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Alhamdulillah he Allah hilmi bother me. Where Allah aqui bada Cody. Ko Salatu was Salam ala Mia even more serene, Radha. He was happy he was happy he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira Kathy Rob amaru favela. Amina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Mohammed rasuluh. Whoa. Whoa la Vina bajo de

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salle de la hora de m. My dear respected elders and brothers. Last week we spoke about the halifa halifa Italys the great Sahabi of our beloved Nivea creme de la Hollywood cillum as it been a fun, Ravi Allahu ta who we spoke about his initial years he's accepting of Islam. The reason behind is accepting of Islam being amongst the foremost people who accepted Islam about which Allah tala has spoken high highly about them for surgery, our own mineral Mahajan, our answer, and not only spoken highly about them, declared his pleasure with them, and has also told us to follow them in righteousness, quality data but

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then we also spoke about some of his qualities. His closeness to Nivea creme de la la wa sallam getting the title of the new rain because of getting married to the two daughters of Navy aquariums Allahu alayhi wa sallam, there after July rotten, having the honor of making two times Richard to ever senior and to Madina, munawwara NaVi Kareem saw some sane when he migrated to M sr, with his family, whose man is the first person to migrate with his family for the sake of Allah from the time of Nutella he salatu wa sallam. Then we spoke about the aspect of beta one and the great role was

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played. And then we concluded with some of his qualities, in particular his quality of generosity of Continuing from them another very great quality of monetary rhodiola Taran who was his love for the Holy Quran. So Han Allah this was something that was inbred in was money.

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That is why it is said about money. He used to say, If a person's heart is clean, then he would never ever get tired and he will never get satiated with the Holy Quran.

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can add myka dilla casaco to a Quran seccombe Aegina bergamotto hamesha Chaka Genesis Yara karanpura So when a person's heart is clean, he will always love to read the Holy Quran, and how much love he had for the Holy Quran. That all the time he used to read the Quran, towards the end of his life his must have was completely torn and tattered, because of his excessive reading. And also Allah Allah took this great work from him of compiling the Holy Quran in the different

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methods that it was revealed and he brought it together into one common method of reading which inshallah we will go on to make mention. Such was his love for the Holy Quran, when towards the end of his life, when his house was beseeched, and the people came to kill.

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His wife has a nice color of yellow tomato, the people either kill the person or leave him, don't torture this men, because I know that he reads the Quran every night in Korea, Malaysia and he completed and how Allah subhanho wa Taala. You see, we heard that the way a person lives that the way he dies, and

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when he was on his deathbed when he was when he was reading the Holy Quran. Today, many museums may there is a museum, I think most probably in Turkey and there are copies and speeches made of that, that were his blood cell. That particular Quran is still preserved. It fell under the iron fussa three kahoolawe

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regioni Shannon kegel Hoon Cho Shara Quito when it came upon the higher FICO hula, Allah tala is sufficient for you. His love for the Holy Quran. Another aspect of what was

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new was his fear for the accident. Many times you and I when we fear about the cover, the theory of the cover was also highlighted and emphasized.

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He used to cry in front of the cover whenever he used to go to the cover of Stan

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Until his beard used to get wet. And people used to say that when you we make mention of jahannam and addabbo cola you don't cry as much as you cry when mentioned is made of the tuber, and you should say the cover is the first step towards the year after if that step goes correctly, then all the other steps of the year after will also go correctly, but in that step and in that phase you have difficulty then there is going to be difficulty and other phases of your you're after and if you say there is no trial and calamity in this world, of which the cover is not a greater calamity. There is no trial in this one so ICICI is near to Tanya Mary Jo cover who says Jada is no other day

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so we made what Almighty Allah Allah make the cover a place of nor for us Allah, Allah there is going to be a place of darkness to not let us be in that difficulty make it easy. Make it from us. From amongst the gardens of Jenna. Allow Machado cobre who Rosa Maria Jana Allahu Allah Subhana Rosa Maria Jenna cola make for all of us, our covers, garden from Monza gardens of Jenna, we learn this was

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another remarkable aspect in which

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superseded people about which we normally read in the football. Yahoo mosman the one who had most modesty, the one who was the one most modest, nevermind modesty in front of people. Here there was a person who was modest even if he is in his most private moments. When a person is alone that time you can so easily lose your modesty. Let me dress the way I am. Let me be the way I am. It is said about osmani Ronnie that he never uncovered himself. Even in his most private moments. I share with you a Latina says one day maybe a cream sauce was sitting and maybe a cream sauce in him was sitting in an informal manner. The cost of minister law when he was thrown was exposed. Someone came and

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knocked at the door and said you're a pseudo law who wishes to enter Libya Kareem servolo cillum gave him permission to enter remain the way he was. Then another person wanted to enter who is it Omar? Maybe saucer them remain the way he was. Then after a while someone knocked and said who wishes to enter postman honey now via cream sauce lamb was sitting informally with Abu Bakr and Omar his two great companions. And then when he said was man, let me saw some cut up. We saw some

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put his quota correctly. And then he caught up and then he he he took his money and he sat in that way. I say see all this after a while. I should also say Yasser Allah, Abu Bakar came Omar came, you remain in your way informally. Huisman came, you caught up what could be occurring so Islam says, Why should I not show modesty to the person even the angel show modesty in front of him?

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This was his today there's a crying need for this particular quality of modesty and higher in a particular

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machine. If you don't have higher hunger

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to add me throw g Charlie Kurokawa knee higher his record record. High is the thing that keeps us away from doing wrong if only we can understand sometimes a particular aspect you look at our letter in the Holy Quran, and the Hadith has made mention of higher and modesty on one hand, modesty on one hand, Allah Allah says a shaker

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will Pasha shaytan commands you immortality in modesty, immortality.

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Allah Polina Mahara morebeer Allah tala prohibits immodesty, shaytan commands, Allah subhanho wa Taala then prohibited. Let me a cream sauce from then said, Allah higher, middle and higher, higher is part of dignity and dignity is part of gender. And, and immodesty is part of vulgarity. vulgarity is part of janome look at the two columns between high on one side and be high on one side. Then that is awesome said McConnell hi officially Illinois Elizondo McConnell for sure for sure, fishy Illa Shannon, modesty does not appear in any action, but it adorns that action. hierarchy, cheesemaker and Kusama which I

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thought was

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attacker data and when he comes into an action, then it makes the action flawed. So he

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was amongst those people his simplicity used to get up at the time of the hatchet make his own get his own waterfall while he was a halifa somebody Why don't you get the people to do it your servants. He said night is a time for my servants to rest I will do it myself. It is said that he used to sleep in emergent at the time of Tallulah and he used to be

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alone while he was a halifa. And when he used to get up the inputs of the Met and the masala used to be found upon the Mubarak body.

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Anyway, these were aspects about his personal qualities and attributes that has looked at other aspects of his life. Very close to me sauce them as we explained in our last talk, during the time of Abu Bakr and Omar, he used to be the supreme advisor amongst advisors to over

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the time of Bahrain who must be the governor of Bahrain. When he went to Abu Bakr and said, Oh, Abubakar, our me Romanian, oh, California, Mr. Allison Davis Aslam said, sent an Iraqi army to Bahrain to give doubt, and he had a very positive impact upon the people of Bahrain. Oh Khalifa appoint Allah Hitomi as the as the governor of Bahrain, as Abu Bakar via Latin accepted in the time of Oman. He also used to do this that when

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he wanted to appoint Homer as a philosopher, so he asked me and said, What is your view? What a remarkable reply he gave, he said, the outward aspect of humor what we see is taqwa and piety, his inner self, his body is even greater than that. Although we see his taqwa and piety outwardly, his inner self is even greater than that, we have made the right choice. So smile has supported our karate ultimo, in the appointment of Toronto as a philosopher, now over the allotted time, again

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used to be amongst those who used to advise Kumar of Yamato, he was more inclined to the disposition and temperament of the ultra horseman and he was more kind and compassionate and considerate, whereas Kumar gambella human, you see, if we if only we can understand these aspects about the different temperaments of people. Sometimes people have different temperaments It doesn't mean that they are necessarily wrong. You see amaravati had a temperament temperament when they allowed us to ask for people to give an opinion what to two or the capitals of butter humara through all of them and let the closest relative kill them to show that this is how can battle in Upton Park will have

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across our family members show kindness and compassion to them and inshallah maybe one day they will accept Islam. These are the temperaments that we saw slimtone our you Anika, Melissa, you wanna kiss la salette wassalam we had a similar type of disposition and temperament. And Omar, your example is like, has it Nuala salatu salam in like I said, musala Surah Surah propellor or criminal Katharina Tejada, nuestra escuela Lam said, Oh, not only one single disbeliever alive in this world, Musa Westerham said Robert masala havalim was to Allah. Allah put a seal on Pharaoh's heart. Do not let him bring a man until he sees your punishment. Can we say any of this MBR muscato salon was wrong? I

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heard from my camera. One day a person came to a guru canister saintly person, he said, Tell me about the temperaments of the llama. Tell me about the temperaments of the llama and the pious people. So he said, see, those three people are making them go and give each and every one has slept? And see what actually they reply. So you're not necessarily in the chronological order. When he went to go and slept. The first note was Look, he said, See, I don't know why you slept me first. Tell me the reason why you slept me. I want to know whether you are justified or not. I want to know whether you are justified in hitting me or not. So he said, No, I just want to see your temperament.

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Then he went to the next room. He gave him one one slip, that was rude gave him another slip equal to the step that he had given you. So he went to the third one and he slept him when he slept him he said that person got up and said, I am completely I'm only full of bones by you slipping me Didn't your hands get hurt? Let me press your hands. So my shallow

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conceptual Hannah, what do

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we want all the Aqua strokes to be like the third category which is not necessarily so. So it is in this valuable balance of temperament, that sometimes the society runs. And sometimes the society balances out because of these temperaments if only we can understand. Nevertheless, tomorrow the avatar who then had very close to a look at he was an advisor at the time of the death of Marina Marina photography altona was asked why don't you appoint people to to to succeed you who's gonna be the Khalifa after you

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thought about it for a great amount of time. And he chose six people, he said, these six people elapid must be within them. It must be within them. And they must decide who is going to be the next halifa within them within these six people. This is very interesting, because nebia creme de la while he was alive we have three examples in front of us that allowed us to learn

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I left it to the people, but gave indications that Obamacare is the most appropriate. So he did that resourceless example.

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He appointed a person without any fear or favor nepotism, or any type of favoritism. He did it on the sake of merit

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was miles above each and every one in terms of being the right person for the hill. So he chose someone, not from his own tribe, not from his own family, but based on merit, that is also the right example in terms of choosing a successor.

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When he came, he saw various aspects of qualities in the six people. But there was not one that stood up above all in such a way that you know, he was miles beyond each and every each and every one had different qualities in them. So Morocco said, Take these six people, and amongst the six they must nominate the halifa among them. What is interesting, he also gave further instructions. For others we learn a lot from what our Sahaba did when the Mr. Muslim said, as happy can no joke, this is what we learn. Look at how it allowed him to say he said the six people must get it together immediately after my burrier Firstly, he said So hey, my roomie must be the Imam in that interim

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period. Just listen to this. If any one of the six is going to be the Imam then people will feel inclined that this is going to be the halifa among the six No, no, I don't want to choose suhaib A roomie must be the Mr. Why you choose? Then he told

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me a lot of who you take? The answer is, and you got the place where they are going to make this choice. Do not allow them to go out except for need and necessity. And after the fourth morning see to eat that one of them come out in a decision is made. Now in the decision What happened? And then they asked him what about your son. So instead of go live numero uno can cause a casting vote. But he must only be called upon in an emergency. There are 63 agree upon someone three agree upon another one to live no more can be given the casting vote, my son can give the casting vote, but nothing more than that. And he used to say it is enough for the family of hottub that one of them

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has got the authority, the position of leadership, it's enough burden. I don't want another person of hardtops family to be in the position of leadership. Look at how differently we think today. He said one person from my family is not going to be the leader. Then he said, If you still have a difficulty, then a man is the man who is the most mature amongst you. Let him decide amongst you. So when the six people got together

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to call everyone and say okay, what do you want? Is anyone prepared to give over there? Right? So so bear with

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all of these

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people who are given the glad tidings of gender why maybe a cream sauce was alive. Although there was another Sahabi who was actually Papa Shara sidedness ad. Omar did not appoint him because he was a brother in law.

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Because of the brother in law, he said no six only although he was also amongst

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then Zubaydah the ultimate game over his life, the ultra

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ultra low gave over his right to

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the ultra and surfing happy workers gave over his right to

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then attract money. I also forsake I'm not gonna give, I'm gonna become a ninja. Now it is muted, was mine and then

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went to smart and said, if you are not appointed who you'd like to see to be the halifa he said

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that even

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if you are not appointed to halifa, who did you Who do you want to be the sleeper, he said, was 111.

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Then we have now got everything is now between these two people. He went to consult widely, even to the extent of books of history record, that He even went to take advice from the human of Medina. And then at the end of the day, he called each and every one equally a new smile. And he said, out of all my consultation, I found that people want

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to be the halifa After all, Marina caught up, and he asked his money

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to take out his hand and he pledged allegiance etc. And the reason why I've gone in some detail with regard to it is because sometimes we get people coming to cast aspersions and doubts. So we need to be aware of our history, that the people who are casting these expressions and doubts, those doubts, and those aspersions are not justified at all. From the Hadith clear mention is made. That was one of an era Viola was the correct person who Musashi with a lot of knowledge that maybe a cream sauce was one day sitting. Someone came and asked for permission. This is in Bucharest and he said who

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Is it? He said a worker he said, Call him in, give him glad tidings of gender. Someone came again afterwards who is it tomorrow to give him glad tidings and give give him great time allow him to come give him great tidings of gender, said Who is it was monophonic third percent him, he say, call him in giving glad tidings of Jelena also warn him of a trial that will come upon him when he is going to be the ruler. Then I would I will Sharif had his job.

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That maybe a cream sauce limit said, I saw a dream in which I was first and there was a link between me and another person behind me, the person behind me was Abu Bakar. After that there was a link between a person another person it was

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after that there was a link between the top and the third person, it was none other than

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Bush, Bonnie raviolo

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makes mention of any student of rewired under authority was a part of the ultra know that in a time of Hajj, he was caught up when his knees such as Kumar can ask you a question. Omar said, What question you asked. He said who is going to succeed you? And he said the people have already decided that was money I've been a fun would be the one to succeed me. So this was the consensus of the Sahaba. That was Avenida de la hora, who was going to be the halifa after has an omen of El trabajo. I bought into these details for us to understand our history. In China. We're coming weeks, we will speak and our other aspects of the life and of course one of the most tragic events in our history,

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and how

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to deal with that calamity and trial. About nebia creme de la Halima solomid foretold about it. Now visit Allahu Allahu wa sallam is wondering, in what was his lawyer and what was his attitude towards a tribe. We are lost due to lack of understanding the greatness of the Sahaba and also taking lessons from the Mubarak and blessing life was through that one and who denied