Haifaa Younis – Ramadan Series Day 11

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the issue of traveling and the benefits of fasting during the pandemic. They explain that fasting is a concession and can lead to hardship, but it's not a big deal for everyone. The speaker also talks about the importance of staying healthy during fasting.
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Plenty, no comes to traveling.

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Number one, why the travel is an issue? Why not? Because of lessons.

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Allah gave me the permission and don't tell me what traveling these days not like before don't argue. He said from a Kannada suffering meaning it's almost like it's a permission it's a concession we're going to come to choices but it's definitely a concession set by one the same I often say if I have the same verse about fasting right now look at this one read it one

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and then it will teach is you don't say anything when someone is traveling and fasting and someone is traveling and not fasting

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Don't be judgmental and you're fasting that's too much as always say you're not fasting Why not? It's very easy to play two hours and you know

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don't say anything this way he says there's another stream

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and Malik gives you all the chain of integration analysis of mnemonic Paul kwinana Shall

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we tell them

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how and where is rubbish it's a state of trying

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felony I

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put him here in the saw him and then move

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on. We traveled to the ER

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and it looks like there was two loops, grouper fasting and we're not fasting. Neither of those look down and these are not not those look down or criticized. Nobody meaning

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this is a good question. And the answer is if it is not said my answer is no.

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We're not going to think that's

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how it's my neutral. Very good. What was he doing? He didn't say it and I and we don't know. I know what's in that mathematical in that wording. The next one?

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destiny as high Satoshi. Satoshi now you individually I color also suffer what kind of confused him he asked

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Should I can I fast when I'm traveling I am a person who asked a lot What did he say? Okay the beauty Ishita person

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if you like if you don't want don't fast

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is beautiful no no toughness no oxygen what you feel and one of the reasons he told him this because he was a person who because he was so young His body is very used to fasting but in spite of that he didn't tell them of course you do now you always fast what is the big deal your money is used to know

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gave him the option so you are in fast you're traveling in the first day

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and you are fighting the family three decided to fast and tune up the doctor fast after

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you're saying no no no we're not all we're not fasting you shouldn't fast don't do that. And actually one of the beautiful ways I looked at is this if fasting during traveling is really will bring hardship on you individually then you need not you should not trust if making up the fast thing later

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and there is no hardship on your entire body but after fast you get it that's very easy this is a contemporary scholars to like I don't know I don't know which one I should you, you know yourself. Some people making up the first thing is not a big deal for them. I mean, some people find it very difficult to pass outside. People are different. They're not better, we're not better. Everyone has their own ability. You know yourself. And not every town is the same gang going through for 16 hours or 20 hours the same as I'm going for example to St Louis two hours

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you know, so you look at yourself both are your permission, you can choose a me as an outsider. My job is

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no comment.

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No comment and don't ask is not my gonna go on my business. Let me focus on my some of my fasting

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