Haifaa Younis – Allah loves not boasting and self-deluding

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a segment of a Bible where Jesus gives instructions on how to be humble and not be arrogant. The segment describes a woman named Asana who talks about boasting and being a bouncer. Jesus gives instructions on how to be humble and not be arrogant, and encourages people to practice these actions to be more humble.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while they are early who are so heavy woman who Allah, Allah subhanaw taala said in the Quran in surah Nisa, the woman, Chapter Four of the Quran, and the verse number is 36 lakh with this verse and ended it was something he doesn't love. So I'm going to share with you the whole verse and then we will see the end character that Allah doesn't love. Allah says the following. Why would Allah Allah to shriek will be he shall worship Allah and do not associate anything with Him. What will while he Dany Sana and excellence with parents would allow electroshock Kobe he che M OB Valley Daini. Asana, what will curb excellent

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treatment to the relatives.

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What God the Cordoba, your neighbor that is your relative while your real job, the neighbor that is next door to you was Sahibi, Belgium, the person who is close to you in a traveling or in the in the house like your spouse or the children, people who are close to you. You see them every single day. Asahi Belgium wabi sabi the traveler, Wilma Melaka to a man and the one that you have control over in that time was the woman sleeves. And then Allah ends the eye or by this divorce. This is what we are learning. In Allaha la you're Hibou men CanAm Waterland for hora en los poner does not love anyone with the two following criteria Waterland for horror, self deluding and boastful, self

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deluding, and boastful. So let's take them one by one, self deluding mortal, and for whole, Matan is an action self deluding is by action. Usually it is a figure of speech use when people walk in an Oregon toy. They walk as if there's nobody else there or they walk to impress people, whether they are dressed something new, and they want to impress, but not only to impress to make the others feel that that person is better than them. For who are the person who boost his boost for the boost in speech, I did that I did this, I Am that I Am That boastful and very interesting. When Allah subhanho wa taala. Use this verse,

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By ordering to do a good deed. Worship Allah, excellent to your parents, to your relatives, the neighbor whose relative, the neighbor, who's next door, the person, the people who are close to you, meaning in daily activity, that traveler all these are good deeds, these are good deeds and then he ended up by Don't be boastful and don't be

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don't show off, mortal in the way you speak and the way you walk, what do I learn? What do I practice? Couple of things when I do a good deed, any good deed as simple as I fasted and let's assume I did all the night salah I did that I should not be be boastful externally, not even internally. Because boastfulness reflect that I did it, I have the ability to do it. Reality is everything we have, and we do is actually by Allah. Allah makes us do what we are doing. He gave us the ability, he makes things easy. So when I say I did it, and this is a concept unfortunately, it's very common these days. Reality I didn't do it Allah made me do it. The only one, the only one who

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should be boastful, who deserved to be boastful is Allah subhanaw taala what a whole Kibriya Allah said it, as I said it in the end of sorter jatiya He is the one who always boastfulness why is that because he is the only one who's capable. He's the only one who gives, he's the only one who holds. So you and me and human beings we have very weak so what is it when I do a good deal to this person or that person? And then I start to become boastful. Or I see myself better than everybody else. Who lukewarmly Adam or Adam to rob, all of you, belongs to Adam and Adam originated from dust. So three things actions, we're going to look and see was I boastful in it.

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Cooked a dish, and then I

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feel so good about it. Nobody cooks better than I am. I have to be careful because that could be the beginning of being mortal for HoH let alone I speak about it. People praise you that's from Allah Alhamdulillah. But even when people praise we need we need to look and says Allah subhanaw taala made it turn to be very good. And may Allah subhanaw taala make me better than what people think of me and forgive what they don't know about me. That's the dua or Swati Asana to Asana. So whenever we feel good about ourselves, let alone we look down at the people around us simply because we did this or did that or we have this or we have this. Allah will not love us at all. Now your head woman can

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have more talent for hoorah. And he said it's in the Quran three places actually, not only in Surah Nisa he said it in low command, save Nila command when he was advising his his son. One of the things he said let him shuffle or the Mara don't walk on this earth with boastfulness. Right in Mechelen Don't, don't do that allow your head woman kind of Matalan for hora, same word. Allah doesn't love those who are boastful, and they are arrogant in action, they show it they think they are better. So three things that stick around and see how I can be humble. And we covered this before also, I do three acts to act as humble. So I'm sure I am not arrogant. And if this comes in,

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something comes in, in my daily life that will put some arrogance in me. Immediately I stop it and I say Allah does not love it. Your ability, John diamond and mottling and for holding your law don't make us of those who are boastful and who are self deluded and remind us always Allah that we are weak. We're human beings and whatever we have and we do and we achieve it from you, and you will only Alhamdulillah Hellbrunn

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