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a new Holika Korean

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a model number three fee half a foster co fee

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for haka la Hello Cole for de Marana tada Mira, and when we decide

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to torment to torture to tarnish our nation, our town

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our people,

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we first send our definite warning, Fear Allah to Allah be righteous. Yet, if they then transgress they're in.

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We will send to them our word

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of torment, and then we will destroy them with complete destruction.

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with absolute complete destruction, the appearance of these earthquakes decreases is the reason behind it.

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Arrays reason which may be absent did a lot of people's mind. A lot of people's minds are too busy with the world. Too busy with materialism servants of this life.

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Among the most established children of Allah to Allah, understand this, understand this open URIs among the established sunan of Allah to Allah is that he does not send punishment on his slaves to anyone, only if it's due to sin and wrongdoing. When I saw that come in, we'll see but in fabby mer, Casa that ID, whatever misfortune falls on you, we folgen it is because of what your hands have earned, every disaster. Every calamity that we fold you it is because of your Ron doing

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what called Adam and Eve to be thrown out of Paradise wrongdoing will cause the people of

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Noah to be drowned. Everyone on the earth at his time that we're all drowned. Where the water race the peak of the mountain run during the furious violent wind up on the table of ad, where there were seen lying overthrown and destroyed, as though there were hollow trunks of palm trees. wrongdoing.

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The awful cry upon the people off their mood, the awful cry until a toddler has inside the chest.

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And then they all feel that

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without exception wrongdoing.

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wrongdoing decreases

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the lifting of the villages of a lot those filthy people.

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That's when homosexuality originated, Allah lifted the villages until the angels heard the backing of their dogs. And then they twisted the land upside down and fell onto them.

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And then rain and rain poured on top of him. Not rain of water. Rain is things

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alumna Haleakala wanting to monitor BARROWMAN

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did we not destroy the ancients? Did we not destroy the ancients? So we shall make the following generation is that letter generations follow them

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the earthquake that hit turkey years back

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the earthquake that hit turkey Why did Turkey was it a natural disaster was something normal The earth is not right.

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And made a crack and earthquakes at trembled

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while la haidee creatures is a soldier of Allah tala.

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Now we can government deserved it.

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Like a lot of other wicked so called Islamic governments today.

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It is a warning to the people of Turkey specifically, as it is a warning to the people, the whole Muslims in all the lands generally

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to return back to the almighty bought

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to cry repent this deposit pray to Allah to Allah prostration saying Allah forgive me, forgive me for my sin.

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It was a warning to see

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that brothers and sisters the happy one in this life is the one that sees this with his own eyes and learns lessons does take

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He'd and prepares himself before it's too late.

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And the sad one, he's the one that sees these calamities in front of him.

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Look at the wall today, we say problems everywhere The world has

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united against us.

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deformities lamb wake up

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by a Muslim, you are you are a target whether you think you are or not well, you are a target because you say la ilaha illAllah.

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And you always remain at Target.

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As long as you say, Eli.

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And when you say

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go for you're not a target anymore.

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You won't be a target anymore.

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But if you want to be a Muslim, you are a target.

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So that

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incident that happened in Turkey and worldwide, this earthquakes, these are soldiers of Allah, Allah when I noticed you know when a

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woman notice it over.

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We do not send their signs only as a warning, only as a warning, and to make them feel afraid of destruction.

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Allah warns us so those people who are sad people, I say they are dumb people who say it's only a natural disaster. It's only a natural disaster. Voila, here they are nothing but

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They do not know the power of the Almighty Lord.

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That the day will come.

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If they deny this earthquake or being the soldier of Allah to Allah. There they will come a lie the they cannot deny it.

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The day they will come, they will wish they said

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the day when they see the bone, own very eyes that Allah has blessed him with since they were born. They were looking and looking and looking but their eyes were closed and the highs and the reasons locked on the truth.

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But they will come when they will say late 20 late in I wish I wish but I wish on that day will not benefit that person if you believe not before and when the righteous for his faith.