Is Making Dua in Arabic Better Than English?

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I've heard that asking draw in Arabic is good since Allah likes the Arabic language. However, I've also heard that you should ask in whatever language you are most comfortable with. I personally don't think that resonates with me as well if I don't understand it, and I don't speak Arabic. Do you have any advice or comments on? I guess the etiquette when it comes to your language? terms without a final Haman hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala sola, thank you so much for the introduction. And welcome ready, it's a really great question to ask about. Do I know Milan is the time for us to make Dora so what I that we know from the prophets of Salaam is the problem said about Dora. In

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Allah Allah is the G Buddha with a colbyn law when overfill law does not respond to the supplication of the person who is a lawyer when often been in life and it's a

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person is distracted, or a person doesn't know what they're asking, right? Meaning both of those ingredients have to be there a person has to be focused, when you're asking Allah pondoland it's really you're asking for it. It's not just repeating some words. And number two, it has to be something you understand, both of those things have to be there for the door to be to be accepted. This is something that may come as a surprise. But you know, the prophetic Dora's we learn them, not just so that we can repeat them, we actually learn them. So we can say it with the same intent, understanding it and specifically asking what the profitsystem is asking for. So just by this

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Hadith, you can see that Dora has to be made in a language that the person is comfortable, and that's their native language, their mother tongue, or whatever language they're able to express themselves in. Because that's the point of it.

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There is actually no virtue of Arabic Dora or any other languages done. The only virtue is if the DA is from the prophets of Salaam or from the Quran, right? That obviously has carries extra blessings and extra goodness, because it's either the speech of Allah or the speech of the prophets of Salaam, right? But even those guys, you have to actually understand what you're asking for when you say Robin, it Neff adonia, Hassan, Hassan, aka nada, but now we should actually know what this is saying and what we are asking for. And when we say it, we're specifically intending that. So it is actually encouraged to make dua in whatever language, the language of choice is irrelevant. What is relevant

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and what is required is, you understand what you're asking for, and you're focused when you're asking