Andrew Tate Describes Fasting During Ramadan

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Assalamualaikum brothers and sisters, I hope you're having a blessed Ramadan, I want to take a moment and comment on our brother Andrew Tate, who we have forgotten about. He's in our two hours. He said, my food comes at 8am noon and 5pm I have a plastic bag I used to try and protect the food from insects, I spend my entire day destroying the flies and the ants who get close to the meal. And now understand this so he gets his food brought to him. But he can't eat at that time when the food is brought to him. So he's preserving his food protecting his food from the flies and insects. And then Andrew goes on to say in accordance with Ramadan, when the sun goes down, I eat the stone cold

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food in my cell my by myself and hunted our brother is fasting during this blessed month of Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam. He's done. The first one that first one is to testified that there's nothing worthy of worship except the Creator of the heavens and earth, God Almighty Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. And this would include all the preceding messengers and bring someone into Islam. And then I'm sure he's establishing the prayer five times a day. And he's connecting, he's doing slowly he's on his road. He's on the road to success. And I'm asking you a question. I'm gonna ask you a question in a minute. We've seen him walk into the Romanian court with

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this book. And many see now the wisdom we start to see 100 Allah because with all of the distractions of this dunya it's very hard for many people, especially someone in his position with all the money and all of the glitz and glamour of this life to sit down and to read the book. So 100 law now, God Almighty His wisdom, he's put them in a position that he can go ahead and connect with his creator through the book that he revealed the Quran and we see this phenomenon. In places like this in jails all across the US. We've seen I've interviewed people on this very topic, who work in the prison systems who have testified that Islam is also in the prison systems of fastest growing

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way of life in the world. Why? Because when people sit in these environments now they start to contemplate and think, without all the distractions, what's the purpose of life, why I've been created, and what they're born upon. And all the man made religions that they were exposed to don't make sense don't have the evidence, like the Quran does, like Islam does. Now how about ourselves, our brothers and sisters what I want to leave you on if I if our brother agitate can be can be in that cell, pushing away fighting against the insects to preserve his food so he can eat, he can be in jail so on the road to success connecting with the Koran, what about you?

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What about you outside of that jail cell in this dunya? Are you making time for your Creator? Are you establishing that direct connection and Salah five times a day? Are you fasting during this month of Ramadan? Are you adhering to all of the things that Allah had told us to do? The thing? Are you refraining from the things that Allah has told us to refrain from on your way through the spiritual boot camp? To get yourself closer to your Creator? Are you continuing that role? You still going to the nightclub? You still fornicating he's still gambling? He's still drinking alcohol. You're still selling alcohol? So this is just a quick reminder Yes, our brother there may Allah free

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him and become stronger and the dean and my Ella using for the dean for the Dow or when he comes out of the jail and sha Allah. He's not been forgotten but this is a great opportunity for us to reflect now, as he's getting close to our brothers getting close to the book. Are we getting caught? Are you getting closer to the book? Are you adhering to the book? Are you hearing to the Quran and the Sunnah, something to think about Salam aleikum. Edie is taking this Amana of the people very seriously. He was just sharing a story with me that they had some benches inside that needed to be moved in Edie together. Father and son were lifting these benches join us in this project in

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Charlotte so we can establish beautiful Teamcenter