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No, too fast or not too fast pregnant and breastfeeding. This is my job because some of you may be you know, your nominal when dealing. I'm an obstetrician gynecologist. So the usual question, should I fast? Not fast? The answer is this

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isn't going to be harming.

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harming the baby, or harming both. And harming is any home more tired, cannot function. Losing weight, baby is getting smaller, not to grow with throwing up any of this, this our individual.

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Right. And it is also a lot of this closer to God as the sick person, which we're going to come to it, right. So I always tell my patients, it's up to try it and see. And those See, but it's almost worn. I have to ask, and then she's flowing up and she's dizzy. Nope. And don't take also to like, because it's true more, give it a try and see how you how I seen from the dream is fasting it fully? Absolutely. And have I seen frequently we can do it. Yes. So it's, it's up to them. The next common question? How should she leave it up? That's a very common discourse. Should she make it up? Should she pay? Should she make up and paid? And I gave you the bottom line?

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If you are a pharmacy school? Absolutely. You only make it up. If you're a Maliki you pay them? If you're both the other school of thought, and

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you actually do both.

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Okay, but don't choose good today. I'm going to be Maliki.

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Don't do that.

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Okay, well, I don't have money. No, no, no, I have so many plans, I'm going to be happy to be

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whatever you are. Usually, the way you play, the way you practice, whatever you want, or the way you grew up in that part of the world, that part of the world rules and practices with you. You follow this time. Now when fasting is not allowed. And I put it in black, not alone.

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And you can read old age, sickness, any sickness. You don't have to be in the hospital and ice, any sickness, anything that will become worse with the fasting, you are allowed to notice. Actually, if it's making your sickness worse, it's hard to ask. The question comes up people with diabetes. Always ask, but I don't feel anything. I was like, what's your blood sugar? Oh, I don't

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know, chocolate, you if they are worse than you shouldn't trust, you shouldn't because this deal. One of the principal of this region is to protect the life. And to protect the life you have to protect your health. So sickness, those who work very hard jobs. Imagine someone who's in construction is here.

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And next two weeks, and they are out all day.

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This is tough. And if they tell you I can't I get headaches I throw up I cannot function. And that's so powerful pregnancy. We talked about breastfeeding, we talked about it and travel, nobody talked about it.

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Yes, for hard working hard.

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If they cannot make it up as the same as the person who is always sick, they pay money. So what do you have with somebody, let's assume you have a your grandmother, or your mother. She's 19 years old.

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That's when we go into it. Right when she she cannot make it. So what you would do with people, and if you don't, you cannot make it up, then usually you will definitely pay the video for it. Or the atonement. You pay the money for it. But if you are someone who now you're in construction, for example, and then in December usually there is no construction because it is

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it's all cold or snow days are very short and you will make it

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right. But so this is the second day let's say number one numbers and he said what was pantalla says while in the pool with those who cannot fast that's actually the old hp. So you see this all the time these days, but people are very weak. People are saying

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they are fine

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with everything that two week and it seemed like you know the 90 year old woman he weighs 90s 90 pounds. It's tough to fast, even if they tried and then they could tell him I can't so 101 is the other and we talked about this profession. If someone gets really exhausted,

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exhausted, I don't know if you've had this but I definitely have seen it with somebody who you know sometimes especially if, let's say students mother

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Or even a man working very long hours, they would want to call the whole night shifts and then they went out and then vice four or three throwing up severe and all these things, this is stuff so that they are allowed to any the point we are trying to make on the wall is so deal. Right? But there's always exceptions to that the person who cannot pass doesn't mean a lot of beauty. But that's almost

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and then you can move on to something else a lot. We're not getting bored or ask someone to do something beyond their capability. And if someone is an NGO peaceable, they are known, although they fought back

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in the summer, and they were faster

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300 versus 1200. And

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so yes, there is all these permission but also show what the best out of you the best auto