Feiz Mohammad – Tafseer At Takathur 07

Feiz Mohammad
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the culture of Australia and its people, including Muslims who use blessings such as food and money to win. They also talk about the importance of praying and not giving charity to anyone without it. The speaker describes the physical appearance of people in Australia and their culture.
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every drink that you drink or eat, you will be asked about a law you will be asked a question about

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if you look around us we've gotten your blessings in Australia

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you know we are living here in such

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such as we are taken for granted we take life for granted. But everything here is nothing there's no shortcoming regarding Watchtower Not at all. You got food in front of you, you got drink in front of your club in front of you got money in front of you whether you work or not.

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But you will still find courage incredible, shocking,

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absolutely shocking behavior from the Muslims.

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How many Muslims came from overseas?

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Came Paul as poor people. Allah gave him money in which

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how many people came hungry? Allah gave him food.

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How many people came frightened? Allah gave him peace. How many people came as refugees? Allah granted them asylum.

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Any people came without any clothes. Allah clothed them

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today reply to these blessings with thankfulness of gratitude a lot of them used apply pray after his business came to them. They used to praying they stopped praying. They used to fast they stopped fast.

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They used to memorize and read the Quran now know they memorize and read the TV Guide and cosmopolitan or clover when y'all have a lot

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they used to give charity

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the cat in the countries now when it's an obligated duty on them every

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now they say now we don't need to give charity anymore the text taken by the government is I was like that

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is the same from a little Muslims

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they used to when they got sick raise their arms Oh Allah please kill you kill me. Now when they get sick, Oh Allah placing prayers by sickness. I'll get compo out of it.

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This is the reality

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and I'm pretty sure every single one of us has heard this.

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You know when he gets injured at work, that's how I got injured. I wish it was a broken such and such.

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A lot of them

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ladies that came he veiled beautifully veiled from head to toe, you can't see anything except her face and hands have handed roulette.

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Slowly after being intermingling with the West took that value off slowly, slowly, slowly. So short the value became that you don't have to marry her to see what she looks like.

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And this is the reality of a lot of Muslim families.

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Hola Hola. Hola, quwata illa

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and it's sad to see a lot of fathers

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mothers after Allah blessing him with so many blessings after coming to this country when you are in the west or you see these parents use this to work in work in work and where is this person at work? When he's coming home he won't come home he's kind of gone like whenever you asked about him is at work at work at work at work.

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From Home to work from work to home with the children

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the any time we'll go to the mosque is when

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is when

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for his coffin, when he's going to be preyed on and not him praying.

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Allah hola como de

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I called him with a smile on

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from the delay

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