Ammar Alshukry – A Young Person That Allah Is Amazed With

Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the theory that people are naturally deluded by health and lack of attention. They argue that people are naturally deserved to be healthy and strong, and that young people are the perfect storm system for those feelings. The speaker also discusses the belief that young people are the perfect storm system for those feelings ofimmortality and desire to be something special.
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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam says shall Boone Nasha theory by the Tila, a young man who grows up or a young woman, a youth who grows up in the worship of Allah subhanaw taala. Why is this person so special? Because you know the prophets of Allah do send them he says that there are some qualities that naturally delude us. There are some qualities that we naturally make us take our lives for granted. He says, Never Matan baboon fee Hema cathedral minuteness. There are two qualities, two qualities that many people are deluded by what are those two qualities ASLHA number one or a half that a person's health when further and spare time.

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When you're healthy, you take it for granted. Kind of feel like you're always going to be healthy. And spare time, when you've got time you take it for granted. So you binge watch TV shows, and you just hang out and you play video games and you don't really do a lot of things with your time you take it for granted, you assume that it's always going to be their summer vacations, oh my god, three months, where you don't have to do anything and you're not required to be anywhere. That is a blessing that you have up until the age of 21, that after 21 hits or you graduate from university, you are never going to have again, people are deluded by these things. So if people are naturally

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everybody, all of humanity are deluded by health and, and time.

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Then what about when that becomes multiplied? You don't you don't only have health, but you have the strength of being young. You don't only have time, but you have the lack of responsibilities that come with being young. You don't have everybody trying to take away from your time. You have not only strength, but you have the vigor of youth and the passion of youth. You know, people who are 50 years old, they're not doing 120 on the highway, there is an energy that comes with being young. There is a feeling of immortality that comes with being young and that's why a lot of the mistakes that young people make are mistakes of passion. And so Allah Subhana Allah the prophets of Allah

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Allah has sent him says in Allah Allah Jabu means shall be placed at Lahore, Cebu. He says that Allah is amazed at a young person who does not have a sub sub was like a slip.

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A young person who doesn't slip was amazed at that person. That kid who grows up and turns into an adult. And even as a young person, as an adult, they don't commit major sins. There, they've been on the straight and narrow their whole life, that person who doesn't have an inclination to their base desires.

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Allah is amazing that that individual, because passions walk with young people, and whether they're Muslim or whether they're not anybody who's been a person who's a youth director, anything they'll tell you that one of our main jobs is just to contain people while they're young, until they kind of become settled, that you make sure that their mistakes are not ones that will damage their entire lives, because of those feelings of immortality because of that passion because of that inclination towards fulfilling desires. And so when it comes to that energy, that incredible strength that comes with being young, when a person transforms that strength to the worship of Allah subhana wa Tada

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they become something really special

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