Muhammad Salah – Gardens Of The Pious #401

Muhammad Salah
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the history and importance of Islam, including the use of animals as carriers of god and the importance of learning to eat healthy. They also touch on the use of animal meat and human food, as well as screening oneself during natural cycles and the importance of protecting privacy. The segment ends with a recap of the Bible and the predictions of Islam, as well as advice on handling evil behavior. The conversation also touches on praying for one's parents and finding a way to uphold relationships with their loved ones.
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love our God is the greatest

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glory to

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me you must to be the best and give his best religion to allah God is the greatest, the one and only Glory to him on any illness to be the best and give his best.

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Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh. This Mullah hubba mana Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabi you almost have her. So he didn't know Muhammad in early he was so happy or Manuela or bad. My dear viewers welcome to another live edition of our program. Guardians of the pious. Today's episode by the Grace of Allah is

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an episode number 401.

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We're still studying chapter number 168 And that is the second episode in the chapter. But Abu Dhabi city on zody, one mobility or now if you suffer, and so on the etiquette of staying, riding in camping at night and steeping during the journey, and other matters relating to the journey.

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The following hadith is a Hadith which is collected by Abu Dawood in his sermon narrated by silent Nam or Salar de Robbia inom

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is an unsightly companion Hadith number 966 Hadith number 966. And certainly now I'm in a row the hola Juan well who am in any way I tell everyone, call Mara Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam we were eaten by the La Jolla Cava who the botany Farrakhan you IT tech Allah have he had the hill behind him in more agenda for caribou, Saudi Hatton worku her Saudi Hatton

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in this hadith, the Messenger of Allah he is upon him, passed by a camel, who's belly was taken to its back as an exhibition to describe the extreme condition of hunger that the camel was going through, that the stomach or the belly of the camel was taking or adhering to its back like it didn't have a stomach at all. We're upon the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam assayed it cool law her fee heard the hill behind him, fear Allah in respect of these cattle. Then he said Elmo, Gemma and Magellan means that they cannot communicate with us. We cannot say that they cannot talk. They talk to each other, they communicate with each other, but they cannot communicate with us. That's why

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from El oedema not being able to speak in our mother tongue or in a language that we understand. So that's why the prophets Allah Salam said Elmore Gemma, so he said it tough Allah if he had even better Emil more Gemma, fear Allah in respect of these cattle, write them while they are fit, and slaughter them and eat their meat while they are healthy and fit.

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Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in many, many a hadith commanded, be unkind to animals, be unkind to cattle reminded us that Allah has created them as subservient to us, as it is also mentioned in the Quran. While high level behind our humility toward caribou was in this is as far as the cattle that we write. There are other cattle that we ride on their back, and we will also enjoy eating their flesh and meat once they are slaughtered properly and sacrificed in the name of Allah, such as Camus. Right? So the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam, not that there is a camel, but here is a male camel. And camel was so skinny that they didn't even have a stomach. The belly was stuck to the back

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was so skinny. So the messenger of Allah peace be upon him figured that this camel hasn't been eating. This camel has been starved. So he said Fear

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Allah in respect of these cattle in the scammer, and in every behemoth, behemoth, the cattle and he said more Gemma, because whenever they're hungry, they're not going to come to complain and say, Sir, I'm hungry, I'm starving, I want to eat, feed me, give me some water, give me some drink, they cannot communicate this message, they're not going to scream at you and say I didn't eat or I didn't eat well or I didn't eat enough. So it is our responsibility since Allah had made us in charge of these cattle and have made them subservient to us. You find a young kid holding the rain of a huge camera and walking around with it riding on its back and control on it. Allah had made these huge

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cattle subservient to the least human being of us. So fear Allah in respect of these cattle and feed them and the prophets Allah Salam use a very eloquent advice when he said or caribou House earlier Hatton work Ruha slightly Hatton as far as a ruku well how you lo and behold, I will have Amira, later caribou, Alhaj horses and Bihar, the mules, Al hamir. The donkeys, why He created them in order to ride on their backs was ina as also source of adornment and beauty. When you have a beautiful horse or a beautiful mu, sometimes it costs hundreds of 1000s and even some of them are millions, you know, more expensive than jewelry and gold and silver was in so right on their back.

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In order to enjoy riding on their back, keep them healthy, feed them properly, take them to the pasture, or bring them the food in the staple. If you do not let them go out and in the previous Hadith Rasul Allah is Allah Salam said, if you happen to be traveling, and the pasture or while traveling, you pass by greenery, lot of grass, lot of plants, then slow down and make a lot of stops so that the cat on the cameras will get to eat and to graze. Okay.

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He said, with regards to the woman who imprisoned a kitten

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and did not feed and did not let it go out to eat from the street until it died. He said this woman is doomed to *, she has entered Hellfire because of imprisoning the cat until he died, it starved she starved the cat to death. So say the Tafolla fear Allah if you have a pet, or an animal, or a security dog, or if you're raising some cattle, or if you have some animals right on their back, then be kind to them, feed them properly, give them the drink on regular basis. Those who keep birds in cages, you know, we got to clean them up and clean beneath them on a regular basis. Provide them with the food and the drink. Do not forget about them, because this is a big sin. So he said a

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couple has solid data. You want to use him for writing for traveling, you got to take care of them.

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Then the following word and I like for you to look at the slide. We're Kulu sila Hatton.

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The world of soya means healthy when you slaughter a cattle or an animal for food consumption choose the healthy one.

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Now anyone and that's why it is not permissible in the old hair or the head to choose a sheep, a goat or a cat or a camel, which is not fit. The nose is broken. The ear is torn or it is weak or broken leg not only gotta choose the best, if not the best than an average something that is healthy. And if the cattle itself is sick, and some sickness is contagious, and it can affect humans, so do not eat it. Kuru ha. Whenever you eat it whenever you sacrifice it so that you can eat it and consume its meat. Make sure that it is healthy.

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Though not eat a sick. The meat of a sick cattle fuzzy camel of a sick sheep or goat or chicken or a rooster. It got to be healthy. There is another not

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only another pronunciation of the word Wakulla. Let's look at the Hadith. Some of the commentators of the Hadith they read it as what Keanu ha look at that. So there is work Hulu have With Adama a page on top of decaf, will quinoa everybody who knows Arabic understands that Kuru Has anyone ever you eat it. Make sure that you eat healthy meat or the meat of a healthy cat.

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But if you change the Dhamma into Khasra or there

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The meaning will tremendously change Kealoha Kealoha and its sound pronounciation as well, which means as long as you're riding on their back, take care of them so that they would last and will rob you to your final destination while they're healthy. walk you through how Sally Hatton and when you leave them in the stables and when you you know, you cover the distance that you needed to cover, leave them healthy as well. Use them healthy, and leave them healthy, so that will require you to take care of their health by feeding them properly working through her Salia there is a difference between the two different pronounciation who have Eid ki Ruha leave them after use them while

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they're healthy. This is some of the teachings of the Prophet sallahu wa salam in respect of the cattle or the cameras. If following hadith is a sound Hadith Narrated by Abu Jaffa, Abdullah ethnographer

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Vitaly Brody, Allahu Anhu uma Carla are definitely Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam they're the Yeoman Khalifa who were salva Isla year had Ethan lay or had this will be he had

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wa salam ala Hadith Allah had this will be a had a meanness, what can I have done a step I'll be here Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he had he had a phone a heart issue now clean. Yeah, and he had a phenomenally powerful Muslim. You know, Jaffa in the toilet, or the Allahu Allah. He was the prophets cousin. He is the brother of aliveness authority. And he's known as Darfur by yar.

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The word Tayyar in Arabic from fire, which is a bird that flies by er is a pilot, or an object that flies. That is because after an IB pilot, may Allah be pleased with him, was martyred on the battle of

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and before he was martyred, his right arm was cut off than his left arm. So he had the banner with the remaining parts of his art. So when he died after his two arms have cut off the Prophet Salah sellin said that Allah has replaced them with two wings with which he flies in paradise. So Jaffa ja Robbie, Allah on his son, I will Jaffa Abdullah in a visa interview toilet may Allah be pleased with him. Say that once the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told me for all right, and he made me right behind them.

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Okay, he made me right behind him one day, and he shared the secret with me, he confided something to me, which I shall never disclose to anyone.

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Abdullah ethnographer the authority or the Allah who I'm Huma, furthermore, say and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam always prefer to screen himself from others, while answering the call of nature, either behind a wall or the trunk of a date, palm tree.

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So somebody may say, this chapter brothers and sisters, is dealing.

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The chapter is dealing with,

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you know, the etiquette of traveling, the etiquette of taking care of the eyes, the cattle that were right on their backs and so on. So where is the catch at the lions refer? Or the Allahumma said that once the Prophet SAW Selim asked me to write on the same mule or camel normally camel behind him, and he shared the secret with me, and I shall never share it with anyone or disclose it to anyone. Okay. Then he spoke about how the prophets Allah Salam used to take shelter or find a cover to screen him whenever he would answer the call of nature. What is the catch? The catch is in saying, are definitely rasool Allah He SallAllahu Alia selama Khalifa who already if is a person who writes

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behind somebody else on the same right on the camera on the back of the camera, the horse or the mu. Abdullah in our best Radi Allahu Anhu mesaieed Khun to rodef and never use Allah Allah Allah Salam once I was writing behind the Prophet Salah Salem, so it was not an unprecedented act. No, it was something that the Prophet SAW Selim awfully did. If you will.

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See anyone walk in say come right with me? So is that okay? Yes, if the cattle is capable, if the cattle is healthy, that is perfectly okay. But if it is not healthy, then it is not permissible. Not only that, if the person is kind of heavy, and the cattle cannot afford to bear such person, it's not allowed to burden, the scattered this mule, the horse or the donkey or the camel, you're overweight. And you're right and you're right, somebody else with you on the back of the camera, that is not permissible. But if it is affordable, it is definitely permissible. And in the past brothers and sisters, the companions were, you know, we're not as rich as after the conquest of

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Makkah and the spirit of Islam independent seller. So that's why it was pretty normal, if they are traveling, that every three travelers would take turns on the back of the same, right? Either the camel or the horse and so on, either to ride on the back of the same camel, or they would take turns, one would ride and two would work and so on. So the catch in the hadith is in the permissibility of taking somebody else to ride with you in the back if the ride can afford to do that. You have to have mercy on the animal. And also how Jaffa Abu Jaffa Abdullah Jaffa Nebuta liberati Allahu Anhu must say that I shall never disclose a secret of the prophets Allah Allah says

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sometimes when somebody tells you keep it between us

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sometimes it is really understood like he is whispering to you he doesn't want anyone to hear about it, even though he didn't say it's a secret

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once somebody entrusted you with this Amana that said, you should never disclose it to anyone keep it between you and this person because he entrusted you and if you disclose it unnecessarily, that becomes a Janna tree tree, you betrayed the Amana. So, the betrayal is not only in in something material, that somebody deposits with you and you deny it No, also the secret keeping the secret is an act of Amana. Finally, the importance of screening oneself, when you answer the call of nature, nowadays, some Muslim societies

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are our

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you know, into imitating the West in many things.

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They think the Western civilization

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would bring about progress and advance in wealth, in finance, in science and in moralities. Maybe in, in finance, perhaps, in acquiring knowledge, perhaps, but we have to maintain our heritage and our religious commitment, our manners and Aflac in the West, they do not mean they don't have anything that's cool. Our people can go to the gym, to the pool, or new beaches, and they can take their clothes,

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men in front of other men in the locker room, they slip in the new to change the clothes and to take a shower in an open place where everybody is absolutely naked. And this is absolutely haram. No one is allowed to see your our other than your spouse.

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No one is allowed to see or our other than your spouse, a meal, the hour between the navel and the knees, the female before another female is likewise. So we're not allowed to do that. The Prophet Salah Salem whenever he would answer the call of nature would go far away to what is known as Al Hara, an empty area and that was also the traditions of the companions nowadays, and since you know a couple of centuries, we have bathrooms in our residence and our rope in places. Okay, people do not have to answer the call of nature in the street or in an open place because we have public bathrooms and everybody have more than one bathroom at home nowadays.

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So close the door. When you enter the bathroom, do not leave the door open and chat with somebody while you are in the bathroom. This is a horror that should be covered. I've seen in the states, some bathrooms without those people stay

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ended up using the urinal and the chat and they talk while answering the call of nature that is not permissible. And they think because it's men around men, it's okay or women around women it is okay. No, this is not okay whatsoever. Cover up your hour, even while answering the call of nature.

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Cover up yourself to the best of your ability

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to begin the following Hadith, I prefer to take a short break then in sha Allah will be back in a couple of minutes because it's a very interesting Hadith in sha Allah so stay tuned we'll be back in a couple of minutes inshallah.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back. Before we proceed towards the other narration of the previous Hadith, I'd like to share with you our phone numbers for those who like to give us a call in case that you have any questions. Area code 0020238 treble 5131 And there is another number as well. And

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there is 01 double 05469323 And there is a whatsapp number should appear on the bottom of the screen as well. Erica 00134780600 to five. All right, so he said Abdullah, the son of Jaffa authority, may Allah be pleased with him and his father said how he was writing once behind the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, and he shared the secret with him and he said, I shall never disclose it to anyone. And we have learned all of that. Then he also said that the prophets are seldom used to take a very safe screen or shelter so that he would answer the call of nature and he would always prefer a high fence of a garden or a trunk of a palm tree. Then he said in another narration

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that further Hala ha Edwin lira Julian Minal unsolved for either fee hegemon. Fella, Mara rasool Allah is Allah Allah Allah Salam. Al Jazeera was all of a Dinah for a terrible Nabil Salallahu Alaihe Salam Feminista hasaranga Who acnm Who were the frog who for a second for call, Marblehead the German Lehmann her the German Federal terminal on Saudi for call her the LI ya rasool Allah, Kala Flf tequila Have you heard him by him? And let him Allah caca Allahu iya in now Jasco Ilaria and Naka TOJIRO who were to be able, this other narration is collected by Abu Dawood

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in his sunnah. All right, so, Jaffa, Abu Jaffa Abdullah in Jaffa, Nabi Taalib, said that when the Prophet salallahu Salam once entered

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a garden that belongs to one of Al Ansari, he saw a camel and once the camel saw the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, the Camel began to groan, and its eyes was overflowing with tears, it actually shed tears. So the messenger of Allah peace be upon him approach the camel and patted on the hump, and the base of its head until it comes down. Then the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him asked, Who is the owner of this camera? To whom does it belong? And unsavoury young man stepped forward and said, O Messenger of Allah, it's mine, it belongs to me, it's my camera. So the messenger of Allah peace be upon him said, Don't you fear Allah in respect of this camel, in respect

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of this beast, which Allah has placed under your position? This camel is complaining to me that you starve it and you put it to toil Subhan Allah.

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We know from before that

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Prophet Solomon peace be upon him, was granted many blessings and dominion, among which he was given the power of communicating with the cattle where he would understand the language of every animal.

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And the messenger of Allah peace be upon him, Allah give him some miracles.

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One of them was this incident when he entered this garden.

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And the camel once it saw the Messenger of Allah, it was like complaining to him. He started crying and groaning. So the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam approached it. And then after he finished like a conversation with the camera, he said, Who? Who owns that camera? Whom does a camel belong to? And this young man said, it's mine a lot of people. Maybe those people think that they are religious, their gut feeling because they pray. They fast and they give in a charity, but their perception concerning cattle or camels or animals is different. It's an animal.

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An excerpt Rohan, la set nevsun Isn't it a living creature? Isn't it a soul? Even if it is an end, when Prophet got bitten by an end, so he order the whole colony to be burned? So Allah Almighty revealed to him feral animal, you could have killed the one which bit you? Why do you hurt the rest of the ants for no reason?

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has said, Leigh and Billy and you as the veterinary Ihlara Banagher

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it is absolutely forbidden

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to burn characters, animals or insects or rats, which carry plagues do not burn them. You can kill them, you can poison but but not to burn them. Only Allah Almighty, the creator of fire is the one who is having full access to punish with fire, not us. But the creation.

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Among the punishment with fire is what some people do the branding. So they want to distinguish their horses, their camels, their cattle, because when they go out to graze, they may get confused with others. So the stem them with extremely hot red hot iron stem, that's cool branding. They keep it in fall until it gets red, then the stem the end on the forehead, or on the side, on the skin. This is forbidden the prophets Allah Selim forbade that you think that animals do not have feelings, they do have feelings. So you have to be kind to them as well. This is what the prophets Allah Selim said, Fear Allah in respect of this camel. The camel is complaining to me that you starve it and you

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load a very heavy load when it's bad, beyond its affordability. So the prophets Allah Allah Selim, say that in the presence of the companions, and they saw the behavior of the camel, and this hadith is narrated by Abdullah the son of Jaffa and maybe authority may Allah be pleased with him and his father, as a sign that proves again, the uniqueness of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and supports his prophet hood. Made of speech blessings be upon him.

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh

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brother Abdullah from Palestine is Salam o alaikum Abdullah.

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Welcome Salah Murat Matala, headwater

00:28:30 --> 00:28:32

Welcome to the program Abdullah Go ahead.

00:28:34 --> 00:28:38

So when they come up with a lowercase I hear you Alex from Salem, proceed on Please

00:28:42 --> 00:28:43

assign Gaza

00:28:44 --> 00:28:48

hitting Gaza and I follow you and what's your program?

00:28:50 --> 00:28:56

As you know, we are under siege. I just want to ask about the southern

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00:29:02 --> 00:29:02

What about

00:29:06 --> 00:29:13

from both sides and There is Hadith I always read about the Hadith. And

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00:29:18 --> 00:29:23

I'm listening go ahead Abdullah. Continue please. What is the Hadith you want to ask?

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00:29:36 --> 00:29:38

now that God I'm listening to you go ahead.

00:29:40 --> 00:29:59

Yes. I'm Franco says Do you know since it will years ago we look on the page and I have finished the study. They always think we're done. During the night when I got my head on the ball. I think about the immigration travela with the girls and the boat

00:30:00 --> 00:30:11

Activa as hidden as and before read about having if you want to travel without vegetables and it is haram, I think

00:30:12 --> 00:30:14

travel without what?

00:30:18 --> 00:30:34

Yes. If you travel as immigration, I would go to European countries and without without like, is it prohibited or not? You said without what, Abdullah?

00:30:35 --> 00:31:04

Yes. If you want to migrate to a European country without what I didn't get that word without back to my, my original country without buy back to Palestine as if you buy it but your buyer who buys right the terrorists, and as you know, every day, there's regular tourists that target our houses and there's no electricity here in blue spine, and we look under under health care, which

00:31:06 --> 00:31:16

is 80%. Now and there is no life here. Actually, I have an issue with accounting and but I'm staying at home. I have no work here.

00:31:18 --> 00:31:19

Okay, so I got your question.

00:31:21 --> 00:31:24

Yes. I got your question. Abdullah

00:31:25 --> 00:31:26

salam alaikum.

00:31:27 --> 00:31:31

Sandman from Bangladesh, salaam alaikum. Brother Salman.

00:31:32 --> 00:31:34

Welcome from truth

00:31:35 --> 00:31:47

actually comes from Bangladesh. I called also on this program on the Fourth of July to get some recommendation for dua to pray for my father who was suffering from blood cancer.

00:31:49 --> 00:31:52

Unfortunately, my father passed away on the seventh.

00:31:54 --> 00:31:56

I have two questions about that.

00:31:58 --> 00:32:26

My first question is that I read the Hadith where the prophet says the soul of a good person will be taken away in a way as water is formed from a draft class. So my father died practically in his sleep and in a very painless way that he had the most complaints when he died. He was like a child sleeping with a little smile on his face. Can I assume that Allah had mercy on him when his soul was taken away?

00:32:27 --> 00:32:46

And my second question is that I read another have had these were the prophets of lung talked about the treatments that can benefit the dead like top surgery nology left behind and the prayers of the righteous guys but I would like some recommendations from you that what pairs can I perform that will most benefit my father

00:32:49 --> 00:32:53

All right, now your question other segment Santa Monica

00:32:57 --> 00:33:00

her hand from the United Kingdom as Salam Alikum Rehan

00:33:06 --> 00:33:07


00:33:13 --> 00:33:31

Can I take shower without clot? Okay. If and after if I do do can I did my do is valid for the pray even though if I didn't shower for my third goosal Got your question.

00:33:34 --> 00:33:35

Thank you.

00:33:36 --> 00:33:44

Are you from the United Kingdom? All right. So we have three questions. Let me quickly

00:33:45 --> 00:33:50

discuss with you the last Hadith in the chapter then inshallah we'll tackle your questions. The last hadith

00:33:52 --> 00:34:08

is narrated by the gay companion and acid numeric Hello the hola Juan it's Hadith number 968 on aniseh Radi Allahu Anhu call couldn't eat and as in Amman zielen learn who said Behat Navajo Larry Hal,

00:34:09 --> 00:34:10

whoa Buddha would.

00:34:14 --> 00:34:43

As in the Malik may Allah be pleased with him said, whenever we in camp while traveling, we would not offer voluntary prayers until we had unsaddled. Our Camus a hadith is collected by a Buddha would look at what the prophet Salah Salem taught his companions. Many of us really do not pay attention to that we think that well those beasts they can carry loads and they don't feel it.

00:34:44 --> 00:34:59

So the Prophet sallallahu Sallam while traveling before encamping be before once they decided that they would rest somewhere. So normally they will begin by praying then by eating they will pray now I feel that no no no, no, no

00:35:00 --> 00:35:52

He will not do anything of that before unloading the loads from the back of the cameras or unsettling the beast, so that you would have mercy on them. You will not have you would have mercy on them. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for instance, forbade that. If you're riding on the back of a camel or a horsey, then you meet another person. So you sit while you're sitting on the back of the camel, you start a conversation 10 minutes 15 minutes 20 minutes talking while you're in the standstill position, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that is forbidden because he will not create it to be chairs rather for means of transportations. So to take you from point A to point B Yes, but

00:35:52 --> 00:36:12

to stand or to sit on it and watch or chat or converse with somebody else unnecessarily that is not permissible. Here and Sydney Malik told us that whenever we decided to encamp somewhere before even we get to pray the Word No sir

00:36:14 --> 00:36:22

yeah honey to make this be and that SB is one of the ingredients or the components of any prayer.

00:36:23 --> 00:37:13

I inshallah the Allahu Ana. And the hadith is collected by Imam Bukhari, she said that you have never seen the prophet of Salem offering so pet of Baja. So she called the Aloha prayer Supa she called the whole prayer after one of its components which is making this be ROCOR or in salute, as you can call the prayer rata, or search there, or SOPA. So he said that we use note, we use not to make tests be Yanni we use not to pray any voluntary prayers before and saddling our camels. This hadith adds to the previous a hadith, the prophetic etiquette with regards to taking care of the cattle and being unkind to the animals and to the beast, especially our rights. Now with answering

00:37:13 --> 00:38:05

the three callers Abdullah from Palestine, we understand the suffering that our brothers and sisters in Palestine are going through. And there are many a hadith in which the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said, There would always remain a party of my Alma they will remain steadfast on the straight path, the true Mujahideen lay of the room and huddle Him, He will not hurt them or affect them, that those who would you know, turn them down or not support them, they will be victorious by the lives of Allah. Then you say to whom be at Nephi vital Marcos in the sacred area of vital mark this in Palestine. You brothers and sisters, our true Mujahideen, you have been admired by the Prophet SAW

00:38:05 --> 00:38:58

Selim, before you were born. And his prophecy with regards to giving you victory and supporting you will be fulfilled definitely no doubt it is it is one of the signs that precedes the day of judgment as the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, so those who are there are defending not only their homes or Palestine or Gaza, they're defending the entire Oma. They are representing 1.7 billion Muslims. Some people have to go out and leave for education, for treatment, for whatever reason that is permissible, but the rest you guys are needed there and it is our duty, the duty of the OMA every person. Obviously we don't count on the rulers, but I'm talking about every individual it is our

00:38:58 --> 00:39:08

duty to make dua for you and our prayers and to support you financially and physically and by every possible means. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

00:39:10 --> 00:39:12

Always from Pakistan.

00:39:14 --> 00:39:18

Salam Alikum walaikum salam wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

00:39:20 --> 00:39:36

I'm a big fan mashallah, you really will be great, great shows I'm really fan. So my question is that there is a person named Muhammad Qasim from Pakistan. He says that Allah subhanaw taala talks to him in his streams

00:39:37 --> 00:39:57

several 100 times so far, and he has seen Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam several 100 times as well. I didn't know him for until one year ago, but when I watched his videos, I was very skeptical of him. But it so happened. Sorry. Hello. Yes, I'm listening.

00:39:59 --> 00:40:00

Yeah, it

00:40:00 --> 00:40:26

It's so happened to me that I saw prophets Allah said I mean a dream of mine as well. And then Prophet sallallahu Sallam hinted me that this guy's not lying. So I'm a bit confused on this situation overall. So I would like to take your voice I'm gonna ask you a simple question, what does he say that what message that he gets in his dream while conversing in law or from messenger?

00:40:28 --> 00:40:54

Yeah, his message is that Allah subhanaw taala he says that Allah subhanaw taala says him that there should be no shirk on this earth anymore. Not simplest smallest form of shared and he says that the law subhanaw taala tells him that go spread this message to the whole of my dad clean this wall this earth from shake, that is his basic message. Any other thing?

00:40:56 --> 00:41:39

Other things are here. Other things are like just divine, sort of like normal dreams that about future what would happen and stuff like that? I reserved a bit and so far the events that are happening right now have happened according to his dreams, by your question and inshallah hopefully I have time to answer you before the end of the program. Jazak Allah Heron waste May Allah bless you and your family. Salman from Bangladesh, may Allah have mercy on your late father. As a matter of fact, yesterday while I was going through the messages, I read your message and I innocently made dua for your father, but now I know that he's already passed away. So may Allah have mercy on him.

00:41:40 --> 00:41:55

What benefits him most right now is definitely praying for him making lots of invocation for him, asking Allah to make his grave a garden of paradise. And to protect them again is a trial of the grave

00:41:57 --> 00:42:03

to wipe away all his sins, to forgive him to have mercy on him.

00:42:05 --> 00:42:36

And you can also benefit your father by giving any charity on his behalf and if you have the chance to perform or Umrah or Hajj and gear at guaranteeing the reward, you can do all of that. You can do continuous charity and grant in the world. All of that will benefit your father. When the Prophet Salah Salem was asked about after the death of my parents, is there anything left that I can do to be dutiful? To them? He said yes, of course, to make dua for them, and to uphold the ties of their kinship

00:42:37 --> 00:43:23

and also to visit frequently those whom your parents used to like and used to visit and keep good relations with them. So there's something that you can still do Insha Allah, your father is perceived as a shaheed. Why because the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Women matter be there in fear what Lee for whom Shaheed whoever died due to a plague or a disease in his abdomen, is a shahid a shahada is not only to die on the battlefield, so, tumor malignant cancer, and for stage he went through a lot of suffering. Even though the last few minutes of his life he didn't feel anything. Hopefully in sha Allah is among the shahada, and may Allah grant forgiveness and admit him to

00:43:23 --> 00:43:25

paradise and grant you all patients as salam aleikum.

00:43:27 --> 00:43:30

Wa Isha from Sudan as salaam alaikum.

00:43:38 --> 00:43:43

Thank you very much for enlightening us once again. And handler Thank you, brother. Aisha. Go ahead.

00:43:45 --> 00:43:53

I have three questions. One first question is I want to know in sunnah according to the teachings on the proverb how do we deal with

00:43:56 --> 00:44:05

how to do it in sunnah? You got it? No, I didn't. How do you deal with snakes? According to the teachings of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. How do you deal with what?

00:44:07 --> 00:44:09

Snakes snake snakes?

00:44:11 --> 00:44:14

Do you have lot of snakes? Yes, I got your question. Now. Snakes.

00:44:16 --> 00:44:25

Do you kill or do that? Let's go. What do you think of the province? Okay, okay. Yeah, so good question. Okay. Guy of question brother Abba Isha.

00:44:28 --> 00:44:28

All right.

00:44:29 --> 00:44:30


00:44:31 --> 00:44:59

the best dua with regards to making prayers for the late parents is that we have a Rahim Allah Salam. Rob, they're fairly widely widely they are within Mininova como has said, Try Inshallah, to keep this to our brothers and sisters in your sujood as much as you can, whether your parents are still alive Alhamdulillah or they have passed away. And guess what your parents now are in most need.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:10

Will you make dua for them? So do not forget them. In every prayer Rob will fill the only valid a year with me Nina, Jamar como hacer okay

00:45:11 --> 00:45:56

right or a hand from the UK you will run out of time, but I will try to answer these couple of questions quickly, can I take a shower in the * Jonnie, can I take my clothes off in order to take a shower? Yes, it is definitely permissible. In order to wash your entire body it has to remove all your clothes and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has said for our target Illa min erotic hours of JETech which means your wife can see everything of your body and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and Isha may Allah be pleased with her with her they both used to take a shower in the same vessel like a bathtub nowadays, okay. So, it is permissible of course to take off your cloth I know that some

00:45:56 --> 00:46:03

parts in Pakistan and India D consider it like taboo, how are you supposed to wash your body while your clothes are on

00:46:05 --> 00:46:50

with regards to when to perform or do my dear brothers and sisters, if any person is performing was taking a shower with the intention of performing was to lift the measure impurity, then in this case, the worst does will do automatically. But if the shower was you're sweating, it was hard for you know, to freshen up and so on. Then you must perform an independent will do after word. So they will do must be separate okay and you can perform all the while taking a shower, but with the intention or performance rule and then washing the body parts which should be washed in order. Why is from Pakistan? A person who says that he have seen Allah hundreds of times in his dream. And he

00:46:50 --> 00:47:04

have seen the Prophet SAW Selim hundreds of times in his dreams and they spoke to him. I asked you simply, you know, I'm not gonna say there is a difference of opinion of those who say that I have seen Allah or I haven't seen Allah.

00:47:05 --> 00:47:08

Physically no one can ever see Allah in this life.

00:47:09 --> 00:47:57

Not even the prophets not even Prophet Muhammad Salah Salem, in Al Jana, only in paradise. But in the dreams, there is a difference of opinion. And as far as seeing Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam if the person can describe what he saw, and the description matches the trace of Prophet Muhammad SAW Selim, then it was Prophet Muhammad, because he said in the Hadith Marva an effing man and father Ernie confer inertia upon Allah the method will be whoever happens to see me in his dream or night vision. He has indeed seen me because Satan can never appear as me or disguise as me. But Satan can appeal to somebody in a dream and visit him and say, I am Prophet Muhammad didn't when I

00:47:57 --> 00:48:42

asked you to describe him, you describe somebody else. Then that wasn't Prophet Muhammad SAW said, this specific question I asked was, What is the message? So he says that, you know, shock is widespread and you have to the future and so on that's full in the Quran. The Quran is full of this message. I don't need a dream to confirm that. You know, and I'm very suspicious when somebody brags about I have seen the prophets of salaam so many times and I've seen the Prophet okay, this is something Wait, what is the message that he has delivered to you to benefit the Ummah with absolutely nothing new. Because if you say that he said, you need like in Pakistan, that guy who

00:48:42 --> 00:49:24

said that the Prophet came to him and said, the Omani to recite Surah shrimps. So many times I say, that's a plain lie. That totally antagonizes the message of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, because he said after the message was completed, and after the I was revealed earlier MathML to look on the intercom to the end of the eye, no more legislation. And by the death of Prophet Muhammad SAW Salam, no one would receive any revelation whatsoever whether to do or not to do but a personal message to correct yourself if you're doing something wrong, or an inspiration or glad tiding all of that is possible. Keep it for yourself and your loved ones.

00:49:25 --> 00:49:59

So I'm kind of skeptical and I like to go through the rest of his teachings to tell you whether I don't know the person personally this the first time to hear about him May Allah guide all of us to at his best will really really run out of time and tomorrow in sha Allah and our before this time we have asked coda to further answer many of your important questions until then, I leave all in the care and the protection of hola hola hola. That was the proline you welcome was salam ala ala Sayidina Muhammad in wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Salam wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Do you

00:50:05 --> 00:50:06

have a

00:50:09 --> 00:50:11

love of God is the greatest

00:50:13 --> 00:50:24

glory to Him. He wanted me to be the best and gave his best religion to allah God is the greatest

00:50:26 --> 00:50:46

glory to Him on any illness to be the best, and gave his best religion to them. So why did they know that forgetting all about an empire that was shipping cows fire and stones, sending their best with the cheapest

00:50:47 --> 00:50:58

day ignore that forgetting all about how bad guys were shipping cars fire and stones selling the best and cheapest

00:51:02 --> 00:51:03


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as soon

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