The Day of Judgment # 2 The Quranic Names of Judgment Day

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Bismillah Al Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad in wider early he will say big remain on my bed. Today inshallah hooter Allah, we will be continuing our series on the day of judgment. And today we'll be doing the names that Allah subhanho wa Taala has used in the Quran for the day of judgment, and I have tried to be exhaustive, but this is a human effort. So I have compiled around 25 names and there is an itch to hide the issue, what is the name and what is an adjective? So this list can never fully be exhaustive, but to dis insha Allah to Allah a good attempt to delineate the proper nouns What does Allah use in the Quran to describe the

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Day of Judgment, not to describe to name descriptions, we can go hundreds, the descriptions of Yama that's what the whole series about, but today I wanted to talk about the proper nouns of clay Yama, and this is something that is well known that

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the Arabs and the Quran in particular, when something is important, it has many names. So the Quran has many names the prophets have some has many names. Allah subhana wa Taala has infinite names. So the more important something is, the more names it has. And piano, not surprisingly, is mentioned with hundreds of adjectives, and at least two dozen actual proper names. So in our series, today, we will go over every one of these names, and at least one or two places where they are found and the meanings of these names. Why? Because if Allah is using a name to describe the Day of Judgment, then we had better know what that name is. And the name will tell us a description. The name will tell us

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one of the main features that Allah wants us to know about piano. That's why Allah subhanaw taala is using that name. So we will begin the first name and no particular order I just this is not in any particular order is definitely not chronological. The first name is a Yeoman

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Yeoman Alkire. And included in this is our era or after a Yeoman affair. It occurs 28 times in the Quran as a proper noun for the final judgment date. And as for the term AP Euro, it occurs more than 100 times those who desire the euro, those who deny the euro, the Euro is more than 100 times. Alia women are here 28 times, for example, Surah Toba verse 18. In Moodle masajid, Allah him and Armand abelia, he will yo mill here. The people who come to the massagin are those who believe in Allah and believe in Yeoman. Yeoman are here, because it will be the final day after Judgment Day, there will be no sunset after judgment day there will be perpetual light in Jannah, there is no darkness and

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gender. The literal final date of this existence shall be Yeoman, here, after Yeoman here will begin a new world it will begin a new realm a new dimension that has nothing to do with this world. So literally, Judgment Day is the last day there will be no day after it because the next day that begins will be in Jannah or in jahannam. And there will be nothing that will change over there. So a Yeoman anchor is the final day and the ark era is the final life or the next life this is number one. Number two, Yo man, Ziva. Yo, Mel, as Eva occurs only twice in the Quran. For example, in Surah, najem, verse 57, as effective as ephah and the Asifa as if a means to come close, as if I

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feel as if that which is very close has come even closer. So the piano is called as ephah because it is not that far away. In the home your owner who by either one or all, who called Eva, the people who reject judgment day think it's going to come in a long time they don't see it as something close by, we know it's very close by and Allah says in the Quran, woman, I'm gonna say it Allah Kalam hell Borsari Oh, who Quran that the judgment day is faster it will come faster than the twinkling of an eye or even quicker than that. And our Prophet system said in the Hadith, it was studied by Muhammad I was sent and the Day of Judgment at the same time, we were racing one another which one would come

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first and I just beat it just beat the Judgment Day. And our prophets have said, myself and judgment day have come like this. Our scholars say like the difference between these two fingers is very little right? So myself and judgment they have come like this. So I'm here judgment day is right after me and our prophets, Allah

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Last Friday he was setting them said that count six things before judgment day number one my death. So the coming and the batter and the death of the Prophet system is the first sign of judgment date. We talked about this when we talked about the signs of judgment. The first sign is the coming of the Prophet system. So as if that which is close by it's not far away, the third name, yo male birth, your male birth, and birth means the resurrection from the grave. And Allah mentions your male birth twice in the Quran, but the verb yeah but I foo and yeah by phone and you by phone is at least two dozen times. So the verb is more than the noun the noun is twice yo male, but it is twice in the

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Quran. For example, in Surah a room verse 56, Lakota Elizabeth's Tiki Tabby, la he Isla yo mille bethey for her yo bull by see. So this is your will by Allah calls Judgment Day yo will bath and your mole bath is the day of the bodily resurrections. Every soul every body will be resurrected. This is what bath means. The fourth name we will do yo mutter Harbin yo Mata Harbin and how many times is The Hobbit occur in the Quran?

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Once only once in the Quran, yo Mata Harbin it occurs only once in the Quran that surah Taha Boone is called call Surah Tata Robin verse number nine Yo Ma ah moto Camila, yo middle Jamberry the DE QUE YO

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ha Boon Nevada yo Muto Harbin, now on the Curse once in the Quran, and it's actually a very interesting name. Our scholars have spent many pages of seiad trying to understand why is Kiama called to Harbin because the loved one has a very strange meaning a lot BANA means to cheat somebody in a business transaction. Okay, a Obon is deceit. This is what Hoban is Robina you cheated somebody in a business typically in a business transaction. There was some type of subterfuge, some type of covering up some type of great loss, someone deceived someone this is a governor. Now to haul Boon means mutual deceiving.

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Those who are learning Arabic and it was neat to find two people doing it to one another to PA tele two people are doing cuttle to one another, this is different. So to Harbin, two people are deceiving one another. This is what the hard one is, why is your day of judgment called Yamato hoburne multiple reasons are given. First and foremost, one interpretation is that there will be such unequal amounts of reward and punishment the people of Jannah are going to everlasting bliss, the people of Jahannam are going to jahannam there is no comparison. It is as if there's a harpoon going on. For those who failed to purchase themselves on Judgement Day, those who failed failed

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miserably, and those who pass pass with flying colors. So this is one interpretation. Another interpretation is that groups of people are deceiving each other in this dunya. And on that day, their deceit will be manifest meaning the primary meaning is not business deceit, the primary meaning is religious deceit, the primary meaning groups of people promising each other. Don't worry, don't believe in Islam, we will go to Jannah reject Allah, you will be taken care of believe in a false faith and everything will be fine. They're mutually deceiving one another right group think they're helping one another in Bolton not helping one another in good. This is your mcta hoburne.

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And so on Judgment Day, those people that were deceiving one another will see the result of their deceit. A third opinion why is judgment day called to Harbin is that it is as if a person has cheated himself. It is as if a person has shortchanged himself even in other words, you're supposed to sell yourself to Allah subhana wa Taala woman and Nassima yesterday enough so the law mandala Tila you're supposed to sell yourself meaning your deeds and whatnot and purchase Jana Allah innocent at Allah Allah Allah Allah in the silat Allah Hillel Jana Allah's merchandise that he's selling is very expensive Allah's merchandise is Jana we need to purchase that Jana right in Allah

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hotshot Amina morning and for someone wild on bended amo Jana, Allah has purchased from the believers. So the motif of selling your deeds and of course Allah doesn't need us to sell is just Allah is being generous, the motif of selling your good deeds and getting Jana in return. Now, what will be the one who sold this dunya for this dunya and didn't get this dunya or the lira? It is as if He has deceived himself and cheated

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himself. So the third meaning of Taha Boone, the man who does not get Jannah on judgment day he has lived his life in a false illusion. He has deceived himself and he shall come and see the result of his own deceiving on Judgment Day. So Allah calls Judgment Day Yoma to Harbin. The next meaning or the next noun of judgment day is yo Metalla

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not yawgmoth Pollock No no, Pollock is not in the era. Okay? If your marriage is good in this world and hamdulillah it will be good in the era and a bad marriage will be a good marriage in the future as well. Don't worry, it's not a punishment okay? Even if it's a bad marriage, but inshallah both of you get to generous will be a good marriage sha Allah may Allah make all of our marriages good. Judgment date is not yomo Pollock, it is yo Metalla Kuta Yama, tala, tala ki Yama Telok. The year has been cut off the actual term is Attila ke a tele op and anytime there's a silent Yeah, at the end of a word the Arabs cut it off because it makes it easier. So yo Metalla ACO and Yama tele it

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occurs only once in the Quran. In surah. Horford verse 15 Rafi ridata Jyoti will Archie you will chloro him and Emily ILM and Yasha Meribah de li Yun zero yo uma tele so that they will be warned about the day of tele and what is the day of Talaq it is the day of moolah or moolah call look here which is to meet one another in order Karna This is from the Arabic motor car and Talaq is again meeting again to file two people or two entities meeting one another. Why is judgment day called The Day of meeting because on that day, the accuser will meet the accused, the accused will meet the accuser, there will be no barrier in this dunya the volume can run away. In this dunya the tyrant

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can hide in his palace. In this dunya the oppressor will have his army, and on Judgement Day, that lady that was killed that child that was murdered that innocent man that was harmed, he shall face the oppressor directly. Yo Metalla meet you face to face, there will be no barrier and you shall be able to sue that person for your help on your Metalla This is the first meeting of turn up and that is you meeting the one whom you have a complaint against no one will protect you from the oppressor. The oppressed excuse me, the oppressed will not no one will protect you, the oppressor will not be protected in this dunya the oppressor is usually protected in this dunya those kings and tyrants and

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whatnot and evil people powerful people, that is your metadata will have to face another meaning of Telok the prophets will meet their OMAS right and this is excellency mentioned the Quran that every ummah will come with its profit. So the prophets will meet all of the OMA. And so we will meet our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam This is Tanach the first time the believers will see the Prophet system will be on judgment day and our Prophet system will recognize the believers How will you recognize them from the earth out of who may Allah make us amongst us on the process and macros? This is your Matunuck when the old man meets his prophet and the prophet meets his OMA meeting

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together, another meeting of Tarok is that the person will finally meet up with all of his deeds which he ignored in this dunya your Metallica you're gonna meet up with all of your deeds. So again, a powerful name here with multiple meanings. The OMA tele is the day that you will meet up with your deeds the good and the bad. There is no hiding on judgment day. No one can hide from anyone or anything either for good or for bad. There are things we don't want to hide from. We don't want to hide from the process and we want to meet the processing yo Matala, there are things evil people want to hide from, they want to hide from those whom they have done wrong. They will not be able to

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hide your Matera. Every one of us will want to hide from our sins. Yo Matala, we will meet our sins so this is the fifth noun of judgment date you'll Metalla only one time in the Quran, the sixth noun of judgment day in the Quran. Also one time, yo Montana time known Elif dal, yo Montana, sort of offer verse 32.

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While you're only in a half hour they come here we'll met and all my people the believer in the palace of the people have found the one who kept his Eman secret that believer said all my people I am worried for you about yo Montana add your 10 add what is 10 add again to follow from from nada from nada, which is to announce so yo materna the day of announcements. There are no secrets on judgement day except if Allah wills

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and protects and we want to be amongst those who Allah protects. There is no veil on Judgment Day, except for those whom Allah chooses to give that veil to. Otherwise there is no veil and every person's sins will be apparent to others except if Allah chooses to conceal them.

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You're awful Moogerah Munna Bisi Ma.

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The criminals will be recognized by their markings every criminal our Prophet system said every traitor will have a flag sticking out from his behind going up every traitor that betrayed his promise his trust his people will have this issue another one have this another we'll have that on judgment day every criminal every tyrant every volume will be marked and stamped your aura full moody Muna BC ma home. So this is your maternidad announcements are going to be made and judgments will be passed out publicly, everyone will know the fate of everybody else, the righteous will know that their own fate and the opposite will also know their fate. Also Allah will announce the

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righteous especially those who deserve a high place on Judgment Day, there will be categories whom Allah azza wa jal will announce, and that is your meta net. You know, in when you go through school or something, you know, sometimes the principal and announce these are the people on the A list. These are people on the Dean's List, these are this is your maternidad when the righteous Allah subhanho wa Taala will announce the verdicts and the opposite as well. Those who deserve the worst, not only will they get the punishment, the punishment will be announced so that the punishment is increased. Also, Allah subhanho wa Taala will announce the MACOM of our Prophet sallallahu either he

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will sell them as McConville Mahmoud, that is your maternidad Allah will announce the status of our NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. This is a general public announcement for all of mankind. That is Yoma tenet. The seventh name of judgment date. Is yo mal Jamberry yo Mel Jamberry yo Mel Jamar and Gemma, you should all know what it means from Jamal juega Joomla Joomla is called Joomla because everybody comes together on that day because the messages are packed around the globe on Joomla Gemma, Gemma and NUS the gathering of people and it is obvious why piano is called yellow metal January twice in the Quran. As for the noun twice, so for example Surah to tab on again yo major

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metro Camilla yo mille January. So yo Majora has mentioned twice. As for the verb yo myoma Allahu Rasul. This is again at least a dozen times the verb Yajima, more than a dozen, the noun Yo Ma, January the day of Gemma twice in the Quran that Allah calls judgment date, yo miljoner. So, yo ml Gemma, because Never in all of existence, have more people been gathered together? In fact, not more all people never in the entire creation. has all of the Creation been gathered simultaneously? How can it not be called The Day of Gathering? Every single man and woman, every single incident Qian, every single Muslim and kaffir every single animal even even animals will be resurrected as we will

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get to insha Allah to Allah, every animal ever existed shall be resurrected on Kiama Can you imagine? Can you imagine every single species that had a rule will be standing in one plane? How can it not be called yomo. Juma? The day of the gathering, there has never been and there shall never ever be after that a gathering the likes of the gathering of Judgment Day, never before and never after, will all of the Creation be gathered at one time, one location one place so it is Yeoman January. The eighth name of the Day of Judgment

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is Yamaha rouge, Yamaha Rouge. It is only once again mentioned in the Quran Yamaha Rouge however, the verb yo May through June or middle edge that is again half a dozen times. So again, yo Maharaj is only once in the Quran. Where are the default? Where is your one origin the Quran? Yeah oh five Surah cough Surah cough verse number 42 yom is more honestly active and healthy dedica yo, moo hoo, rouge, Yamaha rouge, the day of exiting meaning from their graves. Okay, so Yamaha Rouge. All of mankind will literally come out of their graves. Yeah, hello June. They're coming out of their graves. So this is the eighth name of Judgment Day Yamaha rouge, the ninth day. Ninth name is yo Mel

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hisab yo ml hisab. Human Kesava occurs around five times in the Quran. So it's not uncommon. It is a semi common name you

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Almost ASAP. So for example in Surah Ibrahim verse 41 Rob will fairly well over a year will move me Nina Yo Ma como hisab. So Yeoman hisab is mentioned a number of times in the Quran will call the Musa in the earth to be Rob they were up they call me coulomb with Jacob Barilla you mean Obeah will mill his Yeoman hisab sort of off reverse 27 Yeoman hisab we all know what his job means. His job is the day the accounts are settled, the balances are done. That's a sub hisab all of the losses and the gains will be tallied up. You know, at the end of the year, every corporation has its app well on cuyama Every man and woman will have their hisab so your normal hisab everything will be checked,

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verified. Everything that you brought into your house, your wealth, your time, the blessings Allah gave you and what you produce with that the balance sheets will be checked. And that is your woman hisab and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada of course will be the one who will do that is so this is the ninth name of judgment they the 10th name of judgment date, yo med Dean, and of course this one, we know it because this is sort of hard to tell. It's actually in chronological order of the Quran is the first one that is mentioned Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen al Rahman Rahim, Maliki yo meet Deen so yo Medina is the first name mentioned in the Quran. And throughout the Quran is mentioned around

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four or five times you'll Medina. So for example, sort of aged verse 35. Welcome Allah Allah to Allah yo Medina and you should Allah saying to shaytaan you will have liner until your Medina in LA Kalina, t la yo Medina, you will have my liner until the day of Dean Yoma Dean. So yo MIT Dean, Dean here. Donna your Dino Dana and Donna your dino dienen. The word Danna in Arabic has a number of meanings. And its meaning in yo Medina is different than its meaning in our deen is Islam. The word deen is a very deep word it has multiple meanings. When we say our deen is Islam, Donna your dean who means to submit based upon a methodology or law. This is what Donna Dino Dean and means. Okay?

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So to have a dean means you have a methodology, and our methodology, our laws, our soul, our paradigm is Islam. That's the meaning of Dean over there. However, Donna, your Dean, who also means to be judged.

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And so Molly Kiyomi. Dean, we say master of Judgment Day, because in this meaning yo, Medina, the Day of Judgment, the day when the verdicts will be passed. That's what over here Dean means. So Maliki OMA Dean, it means the Day of Recompense the day one you will get what you deserve, which is what we call an English judgment. This is the 10th noun of your milk liana. The 11th noun of your milk piano is a high bar to milk cut to warmer the raw camel

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three times and only three times this occurs, and it's in the same Surah Al halka, as the only time it occurs in these three, and how CA is from the word health.

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And well how

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is the health that cannot be denied? The hack that is inevitable? The hack that is the most hack of everything that is hack that is unhealthy. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada calls to Yama, the truth of the truth, the essence of The Truth, the Truth that cannot be denied the inevitable truth, all of these what unhealed comments, right? So I'll have CA is the truth, that no one can deny, or we can say that it is the truth because everybody will see their true selves, this is another meaning. So, you have two connotations of how the day and then the people as for the day you cannot deny it, it is going to happen. Your denial, your verbal denial does not change that how is it how it is going to

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happen? It is the Hulk. The Hulk also means people can have a false illusion they can be munafo Can this dunya they can pretend to be righteous and unhealthy will expose the Huck from the bottom and how will sift through and you will know the true value of a person you might have thought a person to be worthless and on judgment day he will be of the highest solid and you might have done on another person to be righteous and whatnot and on Judgment Day, the opposite will be told so inhaca separates and tells you the hack from the bottom so of the meanings of glioma

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is a ha Number 10 Number 11. Number No that was 11 right number 12. Number 12 of the nouns of judgment day is yo ml has Surah yo ml has Surah yo ml hestra it occurs only once in the Quran. And

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that isn't Surah Meriam verse 39 that were in their home yo Mel has rotti is only an Umbra wahome la

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won't feed off of that in warm Logan I'm on that one their home Yeoman has rotti warn them of the day of hestra. hestra in Arabic is the worst level of regret and remorse. So in English, we have oh, he regretted his decision. But in Arabic, you have levels for example nazima is to regret I made the wrong choice I shouldn't have got that has Sahra is the most powerful manifestation of regret. There is no word that is more powerful, and how much you regret something then has Surah So the judgment day is called Yeoman hestra for obvious reasons, because it's one thing if you regret you purchase the wrong, you know, car or something, okay? You're sad or whatnot. But imagine you regret wasting a

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life and that's it, there is no more chance and the rest of eternity will be where it will be. What type of hestra will you have? Right? So that is Yeoman hestra the day of infinite remorse of infinite regret, there will be no regret that is worse than the day of Hassan. And even though Yeoman Hassan occurs only once. The concept of hestra on Judgment Day occurs multiple times in the Quran, for example, in Surah to zoom or multiple verses through to zoom that out Akula anticodon of Sonia has Serrata either Monferrato Fijian Billahi when controlman itself heading out of Kota Hain Hanaa Tara either below under the character for akuna minal Marcin in our cooler underload wonderla

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donde la quinta middle Metallian Bella Caja Attica artefact Debbie hub, welcome to middle caffeine. So in this verse as well, Allah says on Judgment Day, the person will say yah has rota woe unto me how much regret do I have? So Yeoman Hazara now our scholars also mentioned that Hazara shall occur to every buddy on Judgment Day, maybe except for the Shaheed maybe even the Shia Shaheed, the twinge of it, even the righteous will have a level of hestra. Why? Because the righteous will blame themselves, even though they're getting into Jannah. They will blame themselves on judgment day once you get into gender, there is no hustler. But until that time, our scholars mentioned even the

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righteous might feel a twinge of Hazara for, for what

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for not doing even better to get to a higher place in Jannah.

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So even if they got the a minus Hamdulillah, a minus is good. But if I only put a little bit more, we've got the a plus. Okay, so everyone, and maybe even the Shahid because we learned from the Shaheed that he will say to Allah, send me back to this dunya so that I will come back 10 times so that I get even more, but that is not quite the same as hestra. But it's a Turman nirsa desire. So some of our scholars say, and you know, there's no,

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I mean, it makes sense. But even if that is the case, for sure the Hazara of the believers is not like the hustler of the kaffir there's no question about this. For sure the believer will have a level that is it's not any it's not going to you know, maybe obviously is getting into gender so on hamdulillah but there will be this twinge. Why didn't I do more I could have done better. I'm getting into this level. I could have gotten higher like that guy, that guy that guy, but I did not get that level. So some of our scholars say it is called hestra because everybody without exception will have an element but obviously the kafir will have the worst amount of has syrup on Judgment

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Day. So that is number 12. Number 13. Of the names of judgment date. Yo Mel Hello, good. Yo Mel Quaalude, Yamaha, salud. Yamaha elude. It has mentioned only once in the Quran in surah cough that Udo holo hub is Salam radica will move holo food. And interestingly enough, it is only mentioned in the context of the believers entering Jana. It is mentioned in a positive manner that on Judgement Day they will be entering Jannah and so Allah subhanho wa Taala says indeed that is going to be the day of eternally blissful life.

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So you're well hollowed for the people of Jana Qiyamah is called the omal. Hollywood, Hollywood here has a positive connotation. So Hollywood here is a blissful, eternal life. And piano is the beginning of that blissful eternal life, because for the believers Kiyama for the especially for the righteous of the believers Qiyamah will not be a pain for Yama itself will be a blessing for Yom itself will be an ease and so for them play Yama will itself begin the blessings and it will then culminate in the opening up of the of the gates of Jannah and telling them to go inside. So for those people who the Holo habit Salam radica Yambol Holyrood so your will hold the 14th name of

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Judgment Day.

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And I don't know why I put it 14 I should have put it up I just literally was writing all over this today. Number 14 I should have put this number one, it is the most common name in the Quran of the Day of Judgment. Without a doubt it overshadows all other names and it is you will melt Yama, okay, yo milpa Yama occurs a staggering 70 times in the Quran or more accounted 70 times 70 times your will chiama occurs all of these numbers are generic obviously I'm not being precise here but around 70 times. So it is the most common name there is no other name that is even in the same ballpark figure as your milliamp it is the most common name and Allah subhanaw taala for example mentions yes

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oh A yearner Yo multi Yama mankind asks, When is this yo multi ama yearner? When yes oh a urine a yarmulke Yama mankind asks When will this Yama Yama, Yama occur. Now why is Nakayama of course means the day of standing como yo como como yo como so Kayama the concept of standing, why is judgment day call the day of standing number of reasons number one,

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because on that day, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will come, as we will mention, where Jarrah Buka will molecules of fun softwares and the Quran, Allah is going to come and the angels will have lines behind them, Allah will come and when ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala appears, what will mankind do? You all make your own Manasu there are Bill Alameen. Every single creation will stand up in awe in majesty, every creation, yo May your home or nurse. So this is the hammer, everybody will be standing. Number two, that on that day, Allah subhanho wa Taala will bring out the witnesses who will testify against or for the people. And these witnesses will be standing in front of the people whom they're

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testifying against Sudha Hoffa diverse 51 way Oh, my Akumal Ashad. And on that day, the witnesses will stand up and testify. You know, in the courts of old, the people would be sitting down, except for the witness to that everybody's paying attention, the witness would stand up and say he did this, he did that. So the witness is the one in our time they go to the special chair in the front, okay. And even that chair is raised up by the way. But in those days, when you had a you know, a case or something the judge went out, we'll all be sitting down, the witness would stand so that it's understood, this is a very important thing. Everybody's paying attention, you must speak the

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truth. So y'all my home will assured the witnesses will stand up and they will testify for or against their people. And the third reason why Kayama is called Qiyamah is because Allah subhana wa Taala will cause all of the creation to stand up from their graves. When they get out of their graves, they will put their dust out and they will be standing up. So again, there's a concept of standing up. The fourth reason why Yama is called Kiama is that Allah subhanaw taala will place the scales of justice. And so justice will be standing over there, the Mazon will be standing. And the fifth reason why Yama is called piano is because every one will be standing in panic and an anxiety.

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No one will sit down on judgment day because of the anxiety. You know, when you're nervous, you cannot sit down. When you're nervous. You're pacing you're walking around. So Kiyama everyone will be standing up walking here and there. And that's why it's called yarmulke Yama and this is the most common name of the Judgement Day Yom Okayama. The 15th name of the Yama in the Quran is yo mille fawsley. Yo Mel fawsley, father saw sod, lamb Foster and foster Yeoman Foster is mentioned six times in the Quran. Three of them in Surah, Moto Salat, Leone will fossil or mother aka yo mill fossil yo mill foster

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Three times in total, almost Sarah, and then three times in other surahs. What does fossile mean?

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What does foster mean? Separate after somebody will say classroom?

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Because that's what a classroom is called an Arabic. But why is the classroom called fossil?

00:35:20--> 00:35:42

Because you're separate. So I'll also know the real meaning of fossil is to separate set fossil is to separate and of course why is the AMA called the normal fossil because on that day, everyone will be separated according to how they deserve to be separated.

00:35:43--> 00:36:28

The Shahid will be with the Shaheed the Prophets with the Prophets the righteous with the righteous the Lord and with the volume, everyone will be with their group and whatever group they belong to, that is the group they will be judged with in accordance with soy yo ml fossil is the day of separation, the date of categorization, this is your ml fossil is the primary meaning. Another meaning of fossil is to clarify for Salah you fosu, what color che in facile now who tough sealer. Another meaning is to clarify to make things clear, and obviously piano is called the Omo Fosston, because that is the day everything will be made clear. Nothing will be hidden. So your Mufasa has a

00:36:28--> 00:36:34

secondary meaning as well. And that is to clarify and to make things clearer. So this is the 15th the 16th

00:36:36--> 00:37:26

name of judgment date is a sa a sa and this is perhaps the second most common 35 times in the Quran. Allah subhanaw taala calls the judgment date a PSA. And sometimes Allah azza wa jal talks about establishing the PSA where your where your home was making the PSA come and Allah azza wa jal says in the PSA to tear tune Accardo Fia pseudoscalar Verse 15 The PSA is indeed coming but I have decided to hide it's timing and Allah says in the Quran yeah you heard us with Takara bekam in Zara does it Shame on them that earthquakes have a PSA or something that are very catastrophic. Now, a PSA of course means time. Well we say our but do realize do realize when we say our, the hours when

00:37:26--> 00:37:57

the Quran came down, did not have watches that an hour means 60 minutes. It's a unit of time, it's a unit of time. So a PSA does not mean the 60 minutes in our timeframe. A PSA means you know, sir item in a lane just a portion of the day or the portion of the night now, why is the Day of Judgment called a PSA. Our scholars have tried to give some interpretation about why it is called a sap. Some of them said that

00:37:58--> 00:38:44

Allah has called a PSA a PSA. Because just like we know that there are there are hours throughout the day and hours throughout the night. So to there will be a judgement date within the lifespan of this existence. That's one interpretation. Another interpretation is that a PSA is called a PSA. Because in the eyes of Allah subhana wa Taala even though it seems like an infinity in the eyes of Allah, it will just go like a PSA for us. And this is in the Quran as well that 50,000 years is like you know, 1000 years of your reckoning is like in the Yeoman and the baker, if you send it him anything but are we doing a day, in the eyes of Allah is like 1000 of your years, that time is

00:38:44--> 00:39:31

different obviously, Allah is above time and space. So one interpretation is a set means that it is something that in the eyes of Allah azza wa jal will be very, very quick. And others have mentioned that a PSA is called Assad because for the believers, our Prophet system said it will go very quickly. In fact, one Hadith says the Mothman will feel like the Day of Judgment is like the time between Auslan and Muhammad. Very quick prayer. So before you notice most of the time, especially these days, so the believer will feel that the Kiama is like between our cinema so it's just like a PSA. So people have different y's called the PSA. These are some of the interpretations number 17 We

00:39:31--> 00:39:36

can have to 17 a 17 beat 17 has two names in it both from the same route.

00:39:38--> 00:39:46

The first of them yo Mel worried Yeoman worried and the second of them was the other Yeoman.

00:39:48--> 00:39:59

There is no human word in the Quran. More owed Nice try. But no, there is no human right human will mo rude, human worried and normal more rude. Okay, so your mulwaree

00:40:00--> 00:40:03

and your Mahmoud both of them that occur only once in the Quran.

00:40:04--> 00:40:14

Yeoman worry there's a good sort of cough verse 21 If you have a Saudi Lika yo Moodle worried the Trumpet will be blown. That is yo Moodle worried now.

00:40:17--> 00:40:37

The word worried in Arabic is different than wide and a lot of non Arabs don't know the difference. Arabic is such a precise language. When you promise someone with something that the person will anticipate he wants it he was looking forward to it. That is called Word.

00:40:38--> 00:40:42

And when you promise someone with something that he's not looking forward to,

00:40:43--> 00:40:57

that is why it Okay, so what and why it Why is a positive promise and what is a threatening Promise? Okay? What

00:40:58--> 00:41:08

is a promise that? Oh, if you finish all of this on time you'll get a raise. Okay. Worried is what your mother and father used to say if you misbehaved.

00:41:09--> 00:41:43

You dare do that again. That is worried right there. Okay. This is why it Allah calls judgment date worried because obviously, it is a date that the threats will be enacted against those who rejected your mill worried. So it is your mill worried for those who rejected for those who are empires, that is the day all of these threats are going to catch up to them. And so Allah calls it Yeoman worried. Yeoman mo Ruud is of course, only once in the Quran surah borouge right was somebody that had borrowed

00:41:45--> 00:42:37

money when your middle mode route, this is a normal mode and mode means the day that has been promised there is no negative or positive. It is a promise day Allah promised it and it is going to happen. And of course, the concept of Kiama being a Promised Day is mentioned throughout the Quran. For example, Surya seen had Wilder Ramadan was Sadako Musa saloon This is the promise that Allah said is going to happen. What are the law he likes to follow? Who will me add again? Why me many times but yo ml worried and Yom will Marut you only once in the Quran. So here we have worried and more rude. Number 18. Number 18. Twice in the Quran is the haka. Mal haka, Wilma Andraka. Sorry, I

00:42:37--> 00:43:05

said that haka. Sorry, not how can l waka we did have a walk twice in the Quran. either walk right in walk the laser level cartea katiba. So, the name of Allah wa Clara is twice in the Quran. either walk Kartel Walker is one of them. And the second one is in sort of half off for Yom or even walk Kartell walk. So I'll walk out occurs twice in the Quran. And Allah

00:43:06--> 00:43:13

comes from the root worker, and worker means it has occurred while

00:43:15--> 00:43:44

the sure event that will occur. So this is what wildcard means. The event that is so true to have occurred, it might as well have occurred already. I'll walk you through the occurrence that shall occur. Let's put it that way. This is a walk down the shore occurrence, the event that will eventually rise that's what a walker means. It occurs twice in the Quran number 19 Only 25 We're getting to the end Ori number 19.

00:43:46--> 00:43:47

A saw

00:43:48--> 00:43:49

a saw

00:43:51--> 00:44:42

it occurs only once in the Quran for either Jaya until saw which Surah or Abba verse 33. A saw her is a loud noise and extremely terrifying noise and noise that shakes you to the core. So Allah calls judgment day a saw her some say because of the trumpet. And some say because of the chaos and the DIN and the noise on Judgment Day, it will be like a saw ha for those whom Allah does not protect once again, all of the all of the terrifying adjectives, the believers as will come to Israel the next week they will be protected from it. Okay, they will not have these terrifying objectives. And the higher their Eman the more they shall be protected from the terror of Judgment Day. But all of

00:44:42--> 00:44:49

these adjectives apply primarily to those who rejected or saw ha the terrifying noise number 20.

00:44:50--> 00:44:59

A Alma or Tom Mattoon, Kuba, ra, and occurs in Surah a Nazirite right that time

00:45:00--> 00:45:54

I'm Michel Cobra Surah Nuzhat verse 34 and Bama is a tragedy. It is a calamity and Tama tool Cobra, the biggest calamity. Now in Surah 10 Nazjatar. If you read the context, it is about those who are going to join them the end of it. And Allah calls judgment day for them your biggest tragedy and of course it is their biggest tragedy. The biggest catastrophe that has ever happened to you guys is going to be bomb Mattoon Cobra Yomi a federal moment he won't be he will be that bomba to cobra is mentioned over there. So Palma twin Cobra is one of the names of Judgment Day for those that are going to jahannam number 21 is a law Shia Aloha Shia and the last year only occurs once as a proper

00:45:54--> 00:46:17

noun hell attack a hadith ha Shia, but it occurs as adjectives for Amina Tatio Maha Shia to mean either beloved is other places in the Quran, but only once as a proper noun. And last Shia comes from the verb of Russia or Russia and Russia means to envelope or to cover up to envelope or to cover up. So a harsh here

00:46:18--> 00:47:10

is that which is so terrifying, that your thoughts will be so covered up with judgment day, you will have no energy to think about anything else. You will be overwhelmed. You know, may Allah protect us anytime a tragedy happens. What are you thinking about is that tragedy, everything else gets out of your mind. Everything is just expelled from your mind. It's just one thing on your mind. This is human nature. So Allah calls the Judgment Day, the one thing that when it happens, you will have no energy or luxury or time to think of anything else. It shall overwhelm you over conquer you. That's an Harsha. So Aloha Shia, once judgment day comes, that's it, you have nothing else to think about.

00:47:10--> 00:47:50

Other than that thing of Aloha Shia, others mentioned as well that Aloha Shia means it will envelope you in its occurrences. So one can say that one could put it this way, Aloha Shia can be internal with your thoughts, or external with what's going on. Both of them apply, you're going to be so overwhelmed that you will have no time to do anything else, externally and internally, right. So again, you know, may Allah protect us anytime a tragedy happens, you know, Hurricane whatnot, you just you have to take care of to do with it. And he calamity happens in some place Civil War or flood or whatnot. When that happens, you're not worried about the other details that might have you

00:47:50--> 00:48:31

been worried about the day before even when the calamity falls, everything goes to the calamity. So both meanings apply. Externally, you will be caught up in the events. Internally, your mind will only be thinking about one this is what a lot Shia means hello atika Hadith will Allah Shia so this is Aloha Shia Number 22 Number 22. I'll call the Malhotra wama raka Malhotra only three times that said there is no other term in the Quran. Al Qaeda occurs and the word para has the connotation generally speaking of the sharp crack of a whip,

00:48:32--> 00:49:22

it also implies the trembling that occurs because of a fear. So audio has the implication of some thing causing you to be terrified. Your hearts are trembling. This is what an audio means. Another meaning of Carrara is to leave something barren so they say the earth is Cara, there's something completely barren, because you will come to Allah subhanho wa Taala completely barren, you will not have the entourage you had you will not have the luxury you will not have the false illusions that we might have had in this world of power and fame and what not you will be coming barren. And of course the Hadith mentions this people will be resurrected who fat and rotten hola barefoot naked

00:49:22--> 00:49:59

and uncircumcised as they would day their mothers gave birth to them. This is the Hadith as we're going to come to then we're going to come to Allah azza wa jal with nothing other than their deeds. Number 23 of the names of Judgment Day number 23 Yo, yo When will I see your moolah? I see it is twice mentioned in the Quran. In Surah Furqan Wakanda yo man idle Cafe Deena I see Rob and Surah Madatha verse nine further que yo for radical your maiden your moon. I see your moon I see your moon I see me translate as the most difficult day

00:50:00--> 00:50:26

It is the most difficult day. In both of these circumstances Allah azza wa jal mentions it is for the kafir not for the believer. So you're gonna see here is a description for the kaffir not for the movement, idle Cafe Dena lado, you see, so for the kaffir it's not going to be an easy day so difficulty so you're gonna see it is one of the names of judgment day but only for the caffeine in 24 in number 24

00:50:28--> 00:51:21

You're one must shoot a normal mush hood, and recurs only once in the Quran in surah Hood, verse 103, in the phenolic Allah Ayatollah Madhava double era, the DECA yo Moon Muchmore Allahu Nas was DECA yo Moon Mosh hood, yo Moon mush hood. Yo Moon was hood. Again, it goes back to your mojo very similar to that your mama's hood, the witnessed day, once again, never in all of existence history, will so many people witness one another bear witness and witness against and for never will all of the species and the jinn and the incident the Muslim and the kafir and the men and the women and the and the and the animals and the humans never will they all be witnessing one another watching one

00:51:21--> 00:51:44

another. And so Allah calls it Yeoman motherhood. And on top of this, the angels will be looking and on top of this, ALLAH SubhanA himself will be there. So this is also wish I had done all my shoot according to one interpretation, this is Kiama as well, but it's not explicit. So I didn't put it here. But Yeoman Massoud is in the Quran explicitly. Number 25. Is it a noun? Or is it an adjective? I just put it in here that

00:51:46--> 00:52:40

some have said that have the names of judgment day is yo when I boo soon commentary because it's in the Quran in the hall from a Robina Yeah, woman abou son Kampala era, and Allah knows best it looks more like an adjective than a proper noun nonetheless, it is there are booths and commentary. So our booths means scowling, Abba Wallah I booze and Campari is a gloomy face a face of dread. So, I go some companies are very similar in meaning. And the point here is that those who get the results negatively meaning a bad result, they will be scowling, the worst scowl they will be has seen or angry or sad. This is a boost and Company. These are the 25 that I have gathered together and again

00:52:40--> 00:53:27

there's a gray area. For example 25 Is it really a name or is it just a description? That is the day that people will be scowling? Are you going to say the Day of Judgment is the day of scouting? Or is Allah simply describing this is again a gray area? Definitely the Quran mentions at least around two dozen proper nouns for Judgment Day. Around half of these only occur once like a de Harbin a Telok a 10 ad and how talk I'll have Surah Al hollowed yo mahalo Asaka or Tom, Aloha, Shia Ulduar Eid al more rude? What are two more so you have more than half of these names only occur once and these names that occur only once. Interestingly enough, they're always in the McCue sutras and they're

00:53:27--> 00:53:58

always in a very powerful manner that is describing judgment against those who rejected so Allah uses these very specific nouns against those who rejected also FYI there are 14 sutras in the Quran named after judgment day if I had time I would quiz all of the pitfalls but that will be a difficult quiz or how far you should go home pause the YouTube video now and see if you can do this I know I would not have been able to do all 14 off top my head have take a long time to think about it

00:54:09--> 00:54:26

Okay, the question is the question is the lecture is very terrifying. Is there any hope for for Kiama so as I mentioned all of these negative adjectives, they will apply to

00:54:27--> 00:54:59

the people who reject Allah subhana wa Tada and as we'll come to next week, that there is a very explicit verse in the Quran that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says that on that day, the believers will be far away from all of that terror. Okay, so all of the negative adjectives that are there, they will not apply to those who believe in Allah subhanaw taala and prepare for Judgment Day and this is something that is explicit in the Quran. For example, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says in the Quran that, would you who knew

00:55:00--> 00:55:00

He then

00:55:02--> 00:55:03

would you whom you agree then

00:55:05--> 00:55:41

now there will be an algebra and the other one I'm talking about ba hackaton was stub Shara. Right that on that day faces will be laughing, shining bright. And Allah says in the Quran they're going to come back to their family's own guru ha Omaha okay Tabea This is my judgment This is here in New Zealand to Anil Bullock and he Serbia I knew that I would meet my hisab so there are evidences that clearly show that it is not going to apply to those who reject Allah subhana wa Taala so sorry those who believe in Allah so we said there are 14 sutras named after clay Yama, let's go over them very quickly. You're not gonna be able to write them down but that's why it hamdulillah YouTube is there.

00:55:42--> 00:56:26

So one of the benefits of YouTube is you can pause and and write down another benefit you can copy and paste every 10 seconds you can refute as well that's another benefit, but that's why there is judgment Al Hamdulillah as well. hamdulillah so of the names of Judgement Day, that are mentioned in the names of the surah so quickly go over it Sudha de Haan Tsereteli Walker sootel hasher surah Taha Boone, so it will have caught so little Tejana Sudha never saw that a Taquile started in fifth or certain in Chicag, Surah, Taha Shia, Sunita, Zell, Sarah and Stuart Acharya, okay, so these are 14 sutras that are explicitly named after cuyama. In the Quran, even though sometimes the name is not a

00:56:26--> 00:56:41

proper noun, for example, Zela is not a proper noun, it is a adjective, either Zillertal or Zala. Right? So Allah did not call Judgment Day yo, Mozilla.

00:56:42--> 00:57:27

Allah did not call it but it is described that it has visited that URL do zada So to conclude, there are at least two dozen names in the Quran, that Allah azza wa jal has given proper nouns to of the Yama and there are at least three four dozen adjectives which we will go over the course of the next few weeks in sha Allah to Allah. And there are also one final point is that sometimes Allah mentions yo mama and then a full phrase. And this is not a name it is a description. For example, Yo Ma term liquid enough soon enough since che This is a description on the day that no soul will benefit another soul. For example, yo Mala Jana volley minima zero to whom on that day, the one who has done

00:57:27--> 00:58:10

injustice, no excuse will be accepted. For example, yo Mala Yun Faru ma loon wanna balloon on that day money and children will be of no benefit. For example, yo Mala Rai Buffy the day there is no doubt about it. For example, yo Mala you're in fi he will Hillel there will be no bargaining on that day. And there are a few more examples. These are not proper nouns. These are descriptions of the day. And so you can say that Allah azza wa jal had described the day with many adjectives with many descriptions, but these are not proper nouns. And with that, insha Allah Huhtala we will pause here and open the floor for quick a few q&a.

00:58:14--> 00:58:25

I actually remembered your code, mashallah, we also have some people that are online, and I don't know how to access whereas can somebody come? And because Which one do you access? In the meantime, we'll have some quick questions. Bismillah is good brothers.

00:58:32--> 00:58:36

I mentioned Allah has infinite names. And the 99 that are

00:58:37--> 00:58:49

mentioned in the Hadith are of the infinite Names of Allah subhanho wa taala. The 99 Names of Allah are not the only Names of Allah, I've given a lecture about that actually give it here at Epic.

00:58:50--> 00:59:34

I think last year or something before I came, when the first lectures they gave us about the names of Allah, that is also a series I have begun many times but never actually finished. Maybe when I finished this series of piano and gender and not maybe I'll start with the names of Allah subhanaw taala. But in a nutshell, Allah has an infinite number of names of those infinite number of names, there are 99 that are extra special, that are extra, bless it. And if we memorize those names and act upon them and make dua with them, we will enter Jannah it does not mean Allah only has 99 names. We have a question here. Why is Jana called Yom? Why is Kiama called yomo hisab when some people

00:59:34--> 00:59:59

will enter Jannah without his app. So as we mentioned, many of these names don't apply to every single person. But generically they apply. So it is true. Jana is called Yeoman hisab. And it is also true a very small group of people. We want to be amongst them but they will be very small. That yet hood agenda behind his sub our profit system said there will be only

01:00:00--> 01:00:45

70,000 people that will enter agenda without hyssop 70,000 out of billions and billions and billions of Muslims, the Profit System said 70,000 will enter Jannah without his job. So yes, it is true. But even in their case, technically, they were supposed to get to his job. And they got out of it as a blessing from Allah. So still, the default was there, that they're supposed to get the hyssop. So the example in our so that we understand, obviously, we're not giving an example to Allah. But an example we understand is that there is a straight a super genius student. And by the time of the final exam, the professor says, Look, you don't even need to take the exam. You know, I know you

01:00:45--> 01:01:14

just go home, you get the a, you know, this is that that level of of Jonnie SuperJet is very rare. That happens that somebody is so well grounded, the professor will say, just don't worry, just go home. That night, he showed up for the exam, he was technically required to take the exam. But an exception can be made. So just because the exception is made, we don't say there's no exam for the people, there's still going to be the exam, and they will be the hisab.

01:01:15--> 01:02:03

So somebody asks that, won't the people of Jana that are going to gender be thankful? So why will there be hestra on Judgement Day. So as I said, the Hassan will be minimal, the twinge of Oh, you're not I could have done a little bit better and this is going to be on Qiyamah as for once you get into Jana, that twinge will not exist there will be nothing negative. And once again, by the way, this is something that our scholars have derived generically, to the best of my knowledge, there is nothing explicit in the Quran and Sunnah, that somebody will have any type of even this regret, but our scholars mentioned that because the Yama is described as an Adama and Hassan whatnot, that there

01:02:03--> 01:02:10

is a small amount that even the righteous can have inshallah Dalit sisters any question I forgot to ask completely. He has good

01:02:19--> 01:03:02

we will all get there. That's a very good question. A person will be with those whom they love. And families will be together in Jannah if they make it to Jana, so if they make it to Jana, then families unlike our current administration will not be separated the borders Okay. Allah subhanho wa Taala does not follow those policies. Alhamdulillah he is often Rahim families will be together and this is very explicit in the Quran. Or the Hadith janitor Anton was Roger come to Cameroon and Allah says in the Quran will lead in amor Winterbottom, the rich be demanded and how can I be him the reata whom, that those whose progeny follow the ancestors in righteousness, we shall allow the

01:03:02--> 01:03:13

progeny to be with thee with their ancestors with their forefathers. And Allah says in the Quran, that will matter equity you may call the Bourbons. Solomon

01:03:14--> 01:03:15

was the one word before it.

01:03:17--> 01:03:43

Their fathers and their mothers and their children will murder equity and hold on. I'm Ecolab so it's very explicit in the Quran that they will be entering upon their families and the angels will say salaam to them. So how that happens, despite the fact that family members are not going to be at the same level of Eman and Taqwa okay, how will that happen? That is something we will discuss in shallow data in this series inshallah. With that, we will conclude today and we'll resume next week to Xochimilco Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh