Repentance And Allahs Mercy

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Alhamdulillah Allah

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wa salatu

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wa Salatu was salam wa sallam be even more serene while he was happy, who seldom at the Sleeman kathira

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Amato favela

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smilla rahmanir rahim kuliah

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Venus Rahu Anna and to see him. Latifah to Mira Mattila in

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Aruba Jamia in

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my dear respected elders and brothers, Allah azza wa jal has given humankind

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the ability to choose between two paths.

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Allah has given him the ability to choose right yes deeds.

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And unless Allah has given him the stock that Allah tala has given him the power, which although Allah subhanho wa Taala is not pleased with but has given him the freedom to choose a path which leads to sin and transgression Allah tala in Sancho dono ftrs da netcom Quranic str or Bri kitara. avi Cusco str dia against genotype Docomo

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even if the consequences of both of these are very different. For Allah ma foodora ha ha ha ha ha Hama Rosa. waka Mundus.

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Allah Allah says I've given you the ability foodora Aqua fish fully official and Fisk means transgressed the transgression or the ability to do righteous deeds. When a person desert it as deed, it is part and parcel of him to feel contented.

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Maybe Kareem saw Solomon's

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name in a Latina either

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way either so his stuff through Allah make us amongst those people when we do good, we feel a sense of contentment, not a sense of pride, not a sense of considerateness but a sense of contentment and thanking Allah, that Allah has given us the ability to do it as deeds, the netcom connected

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to Allah tala CMS shikara Allah tala novosco hamari Assam for my Allah gave us the ability to do righteous deeds, never to be proud and arrogant with regard to our ideas deeds. And if for example, we turn out Alia to Billa Eliyahu Billa. To do wrong deeds, then we turn towards Almighty Allah subhana wa Taala in repentance and in forgiveness, asking Allah Allah for forgiveness, some while it is part and parcel of human nature and temperament without ever saying sin is part and parcel of human nature and temperament. In some cases say you know banana in some cases say Allah tala says Holika in Santa Rosa we have treated human being weak, that he is prone towards transgression and an

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elevated khulumani Adam ohata own or Pharaoh Hata in Moodle Mustafa Iran, oh come on call. Each and every human being is a sinner.

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Each and every human being is a sinner. The best of sinners are those who turn towards Almighty Allah in repentance and forgiveness. This has been very beautifully portrayed in one How do you feel Sahih Muslim? That Nivea creme de la la wa Salaam it says no love.

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If human being in you do not commit sin. Allah will create another nation who will

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allow will create another nation will do some of Nicaragua

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If you don't commit sin, Allah will create another nation who will, who will do some karma club is MIT The meaning is not that Allah has justify itself. But Allah has explained that human being, he is inclined towards this end there is no other human being besides salatu salam who are not commercial.

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And one of the reasons why Allah has made mentioned that a human being will commit sin is there are certain qualities of Allah subhanho wa Taala that are

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those qualities which are inclined towards mercy and forgiveness or photo Rahim. Now, when is Allah tala going to manifest those qualities of forgiving people if people don't go with sin?

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If people don't commit sin, then well isn't that Allah going to manifest those qualities of forgiving people? So there is why nebbia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam it said that this is a reality each and every one will commit sin. However, remember one thing that Sam is no ordinary matter. It is a spark, a small spark that can destroy human being. Today, sometimes you can get one small spark that can, you know, bring an entire city into flames. We saw what happened in days now just few weeks back. And this can happen because once fun. Sim is like that one spot that can destroy you if you allow it to remain. So the moment as part of symptoms, we have to create an

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antidote for that. And what is the antidote for it because sin is no ordinary matter? I believe in Masuda de la Can you say in min hiraga roba who can no

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more min looks at sim like he's sitting underneath a mountain in which these loose rocks and he doesn't know when that rocks are going to fall upon him. Yeah, this is a reality when you commit sin. You don't know that the sin I formatted. It could become the means of my destruction could become the means of Allah subhana wa tada granting me and Allah tala, you know putting me through punishment. And we'll always be what Almighty Allah subhana wa tada

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was any big one? Well, that was enough in the carabiner cartoon, Aloma to Xena will not do not disgrace us, despite the fact that we have full knowledge over us, you know each and everything of us. But despite that do not disgrace us and Ola, you have put right to punish us but not punish us. Oh Allah you have the right you have the power through Allah. Allah, Allah Allah.

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Allah you have the power and capacity to to destroy us and to give us punishment, but who will know what

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to add? Because you have put threat over us to not punish us. so silly is no ordinary matter. But there has to be an antidote. And what is the antidote for some us Allah subhanho wa Taala for forgiveness,

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money in one of his talks with regard to probate and repentance, makes mention of this very beautiful incident. He said one day he was going into a garden in Cape Town and he makes mention it was in Cape Town in South Africa. And he saw most beautiful flower and he, he took his hand and he was going to touch that flower, when the guy who was taking them around to see the garden said, stop to not touch that flower. It is poisonous. He said it is poisonous, if you touch it, it will cause harm to you. So he said after he had made mentioned that why the flower is poisonous. He said look at how Allah tala has made it such that when this flower is grown in the wild, the way it is

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poisonous. Next week, normally there is another flower that is an antidote for that particular poison. So if it touches you and it is poisonous, you use the other flower, the effect of the poison goes away. So he said in a similar manner, that flower that is poisonous is sin. And the antidote with regard to sin, is to ask Allah for forgiveness. And Allah subhana wa Taala has shown us the way how we asked Allah Allah for forgiveness is the Pharaoh of Baku. ask Allah tala for forgiveness. In no Ghana's afara he is most forgiving and he is most merciful. And one of the things while I might have made mentioned with regard to sin, we should always bear in mind and keep away from certain

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attitudes with regard to son. One his son becomes more serious Guna Orbeez Yara mollepata Hey, Jen, would you have given upper case

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seven becomes more dangerous, if we regard sin as insignificant never regard sin as insignificant, that one sin that you are regarded as insignificant could be the very sin that Allah subhanho wa Taala has written down to destruction, that one sin could be the means of earning Allah subhanaw taala as rotten and anger, and then who's gonna make the cell even more worse is you are happy with a sin that we have committed, you feel that nice with regard to it, there is a second reason why sin becomes even more serious. The third is israr karna if you continuously do sell, it becomes even more serious. And the fourth thing is

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and the fourth thing is to take pride in yourself. These four things What am I have written makes us an even more worse help customers now husana is

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one is to regard sin as insignificant, and one is to be happy with sin. One is to continuously do something, and to do the same sin repeatedly and to take pride in these things they are such that they cause even more harm with regard to the sin. Now if the antidote is Toba, then how do we make it the What am I have written? There are certain types of Guna Ensign Allah had said that if you die with it, you will not be able to be saved Allah will not forgive. In

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another word forgive a person who associate partners to Allah shill for Latin America he

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to say

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that the secret password isn't in a person is insured. He should ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for forgiveness. Yes If you ask Allah Allah for forgiveness, and then he passes away inshallah Allah Allah will forgive him but if he dies with you, Allah subhanho wa Taala would not forgive him May Allah therefore not be so silly moves to make this will allow me to be wishy washy Oh,

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he was the Kalam Allah Allah will be Who will I seek protection from shield, which I promote, knowingly or unknowingly. Then the other aspect is sometimes we'll find in our own situation, he sits in dirt in our body, sometimes the dirt gets washed away only by us brushing it. So it is a little bit of dust, it is brushing, the dirt goes away. That is like my innocence. So if you come at my innocence, and then my lessons get washed away, and they get removed by good deeds, Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala is gonna come after me. So you do my lessons, then Allah, Allah wipes away the minor sin with good deeds, you perform solid, the solid between one solid to one solid, it wipes

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away the mind Listen, the example I have given is like that small little speck of dust that you wipe away with your hands and there are certain type of dirt that comes upon your skuta or your body that it cannot be removed by just brushing it, sometimes you need water and sometimes you need detergent, sometimes we need. So, in that particular way that type of dirt is more serious, the owner might have written that example is like banana Kabira the major sense they do not get washed away, but through the means of Toba and through the means of repentance and asking for forgiveness. And remember my dear respective brothers they are conditioned with regard to asking for forgiveness,

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what am I have made mentioned with regard to one of it is you acknowledge the sin. One is to acknowledge the sin Guna thereafter now, he has subsidiary but you see the difference between human being and shaytan is this shaytani Guna kurata

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or Salatu was Salam Ala Moana

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the Dhamma.

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So what is it a person who has committed sin, He feels regret with regard three and one is a person who after committing hoonah does not feel regret. In fact, he takes pride with regard to the sun and this is the difference between a police and other marine salat wa salam. He believes when he made committed the sin for which he was expelled from gentlemen, he made and he said Rob BB ma whateley. Allah you led me astray.

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He didn't take responsibility either of nicaea and Jeff Annamalai salatu salam

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ala Nan for Salah. All I have done wrong when he limped off Ilana water hammer. If you don't forgive me, you don't have mercy upon me I will be destroyed. So the first thing with regard to Toba is to acknowledge the second thing is to show regret. You cannot have Toba without regret

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no damage. caporale cristofolini you have

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Have regret over the room that you have done. And after this particular aspect if you show and you make Toba and you still follow with the proper

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qualities and conditions inshallah Allah subhanho wa Taala will forgive you. Therefore neutralization of Quran

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see forgiveness of Allah tala in no follow you will find Allah subhanho wa Taala to be exceedingly Forgiving and Merciful. Allah tala in the Holy Quran says, Alia by de la nostra who Allah and Fusarium Latifah Kumi Rahmatullah all those who have done wrong unto their own souls. The metal mill Rahmatullah never lose hope in the mercy of Allah brothers, this is amazing, it is achieved, and that Allah is hired man, Emilio salatu salam, he only as a part of me, Allah is not addressing those who are ambia or those who are the William the sage of Allah. Allah tala Guna garbajosa mahatama. PRC cara, Allah can I sing with so much love? Oh my bondsman those who have done wrong and to their

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To me Rahmatullah never lose hope in the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Well, it may be restricted by others. This is a door with regard to Toba and Allah Rama never closed the door.

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The door will last forgiveness, the door of Allah subhanho wa Taala has Quran and Allah subhanho wa Taala forgiving is never ever closed. Allah subhanho wa Taala keep this door open for people who are wrong doers like you and I to turn towards Almighty Allah in the La Jolla La Liga to Barcelona con la salatu salam, Allah tala extends his mercy of forgiveness, extends his mercy of entitlement compassion every night to forgive those who have done wrong in the day and ask for forgiveness. And Allah subhanho wa Taala extends his hand of mercy and forgiveness every day to forgive those who have committed wrong during the night and they asked him Allah for forgiveness. This is a reality.

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You know, I had the opportunity once to go to cornea. Where is a mocha mocha mom gelato teen Rama Rama

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Rama Rama Rama Campania has already

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bought Masood Azhar a very famous post form of his which modernization monetary Rama coolala used to make mention every particular year in the on the deal on the night of Liverpool, Qatar on the 27th night and that particular shirt is written on the door in that particular machine where

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he is buried basa basa Hara chesty, wasa

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St baza sandbar St. Botha, either guy ma Durga, Nami, Denise set Baraka Toba St. baza. Come to Allah come to

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come to an Abba zaba hora de Castro de St. pasa if you have committed this belief, if you have committed transgression, if you have committed sin, come back to Allah subhanho wa Taala set bar if 100 times you have broken your Toba come back to Allah because this door of Allah subhanho wa Taala is never close. This door of Allah subhanho wa Taala is never closed. It is always open, waiting for the person to see entrance into the door, which Allah tala is never closed. Whoever closes this door of Allah he's a shaytan whoever closes door this door for Natalia is a kitten in the hula yasumi rohilla lol

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It is only the one who does believe in Allah who will not have open the mercy of

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no matter what goes in there towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala because this is a time for us to turn towards Almighty Allah wa Tarik Jamil makes mention of an incident that I would like to share with you it's such an amazing incident. He says that he's one student even named him what he said next to his Masjid, Hakuna Matata somni ora t to lufia supply karate, there was a woman

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who used to supply woman to people, right? She used to supply a modern woman to people. And one day, this son of one and Amgen went to give a cassette of monetary Jamil to this woman son and said tell your mother to listen to this cassette. And in that particular cassette is the way of Montana he inspires people to ask for forgiveness and he tells people to turn towards to talk

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In that there was this, this motivation to turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala in asking Allah for forgiveness, she told us when she heard the first time because it, put it back again. She read it three times. She came to the masjid when she came

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she has the Imam of the masjid. Who is what the city says in this question. Is it true that even after what I have done, you know what I have done? Everyone in the community knows what I have done. But if I ask Allah tala for Toba, when Allah tala accept my repentance, and the modern and the man said yes, Allah is given a guarantee that he will sincere repentance. Allah subhanho wa Taala will forgive him if you are sincere, and that Allah will forgive you. So she said,

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that bear witness. I have repented. I have made Toba I will not do anything like this again. I have met your mother when she used to come to the masjid. And then she used to make this dua, Yun na

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to mu j is Guna suta cola if my Toba is accepted to you, then take free from this world

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free from this world. And malana Mitch mentioned on the 29th night of Ramadan. incidence he passed away

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on the 29th nights of Ramadan insisted he passed away. This is a door that is never ever closed. It is open to even the worst transgresses mentioned is made. And I will conclude with this. There is a new Salli salatu salam was falsely accused of Zina by someone and that musala salatu salam ala bandwagon that person because of which Allah subhanho wa Taala told the earth to swallow hard to swallow. And as he was being swallowed he bed as Abu Salah Salatu was Salam for mercy. Oh Musa, show me some mercy show me some mercy and mousseline salatu salam because he was gentle. And he was angry and he said you did such and such a thing and go May Allah tala swallow you even further and the

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swallowed Calhoun afterwards and let Allah revealed to us that Mashallah salat wa salam. And he said, Oh Musa, he asked you so many times for forgiveness and mercy. You did not show mercy to him. It is your prerogative, he had done you wrong. But if he had asked me once for a for forgiveness, I would have forgiven him. So brothers, this is the reality we are coming towards the end of Ramadan. We need to reflect on our life. And one of the things is if we are all in some way or the other, we are involved in sin we have committed some sin that has resolved that we will ask Allah subhana wa Taala for forgiveness, we will ask them to forgive us. And of course part of forgiveness is also to

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make the result that we will not permit good answer again. That is what we will resolve and if it happens again, we will come back again to Allah subhanho wa Taala the way someone had said so beautifully, that sun is like you see the rain that comes down upon the windscreen of the car. So as the rain comes down, the wiper wipes it away. After a while the rain comes again. The wiper wipes it again, not that you must do it again. But if it happens, then we'll come back to Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala May Allah Allah forgive us, let us turn towards Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala by submitter COVID Yana merito By Allah, Allah forgive our sins you

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forgive our sins