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Well Allah has this attitude the only one against that assailant, again this barbaric bombardment that they have been subjected to day and night, they are already one with this attitude. They want the hearts of the world and the people, where is this is coming from.

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So I went on, and I looked into the world our Halima speak to us about where this all comes, this strength in the household, where does come from his victory kind of come from somewhere, is going to come from the house first, from the inside, first, from within, it starts at home. And here are some of the qualities our villa they highlight, as the best qualities you need to work on to develop in your household, with your family and with yourself. Whether you're married or not having kids or otherwise, this is where you start from. It starts from within, as an individual I will need I need to develop these qualities from myself. If I'm a family person, man or woman, father or mother, you

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develop these qualities in your household. You teach your children yourself how to live by these values. And these qualities. So here are some of these qualities that they shared with us. Number one, they said the Muslim household is based on towhead and Eman. What does that mean? We believe in the Oneness of Allah subhana wa Donna the greatest empowerment. Why so because if you subject yourself to nobody, but Allah azza wa jal, everybody else becomes irrelevant. Everything else is completely irrelevant when you know that you belong to him. That's why one of the highlights of our statements when it comes to Allah subhanho wa Taala we say what in that Allah, we're in LA, hurrah,

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June, we all belong to Allah and to him our return shall be whenever single day you remind yourself of that statement. This is it. That's empowerment. I'm not going to subjugate myself to anybody except to Allah subhanho wa taala. brothers and sister we have seen this in videos after videos and one moment after moments of hundreds that comes from wisdom from elsewhere from the Muslim ummah. And we've seen that before in the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala and from the Sunnah of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam. Allah azza wa jal is highlighting to us and for us the story of Luke man and his son as he is now teaching his child, how to live his life. He's building now the foundation

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of his future household. What does he say to him? Cara? The first thing he says caught up when are you in entitlements Karla have Butterman Hordaland further confused Sahara and Alfa Samoa to Flordia to be Allah and Allah Allah evil hubby and my dear son, look, whatever that you do, whether it be to hide it under the ground or in the skies or anywhere you think you can, Allah will bring it out for us because his Latif and hubby is more subtle Subhanallah what are all knowing he's teaching his son to believe in Allah azza wa jal and subjugate himself only to Allah subhanho wa Taala his responsibility to Allah, that is power.

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I'm not sure how much you believe in that in your heart. Yes, we say it, but how much we live by it. That truly my life and the life of my household and my children is all about Allah subhanho wa Taala strength of Eman until hate and Yochanan certainty of that definitely is empowerment. The second thing we've seen that there is sense of their sense of truthfulness, sense of truthfulness and trust Subhanallah beautiful thing I've seen a video some of you might have seen it, in which they were interviewing some of these little kids. And when they were speaking, they speak like adults.

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You can trust these kids. They were trying to get from them. Some of the private and very, very sensitive material and information from the neighborhoods and these kids is none of your business.

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I'm not going to share this information with you where these kids are learning that from for being trustworthy

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for being trustworthy. Ask yourself the question. Would you trust your kids with private information that you have at home? Your personal life? Would you trust your kids with that, let alone the third the secrets of the OMA even. But we've seen that they live by that trust where this is coming from also from the teachings of the Sahaba and Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. As for the Allahu Allah was a young child when he was serving the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. He served him for 10 years. One of those moments, he said that one day I came a little bit late to her to the house like his mom was waiting for him and he came a little bit late. So she asked him Where were you? What Why so

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late? He said I went to fulfill some of the needs of the prophets of Allah cinema. I was going with some did some some matters for the prophets of Allah Salaam. She goes, what was it?

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Now the mother is asking us what was that thing that the Prophet said want you to do? And as her son is telling her, I'm not going to tell you the secret of the prophets of Allah says Allah. He's telling his mom, I'm not going to share this with you. So she goes, good boy, don't share it with anybody.

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His mother is teaching him to be a trustworthy person.

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Making sure that if someone entrust you with somebody you have that Amana you tell the truth and you always tell the truth. Brothers and sisters that power, that is power. Because Allah Subhana Allah says, yeah you Allah didn't I'm going to talk to Allah Allah Kumar Tsadikim. Or you who believe, be conscious of Allah azza wa jal. Always be with those who are truthful. Because when you tell the truth, you have the power. When you lie, you're always weak. You're always weak, because you know you're not you're not sincere. You're not confident with that lie. But when you tell the truth, it doesn't matter what people bring against you. Because you know, you have the truth and a strong

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foundation is with you. Brothers and sisters, from these beautiful qualities, we have seen the concept of justice, these people are not looking for anything but justice. They're looking for fairness for their cause, for their own personal love. And that's why that's what the man from the whole world. Where is that fairness? What is that justice? And that's why Subhanallah they stand strong for it. No one likes to be likes to be under oppression. No one likes to be the do to deal with them with injustice, and unfairness. No one likes that. Even children try that with your kids.

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Try to take the toy of one of one child to give it to the other one see what they do. They will fight for the rights from a very young age. That's a natural instinct. But imagine when you empower that with the teachings of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Hadith it no matter what the shear of the Allah turn what Allah He said one day the Prophet sallallahu Sallam one day his father, Bashir, he gave him a gift, a special gift. Like he favored him over his other siblings with a special gift. So the mother felt that was unfair, like why don't you give the other ones that sin? Or at least similar things? I don't know

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man, being that you are the recipient he was, what do I do? So the father he she said to the Father, go and ask the professor's of others. If that's okay, then I'm fine with that. The mother is asking the Father Go and ask the Prophet Salah Salem if this is fair to deal with your kids like she's trying to establish the household on justice and fairness.

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So a bedsheet goes with the son of a man and he goes to the Prophet said, Allah said I'm gonna ask him Yeah, Rasul Allah, I gave this gift to my son and no man and my wife. She said, that does not right, I should consult with you. So the Prophet says, I'm told I'm con Akula what are the kind of helter medulla daddy? Did you give all your kids the same? Like did you share with them something equals something similar to that? God Allah? He said, No, I did it. For God. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it have eschewed Allah ha ha you defending that I should Allah Joe. Go look for somebody else to witness this because I cannot be a witness for over injustice. Like that was unfair. You cannot

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do this. Imagine when you always keep in your mind, I need to be fair with my spouse. I need to be fair with my children. I need to be fair with my parents, you establish your household based on that. That leads to what leads to the fourth quality. There is a sense of Frommer, sense of mercy, compassion, empathy in that household. Look at the house of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salaam Ali, whether it was with his wives with his grandchildren. Rasulullah Hassan The best example that Rama Rama or Santa kala Rahmatullah mean you've been sent nothing by the mercy to the world. And he displayed that mercy in all aspects of his life. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, even

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with his servant, we go back to Anna's Rhodiola Juan who served the Prophet sallallahu wasallam for 10 years. When he was asked, How did the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam treat you in his household like you're a stranger and even if you're not even part of the household, you just as a servant, because Karla Allah He macaroni? Well, Anna Ronnie, he never yelled at me. He never insulted me none of this stuff. And he never told me for something I did why he did that for or something I did not do why he did this for me. Never. He was forgiving, overlooking, he understand. He's still a kid. It was one of those moments when he said one day the Prophet saw some send me he fetch me out to get

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something or to do something for him. So it seems that Anna's was delayed. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam himself, he went out looking for us. So he saw him sitting down playing with kids, what to expect as a kid so on the on the way out, he saw some kids playing suits or looking at them got distracted and suddenly found themselves engaged in the game. So he said, while I was sitting down, observing and watching, I felt he said, I felt a hand on my shoulder.

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And he looked up, it was Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam smiling his face and he says, Where did I send you? Because I'll do it right now.

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And he just went to fulfill the purpose or something. What a beautiful display of compassion, of mercy of Rama, forgiveness. Any parent could probably yell at the kid in that moment.

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Any kid could direct him with harshness. Why? Because you pray over your friends and you do the late manually.

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is wasted my time. But here's Rasul Allah has Salah Salem understanding the need of that little kitty because it's okay just go and get get it right now do it for me,

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Rama and mercy. We've seen some of these examples Subhanallah one of those moments that you can't Allah is removed from you from your from your heart and your mind. This gentleman who was holding his Rotorua, the soul of his soul. And as he was crying for the passing of this little kid, and little baby, and so much compassion that was in there so much Rama was in there that he even he opened her eyes, you want to make sure that she's, she's not alive, want to make sure. And he kissed her eyes in there. What kind of love and mercy and drama that you can see in that moment, like the Prophet saw some * his tears when his kids the past sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what kind of

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Rama will see from the life of the prophet Sallallahu Sallam as he was treating his kids when they're even in solitude Gemma, they're jumping on his back, and he prolongs his search there salAllahu alayhi wasallam simply just because they're kids, they're enjoying the moment right now. He doesn't want to break that moment for them while he is leading people in solitude Gemma, that kind of Rama and mercy when kids grow up knowing that their parents have this Rahman Muhammad, this forgiveness and they start place that practice this in their own household. What do you expect what kind of household will you raise? An unbelievable an unbelievable household, unbelievable family,

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brothers and sisters. Muslim household is also built on respect of the elders and on having that Rama for the younger ones. What has been involved in anyway when ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada commanded us in the Quran to observe that respect for our parents. Rasulullah has Salah Sam even extended that not just to the parents, to the elders of your community, your uncle's your aunt, your grandparents, your neighbors, the elders in your community in your messenger the prophets. Allah says in the Hadith kala Samina Is that a true believer not one of us, let me say midnight, Mala Mia Hamm, Salia Rana, were out of Chava Kabira, that a true believer, not one of us, the one who does not have mercy

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on the young amongst us, and show respect and honor to the elders amongst us.

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Showing that that respect to the elders and love and mercy to the young ones, these are qualities of a strong household and a strong community. Brothers and sisters, there is a sense of sense of cooperation, in that in that kind of strong household, we've seen that as well. Subhanallah and that community, how they support each other, how they help each other. Even when someone I was listening to a conversation interview in regards to people asking if we could have some of these kids, the orphans from Gaza to raise them in our own household. And the answer came No, you can't. Because these kids will be raised by the friends. And the neighbors of the family that lost the we're lost

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in this in this world. This is how they raise their children.

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Because everybody helped each other in that regard. Subhanallah so a moment remember a moment when two toddlers, the older one is confronting the other one, the young one and holding him and hug him after they were taken out from the rubble SubhanAllah.

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What kind of man mercy and thinking of the others even a moment of atrocity like this brothers and sisters, those qualities truly build strong people. And they're built they really build strong households and families. Compare yourself right now to those little kids and those people there and

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compare your household to that household. Compare it to them and see for yourself. If you can build a strong house or otherwise, work on these qualities may Allah subhanho wa Taala make your household and the house of the believers strong with Eman with Rama with truthfulness and justice. You are Ballymena cola cola. That was tough for a lot of the money welcome when he said Muslim universal Pharaoh in the Horn of the Fuhrer Rahim.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam, ala Sleeman Kathira to mama bad. My dear brothers and sisters, one of the things that shows us this religion resilience in that lifestyles Pantalon the last quote I want to share with you which is one of the most important thing that we've seen over and over again repeated is their attachment and dedication to the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam how many readers we have seen people always Quran the Quran, always reciting the Quran, in moments of weakness and difficulty and hardships when their lowest moment they find this kind of comfort in the

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words of Allah azza wa jal

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if your household is not really based on that, if you're poor, if the Quran has not recited in your house, what else is being recited in your household?

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I know that sometimes we just we just play that the recordings for example, to listen to the Quran, but what about you

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Why can't you decide the plan out loud for your family to hear it and make sure they do that actually hamdulillah in terms that they can all hear that Bismillah as though the we've seen that even attachment to the example of the prophets of Allah Salam as though although it sounds trivial example but for me that was a profound moment when a mother was talking to her son when she was actually checking his hair and he has an adult son, she has taken with him and and she told him you know what, the way you use you cut your hair that's not good, not acceptable. We're not going to get victory because of that because mom we're going to lose because of my hair cut. She goes yes because

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the Prophet service and forbade us from cutting our hair like this.

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Like teaching your children that the value is in the Quran and the words of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam more than anything else.

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We teach that listening to the Prophet Salaam and obeying the prophets Allah sellin it that leads us to strength and power and victory. Brothers and sisters. Make sure to vote your households based on that, that power of the Quran. And the example of the prophets Allah said and the follower of Rama and merciful another cooperation with one another, being truthful, being fair and just being strong with our Eman and our belief in the Oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala that's what builds strong households and bring certain individuals and strong communities. Allah who might live in a man foreigner, one foreigner be my alumna in the kantele Ellinwood Hakeem Allahu Allah to enforce and

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Taqwa was a Kia entitlements a kaha and Toyo Allah, Allah azza wa jal first one and also the afina fields as they are but I mean, Allah who must La Huella Homura but I mean, Allah who must La La Mirada but Allah mean Allah Who Marfan Hamid Bella AR Rahman AR Rahim, Allah Muhammad on behalf of the curriculum Vidya it, your Allah Allah Allah Allah Hamid Pharaoh said that they are a banal I mean, if Allah whom Dima to whom era but Alameen wa li him wild Adam Yamamura him about Allah in the LA Malaika saloon Allah Nibi Yeah, are you Alladhina amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam Otis Lima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad, while earlier was a big man, what the Allahu

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mancora firewall should you know be broken? Well, Amara was man and it was unsatisfiable savages main woman who Mr. Leo Medina welcome salaam