldom told us to eat a horse

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Right. And that because in that, so horde is Baraka, so if that's our intention, we're going to get the butter of the support, we're going to get the the blessing of following the Sunnah of the prophet Isaiah Salatu was sent in, and we're going to start training ourselves, I'm not just eating here, because I'm not gonna be able to eat for the next 15 hours, or whatever it is, I'm actually eating right now, because the prophets I saw them told me to do so. Right. So use that support time, and we should remind ourselves of that every single day, don't get bored of reminding, you know ourselves of that, and to remember that that's a magnificent time for God. And if we do as the

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prophet Isaiah salatu salam did, which was to stop as Edelman Sabbath or the law of China and who said that the time between the support of the Prophet I decide to sit in and fetch it was cut at a casino a, the time that it would take to read, you know, 50 eyes, which will have you ever heard of him, all I said, was approximately four minutes, maybe five, maybe six minutes. But if we stop a little bit before, you know, the time for selective pressure, and we just use that time to make do I so panela that's a blessed time to make do is to panela so start your day like that. Obviously, follow that up with the rock it and fetchit which is the two summers before fudger. And get the

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family the entire family used to praying those suddenness after the

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after the event? Yes. And that's the other point, right is actually sooner to call the event no matter where you are. Yes, you're not in the masjid. And so we should revive that sooner. So have somebody you know, call Dr. Dan in the house and pray the two rakats and then pray selection for you. And he The point is that, you know, we are brothers, the brothers who have this loudspeaker at home? No, they should actually because it should actually call it physically physically called the event. There's a great reward and calling the event and the people in your home who are listening to you, they should follow after you like they will follow after them or add them because you are the

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more active now we don't that you can't call it in a massage. Right. So So here, look man so Pamela just in that little time right there, look how much is actually being done. Okay, so there are some recommendations that I have how a person includes them in their day is going to be different from person to person. But number one, I think that as a family, people should be reading the Tafseer of the Quran not just the Quran itself. And I'm recommending tip sera sera de

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Sadie is it in English now is translated complete Allah

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is available available on PDF How many? How many books do we know it's 10 volumes

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each each volume has three Jews

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and and the reason why I'm recommending it is because it's more suitable for a broad audience to have theater but Katia can get pretty involved and get involved in the act cam and so forth. So that that's for a different audience to see this it is very accessible across the board and shout louder so I think that I'm trying to understand the Quran is very important so you know if the family even if they don't read a juice together you know maybe they did take too much time maybe they set a time limit where we read we read together for 30 minutes I also think that it is super critical that the family as a whole try to learn certain prophetic do I prophetic do I

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because Ramadan is a month of do I as well. And it is no mistake that Allah subhana wa tada put that important is dealing with do I in the middle of the passage that deals with the month of Ramadan so there's only one passage in the Quran that that deals with Ramadan specifically.

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And right there What are you deciding Okay, badly I need in need kardi Mooji Buddha today that that if you're

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not the way the saying out of the five verses in Bukhara, which address the subject of fasting comes this years in the middle. Yeah, comes that verse, right? Yes. And so in that verse says, if my servants ask you about me, I am near. I am near. I answer the prayers of those who call upon me when they call upon me

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to saw me and

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most of the jobs that our young he saw me, the one who was fasting has a dour that is answered. He has a prayer that is answered his so so I'm saying that we should take the time.

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in Ramadan especially

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de cada subequal myself yes the

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those specific

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do eyes and as calm that the Prophet salallahu it was some of them would make in the morning and make in the evening and the reason why I think those are the most important ones that we can focus on in the month of Ramadan is because Ramadan is also about building habits. Yeah. And if you do if if you memorize these guys you're gonna be seeing them every day you're gonna be seeing them every evening and that habit will carry over to after Ramadan inshallah Tada. So, I think that it's very important that we focus on on those, do I and, and, and if we if we are able to do that, and people are able to do that as families, then this is something that will solidify it make it even more

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likely that they'll stick to it in Charlottetown obviously, individually, you know, we should set aside time for our recitation and revision of the Koran. And for those people who have not memorized the entire Quran which is more than those who have

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they should make some goals for themselves in the month of Ramadan. So they might make a goal to memorize for example half of Jews in Ramadan or something I put put, put some pressure on yourself to do some memorization and the reality is is with the different websites that are out there now like moca.com for example MUQ ri.com I think that's a very nice one for English speakers. Because it allows you to just play one idea as many times as you like, you can recite back to it it'll you know, it'll help you even if you don't have somebody around you that

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you'll have to go I think you satisfied this Mashallah that that's a small portion right here, man. I mean, what about if we spend the rest of the day should come up with a booklet about your daily Ramadan routine? That's beautiful.