Habib Bobat – Ramadan – This Is The Most Important Question to Address

Habib Bobat
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of continuing to perform good deeds even after the blessed month ofinic. They stress the need to reflect on what they want to see from this period and to take care of their charitable deeds. The speaker also mentions the importance of obeying Allah during the closure period.
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We had the opportunity of doing a lot of good deeds, Salah, vicar, Quran, Tila, charitable deeds, helping other people and so many other good deeds.

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The thing that you and I need to reflect on is what am I going to carry forward from this blessed month of Ramadan? As we exit this great month of Ramadan? What do I want to see myself continue post Ramadan period? Is it my salah that I want to continue performing? Is it the Quran? Tilawat that I started in this month? It is is it the aspect of dua that I started in this month? Is it the aspect of charitable good deeds? Is it the aspect of being dutiful to my parents? Is it the aspect of being loyal and faithful to my partner? There's so many good deeds, what is it that I want to take from this blessed month of Ramadan? And the reason why I'm asking this question is that we need to start

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working on that now already. As we are preparing for the closure of this blessed month of Ramadan. We don't stop obeying Allah when the moon of Chawan when the crescent of Chawan is sited and when it sets in, we don't stop obeying Allah subhanaw taala at that period, we continue to be muslims even after Ramadan. All the good deeds need to continue

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