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made early he also be a domain I'm about to draw more data to an email to him about like sending if you had a call on your Salah TLSAE Omala your rasool Allah Allah Allah He also be human well Allah homunculi Ramadan Salah his native Juma was at night the Metropolitan this night and the Sunnah is to increase your salah upon the Prophet alayhi salatu salam Nagar deeds. Yahweh, the man welcome to famous nerdy Hebrew centered in Hassanein and Sahib in a CNN

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or the Allahu Anhu call

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on the videos on Allahu Allah Who early he was salam,

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the Hadith in a collection you are Muhammad and it's very to us with a reasonable chain of narration and narrate to us by a haven CNN, or the Allahu Anhu. And this is the final Hadith all right for you, regarding the Autocom mean his usage of the word Alia salatu. Salam, the best of you. And he used this word and I think you saw those I mean a lot of different ways. He said he Autocom axacon Kaaba, the best of you are the ones are the most fair, the most fair when they judge the most of the people who will always take less and make sure the person on the other side takes more they'll make sure that they know whatever walks away from a transaction with them feeling that they were ripped

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off. He said PL to come early, no calm monarchy by Phil salah the ones who are the most tender and kind when they are standing lining up in prayer with their brothers mean those who are the easiest with the people who are with them, even in a moment when they are supposed to actually be in quite a tight connection standing up are the ones that will always show ease to the person beside them. He said earlier you saw to Sam Hi Eurocom Manta LML Quran Allah Allah made the best of you those who actually learn the Quran to practice it and then they take it and they spread it to others around them. And he said Allah you saw the title company early the best of you or the best of you towards

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their spouses and towards their families and people who are under their care the people that whom they are responsible for, and he talks about Alessandri Autocom accendo McCullough those of you who have the best ethics, cable Muslimeen and study Mel Mosley, Munna Melissa and Eva de those of you who are who people feel safe regarding dealing with them, they'll they won't be harmed through their tongues or through their actions, title Nancy and follow Him then that's the best of people are the most beneficial to other people. This is what he said, if you just listen to me say these things, then you pick up a pretty clear pattern, the pattern is not that difficult. He didn't talk about how

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to use Latos law I'm actions that are extremely specific to you and to your Lord, because that's something between you and me, the best of you are the ones who take on the tax that are most difficult, which is going to have within it's the concept of serving other people putting up with their with their with the difficulties that come with serving other people, concepts that show your you have the ability to persevere, to be patient to be kind, to always give others the benefit of the doubt to make sure that you prefer their their leisure and pleasure and ease over your own. That's the outcome. This is what he this is what he said that he thought to the best of you will

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only be able to do that the rest of us will will, will do all right in different things in Charlotte. But the best of you are the ones who will will make sure that those around them are taken care of are served and are pleased with with their lives. It's those the best of us are those who continuously think about the people in their life and how they're doing and whether they can be a positive force for them. That's the best of you. The best of you is the husband who is thinking about how to make the life of his wife easier. The how to serve his children, children better how to take care of his community more out. The best boss is the one who was trying to make sure that their

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employees are are properly developed in service and taught and mentored and, and comfortable domestic wife is the one who was taking care of her family. This is the best of you. Those who are the most selfless, the most selfless those who are willing to to extend their service and their their hard work towards other people. Which brings us to this last Hadith that he raised tonight on the histological standard lecture Muhammad where he does theatrical,

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like Obama, Obama or this

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is the final Hadith, right? Of the topic or the of the series where key outcome, an atomic bomb. What are the sound the best of you are the ones who feed,

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feed food.

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What are the sermon in return returns to lambs to others? Again,

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something that is about others even when he talked about the Quran, Allah salatu salam it wasn't a local mental level. So there was another piece to that he didn't Why didn't just say Federico Mallamma Quran Well, you can't teach you if you don't know.

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You have to learn it first. So you got to go teach something you don't know learn it and then the best of you will go and teach it will go and try and help others implement it. The hadith is the pattern in the hadith is you can't miss it unless you want to.

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I'm a bomb or I'm those who go out and see how they can feed those who are hungry and what the salah means they did

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It's not just saying aleikum wa salam back this that means when when peace is initiated towards you, you initiative, you return it back and make it make sense you make sure that anyone who's willing to extend their hand and peace towards you that you are willing immediately to extend your hand and peace back to them. That's really what this means I know that love this time is usually can reduce down to a very simple which is just saying he goes but in his in his essence, that's what it means. It's the spreading of the concept of peace amongst people where you will not harm and you will not you will not backbiting won't go after so they can, they can feel safe towards you. So the best of

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us are those who make sure that those around us aren't hungry, they feed and they spread the piece from Alabama but more or less the

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same pattern just repeated in different ways. It sounds awesome, didn't say all these things to contradict himself. Not at all. He said the same thing. I used to lie to him in 12 different ways. It's the same thing. The best of you are the ones who are going to go out of their way to serve others. And here are the examples that he gave out of his father's evening that I think it's a beautiful concept to think about and something for us to, to aspire to, to aspire to. If you want to be amongst the best of the people whom you live with, on the day of judgment in the eyes of your Lord subhanho wa Taala then you have to understand his pattern. You need to extend your service and

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your benefit out to the people around you and live as selflessly as possible within the time that you have on your email Mohammadu famous study he presented in Hudson so he beneath CNN or the alo annual Balcatta interview Salalah who I know you early was tell him to look on my outline. Or under Salam Salah Sula, he said Allah Allah

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