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The Holy Spirit is a spiritual practice that purifies wealth and evil, and is linked to a text in Islam. The practice is popular in various countries, including the United States, India, and the UK. It is linked to a text in Islam and is used for personal gain, such as a tattoo, a haupia, and salary. It is important to avoid giving it as a burden and avoid disrespect. It is also important to give charity without strings attached and not just for one's sake. It is also important to avoid giving money to anyone without any strings attached and not just for one's sake.

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Thank you wahoo was Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah. Allah.

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Allah kita Baba kitabi wa Shari. Shari RT a mavado favela, Havana, shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem,

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Timo salatu wa to

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set up Allahu Allah z. My dear respected elders and brothers. As we move closer to the month of Ramadan,

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we also find together with a badass of Ramadan, there are certain things that increase in the month of Ramadan. One of them is that we find people giving this a cut, which is compulsory and also giving much of the charity in the month of Ramadan.

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Now technically and from the point of view, there is no compulsion that one must only give Zakat in Ramadan. Whenever the cart becomes forced upon you, then you have to give Zakat at that time. So if the cart becomes porous upon you in Muharram, you have to give Zakat in Muharram. However, there is some form of justification and there is some form of benefit in giving our charity and Zakat in Ramadan. One of them being that maybe a cream sauce and Ahmed said whoever fulfills one for us. in Ramadan, Allah multiplies it seven Allah tala, whoever does an appeal. in Ramadan, Allah gives him the reward of a for us. And wherever there's one for us acting Ramadan, Allah tala multiplies it 70

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times. And there's a famous Hadith that nebia Kareem saw cinemas generosity in the month of Ramadan was like a strong wind now via creamy sauce from our Ramadan It is our kitara It used to be like a strong wind Allah knows what type of generosity there must have been that it is related it was like a strong wind. So therefore, during the month of Ramadan people normally gives us and therefore we felt it will be appropriate for us to speak about this. Later in the Holy Quran has emphasized the aspect of giving Zakat, which is compulsory, we're not doing anyone a favor, if we give our socket

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to socket how many times we have found this ayat and we read this is in the Holy Quran, established Allah and gives a cut akima salat wa salam I have said some 70 times these two things appear together in the Holy Quran, aka moussaka.

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In the Holy Quran we also find that Allah tala has used the word soccer in various manners and methodology. For example, in Amaya muramasa G. de la him and Amina Villa he will Yeoman

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while Kama Sutra aka Majid kapa haka, just give us a man who Surat or socket, ultra people who will frequent the masjid will be those who believe in Allah. Believe in the day of perform Salat and gives the car they will be the ones who click on the masjid. See how beautiful Allah has made mention of the aesthetic of Zakat in another place in an en su para warahmatullah shockula Shea for shakuhachi Latina Yata una una Sokka. Allah tala, mutton mercy covers everything. But specifically for those who have Taqwa, una Zakat and will give Zakat, specifically Allah Rama is for those who have Taqwa and those who give zakat. aliner 17 supera says that one of the benefits of the person

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who is a Muslim ruler

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and one of the first one of the aspects that a Muslim ruler will do establish solid and establish Zakat in in a hadith

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narrated via cream sauce limited in a tamama Islamic home and to add to sakata Monica said the fulfillment and the perfection of your Islam is to give Zakat

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Sokka Nadine sh Anna, would you mind or Islam Amara mocha money jacked up Hamza Katonah de sakata Nicobar de Amara Islamic Amata so this is something that by and large today we don't pay much attention towards. And there are many benefits with regard to zakat. One of the benefits is you see is the cat means purification, the literal word of the cat. The root word means purification. The cat castle Manohar kitahara are committed to harika

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to aspects of

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Zakat purifies

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As in two ways, one is Allah tala has kept in wealth both positive and negative. Mark yonder manfield surat, almost pata ferrata Zakat in Akiva Joshua multiman fiachra. Jana was the cat metadata advocate under German mafia Tara Malkin was the card metadata. That through the means we have wealth which has positive and negative aspects sexual nature. So Allah tala has warned us with regard to the negative aspects of wealth, that wealth leads you towards greater amount of evil. Hakuna Rasulullah to the lack of material things is the root cause of all evil. But yet Allah tala is also said Amala como la te Jalla wa tiama Allah is made well the basis of your existence in this

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world market better market better. Africa Gina Masekela without our wealth we would be only able to exist rapana Tina Tanya Hashanah Allah give us good in this world give us good in the year after Allah tala refers to wealth in the Holy Quran, in Surah jumuah as Allah subhanho wa Taala refers to it as Allah as grace, as hail Allah report referred to as as hail. Now, these good in bed by giving Zakat we remove the negative aspects of wealth. So we purify ourselves from the negative aspects of wealth and inshallah by giving Zakat we will use our wealth in the positive aspects. So that is the why Sukkot is known as purification. The other reason why it is known as purification is that it

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really purifies the remainder of our wealth. It purifies the remainder of our wealth, by jameela, provecho agana Krishnan, wherever you find where to sit down the brothers.

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It purifies the remainder of our wealth for us to utilize, therefore it comes in a heartbeat in your previous record ilala you take Eva potty, Amina moloko, Allah is not made circuit compulsory, except that it purifies the remainder of your wealth for you to use. Now, this is such a, you know, just think about this brothers, a person spends so much effort to earn halaal risk, but he doesn't give Zakat on it by not giving Zakat it taints his entire wealth, man kassapa, even as a woman,

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whoever earns

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he doesn't give Zakat, then not giving Zakat taints his entire wealth. But by giving Zakat at least your wealth becomes purified. It makes it possible for you to utilize the remainder of your wealth. So that is why is the cat is known in a very specific way as a purification. It purifies from the negative aspects of wealth, and it purifies the remainder of all wealth making it possible for us to use. Another aspect with regard to well as the cat is, we must give Zakat willingly. Zakat You must not keep as a burden A lot of times people look upon it as a burden. You know the way we give text, text to voice when no one gives willingly. No one gives willingly you look at the ethos no one gives

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willingly with regard to the ethos. In a similar manner. We must never ever regard the cut as, as a burden. Nivea cream sauce Islam narrated 15 signs of Tiamat and one of the signs of Tiamat was to Marama that people will regard Zakat is a text people will record the fact is a burden by deal deep corkers accardo give it willingly don't ever give it as a burden and we ever gives it as a burden he becomes part of it being a sign of dammit. You see there gonna be a creamy sauce limit set when you give suckered give with a man and it is

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the cat under a man or srpc fat Muslim is that when you give the cat you do it with worshiping Allah believing in Allah sawaki near Sahaba silk or naked near the capital or text me and

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text for you Marcus at Nita obey Monica sadita or wherever no one gives the cup with the man and no one gives texts with the intention of gaining reward, he has to do it he has to do it. But in soccer these two things he man What is up. So therefore to give Zakat is very important. Then also another important aspect. Allah tala in the Holy Quran has clearly made mention of the master of Zakat who you can

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Give to who you can give to eight categories you can give Zakat in a masala Cotterill for para masakan. In the 10 superar. Allah has made mention of eight categories you can give us a tattoo and Allah has given also haupia volume hakama room, Allah has specified the amount that you have to give in soccer. So what am I have made mentioned with regard to the amount and also where you can and where you can give. This is very important with us. Today we find we see in soccer for example, Zakat cannot be used for buildings. Zakat cannot be used for hospitals, soccer cannot be used for roads and bridges. Soccer cannot be used for salary. Soccer cannot be used for building. Zakat can

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only be used for a poor individual. The poor has been made this the cornerstone of zakat. Today, unfortunately, we find many times we must be careful with regard to organizations that sometimes use the telco infrastructure, they then they come with justification. Now previously, in other religions, they used to be the people used to take out from the salary of people, the government used to do so in France and England, they used to call it the type system, they used to take out from the salary of individuals. And then they used to say it is for the sake of

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the poor and charity, but it was the first go to the church, then to the clergy, and then to the poor. So let them use to trickle down to the poor, that they had to abolish it. So in 1789, they abolish it in France in 1936, only their petition in the United Kingdom. Now we must not do the same with Japan. Zakat must be solely for the poor,

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give it to the individual poor person and Allah tala is celebrated the poor in this way. And in our in our fifth in our juristic books, you will find an amazing principle I'm always amazed at this principle. Whenever there is a difference of opinion with regard to whether Zakat is applicable or not.

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I used to say, give preference to that view. And lil Pokhara give preference to that view in which the poor benefit, so vanilla. So for example, whenever you have a difference of opinion, Masaki muslin, I give what is a Fuca house, you give preference to that view, and fall in Pokhara which is beneficial to the poor. So Zakat is very important for us. And we must give it with the greatest amount of, you know, what's the greatest amount of deal Corker with enthusiasm. But keep in mind, the cat is the minimum, the cat is the bare minimum, you can give lessons a cat. And let me also say, whenever you give an organization soccer, you are not doing any favor to that organization.

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That organization is favoring you, by you by fulfilling what was your responsibility. If they were not there to help you to give out your circuit, you'd have to go look for the poor. So when you

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don't come and make Exxon upon the organization that you are giving to, they are making an assertion upon you. So don't come and say I gave 100,000 to this particular organization.

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You have done nothing you have he has helped you to fulfill us.

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So don't ever show people you know and in indebtedness by you giving yourself that one organization they've helped you. But record is the very minimum you can go pillow soccer, but the Quran and Hadith tells us that you have to go beyond socket. You have to go beyond in the field Malia Hopkins he was upon your well there are other considerations besides that.

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You can only say gives a campus who's gonna look after his massage in the house of Almighty Allah, you can do it. What's the path to Casa? How would it run? How will the Dinos Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala run? How would our aspects with regard to generosity How would it How would it run? That is why Muhammad

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Ali says that throughout Islamic history, there has always been great

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admiration for people of charity for generosity and pasta and parrot and pasta Howard. Howard was generosity is one of the cornerstones and attributes which bring people closer towards a person and brings people closer towards Allah. Via Karim stars limited Asahi person, a generous person is close to Allah and he is close to people where a person who is a miser he is far from Allah.

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And he's far from people. So be generous. Muhammad Ali used to say that and there is remarkable incidents in our history with regard to generosity in generosity. Firstly, Allah tala rewards us tremendously when we give beyond the tongue. Yeah, he

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says, I never saw any grain or any aspect of grain that can outweigh even a mountain, except the grain that is given in

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the grain that is given in charity that well that is given in charity. Allah subhanho wa Taala makes it even more valuable and more rewarding than even a whole mountain.

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Ultra in the Holy Quran has made mention masala poonawalla that the aspect of charity is such that Allah tala multiplies it 700 times. That is, that is Allah Allah says

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Allah tala will multiply it even more than 700 times if Allah tala wishes. So firstly you find that through the means of charity Allah Allah blesses and gives us an award. Then another aspect with regard to charity is that Allah tala gives blessedness to the person who gives charity Hello, Martin one second.

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Allow Marty mother*in halifa watamu second Tanaka, every day two angels come down and they make dua over now the one who is charitable, who Allah bless, bless him, give him more. And well not the one who doesn't give our love destroy his wealth every day to angels make dua, Allah The one who gives give him more and another one who doesn't give Oh Allah, you destroy his wealth. So this is something that we have to keep in mind that we try and do under threat from the means of that Allah subhanho wa Taala blesses us also another aspect don't know how Latina Chai if a person has wealth doesn't his wealth, whatever little bit you have to give. Because Allah tala says

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under the name of his service, he wonder why

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he is those who gives an ease and adversity budget now whatever you got his little bit way, if you got less, give less, you got more give more. So that ever you have whatever letter but we have to give me a cream sauce limit said that through the means of

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charity Allah Allah protects you from the fire of Jana

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Shakti Tom rotten, save yourself from the fire of Jana. Even if you give one.

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Even if you give one module, then also save yourself it will save you from Allah punishment. I've learned the enemy Katana Masekela but it what it wants from Allah what it wants from people. Allah tala wants us not to think only of ourselves or by our compatibility

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hershko generosity is not to spend upon yourself. generosity is to spend in the path of Almighty Allah. generosity is to spend on others. So

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this is not generosity you spend upon yourself. generosity you spend upon other people who spend up on the path of Almighty Allah. And that is why whenever worker villalpando gave wealth in the Battle of the book, and asked him, What have you left for your family? He said I left school for my family. Now that means spending wealth in Dini causes Hoover Coronavirus to spend spin in the Battle of the book was for Dini causes to help a teeny cause. So our massage modality is our good work that shows from here we have to be very generous in spending then spend upon people spend and be good upon people as a fissara certified as a as a chef and

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a very amazing incident. Abdullah bin Jaffer as an associate going for Hajj and when they went for Hajj, they caught Ross. And they came they had no water, no no food and they came to an old woman's house. And she had one small coat, which was very weak. And she said we are very hungry. We're very thirsty give us something that all woman amazingly you know she gave them milk from that goat and then she slaughtered the one goat that she had to fit these visitors. Now these were not these were the grandsons on me sourcing them. So they told her that when you were when you come to Medina come and visit us. So difficulty came upon this woman. So after difficulty came one day she went to

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Medina but she still didn't go in quote was an awesome Hussein One day while she was working, doing some tasks

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and said You are the woman who helped us.

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Come come come home, showered her with your affection showed

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Heba 1000 votes now after she thought that that one good as one came and started shouting every buechler we had one vote that also you gave away. So has it has somebody ultimo said go take 1000 votes and 1000 dinars cable 1000 said now go to my brother Hussein went to what I was saying also gave 1000 goats 1000 dinar, went to the lab in Jaffa to live in Jaffa gave 2000 goats and 2000 dinars, she came back to her husband and said look at what Allah has given us, for one small group that we sacrificed. But this is a sick this was the generosity of earlier people. Now also with regard to generosity also when we talk about these things, there are certain there are certain type

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of etiquette with which we give. We give etiquette one of the etiquette that Islam has taught us about charity we give without any strings attached. When we give solely for the sake of Allah.

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Allah Allah coupie Myskina via t mo well, Sierra, when feed people out of the love of Almighty Allah. In the monetary boom, we feed the poor, learn every room in Kinshasa Alessia Cara We don't want any things from them. Many times people say we will give charity people will come to Islam, brothers that might be a supplementary benefit. But when we give we don't even give for that reason also, Allah will give to charity won't give you diet. Since when do we feel that by giving charity work? Yes, we need to be charitable. We need to show his people the beauty of Islam in terms of looking after other people. But when we give charity we give without any strings attached. We give

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it solely for the sake of Allah. You will know the and Armand will talk to Sarah Patrick and Bill money what other oh you believe don't spoil your charity by taunting the person that you are giving charity to? How many times you give charity to someone and then afterwards you want him to tomorrow's a third time. You eating my sucker while you tell me something? No, no brothers, you spoiled by just taunting and reminding the person about your charity and your generosity. You lost all your sub, you lost all your reward. What did you pick up here actually wrote such an amazing thing. He said the reward of charity is not as much that it can wipe away this that it can be that

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it is good enough to wipe away the sin of protein taunting another person. So he's not but he's not so much that he can wipe away the sin of taunting another person after you have given him and brothers we've got many many ways of giving redness, there are many old methods open for us to give. allow our is given wealth. Brothers give HIV willingly before Allah Allah Allah Allah says in the Quran,

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Allah before a time will come you won't be able to give Zakat you won't be able to give charity and to give charity at the time of your death is not as pleasing to Allah when you give when you are healthy, and when you also desiring wealth. So we have to do this brothers, we have many methods, firstly, we have to give to our massages, with a machete to come to, I mean, all of these things don't come for free the water that is they don't come for free now if you are using it, but it is just common sense. It is just common. You know, zerit are you using public money, I must give something back to it. Otherwise, if you don't give to the machine that you are attending that means

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you are coming to the masjid and you are benefiting from public funds when you might not be worth your public funds. So give to the merchant that you attend give to poor people for this I mean why we know that today we like to build beautiful massages and people give lovely for masala etc. But my gift to human beings also uplift human beings, right allottee you can see butene for the radical idea to have you seen those who deny religion, there are those who don't encourage the feeding of the poor, who don't worry about the upliftment of the team. And people don't worry about the upliftment of the poor people. I mean, sometimes a human being is more important than a building. So

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give to those people. There are so many different strategic ways that we can give with regard to our, our, our our charity, I think time has elapsed, there's so many things that I can still add on with regard to the study. But of course I'm sure we will use our discretion to be able to use our support in our charity in such a manner that will bring benefit to us or bring benefit to the community that we are living with Ben being benefit to humanity which after all, is one of the main reasons that Allah has made charity, such a great act, and why so much reward has been promised with regard to charity. May Allah Allah inculcate within us a generosity generous spirit, which Allah

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tala once a woman, always to have