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hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah in a meadow who when a star you know when a stone Pharaoh when I was with him in Shuri and fusina woman, Dr. Marina Maria de la Vela movie la woman, you know follow her Deanna when I showed when

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the hula sharika when I shadowed Mohammed Abu

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Dhabi, Abu khattala for an image or for recording Hamid altavilla him in a shaytani r rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Was woman hire to do in Laurie boom Voila.

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What a pharaoh. How you live lady in a chacun

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de Lune

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yaku if no maratea lo Tara

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has a Naboo sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a women cabeza call

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couldn't fit dunya and Nicobar eve of Abu Zubaydah.

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So the philosophy was sort of Rasulullah Karim. As humans, we tend to get attached to people,

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to places

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to moments,

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to events,

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to outcomes,

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and the things of this world.

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Whereas we were created for a much noble purpose.

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And that was to attach ourselves to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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We have attached ourselves to people and the things of this world.

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And through our attachment,

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we seek to fill the inner void.

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Through our attachments, we try to bring completeness in our life.

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We try to fill that emptiness within ourselves.

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And so we attach ourselves

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to people, to relationships, to gadgets, to places, to photographs, to moments, to the outcomes of life.

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Today, the effect, that if the outcome is the opposite of what we were expecting, we are left devastated. We are torn into pieces, we are shattered. And we are broken. To the extent that we find it difficult to pick ourselves all because we've attached ourselves to those things.

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As humans, we attach ourselves to relationships.

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Let's make let's take a look at a classical example of the husband and the wife.

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Each partner makes the sacrifice and each partner makes his or her life revolve around the partner. They give sacrifices, they compromise. What do they expect in return.

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They expect their partners to be madly in love with them.

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They expect loyalty, they expect a perfect outcome to life.

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And so the wife makes the sacrifice. My loving is for you, my husband.

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If there's any meaning to life, then that's you. If I wake up in the morning, that's you. If I go to bed, that's you. My life is you and my life revolves around you. And likewise the husband does the same. He gives his life for his family. He gives His life for the people who cherish and he makes the sacrifice. He makes the commitment.

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But the sad reality is

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when things don't turn out the way we expect them to turn out. We are shocked.

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You find that that woman is in pieces.

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She goes into depression.

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And the man also goes into depression.

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We have made them the center of our lives. We have attached ourselves to such an extent that we are willing to compromise anything and everything for their sake.

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And stone received the same fulfillment.

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We seek the same gratification in everything we attach ourselves to.

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A man attaches himself to his career to his profession. He gives this loyalty

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To his company and to his employer, what does he seek

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long term employment. He never wants to be dismissed by the company.

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He never wants to be retrenched. retrenchments brings fear in his life. And so he gives his hard labor to this company seeking that long term employment, seeking the pleasure seeking to please his employer in the long term.

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How many companies have retrenched people overnight?

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I want you to reflect on that man's condition. After 40 years of service, suddenly the boss decides to pick up that man is shattered, keep my life for this company. overnight. They retrenched us, what did they give us? Carbon sources.

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Carbon sources, people are shocked people are devastated.

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People cherish the moments and the events in their lives to such an extent that they give everything for it.

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But the nature of this world, my brothers is such that it cannot give you lasting pleasure. It cannot give you fulfillment.

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no one and nothing in this world can give you everlasting pleasure. Nothing in this world can give you fulfillment except of law. And so we were created to attach ourselves only to Allah.

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And Allah has taught us in this world to detach ourselves from the things that we adore and the things that we love.

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The most in cars are five times a day,

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telling us to detach whatever we are attached to how your little fella

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calls out, no matter how busy that business may be, you are asked to detach yourself from the world and answer the call of prayer

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through the Shahada, Chateau de la ilaha illAllah

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Mohammed Abu rasuluh we are asked to detach from everything in this world. That Nothing Nothing is worth even worth is worthy of being attached to except the walk through it is the cart with discharge. We are asked to detach from this world in life and we are asked to detach from money. That's what you find the one of the signs of piano. People will regard the car is a tax is a burdensome act. That is a sign of attachment.

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Through hygiene, we are asked to detach our belongings. A Haji goes in simple clothing and he sleeps under the stars and under the sky. It was dedica he is asked to detach himself from everything he loves. He's not taking his luxuries with no matter what life he enjoys at home. And no matter how much money he has,

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and the eve of was identifying sleeping under the sky, we are forced to detach ourselves from whatever we adore in this world.

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Through fasting through CRM through Rosa we are asked to detach from food and drink. And so a life of a believer revolves around detachments. The life of a believer revolves around his attachment to Allah only

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manyatta da da da de

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manyatta dolla

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He who attaches himself to his wealth.

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Eventually that wealth will be gone and taken away.

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And so if we are used to the habit of detaching ourselves, then our life will translate

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into preparation for the after. And so we will seek that yearning to meet a law of law alone. Every day that soul will yearn to meet the law. And so it will attach itself to Quran. And so it will attach itself to the masjid and so it will attach itself to salah and so it will attach itself to the obedience of Allah. And so it will attach itself to the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu. And so it will attach itself to the remembrance in the vicar of Allah. For it will understand that through fulfillment, through pleasure, through gratification and through meaning lies in attaching oneself to Allah

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For Allah will never desert you, your husband will become unfaithful and just loyal. He might even go and marry somebody else, and you will be torn and shattered, your wife will do the same. And even if that does not happen, life will forcibly make you accept the reality. If Allah has to take your partner away, there's nothing, nothing but to accept the reality of life, no matter how attached you are to that person.

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So the question arises here

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that should we give up whatever between in life? Is it wrong to go after the pleasures of this world? Is it wrong to laugh? Is it wrong to smile? Is it wrong to shed a light the moment the question arises? The answer is, do whatever you have to do in life. But ultimately, attach yourself to Allah only. And we find this principle in the soul of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. Three people came to the house of minion eyeshadow Diablo to Atlanta, and they asked him, tell us about the worship and the burden of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. She said that this is how his day is. And this is how he's nighties. So they thought to themselves, you know what, maybe the Prophet

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of Allah is not exerting himself. Maybe because he's the Prophet of Allah. And after all, Allah has forgiven him. He doesn't have to work extra hard.

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So one man said, for the rest of my life, I will fast every day. And the other one exclaimed, for the rest of my life, I will stand up at night. And the other one said, for the rest of my life, I will never marry. And they went away. Later on, the prophet of Allah came home, and I shot of the Alo Thailand had narrated to him what happened during the course of the day, he went to those Sahaba. And he said, I was told that this is what two people have promised to do. They said, Yes.

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He said, let me tell you, I am the most God fearing person in this world. But I eat, I drink, I sleep, I fast, I don't fast I marry.

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So what are we to hear

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that you can become the best in whatever you want to do. But ultimately only attach yourself to a law, marry for the sake of this wouldn't

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be the best thing whatever you want to do. You can own a home, you can drive a luxury car, do whatever you have to do, but let them not be the deciding and the defining factor of your life.

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To simplify the matter, understand it in this way.

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The heart is a sharp, which is sailing in the ocean. It requires the water to traverse and to get to the other side.

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So long as the water does not penetrate the heart, so long as the water does not penetrate the ship,

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the ship is safe and there is no danger, he can traverse the ocean with peace.

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But the minute the water penetrates the ship, and there is a leakage or there's, there's damage to the boat and the water is seeping through. That is the time you can expect heavy rock, and even loss of life.

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So the pleasures of this world, whatever we see around us, we can utilize it. It's just the means. But the minute the love of this world and whatever we attach ourselves comes to the recesses of our hearts.

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That is the time when you can expect the ship to see.

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There is the time you can expect chaos and mayhem in your life.

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So love your partner, love your wife, love your husband.

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work diligently at your workplace. But prepare yourself mentally, to detach yourself and to only attach yourself to a law that if your employer asks you to leave tomorrow, you walk with a smile.

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You walk with a smile and you understand my Rosie was finished. And I'm going

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if things don't work out the way we wanted to work out we are happy because ultimately we have surrendered to a law.

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So our objective in life is to attach ourselves to

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their lives through pleasure, their lives through fulfillment. Everything else is just the means. And don't ever attach yourself to anything or anyone besides the law. Nobody deserves this place in your heart except the law.

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Nobody is nobody deserves its place in your heart except the law. That if your father passes away, you'll be said yes. Your mother passes away. Yes, we'll be sitting you will be said, but you'll have the strength to move on. Just as Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam experienced the same moment in his life when deja de lo, Thailand passed away when his uncle Batali passed away. When his son Ibrahim passed away he was said.

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But he also managed to move on why, because of his attachment to a

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Lune. Allah says, We have made you for ourselves for our Farah way are you drifting away? And where are you attaching yourselves? I end up with the words of seasonality. You know, the low tide on Hawaii says

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detachment does not mean that you don't own anything.

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detachment means that nothing should own your

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Melba give us the understanding Ahmadinejad