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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a disturbing and inaccurate statement made by a man named Mohammed bin Salman about his actions, which he says will cause destruction and harm. The statement appears to be inaccurate and inaccurate based on historical events and references to backwards-loaded words.
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Virtually all praise is due to the almighty lord. We praise Him we seek his aid will be saved forgiveness to him. We seek refuge of Allah Allah from our evil souls and our evil actions. Pay them all off the AMA guides is rightly guided and human love to Allah misguides He will never ever find a protector will know our guardian, nor anyone to help him to the right guide. What a hola wala quwata illa Billah I bear witness without any compulsion. That nun has the right to be worshipped except a lotta Hannah, ascribing no partners on to him. And I bear witness and testify that our beloved Prophet Mohammed Abdullah Abdullah, Abdullah Abdul muttalib sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the

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messenger, the slave of Allah to Allah. May the peace and blessings of the Almighty law be upon him, his family, his companions, and every single one that follow the footsteps to the last day.

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Hamad Al Buhari

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and Muslim judge

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collected the holiday from the authority of Abdul Rahman a busaba hora de la Allahu,

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that our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the hour will not come to pass until the following events happen.

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People will compete with one another in constructing high lofty buildings to big groups will fight one another and there will be many casualties. Earthquakes will increase, time will pass quickly inflictions killings will increase. There will be 30 to

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30 lawyers all claiming to be the messengers of a lot honor.

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A man who passed by a grave and say with that hour in that grave,

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the sun will rise on the rest and when it rises from the west, people will see this

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and when they see it, they will believe when the sun rises from the west, they will believe that that they

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the belief of that person, it will not benefit him if you believe not before no earned righteousness through his faith. And the rich man

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will worry this he has no no one to give his Sadako to his charity to another now ration collected by a man named Mohammed mo humble and his Muslim

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authenticated that our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said

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the owl will not come until knowledge will be taken away.

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Earthquakes will increase

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time passing quickly. tribulations will increase and

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will increase it was asked someone lahardee he was alone. What is on her wish. He said Alcatel Alcatel killing killing

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a lot of people

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are astonished

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by what the West has of materialistic power

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from various weapons Be it aircraft carriers helicopters,

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be it missiles or bombs

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with satellite tanks,

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advanced military equipment, power,

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guns, ammunition

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you nuclear power

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as we are witnessing today in the so called coalition

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the war against Islam

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as we have seen today, the coalition

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the war against Islam

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are these people not as punished?

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Well, the power the soldiers the forces, the hosts of the Almighty Lord

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have another Spanish punished but a cyclones the tornadoes

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the thunderstorm the line in the fire the flood

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The raging wind,

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the earthquakes,

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the earthquakes, one of the soldiers of the Almighty Lord, subjected only to his order.

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One element lambu Dora,

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and no one absolutely no one knows the soldiers, the host the forces of the Almighty Lord, except he heads off.

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He causes the creatures fee in the heart of him he pleases. He punishes whom he pleases. He teaches lessons to whom he pleases these earthquakes that occur occurring, the increase of earthquakes every year rise, Muslims,

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open your eyes,

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the earthquakes,

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah,

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makes it clear to you sevens a plain reality that the whole kingdom of the heavens in the earth is only only in his hands and no one else.

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It's not in America, or England, or in the west or in Europe, or in Saudi Arabia, or in Australia. It's in the hands of the one that created these countries.

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Rob Baker,

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and no one will know the force of the Almighty Lord except him.

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No one will know the force of the Almighty Lord

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except him.

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Yes, we are being watched. Yes, we are being looked at. Yes, we are being spied at.

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Yes, we cannot even look talk,

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we cannot even go to the toilet today. And if that we are looked at by those who fall

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what is the next step they say?

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Yet as Muslims

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we are afraid of only the one

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the only one

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who created us and or humanity

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and the one that gave them the ability to have the ability to do what they are doing any for short little time.

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And then

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Allah to Allah

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to give them the Jew proportion.