Patience during calamities

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So what is sort of Allah azza wa jal now is telling us. Patience is, whenever a person is intended by a calamity from a loss or he's hit with a calamity or Lwe first thing, the way they react is by words. Or do you look out how easy Allah has made the job? We are supposed to respond by words. Our words need to be straight as well. Because if our words are correct and pleasing to Allah, our actions become pleasing to Allah. So agenda. So, how does the believer react corlew the same as an Apollo he means as soon as the calamity hits the sea, not wait until the calamity is gone by then anyone can be patient. When the missile alarm, Alejo suddenly said a submarine the submarine ooda

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that patience that a person is rewarded for his patience that is exercised at the beginning of the calamity not at the end, because at the end, everyone can do it at the beginning. What do they say? This is a loss and this of this is a loss explanation of what patience is, you say? Look at these words a lot. What What beautiful words this masala masala Holly has sent them has been given one law he these words are medicine. And I'm about to tell you why the medicine.

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They say in

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what in LA, he was your own. A lot of Zoysia told us about five calamities at the beginning of this passage. And he told us five words to see in lilla each one's much more powerful than the other. We're in La Jolla Giroux, it's made up of two parts. In LA, we all belong to a law. That's what we're supposed to say. What does that mean, we all belong to a law, meaning sit down, relax, you belong to a law. And as an extension, that means that all your affairs belong to Allah subhanho wa Taala also only makes sense like that, if you you your body, flesh and skin belong to a lot, meaning all your affairs and everything that happens in your day and in your night also belongs to a lot. So

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to begin with, you didn't even own anything. And if Allah owns at all, meaning, he is in control of everything he's in control of at all. So if you want your situation to change to the better, the only sensible and reasonable thing to do is to reach out to the one who controls it all, which is so bad.

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In any lab, we all belong to a loss of Hannah, who,

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you know,

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ignore him or him Allah, he said, think of it like this. And this is like, it was narrated that one of the wives of a companion, one of the wife of the companions of the alarm, I forgot now who, but they had a child between each other, they had a child, the child died. And the wife knew about the death of the child. And her husband hadn't known yet that his son had died. So she went to her husband, and she wants to break the news to him. She doesn't want to come like, you know, like a shocking news all in his face straightaway. She wants to prepare the news for him. So it can be easier for him to digest. So she said to my husband, I forgot his name. But she said,

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if if we own something was sorry, she said to him, if someone owns something, if someone owns something,

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and we borrowed it from him, we borrowed it. And he came the next day and requested his property back. He came in and he said, Give me my property back. Would you be upset? He said no, why should I be upset? I don't even own it. It's not mine. She said to him, then Alhamdulillah a lot of surgeon has taken what belongs to him. And what a beautiful introduction it was and how soothing and calming it was to him. And what she said basically, is a must summarize that into two words in any layer. So anything that happens, It all belongs to a lot Anyway, what room Do we have to complain about something that a lot of Zoysia dogs in LA? And then the second part is to say, what in LA yours your

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own, and to him subhanho wa Taala we will return? Why do we say this part what in LA he allows you to him We shall return? Why do we say this part? A little amount by him Omar they say this is this is medicine for the servant the next part when they legalize your own, and to Him we shall return his medicine. Why? What does it mean? It means and we shall return back to him so that we may meet and see the reward and the result of our

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Our patients. This is why we look forward to going back to a loss or those who truly exercised and practice patients are happy when they say we're in the era you're here. We are going to return and we're waiting for that thing to return. Because when we return, it's only then that we are going to see the reward. We're going to see the reward of our patients. And what Omar's origin has made of us I have made has made for us of abode, and residents in the paradise Allahu Akbar Subhana Allah my brothers and sisters in Islam. In nearly left we're in La Jolla Giroux, one law he medicine to the hot side a bunch of a listen to this sorry W by law from among the W e. n e 30. Reno those who came

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after the companions.

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He said these words these five words in any level are innately yours your own. Were not given to any profit. Besides the loss of Lavalle your center, new profit before us all of us, Allahu alayhi wa sallam knew these words. And had they known them. Then Yeah, Obama, he said,

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when he lost his son useful.

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He would have he wouldn't have said, Yeah, SFL la. La What? Well, you know, when yaku lost his son useful. The first word he said was Yes, Allah Yusuf. He said, How great is my grief and sorrow and sadness for yourself?

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had he known in LA, you were in La Jolla, God would have said it. But these words were special. They were only given to us all the loss of Allahu alayhi wa sallam, and they were only given to this woman. And my brothers and sisters in Islam all law here we have medicine. In this plant in this blessing. We have medicine in this plan.