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This episode enlightens us on forgiving the oppressors and forgetting the oppression and collect the reward on the day of judgement from Allah SWT. A powerful story about how Imam Ahmed Rahemallahu Ta’ala forgave every person who subjected him to torture for almost a decade solely to collect the reward from Allah SWT on the day of judgement as mentioned in Surah Ash Shuraa verse 40.


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The segment discusses the struggles of a deceased Muslim man who was pressured into forgiveness by his father's oppressors and by his own actions. The segment also discusses the importance of forgiveness and the need for forgiveness in the face of suffering.

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Assalamu alaikum alaikum COVID accounts with the brothers and sisters Welcome back to people have put on where every night I share with you a story about how one of our pious predecessors interacted with an ayah from the Quran. So a few episodes ago, we mentioned Imam Ahmed didn't humble or the love of Thailand, what Allah and the way that he dealt with, you know, a man that was interrupting his halaqaat that was cursing him and that was trying to get him to respond in you know, in like manner. And we saw how little Kamala took the high road. Now look, that's just a man that's walking into your halaqa and insulting you. But let's not forget that, you know, I'm not gonna lie Malala

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was tortured for a great portion of his adult life and tortured in ways that that you know, many of us have never even heard of right, he was, you know, somehow all of the skin was taken off of his back from the amount of floggings that he went through. They attempted to kill him in many different ways. And he got him a whole lot by the grace of Allah eventually came out of that, and the entire Muslim world sided with him against his oppressors. And you know, his last few years were peaceful and calm. Now what we see happening with him and him a whole lot after that, is that all of these people that used to torture him in prison, all of the guards all of the people that that cursed him

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and so on so forth, they just constantly he used to come and seek His forgiveness and saw that the son of Imam Muhammad Rahim Allah, He says that my father you know, forgave each and every single person who tortured him so how to love each and every single time a person came to him and said, I used to beat you and they would be just full of tears. Right? And please forgive me email. Kamala would forgive them anytime someone came and said, we backed by Did you email him Hola. would forgive them. sada said to his father, he said I asked my father, you know, what about those that died before they could seek your forgiveness? What about them? You know, at least these people have come

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to you and sought your forgiveness. What do you have to say about those who have died and did not seek your forgiveness? Imam Ahmed Rahim Allah says, la caja Allah, Mejia Tuffy Helen and Barbara he he, he says that I have forgiven each and every single deceased person for the beatings that they used to inflict upon me so how to learn not for seeking forgiveness for no other reason. So slotta said, I understand when people come to you and seek forgiveness from you, then you should forgive. But those people never even sought forgiveness from. He said to him, listen to my son. He said Allah subhana wa tada said, and this is the surah or this is the ayah we're in today, sort of the Shura

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verse 40, feminine alpha or agile who Allah, whoever forgives and pardons then his reward is upon Allah subhanaw taala. So he said that when I went when I came across this idea when I studied it, he said I came across a narration from your mom, Hassan vasila him hold on to Allah and listen to this narration. So the mom hasn't abasi narrates either karma yom will be Amity Jaffa till oma mokulua Avenida de la that when the day of judgment comes, all of the almost all of the nations will be on their knees in front of a loss of Hannah junta Allah. And he says, some new idea and lay a coma in an algebra who Allah, Allah will say, Don't stand up unless I owe you some.

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Some have Allah don't stand unless I have something to pay you for your como lm and alpha for dunya. And no one will stand except for those that used to forgive in Parliament in this world. So they would stand up and Allah Subhana Allah, we would give them that special reward that he promised them. Same act with him, Allah said I want to be one of those people that stands up when everyone else is on their knees. And he says for Jan to immediately help I forgiven all of those people that have deceased for what they that have died for what they did to me. So gnuplot, Wilma, Allah, Rosalyn, and law you are the one law who be suburbia. And he says, Look, a person should you know

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once upon a man is to make sure that Allah will not punish anyone on the day of judgment because of him, trying to look at that heart of gold, usually a person that's been subjected to that much torture, you talk about solitary confinement and torture for over a decade. Usually a person like that would be bitter. Look at that heart of gold that he has. He's telling his son, what you want on the Day of Judgment is that no one's going to be punished on your behalf. You don't want a loss of power to punish anyone on your behalf. And in fact, do you want to be one of those people that stands up when Allah subhanaw taala gives that special reward? We ask Allah to give us those big

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hearts and to allow us to be able to forgive and pardon. You know what, even when people don't seek forgiveness from us, we ask Allah to allow us to do that, not because they deserve it but because we want the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah, Lamine de la heightened for joining us tonight in sha Allah tada I will see you tomorrow for another episode of people of Quran was salam o Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh