The True Qualities Of A Believer 12

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And the last

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yeah so much stuff for the La La scene was that Katie you know la Kathy Ron was back here.

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Today is dr is too far away. So we've got to respect the buck DC was that Kadena locka theodon was back you're not those that engage notching Allah's revenge remembrance. And they can he means that

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you always mentioned Allah to Allah and Victor in reality is when you put someone always in your mind, you always think about him, you remember him by the heart that you mentioned him on your turn. And generally when someone likes someone, or like something, what did I do?

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When they love something or someone they keep talking about this person, or about this thing, or a new car today, it was still everyone, his friends, his family, his relatives is everyone.

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And he starts patting his car. If the person likes the lady for marriage, you got to all his friends, like was a lady, when she's gonna get it when she gets a potential husband. She'll go to all her friends, when she loves this person or when he loves this person. But as Muslims, what do we do?

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Here we love most.

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Isn't Allah to Allah in our hearts the most beloved?

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Is he the one that we love most famous? For this reason? We always have him on El tun Subhana Allah.

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Allah Allahu Akbar wala quwata illa Billah

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he's a believer. He's up there, Kim. And she's a that era. Yeah, back era. It's a person who continuously remembers Allah Tana. And the Hadith mentions in Buhari that those that remember I love to do that do not the comparison is that of the living and the dead. Another narration by a term as he mentions, when a man came to Hamas masala monostable prophet advised me. He said, Do not let your mouth your tongue says from the rooms of Allah to Allah in Bukhari and Muslim

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Kareem attorney, Attorney Alison Saki, latonya.

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Habib attorney Illa rough man, so Hannah law he will be handy. Also panel law here are the two statements that are light on the tanto Remember, these two statements, they are light on the tongue, they are heavy on the Day of Resurrection and your scales heavy

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on the scales and they d to the Most Merciful? What are these two words? So panela theme was tocando law he will be hunting the genome every time you say Subhana Allah will be handy what happens sukan told me

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Who can tell me every time a person at a sapan Allah who will be handy what happens?

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a castle how big three or four story?

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It could be six story. I palm tree. You're a generous person. Yeah. I palm tree gets planted for this person in paradise. Every single time that you say Hannah law he will be handy.

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Beautiful narration this intimacy of a good chain that every time you say Subhana Allah He will be handy. You get a palm tree in paradise. How easy is that as seen? is not easy. You can even say it your age.

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Another narration mentions that who ever says La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika lah lavon Molko hand wahoo Allah Kohli Shane coded 100 times per day, look at this hadith

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100 times per day. You know what you get for it?

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You get the equivalent, the reward equivalent to freeing 10 slaves 10 slaves, you get 100 good days record to your credit. You get 100 sins, a lot of your scroll 100 sins and that will be a god a shield for you to that night from the devil.

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How easy What a beautiful day that person will have shattered will not be able to even come close to him.

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Either. We take this for granted.

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It's right in front of us the bow of good day.

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They're accepted.

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Apply it, because you want to be one Kirino law haka theater or what not you want to be in the narration that made sense. Starbuck. columbu formerly don't call your Rasul Allah. Allah don't call Kirino la haka. Sierra era was back he rocked the HUD it mentions

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that I'll move forward. He don't have beaten us has been ahead of us. They said who is an authority don't. He goes those who frequently celebrate the remembrance of Allah.

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And you can see the eminence has had the highlights of frequent remembrance of Allah, Allah and they honor their resurrection. He will be in front of many, many, many Muslims many people due to his frequent celebrated celebration of Allah in remembrance.