How far I am from Jannah

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may wonder came to the Prophet SAW Salah and he said yeah.

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You asked the same question that the very last Prophet Marchesa, he asked of Salam when is the last hour

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so the province has said I've looked at him in the profit span and profit city.

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So what have you prepared

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for the loss?

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So you want to know in the last hour we thought what are you prepared for the class?

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So then I looked at the prophets of Salaam in silence

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and he looked at the prophets of Salaam and he said

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there are so look,

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I prepared my love for you and for Allah

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the love that I have for you in the love that I follow. That is my preparation for that.

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I love you and I love

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so that is what we strive for isn't the love of the Prophet and the love for loss

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the next hottie

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man of the people of Nigeria

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that is a place part of Saudi Arabia

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you're in the middle.

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Here was

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kind of valuers

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describes the man

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and he was shouting at the Prophet

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says How was daddy's basic voice

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and they couldn't understand what he was saying.

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Haha either. Hua Yes. Islam.

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So when they came up to him any dropped his voice.

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They understood that he was asking the Prophet about Islam or Islam

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he asked the Prophet What is Islam?

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And the Prophet SAW Selim says, Can we

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come to Salawat in Philadelphia Juanita Islam is outward of Islam is to pray five times during the night and the day. So they

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We saw last

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night and how many during the day

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so the main ask Allah is at all

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over five salads every day

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the fun of the last you must make that is compulsory on everything. So he said is there any other set of promises yeah as

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soon as

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you say the left to make this

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but it's compositive you to make the Firefox

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Hello Allah

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will see Yama Ramadan the prophecy about SAS in the month of Ramadan so we asked to report any other time compulsory no other compositing faster it's super fast

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but it's not compulsory, you need to fast

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the Prophet mentioned Zakka

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to an opposite and he said the same to the prophet

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is a more than that will give or just to an opposite that is you follow that is all you have to give that is about Allah spoke about

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the ligature that I can give you

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know composite

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all IBOR Raju Lu Wahoo If

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so, the man turned around when he walked away

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when he said loud

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law as you do as he

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he said so I'm looking to make anything more than

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what you just told me. I'm just gonna make fire so

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I'm just gonna fast in the month of Ramadan not causing you any other time. I am just going to get back to an office in the car

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that's it

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learn to surf. I will not listen any of that. But I will not add anything to

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the profit clan to the Sahaba

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cholera Zulu Lai sallallahu alayhi wa salam

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ala in South Africa

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he will be successful it is telling

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what does it mean? It means if you just you just do this, just the compulsory items with a profit say what is Africa had and what does success mean? It means you will enter paradise obviously he will enter paradise if he's telling the truth

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to all of us I think we should actually already be in Jannah

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all of us Macafem salah

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but tell me more about the Sunnah in the forest.

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Maybe not maybe I'm wrong, I will throw those words.

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So that is your Diem.

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That is

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and if you do what the property to this man he should do, then you would have good Muslim.

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You're into paradise

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and another Hadith. Similar man came and the Prophet gave him the same answers. Prophet, not the same answer. He also wanted to know

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also a Bedouin

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you also wanted to know you know what is Islam about? The Prophet saw someone say to him tabooed Allah Allah to Sheikh be che worship Allah and don't give any purpose to Allah.

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But to is the caregivers aka what to suddenly right.

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And the Prophet added one more

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key the family ties keep the family

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fed man Kane with the same question, bye

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with a hadith about teaching teachers how they feel children your husband, yourself

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write it on your put it on your fridge

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it was an eight by eight meter but I heard the Messenger of Allah say, May Allah bless the man who yes a Hadith from US

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property may Allah bless a man or woman of course who has had it from us and memorize it so that he or she can convey it to others for perhaps he's conveying it to one who will understand it better than

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and perhaps the one who conveys knowledge doesn't understand it himself.

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Always che

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you might think that this has been the become 182 that one to the No no, no no. Maybe that one to understand a bit of that you will understand or you what you will not understand Allah will give you understand. So you should do keep this in mind

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alright, this time intensity is that I suppose anytime will be alright. You want to come to the talks

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if there's any new people please write your name on this watch sheet

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please. So that we can let you know

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about the latest because times may change and then you will know so if we have your phone and tell them your

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cell phone number then we can get you

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any questions by minutes?

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So we know that

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but at the time of sun we actually do that. Isn't that

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kind of make sure

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met the

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in human

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so what do you say is that?

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That when we send the moment of sin, you're saying isn't that check?

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Is that a question?

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No, the

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there's a big difference between Shinkansen I know they start with the ACE but start with an S. But there's a massive difference between heaven and earth.

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Provinces Elon said khulumani Adda Mahatama

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or hydro Katarina to other provinces something

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every single

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offspring of other

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every offspring

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of Adam which means every single man

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named switches