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Series by Feiz Mohammad

Death Series
Tafsir Of Surah Al Falaq
Tafsir Of Surah At Takathur
Tafsir Of Surah Az Zalzalah
The True Qualities Of A Believer
Understanding Al Fatiha

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About Feiz Mohammad

Born in Australia, Sydney, Feiz Mohammad travelled to Madinah seeking knowledge from several Scholars of Islam. After having spent 4 years studying in the Islamic University of Madinah, Sheikh Feiz travelled back to Sydney to live his dream – to call to the path of Allah. His unique style of speech attracts a wide range of listeners, and is very beneficial and interesting to listen to. At current, he is completing his Doctorate degree in Islamic Law in Malaysia, and we ask Allah SWT to accept all of his work.

In Australia,Sheikh Feiz Mohammad and others founded the Global Islamic Youth Centre in the Sydney suburb of Liverpool in 2000 to “cater for the physical, social, educational and religious needs, especially for the youth and the children, in accordance with the teachings of the Quran”.[11] He was its head in 2005, and in 2008 was still active at the centre.[11][12][20] Even after he left Australia for Lebanon, he continued to direct the centre from abroad.[21]

As of December 2008, the Global Islamic Youth Centre had raised $700,000 towards a new facility in Liverpool

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