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allah God is the greatest

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glory to Him. He only has to be

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his best religion to allah God is the Greatest. The One annoying Glory to him on any illness to be the best. Again.

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Salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala and Avi almost offer who about? My dear viewers welcome to another live edition of your program gardens of the pious. And today's episode is number 336. And we'll continue in chapter number 95. This is going to be our third episode in explaining the chapter which deals with the recommendation of giving glad tidings, and congratulation

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for receiving, or delivering good news.

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The first Hadith we have in today's episode and it's not the first in the chapter, because this is the third episode as a matter of fact, is a sound Hadith agreed upon its authenticity, narrated by both great Imams Bukhari and Muslim may Allah have mercy on them. And aerated by a companion by the name of Omar IWEA. And his This is his nickname, and his name is Abdullah ibn Abi Alpha. May Allah be pleased with him and his father. This is going to be Hadith number seven or seven

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and maybe more we at Abdullah Hypnic OB Alpha Robbie Allahu Anhu uma and Rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam best shahadi asiata Radi Allahu anha be baiting Phil Jannetty men Kasab la Sahaba fee wala nossob motiva con la

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and this hadith

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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gave Glad Tidings to Khadija Radi Allahu Allah, may Allah be pleased with her, that she will have a palace of hallowed pearls in Paradise, and this palace will be free from noise and fatigue. There will not be any noise nor weariness in this house which Allah Almighty will give to Hadiya are all the Allahu anha. This Beshara obviously was revealed to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam Jibreel Ali Salam delivered the salam from Allah, the Almighty to Khadija or the Allahu anha. He told the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, that Allah Almighty is given salam to Khadija may Allah be pleased with her. Khadija Radi Allahu Allah is our mother, the mother of the believers. She was the

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very first wife that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam got married to. She married him when he was 25 years old. And according to the most Ellen ration,

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she was at the age of 40, which means there is no problem whatsoever. If a man happens to marry somebody who's older than him, as long as there is, as I say, chemistry,

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come on understanding, mutual love, and all of that. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam

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was so loyal to her Ijarah the Allahu anha and he loved her, even after her death.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would always make mention of Rhodesia, even before is otherwise to the point that in one of the Hadith, I Isha may Allah be pleased with her said, I've never felt jealous of anyone. As much as I felt jealous of Hadiya as you know that I shall the Allahu anha was one of nine wives at a time. But she said, I've never felt jealous of any of the CO wives of Sofia, who's very beautiful woman of Zainab introjection the prophets cousin was entered into Hoceima or Hafsa, the Dora former hardtop or any of those wives of the Prophet salaallah Salah as

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As much as I feel jealous of

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Felicia about the Allahu Ana. Why, while Khadija appears that way, way, before I ishara, the Allahu anha married to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, Khadija may Allah be pleased with her by on the 10 SEER after the prophethood and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam married Aisha Radi Allahu anha after the migration to Medina,

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but because how often the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, used to make mention of Hadiya used to talk very good about her to the point that she said, Aisha Radi Allahu anha, that awfully the Prophet sallallahu Sallam whenever he would slaughter or sacrifice a sheep, he would divide it and he would say, go ahead and send this piece to this person and this piece or this person, and he will distribute it amongst the friends or the ladies who to be who used to be friends with Khadija or the Allahu Ana. And this is what is known as a bar rule bear.

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This is the greatest sign of loyalty, of being kind to the person even after his death.

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In the Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in them in every bear, any other module mankind will bear who will map which means

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one of the greatest deeds and being very dutiful, to one's parents is being kind to the person or the persons whom your parents used to take care of. And they used to take care of them. So now the parents are dead by paying visits to your parents, friends, your parents, neighbors, those who they used to affiliate with them, they used to hang out with them, whether they were their colleagues, they were all friends. So now because the parents are not there anymore, you still go and you take care of your parents, friends, your father's friends, your mother's friends, take gifts for them, visit them on a regular basis. This is as a Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam I said, mean every

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one of the kindness of all deeds Omote meaning Khadija Radi Allahu anha

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Aisha Radi Allahu Anhu said about how often the Prophet sallallahu sallam was talking about her and make mention of her virtues and her great memories. That are his great memories that he had with a hadith Radi Allahu Ana. She said, Ken who? Lamia confit dunya Umbra attune, ILAHA deja, it sounded like there was no other woman in the entire universe, other than Hadiya like he's married to many other women, young, beautiful, and so on. But he have awfully spoke about Hadiya like he does not see in the entire life other than Khadija or the Alana and he used to say sallallahu alayhi salam can at work and at work and at work can really I mean hell wallet, so he would often speak about her

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virtues even after her death. May Allah be pleased with her. In another Hadith, he said in music to whom her Baha I have been granted her love Subhan Allah and In another Hadith,

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Aisha Radi Allahu Anhu said a woman by the name had been to Hawaii.

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Who was Khadija sister once came to visit the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him. So she used to be the prophets, Sister in law. And she came to visit the Prophet salaallah Salam and Isha now was the Prophets wife. And the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam heard the way that you seek and permission which sounded exactly like her late sister Hadiya. So he said Allahu Mahalla went to Hawaii Island. Oh, Allah met the person who's coming to visit us. I hope that she is had been to Hawaii let you know the remains of

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Hadiya been to Hawaii, about the Allahu Ana. So Aisha Radi Allahu anha got really mad and she said, murderers Kuruman are Josie Minaj is your Quraysh hombre i should coin halachot Frida Abdelhak Allahu Hiral Mina, you keep talking about this old woman who passed away and Allah have given you much better than her. What was the reply of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, he says Allah Allah Allah Selim now Allah him Abdullah Nila

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hire a minute. By Allah Allah have never given me any person or any wife better than Khadija Radi Allahu Allah wa he said, but m and b is kufr Obeah Ness. She believed in me and she followed me when everybody else denied me and disbelieved in my message.

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Also, the Courtney is because ebony nurse, she believed my statement and what I'm saying when everybody else this believed me, and belied me, she believed me when I came in and said, and angels spoke to me in the cave, she assured them and she said, Don't you worry by Allah, Allah will never disappoint you. Allah will never disgrace you. Why Inaka la casilla Rahim What acmella Will Cal Watoto bereave which means by Allah, you take care of the needy people, you feed the poor, and you take care of your relatives, and you assist those who are need by Allah, Allah who will never let you down or disappoint you, after all. So she assured them she comforted him and she believed in

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him, Salah Ania Salam, and that's why we can say the very first person to believe in the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam was none other than Khadija, or all the Allahu Anhu she was a very first Muslim at all. And then the historians classify those who are the foremost to accept Islam as follows The first to accept Islam amongst women was Khadija Radi Allahu Ana. And amongst men, Abu Bakr Salim Radi Allahu Allah, and then of the youth aalib authority, and not to forget that the person who interpreted

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to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam what happened to him in the cave and he gave him the Beshara hottie just cousin war, aka evening, often, he too is perceived to be Muslim. Why? Because when Khadija so the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah Salam shivering, and he keeps saying the Maloney is a Maloney, cover me up, cover me up, because he was shivering, and he was so afraid. She taught him to her cousin was in an alpha, who had accepted Christianity, and he excelled. And he became very well versed in the book of both the Torah and the Gospel. So when he heard from the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, he told him, don't you worry, that is an emotional outcome. That is the same

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angel who came to Moses before has come to you to give you the revelation. And then he made a statement he shared, he said,

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I wish I will be alive, when people will expel you and drive you out of Makkah, in order to support you. So this statement indicates that he showed willingness to follow and support the Prophet sallallahu sallam, as he predicted that since he's a prophet, he will be tested, and he will be tried. That's why the Messenger of Allah said to WaterFire, even an alpha, and he was so surprised. I mean, all people in Makkah, love me. He said, our Maharaja, whom are they going to drive me out? He said, Yes, because there was not a single messenger before you, but his people belied him, and he forced them out. And they persecuted him and his followers. So Hardanger Radi Allahu Allah is the

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One who assured the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam supported him, and she told him not to worry because Allah will never disappoint him on would never let him down. Furthermore, the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah selama also say,

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Well, certainly we marry her is harmony, ness. And she supported me by her wealth, when people did not give me any financial support. We all know the Hadith era, the Allahu anha was a very successful businesswoman. And that was for more than 1400 years ago. She was the wealthiest woman in Makkah. And people would love to invest with her or to work for her. And she have received many proposals before, but she will turn them all down, because she knew that people were after her wealth, and she was a beautiful woman as well. But she's the one who proposed to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam accepted and he got married. And he said what has

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occurred in love? Well, adda is harmony I will add a new set which means an Allah the Almighty bless me with the children from her. When I did not have any children from other women Subhan Allah, as you know that all the children of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam were from Khadija Radi Allahu anha for girls. And she also had a

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Boys who passed away besides Ibrahim, who was born to the Prophet salaallah Salam forum, Marissa Elka Priya, the Egyptian woman who was given to him as a gift by the Egyptian no caucus or the king of Egypt, back then that was after the migration. So Hadees Radi Allahu Allah, may Allah be pleased with her.

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The Beshara was given to her that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam said,

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best shell abuse Allah Allah Allah SLM, give the Beshara degla tiding to Khadija that she will have a palace in Paradise, which as he said, salatu salam, Lao Sahaba fee, wala nossob What is the meaning of La Sahaba fee? Well,

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you know, a person may have a house in a very nice neighborhood. And it is like a nice Villa or a big mansion. But

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there is maybe a near wall highway or a nearby airport

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or the neighbors have dogs will keep barking all night long. So that actually the misses up the joy and the luxury of having such a nice house. I have some friends, one of whom

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sold many properties in order to not to buy a very nice house in a beautiful place in a nice neighborhood. Then one month after he moved in, and he was very happy. He said he is looking forward to move. Why? Because even though he thought he is far away from the highway, but at my they cannot see because of the wheels, the speed in cars. So it was very disturbing. So he spent all his saving his life saving in order to move into this nice house. But he's not enjoying it. There is some there is some noise. Another person whom I visited, he spent a long time of his life living abroad as an expat in order to make money so that he will return and buy a house in a nice neighborhood. And he

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When I visited him, I just noticed that he has a very rich neighbor. He has a huge house, like eight dogs who keep barking day and night. So I told him that why can't you do anything about it? Why don't you do anything about it. He said, This guy is a very rich man and he's a big business man and no one can do anything with him. So he does not have a choice but to cope with it or to leave. So after all, there is some sort of interruption to the joy and the light, something which will mess up the life. But that's why the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam has said Hadiya you shall have a house of pure peril. In paradise. La Sahaba fie Wallen awesome, and what is Anessa so a soccer means and

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always an innocent means a weariness, or fatigue and tiredness.

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You know, even when we eat the most delicious food,

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you gotta be very careful, because if you

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eat your fell, you can get sick. And after afterward, after we eat, you would eventually have to answer the call of nature. Do number one and you're number two, and all of that. And you may be very wealthy, but the doctors would say, don't eat this. Don't eat that and make sure that you do not eat too much of this and do not add sugar, do not put salt and all of that. So you're living with the doctor's advices with very, you know, conservative measurement. But in agenda, there is no such problem whatsoever.

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Because law who may Usher on a fee her well are they in moseyed, you get whatever you desire in it, and there is even more and Amazeen who explained before is receiving the pleasure of Allah and getting to see the beautiful face of Allah the Almighty. So Felicia insha Allah azza wa jal is giving the Beshara that not only that you will enter Paradise, but you would have a huge palace, la Sahaba fee he will and Assad made the best peace and blessings be upon our mother Hadiya Radi Allahu anha. It is also worth mentioning here brothers and sisters, also the Prophet sallallahu Sallam have given Beshara to some of his other wives, and have made mention of the virtues of some of his other

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wives. And all of them are the Mothers of the Believers.

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And a Muslim, a true Muslim, shall not make any distinction between the wives of the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam, rather who should love them all because they are our mothers. Allah Almighty said in Surah Al Assad, and maybe you will be meaning I mean, I'm forcing him well as a Jew, oh man to whom the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam, referring to Prophet Muhammad have more rights upon the believers than their own selves, and his wives, his wives, as well who is plural, all his wives, all my hair to whom the home the pronoun home refers to many in which is mentioned in the beginning of the year, Yanni. The wives of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam are the Mothers of the Believers. So if

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you are a believer, then I Isha Hafsa hottie Asia, South Ebenezer Ma, Xena been to Hoceima zeyneb into Jash.

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They're all almost Alhama OMO Habiba. They're all the Mothers of the Believers, may Allah be pleased with them. I also remember in one Hadith that the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam made mention of the virtues of our Aisha Radi Allahu anha. And he said that the superiority of our Isha over women like the superiority of a serene, which is a very, very favorite food for the Arab over the rest of the food. And Khadija are the Allahu Anhu said that she used to take a bath with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in the same vessel, and even during her menses, he would give her a piece of meat to eat. Then he would place his lips and mouth on the same spot, and he will take a bite right after her, he

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would give her the drink. Then she would pass on the cup to him, and he would rotate it and place his lips on the same spot where our Aisha Radi Allahu anha had drank from and he will drink after her. May Allah be pleased with all the wives of the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam, brothers and sisters, the following hadith is such a long Hadith and it is a very interesting story. And we can learn many lessons out of that. I believe we can barely caught the Arabic texts before the break. So let's try to do so because as I said, it's among Hadith so bear with me.

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This hadith which is Narrated by Abu Musa al Ashari, is also a sound Hadith agreed upon its authenticity. So bear with me, please. If you remember, several years back when we started gardens of the pious, I consulted you and we made a survey whether it is a good idea to read the Arabic text to me, it is definitely a great idea. But I wanted to make certain that the viewers who are mainly non Arabic speakers will be okay with that. And I had an overwhelming response from the vast majority of the viewers that they would like to hear the Arabic text as well. So bear with me and Abby Musa, Shari, Radi Allahu Anhu Anahata Wagga, Fe, Beatty Heath to Maharajah Sakala and Zeeman

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rasool Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, well Hakuna Nana who only had Phaedra and Miss Judah festa era and in we for call, what Johanna Hoonah Allah for Faraj to add an SRE he has a one hat the holiday Aris Federalists to in the hat cabal Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam Maha Jetta who would work from home to LA for either who work on a gel Asana recent water was thought of Kufa Lakeisha answer clay he will then Huma will be first LM to Allah He through masala of Federalist to endl bed for call to lacuna the web Rasool in Healio Fauja Abu Bakr in further for Al Bab furcal to man had for cod Abu back for call to honoree slick So mother have to for call to ya rasool Allah

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Heather Abu Bakr in yesterday's in Farrakhan is a level where the sheer will bill Jana, for a cabal to hack the whole truly every backer in both hole rasool Allah He Oba Shiro capital Jana further Hala Abu Bakr in had jealous or Ania meaning OBE man Horfield cough, weather delay he will be canal Sana rasool Allah wa Kashia answer so Maharajah to what the last one

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Hot Dog to Effie at work while happening so cool to AUD de la who before learning you redo a ha ha Iran yeah TB so either in SAM your hair riverbed for call to man had for call Oamaru know how top for call to allistic so magic to Rasulillah salam to Allah he will call to her the Oamaru yesterday for call the law who was the shooter who will join 32 Ramallah Farrakhan to Odin or YouTuber Shirota rasool Allah Eddie in our universe Shira aka rasool Allah hibel Jana. Further holla federalism our rasool Allah he feel Kofi and yesterday were the leverage Louisville so Maharajah to Federalist for call to a URI dealer who before learning hyaluron Yanni AHA yeah TB 30 insam for hard work and bad

00:26:03--> 00:27:06

for call to Manhattan, for Karla Osman of my firm for call to Allah Ristic Wadi to Nebia. For part two who for call it the law who were the shooter who Bill Jannetty Maribel were to Cebu 34 Call too often, when you were Shirota rasool Allah He Bill Jannetty Maribel were to see your book, further further further than COFA Allah further than kofi. Malik, Fidelis, Weijia, who Mina shekel alpha, Paula, sorry doc, no more say farewell to her whare, whom, in another narration will Mr. Rania was Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam behav will bat off he had an owl Snana he never Shara who Hamid Allah to Allah so now call Allah who Mr. Han, my dear brothers and sisters, as promised

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earlier in sha Allah, we'll take a short break. And in a couple of minutes, we'll be back so please stay tuned

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back my dear brothers and sisters, I would like to remind you with our phone numbers, this is a live episode of Guardians of the pious and our phone numbers, call 0020238 treble 5132 And there is an alternative number, air code 002, then 01 double 05469323. The email address is [email protected]. And my Facebook page is the Mohammed Salah official

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the Hadith, which is a long Hadith, and I quoted the Arabic text before the break,

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is a Hadith that revolves around the Beshara is narrated by a great companion of Musa luxury or the Allah one, whom the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam used to live to listen to his citation and he said that he's been blessed with a very melodious voice, like the people of Prophet David peace be upon him. And also, he's such a great companion he was sent along with why the measurable in order to teach people of Yemen Islam and rule them and so on. So Abu Musa Shari wouldn't read to us what happened when the Prophet salallahu Salam, once who sitting on a water well which is known as Aris, then he was the god of the gatekeeper. So every time somebody, one of the companions will knock on

00:29:07--> 00:29:10

the door or seek permission to enter upon the Prophet salallahu Salam.

00:29:12--> 00:29:35

Abu Musa Shari would consult a prophet and this person is why the door you say let him in and give him the good news that you will be from Accra, Ghana, a man of the people of paradise. Before we study the Hadith and record the English text, I would like to remind myself and you brothers and sisters, that these Beshara

00:29:36--> 00:30:00

these good news and glad tidings concerning the future, the unseen and what will happen after a resurrection and who will enter paradise and who will be saved and all of that, that all must be a matter of when, in what Illa when you have it is simply a matter of a revelation from Allah Almighty because of the

00:30:00--> 00:30:17

Sooner Allah is Allah Allah Salam in various occasions when somebody was asking him to be with him in paradise in order to be in the same level with Him in Heaven. The Prophet salallahu Salam would not give any promises because it is not up to him

00:30:19--> 00:30:40

to save any person or to admit any person to Paradise, or to send any person to hell far less sulla Kameena Emery shape earlier to Valhalla him and we are zebra home. It is not up to you. It is entirely up to a lot of mighty This is what Allah Almighty say to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Orissa and another ice is inoculated

00:30:42--> 00:31:12

well I can Allah heya Dima Yasha Wahoo Allah mobile moto D, you simply do not go those whom you love, it is Allah who God's whoever he wants, and he knows best who are the truly guided one who deserves to be rightly guided. So basically brothers and sisters, every time there is a Beshara then you must understand that this Beshara is delivered from Allah. As you said concerning her deja Omen, meaning of the Allah Assalamu alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakato we've got sister Asya from the case a.

00:31:13--> 00:31:28

So now Salam, aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatu who Salam rahmatullah wa barakato sister, ser Welcome to have you, Sheikh and Hamdulillah. How was your trip in Kuala Lumpur? It was great, wonderful. Hamdulillah shockula humbled.

00:31:30--> 00:31:52

She had to question. One question. There is one message coming that Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam used to ask forgiveness to the people before the month of Ramadan? Is this correct or wrong? And second, can we apply Vaseline on the lips because you're in

00:31:53--> 00:32:32

because of dry weather the lips become very dry, so can be applied to Vaseline when we are fasting is up and nothing. Thank you, Sister Asya. I'm not familiar with the such supplication before. Ramadan, the Hadith that we know concerning Ramadan that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam would tell his companions called Avila comb, shahada, NaVi that has indeed approached you or entered or come upon you a great month for you to Fattah whoever will Jana, what to Allah will narrow to soft PhotoShelter in the Hadith, which we're all familiar with. But the supplication that you've mentioned I'm not familiar with

00:32:33--> 00:33:03

Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam used to see forgiveness for his entire OMA all the time, not only in a particular time or during Shabbat and before entering Ramadan with regards to apply in Vaseline on the lips in case that there is dryness, which is hurting the lips, it is permissible just make certain that you do not taste that especially if it has a taste and you do not swallow any of that.

00:33:04--> 00:33:51

The safest is to use it after FR and to avoid using it during the daytime. Sometimes it hurts the dryness, it causes split in splits and bleeding. So it is permissible as I said, But you avoid you know, tasting it by your tongue, or you avoid swallowing it among along with your saliva. Thank you sister Asya from the KC Baraka law. So now with the hadith of Abu Musa al Ashari, Radi Allahu Allah, He said, I performed ablution at home, then I went out with the intention that I would stick to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him and spend the whole day with him.

00:33:52--> 00:34:19

Okay, one thing at a time. So he was not going to attend the prayer. Nope. And he was just going to meet with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Yep. And his intention is to spend the whole day with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and before that he performed voodoo so even if you're not going to pray it is recommended to maintain taharah and is recommended to perform although before leaving your house in case

00:34:21--> 00:34:24

that you meet some people and you make the

00:34:25--> 00:34:43

they ask you How are you gonna say Alhamdulillah we asked them and you agreed them. So in a deck it is recommended to maintain Tahara during the day, it is not a must do so it is such a good idea to perform or do before leaving your house even if you're not going to attend a prayer. A Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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Brother Mohammed from the case a

00:34:49--> 00:34:59

wildlife all Salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakato how are you? Okay, doing fine and hamdulillah thank you for asking Brother Mohammed from the case a Hamdulillah.

00:35:00--> 00:35:58

Say I have one question you know, I heard that the people in the overpay if they are syrup is heavy they will go to heaven. But my queries I also know that the people have lots of you know, mistakes and they've done but they are their deeds and the Rathi is heavier in the Oval Kiama but they have a lot of father in a field salsa but they it is heavier. Do they got to Jana tool or what is the ruling on that trick? Okay, thank you, Brother Mohammed. Okay. You may remember that we dealt with the issue of a Surat which is a bridge that for the believers to enter paradise they had to cross and it is on top of hellfire. And on both sides, there are colorlib as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi

00:35:58--> 00:36:52

wa sallam said, The Khalili or the Hawks are to hook down and to capture people who are lacking in certain areas. A person who did not fall out fulfill Awaji or a person who committed a sin and measure sin and did not repent from it will be hooked up, and he may end up in hellfire to be purified from his sin. So number one, the bridge is not for the non believers from the beginning when Allah Almighty will call the people for the hijab. After spending this long day or 50,000 years, and after the intercession of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam to begin the reckoning, the non believers will follow the false deities and it will be all ending up in hellfire May Allah protect

00:36:52--> 00:37:47

us again is that then the believers will be sorted out some people. The Prophet salallahu alayhi salam said the first batch who shall enter paradise without any reckoning, okay. And some people will be dealt with with the hisab and the hisab will be easy for them. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam said Manu Krishna hisab for the bridge, the area says will remain calm in our read ha Khanna and Rebecca Hartman naka de Mongolia, which means none of you, none of you, but shall pass by it pass by hellfire, indicating that some people will while crossing the bridge they will cross it with the speed of the light so that they will not feel any pain or experience any grief or sorrow. And

00:37:47--> 00:38:40

some people will pass it with the speed of the you know, those who are riding on the back of the horses, or running, jogging, walking or crawling. The speed of crossing over the bridge will be in proportion with one's good deeds or bad deeds. So those who have committed sins will be hooked up and will be delayed and will be purified from their sins by spending some time in hellfire. But eventually by the end the Prophet sallallahu ala SlMs said a person who has even an atom weight of a man shall not stay in hellfire eternity. Okay, so this bridge is for the meaning. But people will cross over the bridge swiftly or slowly based on their good deeds or bad deeds. May Allah Almighty

00:38:41--> 00:38:50

make us amongst those who will cross swiftly with the light speed so that we don't have to experience any torment or any suffering me.

00:38:51--> 00:39:27

So Abu Musa Shari perform will do and he went out and he was determined to spend the day with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said, I came to the masjid and they asked about the Messenger of Allah. So the Sahaba said, he had gone to a certain direction. So he followed him in quoting the Prophet sallallahu sallam, until he reached there at ease. It was a very famous water will, in a garden, in the suburb of Medina, nearby machico back,

00:39:28--> 00:39:45

there is the same water will in which of man is not fair and once was sitting, was dangling his legs, and he had robbed the reign of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam from his hand in the water will have Eris

00:39:46--> 00:39:59

there used to be seven famous water wills at the time of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. Right now none of them exist except the water will have been Roma, which was donated by

00:40:00--> 00:40:00


00:40:01--> 00:40:57

off man it now Fern Radi Allahu Allah and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam said, Whoever would by the aroma, Allah Almighty will give him our spring in paradise. So it was murdered. Now Fern managed to do that and unhandled a few days ago, I was very lucky to get a chance to enter the booster and the garden which has the water will have Rossmann if not fan room, which also the Prophet Salah Salem used to go and drink out of it. And it is still you know, it's water still gushing forth and irrigating the palm trees and many other plants. Masha Allah and I happen to drink out of its water Subhanallah so it's a water wind which is lasting for hundreds of years Masha Allah. So I will Musa

00:40:57--> 00:41:50

Shari Radi Allahu Anhu said he went and he found the Prophet salallahu Salam by the water well of Aries. So he said there I sat down at the door that he had relieved himself and perform ablution carbohydrate and who what our sallallahu alayhi salam. Then I went to him and I saw him sitting on the edge of the world and covering his shins which means that the shin of the man is not our because he came and he saw the Prophet Salah Salem in this condition and he did not cover his shins so as for me, or not our for the man and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam sat down on the platform of the world, uncovering his shins and then laying his legs in the world. So Abu Musa Shari greeted the

00:41:50--> 00:42:04

Prophet salallahu Salam muda Salam, and he returned back to the door of the garden. So the water will have Arius was in a garden in a suburb of Medina nearby Masjid Kibera in the Koba area,

00:42:05--> 00:42:48

Abu Musa lashari have determined to accompany the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam and serve him for the whole day. When he saw the prophets Allah Allah Allah Salam in this condition, he did not want to disturb his privacy. Rather, he decided to guard the prophets, Allah Salam and to be his gay keeper. So he said by the gate of the garden, after you finish this hadith, there will be another narration which says that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam sent him to be the gatekeeper. So he may have done that in the beginning, then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam retreated that and he asked him to sit there. Why? Because this is a garden people may come in and come out.

00:42:49--> 00:43:38

Maybe I'm in in in a mod which I don't want anyone to disturb my peace thinking reciting my Athar, contemplating. And that's why when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam asked him to be by the gate as a gatekeeper, even the closest companions of the Prophet salaallah Salam will not able to enter before knocking on the door seeking permission. And Abu Musa luxury would go to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and seek permission for them from the Prophet first. Yeah, and he for instance, the first person who came and he sought permission was Abu Bakr Salim, Walker Salim was the prophets best companion. And he was his father in law, so he entered his house anytime. And the Prophet sallallahu

00:43:38--> 00:44:07

sallam said lot of things about Abu Bakr and his virtues. But now since Abu Musa lashari was appointed to be a gatekeeper, Abu Bakr respected that he said, Wait, I will seek permission for you. So he went to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam and said it is AbuBakr by the door. He said the level of Usher hope and Jana, permit him to come in and give him the good news that he shall enter paradise. So Abu Musa Shari

00:44:08--> 00:44:19

went to Abu Bakr Salim and said, rasool Allah is Allah Allah Salem is allowing you to enter and he's giving you the Beshara that you will be from among Hello, Jana.

00:44:21--> 00:44:23

I'm trying to imagine

00:44:24--> 00:44:29

how would they feel if I see a dream that I was in heaven?

00:44:31--> 00:44:49

You know, last two weeks, I was in Medina. And I was invited to look at the structure of the room in which the Prophet sallallahu sallam was buried. And you know, how his body is laid down then

00:44:50--> 00:45:00

your lair Abubaker then Omar, then just guess what? Subhanallah I saw the whole thing in my dream. I saw the good

00:45:00--> 00:45:47

Even the Prophet sallallahu Sallam afterward in my night vision, and I was very happy. I was very delighted because I was able to see the room from inside the room in which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is buried the Hydra of our Aisha Radi Allahu anha. Now there are several wounds it is seen in doesn't have any doors. So neither a king nor dignitary and would ever get to enter or see it from inside. And that's why I was very delighted and I was very happy. What about if you see the prophets Allah Allah Cena himself? And what about if you meet him in reality in person? And what about if the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, Look, you are a man of origin? I will just need wings to fly out of

00:45:47--> 00:45:54

joy and delight Subhanallah so he said, permit him and give him the Beshara that you will be from a theologian. Then

00:45:56--> 00:46:11

Abu Bakr, so did karate Allah Juan, walked in, and he sat with the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, and he did like him, he sat to his right side, and he dangled his legs with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in

00:46:12--> 00:46:22

the water will uncover in his legs. Then the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam settled Abu Bakr and Abu Musa lashari returned to the door, and he sat down by the door.

00:46:23--> 00:47:11

Then he said, as intersecting statement that I left my brother Abu Musa his brother at home, and he was making wudu. And he was supposed to join me. So I was hoping that my brother would come. Because if the Prophet salallahu Salam is given a Beshara, to whoever comes and knocks on the door or seeks permission, then I was hoping that my brother would receive this Beshara he loves for his brother, what he loves for himself, even though he was not included, because he was the gatekeeper. So every time somebody would come, he would say, I hope it is my brother, but it never happened. Because next time it was armata. And the third time on Amata Bogdan he sat with the Prophet sorcerer and to his

00:47:11--> 00:47:55

left hand side, and he dangled his leg in the water will as well. So the Prophet sallahu wa salam will walk through his right then Omar to his left, and you all uncovering their shins and dangling their legs in the water well, then the third was Osman did not fan and he sought permission for him and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said is Allah Who will have a shooter who will join had a valuer to Cebu permit him to enter and give him Beshara that he shall enter Paradise, but he will be tested first. I cannot meet you will afflict them in another nation was not enough. And when you heard that from Abu Musa luxury, he said Allah said Alhamdulillah that he will be from a heterogenous Beshara

00:47:55--> 00:48:06

that he said Allah Who musta and Allah is on him to seek His help seeking his help to overcome the test the carnality in order to pass it safely,

00:48:07--> 00:48:10

with patience and endurance.

00:48:11--> 00:49:00

The one of the narratives the Hadith say diplomacy one of the greatest insight for our world to have a war home. This is not a night vision. This is a true Hadith Abu Musa Sheree is narrating what happened and he's an eyewitness to that. But when Abu won't say the Messiah Radi Allahu and her that he said, I interpreted this whole scenario as that was the grave of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and his best two companions, Abu Bakr and Omar, Yanni. He saw Abu Bakr to the right side of the prophets of Salaam, then Ahmad Fatah to his left side and all of Malik now fan did not get to sit with them in the same water well, he sat rather face and then because there was no room. So he

00:49:00--> 00:49:40

interpreted that as the three the prophets Allah salaam will work on a normal will be buried in the same room while off moneybagg fan will be buried somewhere else. My dear brothers and sisters, in brief that was the beautiful Hadith about the Beshara that was given to Abu Bakr Omar and of Manama fan that they shall enter paradise. May Allah be pleased with them. And until next episode, I leave you all in the care of hola hola Kohli had stuff on Monday welcome. Or SallAllahu ala Sayyidina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam, wa salam Wa Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

00:49:46--> 00:49:48

Allah Allah God is the greatest

00:49:51--> 00:49:59

glory to Him, offering humans to be the best, gave his best religion to Allah

00:50:00--> 00:50:01

Oh God is the greatest

00:50:03--> 00:50:05

glory to Him.

00:50:06--> 00:50:23

He used to be the best and gave his best religion to them. So why did they know that forgiving gold about an empire the eyes were shipping columns fire and stones, sending letters to the cheapest

00:50:25--> 00:50:36

day ignore that forgetting all about how bad or dies we're shipping cause fire and stones selling their best and cheapest