Khabib or Hasbulla – Apple or Samsung – in the Hot Seat

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The speaker discusses various topics including Apple products, coffee, tea, and social media. They also mention a book and a post on Facebook about a family member's struggles with COVID-19. The speaker expresses gratitude for the audience and mentions a podcast they have written.

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We're going to end up with a little bit of a quick firearm. I, you know what? I wouldn't like to say that I'm fasting but anyway

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maybe we should have started with this.

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So this is just to do some simple questions, but whatever comes first to mind, I think we already know the answer to a few of these allow for us.

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To start off with Apple or Samsung, Samsung, I notice you've got the s 21. All I have nothing I have nothing against Apple just so that people know. I'm not a hater. But the only problem is, the apple is bitten. Have you noticed like full apple?

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Just go for us. That's the best explanation I've had so far. People say Apple rotten to the core.

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All right, moving on. To coffee. Tea, tea. Yes. And any particular type of tea?

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Well, correct Chai? probably correct. But not all the time depends. Yeah, but tea with some with some milk at least even if it's a tote a little bit of it. Now you've

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experienced a few different things.

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I'd say like a as a dead devil, but jetpacking or jumping up and play

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both of them I love I love to try the jetpacking Subhanallah they think that the jetpacking there's not many people have tried that so so you need a bit of training. So I'm in the process of training for the solo skydive inshallah I have about eight hours

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from the tandem to soul to soul and shall I haven't I Yeah, one of my friends just did it and inshallah next I hope inshallah looking forward. I'm looking for the time to do when I did the one might be it was everywhere. So I mean, how was that experience for you? I didn't need a mask came up and covered my nose.

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this one actually know the answer to but when asked anyway, because it's here on the list UK was Zimbabwe.

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Zimbabwe. Now that was yeah, we can defended

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and not I love the UK. It's a lovely place. I'm married here, my children and everyone for years. I've been married here for the last most,

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you know, more than two decades. But I my work is in Zimbabwe and whatever I've done has, you know,

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been there initially, so I've chosen to live there. Maybe one day who knows. Now within Zimbabwe Harare, Bulawayo, Harare streets easy.

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Link, family employer.

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That's what I was trying to see which side you gotta be someone who is very calm, relaxed, slow laid back. And Harada is a little bit quicker than that slightly one notch up. Yeah. Instagram or Twitter.

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They're both unique meaning it's different things to Instagram is more the pictorial and Twitter is more the but say you you could only use one because you were blocked on one of them. Which one would you prefer to be blocked?

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I would prefer not to.

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Okay, well, look, I tell you what, I have a larger following on Twitter. But Instagram is catching up. I probably have about 10 million may just under 10 million on Twitter and I think about five and a half on Instagram, but I have more than one Instagram page. Okay, one is verified and the other one is just the quotes. It's good enough to make reminders shallow for that. So the next one, Habib or Hezbollah both of

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you asked tough questions, you know, sometimes sometimes when you know these guys personally or you know them you wouldn't like to hurt anyone's feelings. Okay, this guy I mean, come on. You're gonna meet the other guys. Yeah, just go away. You know? I'm sure can people be alright if you said husband law? I think he chooses but would husband love you?

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All right, the last word easy was any favorite food?

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Not necessarily. I actually I'm not a foodie. I enjoy good food, but I don't mind any type of decent food. It's as long as a hot meal. And it's nice and decent. Alhamdulillah I don't I'm not fussed about food. I I believe that Allah has provided so many different things and people It's not wrong to have a favorite food guy like me Mashallah. There's a lot of things that I don't mind.

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Biryani on Monday then less men making men because Exactly. Meaning Yeah, naming these and the reason is the I enjoy biryani too. I really do but I don't eat spicy spice. I mean me and spice don't get along. We can't. Sometimes I'm I'm compelled to because you know that's what's been served. But I prefer not to. The last one we've got here is the favorite book you've read. Now obviously we have the Quran. But apart from that, is there any particular book that you would recommend that you've read? You know, someone's asked me this before and it's come to the same response. There's a book where the Ahadi

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Is that the family are all gathered

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in one so not Buhari not Muslim, but those which are not the family which were narrated by both of them. And it's called a lulu Walmart John FEMA Tessa Lee shaken simple book, but it's very interesting why I say it is when you reading that book with, with the consciousness that everything I'm reading here is more difficult. Trust me, it hits a different chord. And it moved me because I ended up shivering to think wow, this is actually solid man, you know, of the make. Thank you so much. It's been such a pleasure to have you on and thank you for your time we've we've I've learned so much personally, as well. BarakAllahu Li, thank you so much. And I really appreciate, you know,

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this particular

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podcast that we've had.

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At the same time, I must say,

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the OMA out there is really going through challenging times people are struggling suffering. People have lost jobs, you know, post Corona and the economy's