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There are the 10 qualities that we mentioned. You should ask yourself, have you got these 10 qualities?

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Can I get these 10 qualities you want victory? This is victory. You want salvation salvation, you want successfulness This is successfulness not all times you had you had you had you had you had when you haven't even got these in your life, these qualities.

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Have these before you even think of anything else, especially in times of today. When the whole world seems to be fighting the Muslims, the true Muslims, the true Muslims, we should ask ourselves, what is Nussle? What is victory? What is real victory and how can we be among the victorious the successful? Well, we just mentioned it to be a Muslim I mean, icon it I saw the I saw bill, I

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think I saw him half you don't we'll finish and back through law.

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This is a true believer. This is a true Muslim. And we all know the companions of the trench want to delay too long.

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The competitor companions the story of the Capella trench when the huge trench was dug.

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And then a huge fire was lit inside it. Well for for him

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to be able to do a big barbecue. Yes for big barbecue, but he was the barbecue.

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Those that said La ilaha illAllah.

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That was a barbecue

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until they reached her a lady

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who had a

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baby in her arms. And she was hesitant, reluctant I cannot jump into a fire. I'm gonna hurt myself no baby. She sees her mother always has remos feelings towards the child.

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No matter what her belief is, she will always have this is the thing that nature of a lady have always placed in our heart for her infant. But what happened in

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when she was reluctant look at this victory. Look at successfulness look at your salvation. This is salvation will lie.

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The one the Almighty Who made every creature speak may that cradle boy speak what do you say?

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I will never enjoy. Be patient personally in this audio for you are on the right path. In other words, never jump in this pit, this pit of salvation.

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Mother jump in this pit of successfulness for you are on the path of truth.

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That you lose.

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The cheerleaders

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will lie if she did not jump in she might have lost.

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The cause is not to be defeated by the enemy. Many people think are defeated were defeated, defeated. Iraq's gone down, Afghanistan's gone down, pedal stones going down. You can never be defeated. Well, you can never be defeated. If you have this victory in your heart.

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If you are defeated, that means you have left Islam. And this is the only time any human being can be defeated.

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When he announces

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Isla de la la

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Oh mother, throw yourself in the fire. It's not Fiats paradise. Throw yourself right now.

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Do not be reluctant to throw your soul.

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In a pit of paradise. Ibrahima Easterlin when you go through the catapult, he's flying in the air

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flying in the air, he is fired die Bernie for days become black, flying in the air.

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Do you start crying and yelling Shelton when jabril came and said yeah, I brought him Can I help you? He has helped me you know.

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You know, when Allah when yamawaki

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How beautiful is that? sufficient for me is not you but the almighty Lord. And he's the best disposal of all of this.

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You know, while la Hades is victory, while Laura hedges his salvation while live is successfulness. And the enemies knew this. They could not defeat him. They could know they could not waver his faith because he knew the meaning of Elaine Allah.

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The Lady mohammedia, the famous lady who committed adultery

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even though that the almighty Lord concealed her adultery and no one found out

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adultery. She insisted, confessing her sin and placing herself before Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam pleading with him,

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pleading with him to purify her through stoning

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she wanted to sacrifice herself for the almighty Lord, and to undergo our repentance so pure it would have sufficed Allah's forgiveness to 70 of the people of Medina.

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And the 70 people on Medina were companions and not like us companions of those days.

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Which if one of them

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was to give a half a hand of weight in charity, it will be better than us, all of us giving goals the slides of art and charity.

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It would have sufficed Allah's forgiveness to 70 of those companions. Why? Because she knew what victory means she knew what salvation means it is not to die.

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Salvation is to die on

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her in Lola and this is sufficient.

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And the generation of those elite soldiers the companions of Muhammad Rasul Allah or the use of them.

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What a generation which the Islamic al Qaeda instilled in them, the troop of faith

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enlightened, illuminated their lives with the light of tawheed and they feed no one but the almighty lord. When you hear the mountains like Abdullah

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Abdullah Abu Salah

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Abu bought a beta

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Saturday, last Saturday, I have to

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be now

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loving but they roll the mountains roll with the names I mentioned.

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The family of yesteryear our backers today Carmen Farrow, Kathmandu new rain and Ollie it will be talking about all these mentions are not mentioning things that are easy.

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When you hear this mentioned the mountain shake

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as Mohammed Salam sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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is Mohammed Salam was standing on the gun to the heart.

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And next to him was Abu Bakr and Omar

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and what did the military do?

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It had Mohammed masala and I had I will backer and Ahmad did not have Hassan on it

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and had our backer and Ahmad and Mohamed Salah love Allah He will send them a trembled instead of shaking.

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to without

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Calm down, take it easy relax, for you have a profit and to Martha's on

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a train Buju to the excitement

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of having those three great men because our bucket acidic and then our mo our bucket after all the messengers and prophets. He is the best man that walked the earth and then out of the top 10 second after all the messengers and the prophets.

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But these believers brothers and sisters had a total of muscle atop of victory that we are in dire need of today. Allah Allah gave them the firmness of the faith and the conviction to stick to the truth and not waver. And this type of duster voila, he no one can ever, ever the feature no one

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no matter how many plots and means, no matter how sacred and subtle, that enemies plots is directed specifically which is directed specifically to the Muslims bots. Their primary goal is now other than to turn all of us, all of us every Muslim man and woman from Islam.

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Allah subhana wa to Allah Allah He will frustrate them in their hopes and nullify their plots but when when we are all sin see a variant and upright on Islam.

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Look at listen to this beautiful verse in shallow end of the last two verses.

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Instead of early I'm wrong. We're in hospital, water taco lair I adore rock okay we do to whom she

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in a law habima Yama, Luna, Mohit, if you remain patient

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and you feel Allah to Allah, you be

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ability to alter

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their plots will not affect you in the list and other encompasses all that they do. You destroy their plots, thus as long as you age yourself with the religion of Islam, and insert Mohammed verse number seven yeah you holla Deena Amano in tonzura la young soracom while you start pit academica

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Oh you believe if you help the cause of Allah to Allah, He will help you and He will make your faith firms stable in grounded

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with victory.

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And we all know and is known that the victory and hope of the Almighty Lord only comes by following that which he has prescribed, obeying His commands and abstaining from that which he prohibited