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The True Qualities Of A Believer 11

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Feiz Mohammad

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Number nine.

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Yes. Okay.

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What have you Lena photo is your home while healthy loft is the person who is conscious of his or her sexual morality. In other words to guard your private parts, and here means both to avoid illicit sexual relations and avoid improper behavior in dress, walk and talk.

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For example,

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if a lady is at home, and someone calls her husband, so a man is calling her husband to talk to her husband, she picks up the phone.

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Her husband is not there, she picks up the phone.

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Keep her hand

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she's not allowed to wait and her voice because this is a way of

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improper behavior in speech. Anything that could lead to this evil crime

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to fornication is haram. Likewise, the man can do the same thing. The man or woman that float is haraam. So when I say is was while healthy, Lena furuya homall have evolved. This means anything that gets you close to this evil, sexual promiscuity anything, whether interests, speech, or talk

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or walk.

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So we've got to be very, very careful.

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And Allahumma Stan, what we witness today, and we did not want to get into it because we've got a lot to say and the time is beating us