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The Quran is a living miracle that everyone can memorize portions of. It is important to protect its value in various ways, including in foreign languages and warfare. It is a living force and can be used for a war. It is important to obtain the Quran in a book form and get youth involved in the community. The Prophet's stance on preserving the book of Islam is discussed, along with leadership and getting youth involved in the community. The transcript provides a recap of the program and information on the writing of the Quran.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh welcome to visit neon radio Islam International. My name is Javi Baba and inshallah we keep in your company. It is Quran gateway series, Part Four and Alhamdulillah. We continue today with another aspect and another chapter. But just before that, let's do a quick recap of the last discussion. Previously we mentioned the Quran in its descent went through three phases. The first was to lotion, food, the entire Quran was revealed to the preserved tablet, then secondly to beta laryssa, or beta Mahmoud. And this was also in its entirety.

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In the last dissent, that is the third and final decision, it came down to the Prophet of Allah sallallahu wasallam over the period of 23 years, over the period of 23 years, it was not sent down in its entirety in one go. We also made mention that the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would hurry when he would receive revelation, he would do so so that he could retain every letter of ye in its proper context and its proper form. And we made mentioned that Allah subhanaw taala told him that Olivia for law, don't stress as far as retaining it in your heart and in your memory. That's our job. We will see to that. You must just stay focused when revelation is coming

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down to you.

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We also spoke about the fact that why why did the Quran come down over a period of 23 years and not in one go? We spoke about McKee and Madani surahs etc. So this was in the previous discussion. If you missed it, log on to WWE radius lambda Tierra del Rey, and go under the podcast category, you'll see my name hubie bobbitt, and under my name, I've created a different category called series. And that's where I've labeled it or on gateway series, and all the problems are podcast today. So today is part four of the series. And today we are going to discuss the compilation of the Quran. When when you speak about the compilation of the Quran, we referring to writing down and retention by

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So the Quran was protected in two ways. Number one, it was memorized by the oma of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and it is still the case today. And number two, it was written down in the time of Rasulullah Salallahu alaihe salam so that it could be preserved. Let's talk about memory. Let's talk about preserving the Quran as far as memory is concerned. Now, this is a very special favor of the oma of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allahu Akbar, when a youngster as young as 456 and even seven is able to memorize the entire Quran Allahu Akbar, from cover to cover, without any difficulty Alhamdulillah This is a miracle. It's a living miracle of Rasulullah sallallahu I knew he

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was sending them because Allah has taken responsibility for his Kitab himself in Zenn la vichara or in the hula, half you're born. We have revealed the Quran and we will make sure that this Quran is looked after and the Quran is protected in its meaning in its recital, and also in its kita but as far as the writing of the Quran is concerned, so Allah subhanaw taala has made it a special favor of the home of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam were youngsters are able to memorize the holy book in the previous nations. The Nabhi would memorize the Book, and a handful devotees would be able to memorize the holy book but it was not a widespread phenomenon. In this oma, every person has the

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potential of memorizing the Quran, let alone the AMA and let alone the her father also, people can memorize portions of the Quran, even if they are not connected to the field of realm and knowledge Subhana Allah.

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So this is a miracle. It's a living miracle of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and it will remain till the Day of piano. How fortunate are those youngsters who are able to retain the Quran in the memory and in the bosoms Allahu Akbar, Allah has given them higher and kathira Allah has given him so much Masha Allah, and brothers and sisters in Islam. What's also interesting to note is that they are memorizing the Quran in a foreign language.

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One is to memorize a text in your own mother tongue, which is not easy. If you have to memorize a document, let's say comprising of 30 pages or 40 pages, you'll fumble, you'll start to learn you also get stuck here and then you'll require somebody to assist you. That's in your own mother tongue. Imagine memorizing

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6000 plus verses in a foreign language Allahu Akbar, hear Allah. And the beauty on top of it is the recital is unique and the Jew read of those letters are also applied in the Chinese reciting in a law her ma saw beauty in the recital is also unique and its retention is also unique. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. What a unique phenomenon This is. And I think we have underestimated the value of a Haffield or the Quran because of it been widespread in our community. But if you go to remote areas, or if you go to areas where Deen is not so strong in our own country, in our own country, you will see that so many people are not even able to recite the Quran. And there are very, very few people

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who have memorized the Quran in the community. Even if you find one person, it will be aneema you will be lucky there are so many places like this in our own country. So there you will realize the value of a half a day you realize the value of the Quran. And you'll Subhanallah appreciate it. We are living in where Deen is so strong, we find so many profiles. We take this for granted. Allah subhanaw taala give us the understanding. So the Quran was preserved through two means.

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Number one, through retention. The Sahaba would memorize the Quran, when we're he came down the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would then recite it to Sahaba. And the Sahaba would then take the necessary precaution. And they would then memorize the Quran by heart. And this was the gift of that time people had amazing memories, a loved one, but they would memorize poetry, they would memorize lots of other literature also. And they would be able to retain it for a very, very long time. So this was a gift of their time also Masha Allah.

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That's one form of preservation, to heifer through retention in the memory. The second form of preservation was through kita, but and that is called as writing it down or inscribing it and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam took special care in this regard. Also, he appointed Sahaba for this, and he appointed they've been a bit of a you know, carb, more or we have been a be Sophia and more other than the German and the 405 and others, they were disputed. And they were asked to write down the word hate when it came down to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So you can see how much of precaution the Prophet of Allah applied when it came to preserving the book of Allah subhanho wa

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Taala. Now let's move on. On what did the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi Salaam ordered the Sahaba to write down the Quran, obviously looking at the the time that they were living in, they used to use different things to write down the Quran, for example, they would use palm branches, which was stripped of the leaves. So the profit of a loss of a lot Islam would recite, and the Sahaba would write it on palm branches. They would also use flat stones. And they would also use pieces of paper, cloth and leather. And at times they would also use bones to write down the verses of the Quran. But in essence, the Quran was written however, it was not written in a book form. It

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was not compiled as a book, like how today we have the Quran in all in one place, and you are able to navigate very easily Masha Allah, but that was not the case during the time of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. Now the question arises here that why was the Quran not compiled in a book form during the life of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam? After all, it was such an important task. Why? Why? And the answer to that is that the Quran was revealed in fragments.

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Hence compile it before it revelation actually came to an end was impossible. I mentioned this previously also, the surah would not be revealed in its entirety at times a prophet of Allah sallallahu Sallam would reveal the deceived portions of a surah. And afterwards, the prophet of Allah, Allah Allah is someone who will receive the remainder of the surah. Let's suppose you wrote one surah down already, but you don't know whether it's complete or not. And the Prophet of Allah received the revelation. How would you then insert that one verse into the middle of a surah if it was supposed to be in

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said that in that place, how would that be possible? They were living in computer age where you could say delete, or insert spacebar. next paragraph. So, for that reason, it was not compiled into a book form, it was written, but it was scattered. Another reason is that the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam received revelation, nine days before him passing away what Taku, Yeoman to Raja on a fee in a law firm that was collapsing Marcus over the moon, this was revealed nine days, nine days before the Prophet of Allah passed away. So there was always the possibility of new wind coming down. And when there is a possibility of new wind coming down, you can actually compile

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it in a book form because now you have to insert give it order, give it a sequence. And that's not possible when it's written down already in a book form. So these are some of the reasons why the Quran was not compiled in a book form during the time of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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You're listening to call on gateway series, and it is part four this morning, we are discussing the compilation of the Quran. Let's move on

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how to put our income into a book form? That's the question. And for that, you have to understand the background to it.

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So how about the law tala known had retained the Quran in the memory.

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But the challenge was that many Sahaba would be participating in the battles, sometimes 50 to 60 to 70, Sahaba would lose their lives in in a single battle. For example, in the Battle of yamamah, a large number of Sahaba lost their lives. And these were not ordinary Sahaba these were Sahaba, who were whoa father of the Quran, who had memorized and retain the Quran, in the bosoms and in the memories. So there was a fear that if Sahaba continue to lose their lives in the battlefield, there is a fear that we will lose the poor and also and we will not be able to preserve it. So when say that are on top of the low tide on who contemplated on the matter, he said, perhaps we need to

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defeat somebody with the task of compiling the Quran in a book form. So he came to Abubakar rhodiola Orlando, and he put the metaphor and he said, Oh abubaker we are losing a lot of people in the battle. And these are Sahaba who have memorized the Quran, I fear we might lose out in terms of preserving the book of Allah. Let's dispute somebody with this task. Abubakar odilo, Thailand who was hesitant, he was reluctant. He said key for a follow Shay and lemmya file who Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, he said how can I do something which the Prophet of Allah did not do in his life? The Prophet of Allah did not compile the Quran in a book form. He did not do it, how can I take up

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this task? So he was hesitant, he was reluctant, but over the hottub continued to, to persuade him to compile the Quran in a book form. And he's telling him Look, look at the reasons look at the reasons why and why we have to do this. Eventually, Allah subhanaw taala opened the meta, Abubakar of the alota Island, and he got

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clear understanding of the metal hamdulillah. And he said, Okay, so he asked Sade been therby through the low tide. I know. As mentioned earlier, he was one of the scribes of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, what an honor. They called Satan as they'd been therby through the low tide, and they said, We are going to ask you to compile the Quran in a book form. And he gave the same reply as Abu Bakar that I'm reluctant to do this because the Prophet of Allah did not do this in his life. I'm a bit reluctant, so I will boycott a lot. And I said to him in Nicaragua and Shaban rockmelon Lerner tmoq Quinta de la Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Zayed bin sabich you're a you're a

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young man, you are sharp, you're intelligent. Allah has given you a lot of qualities. And we don't doubt your integrity at all. You are a very respectable, you are a very noble person. You are an upright person. And you had the the honor of writing warhead during the time of Rasulullah sallallahu

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Islam. And so we feel that you are the best person for the job eventually say that as aid when Sabbath or the alota on and who accepted the offer, and he took on the challenge of compiling the Quran in a book form. So what was the procedure? How did they do it? Well

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say that Abu Bakar the law tadano then formed a committee, they were given specific guidelines

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on top of the law to add on who was also part of the committee. So the procedure was very simple. They made out a general announcement in Medina, that whoever has any part of the Quran should come to the committee of the Quran, and they should produce it to them. They would come to the committee, and they would produce the two witnesses to say that I heard the Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam reciting this verse to me, and here are my two witnesses, then only then only the verses were recorded number to say, even though they are louder than was also part of the committee, and hence you would check and double check what they'd been submitted a lot on who, that they have the

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right verse, the recital is right, everything else is in order, and they will go ahead. And that's how the Quran was compiled into a book form.

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What's really amazing is that this task was carried out by a youngster, Allahu Akbar, look at the potential of the youngsters of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Zayed bin thurb it was a young man was the youngster

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This tells you how much of confidence the senior Sahaba had in the junior Sahaba Allahu Akbar. This also tells you about leadership, that you as a leader, you need to have faith in your young members of the team. And you should also dispute them with such responsible tasks. So hon Allah, I mean, putting the Quran together was no joke

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of a worker could have chosen the most senior member of the community in terms of age in terms of knowledge in terms of superiority. But instead of that, he chose a bin thermit. And he had full confidence in sabinsa. But he gave him his back in and said, We don't doubt your integrity, number one. And number two, you are an intelligent person, you are a sharp youngster, you have the skills, basically abubaker of the law to align who is attesting, and he is acknowledging the skills and the abilities of the admin serve at a low tide I know as a youngster. So as leaders of the amount of Rasulullah, sallAllahu wasallam, we should also think about getting our youth involved in the

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mundane activities of the organization, and also getting them to see that they can also contribute meaningfully to the society. This is a very important point to highlight. I mean, every committee that's out there serving out there is it's done by the seniors, you hardly see young blood, you hardly see young people given the opportunity and hardly given the platform to contribute to the to the community and essentially to the community at large. You look at the masjid committees. By and large, it's by elderly people. And if you look at the setup during the time of Rasulullah, sallallahu alayhi Salaam It was totally different, low overhead senior members of the community. And

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he also had youngsters you had in the gathering of amagno hartog of the law ignore bersatu law tideline Houma, who is the Mufasa of this oma. He was a youngster, but amargo hottub would give him a special seat in his gathering. This tells you how much of confidence the Sahaba had in the junior Sahaba Allahu Akbar when I read this, I was just marveling at the foresight of Abu Bakar or the lowdown on who and what courage he had in terms of getting people together, Allahu Akbar.

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So coming back to the point, that's great. So hobbies they've been served through the low tide and who was given the task to compile the Quran in a book form. And it is written here, and this comment comes from Satan earlier the low tide on all Obama nursey feeling Messiah heavy agenda ajaan Abubakar Rahmatullahi Allah a be buckling wahoo a woman Jamal kita law, the one to reap the most reward with regards to the compilation of the Quran is abubaker undoubtedly, may the mercy of a law be on Abu Bakar have the lowdown on who he was the first person to compile the Koran into a book for our abdomen nurse if in Masai Mara

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abubaker Rama to law, Allah be buckling or who a woman marketable law. There are many other aspects to be covered in sha Allah. We'll look at that in the coming program. For now we'll end off here and let's do a quick recap of today's program. Once again,

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we mentioned that as far as the compilation of the Quran is concerned, it was preserved through two methods have been wakita button through the memories of the Sahaba number one and number two, through getting it written down by the Sahaba the law to Allah know much mine and we also mentioned that this was a unique feature of the of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. We mentioned that the Quran was written on palm branches stripped of the leaves,

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flat stones, pieces of paper, cloth and leather and at times the Quranic verses were also written on bones. We also discussed why the Quran was not compiled into a book form during the time of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam and we gave you the reasons they also and lastly we discuss the compilation of the Quran during the healer for Abubakar of the low tide. I know what led to this, what were the circumstances etc etc.