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When I was a biller him in trouble the unforeseen elements the RTR Marina, Maria de la palma de la fille de la

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Chateau La ilaha illallah wa. ala

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Muhammad Abdul Rasul Allah

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Hey akula hahaha como la jolla. Come

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on nasaka moto moto mm Shaka moto jannetty Manzella salata, Allah lidija manaphy hurdle waitomo Baraka party Ania joumana, just a really after he oma La Villa de La Villa.

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My brothers and sisters, before I start, I'd like to pause for

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a minute to ponder You and I, to ponder on the blight happening

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and the atrocities happening against our brothers and sisters.

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In that fact all over the world, specifically in Palestine.

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It is our duty and responsibility

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as Muslims

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to remember

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flights and to ask Lazarus shall answer supplicate which is the least we could do

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to simply care that Allah alleviate

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his punishment, and to alleviate

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this pain that our brothers and sisters are enduring in the land of philosophy.

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The Muslims, my brothers and sisters,

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the time of the Prophet Allah sasaram, at the time of the Sahaba we had the dignity we had something called the Iza

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is the true Muslim in Islam meaning the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, he looked at the cabin, he told the Kaaba Yes, indeed. You are very dignified. Yokai but the

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the Muslim or the Mormon has more dignity in the eye of Allah associate in the sight of Allah social more than you Aqaba?

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The Muslim in the face of social in the sight of Allah has more dignity.

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Alaska does not like atrocities. Alaska does not like oppression. Alaska does not like transgression.

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We can just be watching and looking and we say or the flip off, you know the flip the channel and then you go and you enjoy yourself and with your family and your kids. But we have to ponder

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whose kids are they? whose families are they? There, your family's there, our families, they're our kids, aren't they?

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Aren't they your kids still under your parents still, aren't they?

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So think about this, my brothers and sisters.

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And remember there is the dignity of the Muslims. Remember there is a of obey.

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When he went to see and I mentioned this story, some time back here, one of the brain came was sent by but he was sent at that time there was a battle between the Muslims and the Persians.

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And he was sent to do some negotiation negotiations between him and Ralston, the leader of Persia

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and he came with this dignity.

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And to just cut it short. He told Ross don't listen Allah as those who were set up by Allah

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to bring people out Hmm. To bring people out who are sent by Allah to bring people out from the atrocities of other religions, from the injustice of other religions to the justice of Islam.

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And to bring people out

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from the tightness of this dunya to the vastness of Africa

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we brought

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brought us out during a bad mini Bella Terra Bella a bad memory battery bad either a better to build a bed to bring people out from worshipping people to worship in alas

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these are

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Mission. This is our mission. And my brothers and sisters of any who was only not even 25 years old

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did not go to Harvard or to

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Berkeley University or some sort of Oxford University Law, he went to the University of the profit center.

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And he had a mission and he had a vision

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and he had pride.

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What is the pride of the Muslim Ummah nowadays?

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That's why my brothers and sisters really need to think and ponder of what's happening. And then reflect. Tomorrow, we could be next you never know.

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You never know so supplicate and raise your hands in the midst of the night before Allah asking him to alleviate this punishment.

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Man Laszlo should help us to practice and to convey.

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Last week we talked about

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an introduction to this world of jinn.

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And today inshallah Allah will try to complete

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the this you know the second part of the of this series

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we hamdulillah we went through so many contents last week.

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We want to go back and challah maybe, recapitulate for those of you who may have missed last week just to go back and do a little refresh before we proceed with today's lecture.

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We said that a lot is those who created the gin

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before or after mankind

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before who can give me the I A

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who can give me the idea

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that explains or indicates that this gene were created before the inse

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I need the ayah if you know the ayah Give it to me

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No that's not it will not fill up the agenda will insert a lady I won't I have created the incentive to worship me that's not the ayah

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I also put it on my on the was on the PowerPoint on the presentation. Why don't you brothers and sisters taking notes if the sisters can they can also participate in this and we can send them candies wirelessly. And so yes, I need the ayah

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No, sir

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Zach lokhandwala Jana Hakuna hoomin and the Jan was created before before before mankind now Zack love him yes thank you

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I can make a little harder if you can tell me the the solar.

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So at the age of

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26 and 27 Yes Is that what 2627 I saw like a hedge but hedges 26 and 27 was insane. I mean mean insane. I mean so sorry man habemus known. Well Jen Holloman

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magenta Holloman and

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we said that the consensus amongst them that the jinn can do well

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into human bodies. And we also talked about some of their dwellings like

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some of these dwellings could be what do they live?

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deserted places,

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washrooms. dirty places, filthy places, oceans. They like houses that what?

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Okay, how about some houses? What