Khabib Nurmagomedov influences Ex Mexican Cartel member to accept Islam

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And I saw cubby fight last night right?

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And something really caught my attention with

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when at the end of his fight

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he would always give glory to god you know?

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I want to say thank you for God God is number one other things is nothing

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and I started like looking up because no The only thought I don't think I knew about Islam was that they like what what the West shows you what what they what they try to

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show teach you about it like that nobody cares.

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And so when I start hearing the rest of the day, like

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recitations of the holy crap

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like my heart was looking for something I

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was looking for something real man when when I heard it, it would break it would break me. And until this day, man

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linearly doula

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one a miracle.

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Assalamualaikum my brother Habib hi Alexa, how are you? Sal? hamdulillah what's the number one most important thing for you and should be for everyone? Habib number one important most important for us stay connect with God you always have to pray you always have to stay humble and stay focused and stay connected with God what happens for you hobby when Ramadan comes around? When this is everything? I don't think

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I have to say Ramadan I because I believe one god this is my religion. Religion for me. Number one is

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what's your plans now? Habib?

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Keep going and make history inshallah kabhi. Do you feel that anybody can stop you? And along with you? Nobody can stop. What do you want to say hobby? What's perfect.

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Nobody in religion is like, like, Muslims. Nobody's perfect. But religion like Islam is perfect.

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What else you want to say hobby for the deen show audience.

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Without God, we cannot do nothing. Everything is nothing you know, number one. Believe on your own God. Thank you, hubby. This was fun. Nice having you. But we looking forward to having you on the real show. The Deen show. What do you say brother? Let's do it. Send me the location. Just send me location. Thank you so much, guys.