Riad Ouarzazi – Roc Your Ramadan 2017 – Day 25

Riad Ouarzazi
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Salam Alaikum

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Welcome to another episode of Ramadan 2017 day 25 I was almost done with Ramadan, you know four more days five or more days depending on the moon sighting but you know what, these are the time and shot loads. Really, you don't need to be making a lot more efforts to build up in your efforts with even more than doubling your efforts. Because this is like the final countdown. mothers and sisters I'm going to live in Charlotte with either with a beautiful name of Allah subhanho wa Taala because all the names of Allah, they call for this beautiful name all the names all the 99 names or more the names of Allah Xhosa call this name the name of Allah

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and we're

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the most affectionate you know

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we all claim that with Allah Subhana Allah data with a lot of our data in fact, he loved us before we loved him, you know subhana wa tada when he says your home or your shampoo and then he loves them and they love him. So Allah azza wa jal he knows that as human beings, we cannot live we cannot survive without this human needs. And human need is to love or be loved. We cannot live without love we cannot live without you know, loving Okay, love.

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He calls himself

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the most affectionate

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name that brings you comfort.

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That brings you also face and name as a different name, you know that when you when you tap the shoulder of a friend or a son or a spouse in order to say it's alright, you're alright, you'd be good, it'd be fine. You know, I see that name is doing the same thing to you, making you feel like you know, if you think that people don't know if you're if you think that your friends are staying away from you know that Allah subhanho wa Taala he said, What do you know? So how can we apply this thing into our life? In fact, what is the difference between a new adult and and because Allah did not call himself and heavy in Arabic and having

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he calls himself Alberto from what?

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So what is the difference between love? And what is the difference between love and affection? I would mention that in the next episode, until then, I say

Al Wadud – The Loving, The Kind One

Daily Reminder Day 25 – Al Wadud The Loving, the Kind One. When was the last time you felt truly loved? Close your eyes and have a think about it. can you probably think of certain scenarios or specific people. And if someone were to ask you how do you know that you are loved, you would list the things the person does to express their love for you.
When you are able to point out behavior that shows love, this kind of love is not called Hubb in Arabic, because Hubb is simply having a feeling of love. This kind of love – one that is apparent and shown – is called Wud.
Wud means love and an expression of love through the act of giving. And Allah swt has Named Himself al-Wadud: The Loving. This word was specifically chosen to show that Allah swt not only loves you, but that He shows you He loves you. And really if we have been in the dark about this, it’s time to take notice how Allah swt manifests His love for us – for you, for me specifically – everyday. Your heart will melt.

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