Riad Ouarzazi – ROC Your Ramadan 2016 – Day 8

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of praying during the colder weather and finding images on emails to focus on. The segment also mentions a message from Allah's legal advisors to help people practice praying during colder weather.
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like a lot What about a Catholic he says he was as he was coming into another episode of rock your Roman Emperor doesn't 16th day a

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an hour more or less so photocurable a lovely Heather Sutton mobarak who said talking about those action items that would get us close to a luxury in this last month.

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Today we're going to talk about you and the salata family

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and select my brothers and sisters are in fact, Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, despite the differences amongst the scholars who know some say, you know, it's eight and some say that 20 and some of them you know, some even say they're over 30 or 36 regardless, but it is as soon as that the Prophet Mohammed used to pray in, in the in Ramadan. And then you know, when the first day he came, you know and prayed and the Sahaba they joined him, the second date dimension was crowded with the Sahaba and then the third is the Prophet didn't come out during that Allah azza wa jal may make it a mandatory salah and then the Sahaba they used to phase out of Salah which

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individually does in the era of amagno follow the law and law

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after the passing of the Prophet Mohammed notice to them and had that intellect knowing that there will be no more revelations to make. So lots of fellow with one instance of follow upon the unmap so he collected the Sahaba and he stole began, we we live in the Sunnah of the Prophet as of today by making a lot of telawi as the as a congregational sort of

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praising congregation. So whether you pray eight or whatever, you know, you bring your magic, try not to miss out a lot but I will certainly

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pray with the Imam shot Allahu taala and focus when the man is praying and try to find images on email that you can really concentrate with. There are certain messages they only care about patient and having a plan and you don't even feel you know that is sufficient as

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well as you should concentrate you know with the when the when you print them. Sometimes people you know they get tired and sometimes people sitting down sometimes people think but sometimes my wife because I think the soul like I could think the soul we need to work on the soul. It is the soul that gets tired, feed that soul. But when you stand in that I wish in the last month of Ramadan, you will create the sweetness of salami. So this is my reminder for today. I asked Allah subhana wa Taala to help us to practice on the phone very awkward only has I was stuck with it when I come to another episode of ramadan ramadan 2016. I say to them on a map like that.

Day 8 – The Importance Of Taraweeh

June 13, 2016

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