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Riad Ouarzazi – Roc Your Ramadan 2017 – Day 25

Al Wadud – The Loving, The Kind One

Daily Reminder Day 25 – Al Wadud The Loving, the Kind One. When was the last time you felt truly loved? Close your eyes and have a think about it. can you probably think of certain scenarios or specific people. And if someone were to ask you how do you know that you are loved, you would list the things the person does to express their love for you.
When you are able to point out behavior that shows love, this kind of love is not called Hubb in Arabic, because Hubb is simply having a feeling of love. This kind of love – one that is apparent and shown – is called Wud.
Wud means love and an expression of love through the act of giving. And Allah swt has Named Himself al-Wadud: The Loving. This word was specifically chosen to show that Allah swt not only loves you, but that He shows you He loves you. And really if we have been in the dark about this, it’s time to take notice how Allah swt manifests His love for us – for you, for me specifically – everyday. Your heart will melt.