Ramadan 2016 – Quran 30 for 30 – Day 17

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Quran 30 for 30 – Day 17 – Surah Al Mu’minun & An Nur Summary

June 22, 2016


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The transcript describes the importance of faith in our lives and how it should be used to observe everything we observe. It emphasizes the importance of faith in the way that we observe everything we observe and that it should manifest itself in the way that we observe everything we observe our grandmother, our hearts, our brains, our private parts, everything should be laced with the rem rem Remember clause of Allah. The segment ends with a statement about the importance of obeying Allah and following guidance. The speaker apologizes for being late to a presentation and encourages attendees to pay attention to their highlights.

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All right.

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So we're gonna give this another shot now and Shawn Montana, as you guys might be able to tell, I'm traveling right now, and I'm good enough, so I'm not in my, I'm not in my office space, My throat is a teeny bit better, I'm gonna not where it's not as much pain, I just have to speak at this at this volume. So you're gonna have to just turn up your volume and Charlottetown.

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But I do want to, I do want to catch up, I don't want to fall too far behind in Montana. So again, I'm out of I'm out of town. But at the same time, the connection hopefully should hold up in southern Montana. I appreciate all of your doubts. As you can see, again, my voice is not as loud as it should be. But at the same time in Charlottetown, hopefully it's enough to to deliver the message. I don't quite anticipate this to be 30 minutes long. I'm not fasting, so please forgive me when I do this.

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I'm the law. So I'm not fasting because I'm traveling and I'm sick. So forgive me if I drink water while I'm while I'm teaching. And so we're on June 18. We are on salted Menon and certain Nord. And as I said, it's a very special part of the program. It really connects very well to what we were talking about. If you all remember one of the things that we covered in certain hedge was that this was the first time that loss of Hannah Montana actually called us Muslims who watched the vacuum, or some magical Muslim in Allah subhanaw taala chose you. And he called you Muslims last time, namely Muslims, and some of the scholars said that Ibrahim is use the terminology of Muslims. So we're

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called Muslims, and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam whenever he uses Islam and Eman together in a sentence, then Islam refers to the external practice, an amount refers to the internal practice. Likewise, Allah subhanaw taala, insulted hundreds, Allah subhanaw taala uses,

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you know, regarding the headwinds, that they say manner that they say that we believe in Allah subhanaw taala says rather say Islam, now we've submitted ourselves. So submission is external. Islam is usually used to refer to the external submission, whereas email is the internal submission. And we see this in the famous hadith of gibreel, where who Islam came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And he asked him, tell me about Islam. And the Prophet slicin gave him the five pillars of Islam. And he also said, Tell me about a man and the Prophet slice on gave him the articles of faith. So when they're used together, they refer to the external and the internal, if one word is

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used without the other, then the words become interchangeable. So what we see somehow realize that in the previous sort of sort of hedge, we're called Muslims. And then the next word Allah subhanaw taala calls this what is known, and sort of remotely known is literally a breakdown of the character that Allah subhana wa tada wants from us how Allah subhanaw taala wants us to behave as human beings. So last pentose has got a flat Helmut Menon that barely the believers have succeeded in the previous pseudos Allah subhanaw taala talks about how people are hasty for the hereafter. So people have a job, they have a sense of haste, and they're rushing the Day of Judgment, they're challenging

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the Prophet slicin and they're saying go ahead and bring us the punishment of a las panatela and the Prophet slice Allah is warning them from the punishment. here Allah subhanaw taala saying, the believers have succeeded. So this is, you know, in the past tense and you know, really you can imagine the believers in the hereafter rejoicing so they have succeeded because they avoided those things that have lost power without a warrant of and they kept themselves focused on the hereafter. Lost Pantera says alladhina homefree soldati him harshly around. They are the ones who submit themselves humbly in prayer. These words, when a loss of Hannah Montana called Djibouti it is Salaam

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Alaikum created the heavens and the earth and debris it slumps, I'm sorry, and he created paradise in Hellfire and debris and it Salaam saw paradise and Hellfire and debris and it Islam was worried about the fitna of Hellfire and how difficult it is to get into paradise Allah subhana wa tada responded with God the African woman on a levina Humphrey Salatin harsh your own, that verily the believers have succeeded. Those who have humility in their prayers. So the key to success was placed in salon was placed within the prayer, even Subhana Allah at the very inception of the agenda and now of Paradise in hellfire. Now if a person is engaged and speaking to Allah subhanaw taala if a

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person is really really, you know, focusing on that content

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recession with the loss of habitat is speaking to God, both within prayer and outside of prayer if they focus themselves on conversing with Allah subhanho wa Taala then they naturally will purify their tongues and how they speak to the people. So last pelletize as well larina, whom I love, we mortally alone and those who turn away from idle speech, they turn away from useless speech. The scholars say that a person who is engaged with a loss of Hannah Hosanna will naturally start to tune out things that take them away from a loss of Hannah Montana. So these things go together. And last time I mentioned one Latina homeless, the county found it on, and those who pay their charity they

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observe their charity. Well, Athena huli furuta him have his own, those who guard their private parts ala as well to him Alma Malika to a man home for a normal Yamato mean, except for their wives or the that which their right hands possess, then, then they are free of blame the feminine Patel or only kapha, like a homeowner, I don't. But whoever seeks beyond that, then they are truly amongst the transgressors. I lost pets. I mentioned one Latina humbly Mr. T, Mr. fdmr own, those who uphold their trust and their promises. So if you realize this is very comprehensive prayer, it's referring to prayer, it's referring to what you talk about how you engage yourself in gossip or in, in

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conversation, it's referring to how you guard your private parts, it's referring to how you spend your money, you spend it in charity, it's referring to how you uphold the trust and the promises.

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And then finally, a last minute Ty says, well, Lavina, Hama, Allah, Allah, so solo it when you're happy alone, and those who carefully maintain their prayers. So you both have to pray on time and maintain the external prerequisites of the prayer and the conditions of the prayer, as well as the internal part of the prayer. So last pantai says these are the people that inherit paradise. These are the people in Edina Garifuna for those whom fee holiday and these are the people who will abide within paradise forever. So basically, you know, I'm going to shorten this up but but I do think it's very powerful. The way to summarize is just certain what we know and gives us this roadmap to

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be a decent believer to be someone who's close to a loss of time. And it tells us how a man should govern our entire life, that faith should should manifest itself in the way that we observe everything we observe our limbs, we observe our hearts, our souls, our eyes, our our private parts, everything should be laced with the remembrance of Allah subhanaw taala everything should you know should consider you should always consider email and consider the faith as you you carry yourself and that should lead to you being an overall more beautiful person. Now somehow at the end of certain what we know, a loss paradise as

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a loss pantile says we'll pull up the third Warhammer antihero like me and say Oh my Lord, forgive me and have mercy on me. And you are the bust of those who show mercy. So the under certain we known as actually do app that we can practice in our lives in Charlottetown and we can take for our lives. Then the next Surah Surah to nor it's taken from obviously light is taken from Allah who notice similar to a lot of the very famous verse, verse 24, that a lot is the light of the heavens and the earth. But uh, nor focuses on how a moment functions within society, how the believer functions within society.

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I apologize, guys, this is a tough talk, but inshallah I'll get through it. And what we know and focuses on your relationship with a lot, and more translates into how a man functions within a society and at this point.

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So for example, and sorta to note, last panatela condemns fornication, and sort of from what we know, in the last few minutes, it mentions those who keep their private parts pure and sorted to know the last pints are condemned slander. And sort of Didn't we know the last pantai says the believers are those that keep their tongues busy with the thinker of a lot.

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I'm sorry. I'm going to finish early today in Charlottetown. So in certain what we know in the last panel says those who guard their eyes and sort of the Nautilus pants I mentioned the command to lower the gaze and so on, so forth. And so what we know in the last prototype dimensions, people who uphold their contracts and their covenants, and suited to know Allah subhanaw taala condemns the mistreatment of the captives. So basically, sort of to me, no one talks about the individual, sort of the node is really society how society is affected by individuals that are moved by a man. So particularly when it comes to how to slander people that are not engaged with Allah subhanaw taala.

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They tend to busy themselves and things that aren't beneficial for them. So the slander of a shovel the lawn, in particular is covered here, and some had a lot it's really beautiful because Allah says to

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Double blacklisted default a lot of time home? Well yeah for what you're allowed to have one a yahoo.com that we should forgive and have and pardon people because we want a lot to forgive and pardon us. The end of certain what we known is us asking a lot for forgiveness and mercy. So So Pamela, you want forgiveness and mercy you have to show forgiveness and mercy even when you are the victim of slander and the victim of something that is that is heinous.

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I'm sorry, finally, in verse 47, Allah subhanaw taala describes the hypocrites.

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And then the way that sort of the nude ends is it it sort of differentiates between the hypocrites and the believers because you can observe Islam externally, but a man has to really transform your heart and transform your code of conduct and the way that you're going to keep yourself busy with a loss of knowledge and keep yourself moving towards a loss penalty. So for example, in verse

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4047 of Swords the Nautilus pentatonic that condemns the hypocrites those that of course portray Islam, but the moment that they have to, to exploit a situation to do unholy things they will so they're not upholding the covenant that set of ethics that are lost as I mentioned, certain will be known, and that's leading them to do all sorts of harmful things in society, and they will make excuses and they will find ways to exploit the revelation and exploit the Scripture, but it's not going to be of any benefit to them whatsoever. So last anti says way akula una bella Bella. So they say that we believe in a lot in the messenger while partner and they say that we will follow along

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the messenger slice on film as a welder for reconvene home and that de la liga will not allow a bit more meaning and the last franchises and then a party of them turns away from that covenant and they are not from the believers and Allah subhana wa tada then mentions who the believers are in Americana called momineen that barely the believers, what they say when they are called by Allah and the messenger. To judge between them they say some are not what not what would I get home and mostly home? They say we hear and we obey and they are from those who are successful. So handle at the beginning of Switzerland what we know got the F le helmet mean on the believers have succeeded here

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Allah subhanaw taala reaffirms that the believers because they obey Allah and the messenger slice on them with all of their fares that they are from the believers.

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So lastly, guys, this is all I can handle for today inshallah I thought I could do more. But lastly in verse 62, Allah subhana wa tada says inimitable Nino and La Vina Armand will be la he was sued he will either account no matter who Imran Jeremy lamb yabo What is that Dino? The believers are those who believe in Allah and the messenger slice Allah. And when they are when they are meeting with the prophets lie some of for a matter of common interest they do not depart until they've asked permission. Basically Allah says the believers will show in the harsh times they wouldn't flee from the Prophet slice Allah, the way that the hypocrites would. So again to sort of summarize inshallah

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time just so you can.

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Just so you can keep these things in consideration together in sha Allah sort of did not mean on beautifully highlights the conduct of the believer, and sort of the node shows us the rules and society how beliefs should govern a society and protect a society that if the people are observing their tongues with a loss of hundreds and then how would their tongues for example, become busy with slander? Because Allah mentions the slander of Irish law, the law I'm uncertain and nor is color coded, will be seen article when the slander met your tongues. So how a lot You didn't even process the slander. Your tongue is so busy speaking about people and gossiping, that your tongue just you

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know, was met with the slander and it immediately bounced it off. And you started to speak about people well, if you were observing the code of conduct and sort of remotely known, well last pancreatitis, as well Edina, high minded, lovely moderate on those who don't waste their time, with speech that is idle, then you wouldn't have fallen into that. So so it won't be known as the individual code of conduct, sort of the new talks about the manifestation and society as a result of a person that really governs their eyes, their hearts, their tongues, their limbs, everything with a man, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect us from harming ourselves or harming the society around

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us because we depart from that which Allah has given us we asked a lot to protect us from hypocrisy, and we asked a lot to grant a sincerity

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does that mean well hold on. Thank you guys for attending. I do apologize. I tried my best so I got halfway through inshallah, but I did give you at least the highlights of this just in sha Allah time and that you can really pay attention to inshallah, I'll see you all tomorrow. Have a sinner mind