Habib Bobat – The Fiqh Of Intimacy Part 9 – After Play

Habib Bobat
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of having a romantic intimacy after sex, as it can lead to feelings of intimacy and re colicoting. He also advises against washing private parts and waiting for a sex to happen before engaging in sexual activities. The speaker also mentions the negative impact of having multiple sexual sessions and the importance of having a romantic intimacy.
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Once the actual intimacy has taken place, we must understand that both husband and wife needs to be affectionate towards each other.

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Most women are turned off by the partners when the husband decides to turn on the other side and fall asleep after *.

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This leaves the wife unsatisfied, resentful, and she feels like she's been used

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for plays important, extra plays important. But after plays also more important for a woman than a man.

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She has shared the most intimate relationship with you. And the minute you just decide to turn after * and you sleep,

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you are indirectly communicating to her my needs are fulfilled, I don't care about you, I'm going to sleep.

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Studies show that couples who engage in affectionate exchanges after play,

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are more happier with their sexual lives, and what their general relationship.

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It makes a woman feel acknowledged. It makes a woman feel appreciated. When you cuddle with her after *, you're telling her I'm not just in it for intimacy, I'm not just in it for my needs. So when the wife lays in your arm, and when you're fumbling with her hair, or when you are cuddling her, you are telling her that I love you for who you are and not just for that need. But the minute you reject that need of hers, the minute you turn around and you fall off to sleep, you telling her that I'm only in there for my sexual gratification. I'm not in there for your needs. That is why it's extremely important that couples spend two to three minutes after play in being affectionate

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towards each other. It's all about emotional security. And remember, if your wife is emotionally secure, she will be more than happy to engage with you in sexual activities. The husband is innocent, he's tired, he falls off to sleep, but to woman it comes across differently. Just keep that in mind. Number three is cleanliness and purification. Once the intimacy has culminated, it's advised that we keep a piece of cloth and we utilize that piece of cloth to clean ourselves. I share the alota Lana used to advise women and this is recorded in your movie that she used to say an SQL woman, an intelligent woman will keep a piece of cloth for her husband, that when the intimacy ends,

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she presents the cloth to him for him to purify himself and for her also to purify herself urinating it's highly advisable that both husband and wife urinate after having relations. This cleans out the system whatever fluid is remaining behind will come out through the passing of urination. Moving on very quickly Java and hostile.

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Java means you are in a state where you require a compulsory

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you get into the state of Java through one of two ways a * or *. So, once you in that state then hosel becomes compulsory. When does muscle becomes compulsory, if husband and wife are cohabitating, then just by mere penetration, muscle becomes compulsory. It will topple fatahna Ouattara till hashkafa till

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the minute the husband enters the wife whose cell becomes compulsory on both of them, whether there is an emission of sperm or not. That's important to understand. Secondly, can a person sleep and delay

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as a hobby came to Ayesha the alert Alana and he asked

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kernen abuse and allow one incident to feel overly laid off in our city he

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tell me the profit of a law after having relations may loosen immediately or afterwards. So she said Rupa is the Santa Fe over in nail Rupa is the Santa Fe city. She said the profit of a law firm many times would may loosen immediately

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and many times you delay it also. So the man said Allahu Akbar Alhamdulillah Hilary Jonathan Embry was art and all praises are due to Allah who has made life so easy for us. He has given us both of the options. We can either make it immediately or afterwards.

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However, if you are going to delay muscle, then it's highly encouraged to wash your private parts and then retire to better

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get a person eat or drink after having relations. Here again is a woo for relations

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The widow is basically washing your private parts and washing the hands in the mouth before consuming anything. So you can eat before having a whistle.

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His whistle required for successive sessions. No. in one night if a husband wants to engage in several sessions, it is permissible and it is allowed, even if he has not made a whistle after the first encounter,

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if after performing whistle,

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a person sees an emission of sperm he has already made muslin and after performing whistle he sees something coming out, will whistle be repeated? No, this will not be required in both cases for the husband and the wife.

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For Baron x in general, when you're in a state of impurity, you cannot read Quran or touch it. You cannot read salah and lastly you cannot enter the masjid.

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We end up with this hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in them in a sharpie measuring the volume and Zenith and Yeoman piano or Raja roughly in our in reality he was the inner Manchu sera. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the worst of people on the day of piano will be those people who become intimate with each other. And after becoming intimate with each other. They share the secrets of the bedroom with others outside. They are the worst of people.

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