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The importance of fasting and a habit called "ugluiting" during Halloween is discussed, along with advice on finding one's own luck and working on one's good and bad luck. The habit is classified as "fitless" by the prophet Mohammed as a result of fasting, and individuals should prioritize their successes and work on their own luck in the future. A commercial for an upcoming episode on rock tacky rock is also mentioned.

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Some very low status or not so that's a demonic mosquito bite Allah cattle

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the other words as you were coming your back to another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2012 day 21 so the nights have started the Knights have the final stages of Ramadan the Knights of of the

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the best Knights in your life really have started

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Are you feeling anything? Are you feeling that boost

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how's your day better so far? How's your fasting so far? Did you feel like you're that you have changed to the better in this Ramadan especially now that 10 days have started less than days yesterday most of us you know

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started the night of the 21st so we did you know our first etika for our first you know PX

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Did you feel that that power that sweetness

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Are you trying to come closer and closer to being the first roast for instance in the salon

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Are you trying to be you know in the mmm the leader in a leadership position always in the front?

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Are you trying to come early now in order to attend the first rose?

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You want to be first? You want Allah subhanho wa Taala

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to choose you to be amongst the first and everything

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so in this final you know 10 days of Ramadan

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we need to come up with a plan and shout along to Hannah you know to ask Allah subhana wa Jalla to mix us amongst you know those who are in the Imam

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Yanni the front

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I was thinking of how can I be in the front

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maybe trying to share something with you I'm thinking you know what could we do to be in the front for a lot to choose us to be amongst those who are always in you know in the front

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I was thinking maybe we should come to Allah subhana wa tada with

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with some good men or some good luck

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choose Look

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what good hold off Do you have

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if you try

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as you're fasting

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to have some good luck to do something that you're good at for instance

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would lie you would feed that sweetness at night

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during the a bad

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you know what do you fast in your let's say you know you're fighting with someone or you're arguing with your spouse and you're cheating or you know you spend the whole day sleeping for instance.

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You didn't read and the whole day nausicaa

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angry the whole day. And then you come at night during Halloween. And you want to feel the sweetness of Galloway you can I think you can sister You can brother you want for nothing because the whole day was not spent correctly when you're fasting.

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I propose Okay, I propose this is just a suggestion. I propose that we in these final 10 days of Ramadan

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to pick some good luck that we have and then we increase from doing it.

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Why? Well

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for instance, there's this habit which I came through and Mashallah it really amazes me. This habit is classified as the hairbrush

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generated by numbers reported also by

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the prophet Mohammed is AutoSum says in the law, customer baina Come, come come a customer baina come

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O Allah subhana wa tada in the last panel with the Allah customer by the customer base

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in the La Casa muy bien de la cama bakasana Bina come as African that Allah Subhana Allah Allah has shared out shared out

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Good luck, your good manners, your good morals, as he has shared out amongst you, Allah has shared that amongst you, you'll hold off as he has shared out amongst you, you observe, you know, it's through provisions.

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You have a risk that Allah has, you know, maybe you see somebody who's always Mashallah smiling, he says some holla Allah has blessed him with this risk. It's a lot. He's just always smiling. A person who's always you know, he's lucky and he has just saw him at his mercy. He's always mercy with those his parents or his his friends was his, you know, siblings. So he says, Subhana Allah, Allah has given him this risk. It's this chrome Allah, it is not only money, by the way, some people think this is only you know, monetary they know this could be you know, a pious son isn't from Allah, a pious daughter is

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a pious hasn't been a righteous wife from Allah Subhana Allah Dinah, you know, so a good hook is also from Allah.

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As the Prophet Mohammed our system says,

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so what's your good hook? You know, you know yourself? I don't know, I know myself right. So what's your good hook and what's your bad hook?

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You must if you don't you know how much money you have in your bank. Well, you know how much money you have your bank, don't you know, that good hold off that you have and the bad one that you that you have as well. If I were to tell you, let's work on all that. Maybe it will be hard but I'm saying Charlotte who tada I propose in this final sentence of Ramadan to pick one good holiday that you have just one

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and do a lot of it.

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If you are Mashallah good, use good luck is that you're generous, then be very generous in this final 10 days of Ramadan.

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And pick one bad call up one bad, you know, attitude that you have, and, and work to, you know, stay away from it. In this final sense of

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a blue mustard used to say I've loved them

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in neila, hepco

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guttata cm and NaVi, let me see what I can or handbook pmla. If you missed earlier to say, I don't like you know,

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fasting, you know, lock in spirometry, fasting. I don't like to fast a lot of superbug supererogatory fasting or voluntary fasting. I don't like to do that a lot. He says this is something that Allah has not maybe made it easy for me, but I love the MLA

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he loves the night prayer. So what is it that you love in your life? You must have something in your life that you know I am good at I am I have this good you know this good luck of of being truthful I have this good luck of of speaking the truth Mashallah I have this good hold of of, of being merciful towards you know, people, so I'm gonna work on that good luck for this month for this, the furniture this and I have a bad holiday that bad holiday is maybe I get angry a lot. Or maybe I feel like I am arrogant. You know, I this is maybe my bad luck. I feel like I'm more arrogant. I'm going to pick that bad luck. And I'm going to work on it, you know, to avoid it and to cure it in this

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final 10 days of Ramadan. Go against it. If you feel like you're arguing amongst people, you belittle yourself and then you go and you shake hands which was people you said at first to people.

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So try

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all you have to do is try and you see

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he tried that in the morning and try to during the day and you will see how we get a better will be in the evening. Just dry. All you have to know.

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The Prophet says it so there's only one What are you going to lose? Try it and shout out to Allah and you will see well lucky you will see the sweetness of your bed at night. You've worked on yourself so hard during the day. You will see in sha Allah hota Allah, the fruit of it in the evening. When you are standing before Allah before the you're not gonna start at tears something has touched your hearts up because you've been working on your neffs to the other day.

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May Allah subhana wa tada has passed the practice of to convey please do share with me the good hope that you have chosen in your in our Facebook page. Share with me which you have chosen to work on and which bad luck you have chosen to stay away from during you know for this final 10 years of Ramadan. Just pick one inshallah and work on it. share that with me on our Facebook is that Kamala Harris until tomorrow for another episode of rock Ramadan. 2012 I say I said out loud a commercial to wider IRA