The Emperor’s Challenge

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The transcript describes a emperor who faced failure and lost his position, planted seeds in a empty pot, and kept them for a year. The rule of Islam is important, and lying and false promises, including promises about Islam, are discussed. The transcript uses a generic language and a specific example of a young man's lie, leading to destruction of his future. The speaker emphasizes the importance of living in a world where everyone is the same way.

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you know, share? Yeah, I was always I always wonder, and all the different coaches, they all seem to have very similar stories when it hits certain morals.

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And I came across this story from China, Imperial China from centuries ago. And it has a similar vibe that we've learned before. But it's very nice story. And anyway, so I mean, the story goes like this, that there was an emperor who was looking for an heir to his, for his portfolio throne. He didn't have any descendants need to get an heir. So he set a challenge to his people. And he handed out seeds. Yeah, to his people. And he said, Anyone who comes back in a year's time, with the most beautiful flower from the seeds are granted my throat. Yeah, so all the people took it excitedly, when they were on their way to make sure that seed they planted, grew to be the best flower they can

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have. There was a little kid, his name was Lee. And he really and his parents desperately want to allow it to become the heir become the Emperor's throne. So he went away, planted the sea did all everything he needed to do watered it, and nothing happened, nor his friends and people around him. The plants were growing nicely and so forth somewhere beautiful, and is just simply barren piece of soil, nothing was coming. And the year comes down. And they have to go present their, their flowers to the Emperor. And Lee looks at his he did everything he could. Nothing happened. And it was just a empty pot. The soil had gone dry and just nothing there.

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And the people were laughing him. You're going to go to the Emperor with this pot. It's nothing then.

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But his father said to him, you tried your best. And that's enough present it. Yeah. My father as far as really noble person looked at his sons. Go ahead. So they went to the Emperor's palace along with all the people and they all presented their plans. And they saw what around them. All these pots with beautiful flowers. Yeah, and then this was empty pot, and people were laughing. And that emperor, he goes and inspects all the flowers. And each time he's inspecting. He's getting angry. He's getting angry and angry, angry, he's not happy, nor content. And he goes, and he looks. Everybody says that. How did you grow these flowers?

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Because the seeds we handed out with cooked them. Right? So they weren't able to grow into anything. Right? So where did you get these flowers from? Their allies? Yeah, they had light they had got seeds from somewhere else. And then he saw leaves pots, and then it was empty. So what happened? He said, It didn't grow. I tried my best. And he said, for you is my throne. Why? Because you are the honest person here. And you tried your best and even then you came here without any shame and said this is what I could do. So for you is my throat. And I thought that was a beautiful story. Amazing. Moral of the storyline leads to failure failure. This actually echoes a very famous principle in the

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Quran. Allah subhanaw taala. He said, RocketHub and after and he who lives has failed. This chronic principle was related in the context of Allah subhanaw taala, his mighty Prophet Musa, Allah is in his mission against the Pharaoh. He spent, as you know, a lifetime inventing lies

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about members of his community to demean them and construing lies around his own petty self to exalt it. So as the principle promises in the case of every inventor of every line, failure must follow.

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When he saw the miraculous miraculous signs of Prophet Musa the Pharaoh only descended into more arrogance and scheming, and he insisted that a challenge was necessary. Prophet Musa accepted on condition that it's public. So he said, My idol commune was Xena. What are your Sharon nurse Aloha? Your appointment is on the day of festivity when the people will assemble at for noon. It's got to be a public debate. But our last round over Gemma Arcadia, Allah said So Pharaoh went away,

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put together his plan that he came back.

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Musa he says to them why in the world to you that after a while Allah He can't even for us hater can be either don't even ally against Allah. Otherwise he will exterminate you with a punishment. And then he said, What? What God herb man if Tara and He who lies has failed.

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So that's the context, but it's a generic, timeless principle. And it just gives so much solace and soothing and ease to the whole

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Out of those who have been lied against, whilst also warning the liars that even if, say governmental policy or societal standards stand with them in the interim failure is rapidly advancing towards them with an imminent collision, if not ratified, email Liberal MP said that mean Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala a Neville Neville that on your feedback, I had only theory while I already well now he has had to be either happy Allah has guarantee that the people of lying must fail, that he will not guide them, but he will uproot them.

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So what are the types of lies which this principle that promises failure for liars encompasses what types of items encompass? I mean, I'll mention to forge a lie against Allah hydrodynamic. Worst of all lie. And examples of this include people who dare to issue Islamic verdicts without being trained, licensed to do so. Allah said wala Taku Libertas, before Alsina to communicate it. Had a hallelujah has a haram on it after a while Allah Hincapie don't falsely declare with your tongues. This is no fool and this is unlawful to fabricate lies against Allah subhanho wa taala. When even valid, he answered a question or with I don't know.

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The questioner said no answer. He's trying to encourage him answer he said,

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a little coffee is just a light matter.

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This mediamatic angry he said they said Hey Michelle, your coffee if there's no aspect of knowledge that's quote unquote light. Have you not heard Allah say in the Quran in NASA, not the ionic accountants or tea that we're going to send down upon you a heavy word, the Quran is heavy, there's nothing about their religion, that's light.

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And Imam Malik would say that whoever wishes to give an answer

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to every question, or whoever wishes to give an answer to a question, he has to first present himself to paradise and help

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to ask himself the question, Will this answer save me? If the answer is yes, then and only then he should give the answer. So they were not afraid of saying I don't know. Because they recognized that not doing so is a lie on behalf of Allah and is in fact a signature on behalf of Allah and His messenger. So realize that your opinions, your lectures, your post your comments, if they were not the product of deep understanding, and grounded knowledge, and the class sincerity, it's a forged signature. So that's a lie against Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Another example of lying, and how failure must follow is to lie against other people. Lying against Allah We mentioned that and lying against the people people's motives for giving intentionally false information varies from person to person, some people they do it for fame, because they know this is how to bring about viewership. They know that hype and sensationalism selves.

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Some people lie against others for a financial return. Some people do it because of a dispute with a colleague at work to protect a position. Some people do it because of envy.

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Some people do it against family members to save face. Others do it against an ex spouse to maximize harm, whether that's financial harm, reputational harm, or in child custody proceedings. Whatever the reason, may be, the Quranic principle is a generic one. And it spells out an identical outcome each and every time you walk out the harbor. manufac key who has lied, has failed.

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A true life story,

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contemporary one

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about a young man by the name of Muhammad. He narrates his own bitter experience with this Quranic principle that he did not honor. He said that during my teens, I fell out with another

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high performing secondary secondary school student. So I decided to destroy his future.

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I arrived early on one morning

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I had with me a bundle of weed.

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And it was with me in my bag. And it was something that me and my friends we used to take. On this day, I decided to place it inside the bank of that student. And then I told my friends to call the police because there's a drug dealer on site. And it all went to plan.

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From that day on, I have suffered incessantly he said, due to my injustice. He said two years ago, I was involved in a car crash that costed me my right arm.

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I rushed to the house of the student

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I begged for his forgiveness, he refused. He said that I had permanently damaged his reputation and miss his family, and he has become a complete outcast. And he told me that he is praying for my destruction every night without fail, because he'd lost everything because of me.

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And there are no veils between the prayer of the oppressed one and Allah, Allah has answered his prayers.

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And then he goes on to say, I then was involved in the second car crash. So now that I had lost my right right arm, I'm now also paralyzed. I'm sat in a permanent wheelchair. And despite my miserable life today, my greatest fear is death. Because what is it that awaits me with Allah subhanho data? Another real life story.

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This is a woman who narrates her experience with this chronic principle. She was a university lecturer, who had been divorced twice. She said that my story of injustice happened around seven years ago, after my second divorce. When that second marriage failed, I decided to marry a cousin of mine who was already happily married with five children. But to achieve this, I conspired with another cousin of mine who wanted to marry the wife of the husband I wanted. We conspire to forge ally against the wife, we accused her of unfaithfulness to her husband.

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So he launched our smear campaign, Mr. Family, and with the passage of little time their relationship deteriorated, fell apart, and it ended with divorce.

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Just a year later, the lady whom we had defamed remarried a man of high status.

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And as for the man I desired, he married a different woman. So both me and my cousin who conspired with me, neither of us achieved our goal. However, we reaped something else, the bitter fruits of our lives. I have been diagnosed with leukemia, she said,

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and my cousin was fried to death after having made contact with an electrical wire

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along with another who had provided us with false testimony to support our lives, he suffered the same fate. All of this happened just within three years of the incident. So how true are the words of Allah? He always speaks the truth he said what could have happened if Dada and He who lies has failed

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Why didn't we

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obey shield Oh another

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follow up on

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Oh, one as Selena Hooton busy.