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Alhamdulillah wa salatu wa salam O Allah Allah,

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Allah Allah Allah Viva la vida de la kitahara kitabi Allah Sharia Tabata Shariati a mavado favela Humana. shaytani, r rajim Bismillah Hua Rahmani Raheem

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Watashi wa we have Lila Jamia for Roku, Sara Kala will

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marry respected elders and brothers, Allah azza wa jal, the Creator of the heavens on Earth.

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The creator of UN is the creator of humanity, from its inception, till eternity is created each and every one of us differently.

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Allah has created each and every one of us different, What is surprising and what is amazing and this is the quality of Alice of his heartbeat.

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Allah is clear each and every one from the beginning of time till the end, different from every other human being. The lines that are on our hands.

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This is unique to only us. It is different from every human being Allah has created.

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This is what we find with regard to fingerprints and lettering. The Holy Quran says Bala Catarina, Allah and do so via banana on the day of chiamata. Allah tala recreates you research you he will resurrect you with a very same fingerprints that you have the time when Allah made mention of banana Allah will create you with your this this also your fingerprints also intact. Now we come to realize also that why Allah has made mention of this, each and every person's fingerprint is different from every other human being Allah has created. Now you also find that now they do identification, not only through fingerprints, but through the means of the inside of your eyes. So each and every

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person's inside of the eye, Allah has created the front foot only from human beings who are living now, but living from the time of Adam alayhis salam to the day of Tiamat that's how Allah has created each and every one unique lick and despite the fact that Allah has created us differently, Allah wants us to be together like 140

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Allah Tanana Lobo como para Chi, they can escape our Jude Allah tala chata Hekia her a metalhead or a bunker Ray. And this is the aspect of the unity of the soma. In diet which I have recited Allah Allah says watashi Moo, Allah He Jamia holdfast unto the rope of Allah subhanho wa Taala. jointly well for Rocco and do not become this United

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Press everyone Today we can talk about the importance of unity and unity is so important. They can be no two opinions about the benefit and the great consequences of unity. From a broader perspective, we can see see the heart is the most important organ in our body,

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but will not take this heart outside the body. Take this heart and leave it outside the body. In half a day even a dog would want to eat this heart.

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Why it is gone. It is gone separate from the body. The heart is valuable when it is in the body.

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It is that the time it is valuable. to swap to burn candle, burn turkey Baraka otaku scodix technically with a Ernie,

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you find great pieces of wood and wood coming out of a tree is valuable, or it is a row in invaluable in its raw form. But when does it become valuable when you put the wood together and it becomes furniture.

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In a similar manner some of our beloved nebia Kareem serravalle wa sallam, he is valuable when this Puma is united by complying with the commands of Allah united in one objective. Then you will see the Unity the Baraka in the strength of this Kuma via Karim sauce limited here to LA he ll Java. The hand of Allah is upon the United law.

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annasmith is only upon you when you are united for hymnal, Baraka tamale Jama. Allah blessing is with a united lat final Baraka tamale JAMA, a nurse Baraka is with a Jamaat aleria la who used to say that a united lot even if it's got faults

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united lat I got a tomato hugger Joe Smith harami Oh, I gotcha was meant

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to say to some k support folks with regard to it. That united lat with its faults, it's better than a set that is withdrawn from the omit, even if it is very pure and pious even if it's very poor empires the United lot with its weakness, Hama Casa ik Jamaat Allah tala, ke ha Mahatma

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it is more beloved to Allah than a sect that has gone out of the home, even if it is very pious, and he will be allowed to sleep. That is we can talk on with regard to this very important aspect of unity. Has it mana Yousuf sobre la Li, the son of one Allah subhanaw taala Lee, in his last byom that he gave before he passed away, he spoke about Madonna and he spoke about the oneness of the Summa that the creator and that lecture is worth your reading many a times in this mana has made mentioned he said, the math and the unity of the math will be formed. When persons and people look beyond their own nation in the tribe. In May I dare say beyond their own slack

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at heart pusaka ketchup army apne Lolo Kip Bella Terra loco Sanjay.

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Sanjay, to really see your marriage. Mr. Emery Bradley. This is my mission. This is my ethnic group. Unity will not be formed if each and every one only looks at his own group. How is the unity of the enemy forming? Everyone says this is my nation. This is my ethnic group. This is my GM people. This is my village here merimbula How will the unity of the Omid come on? I used to serve uncle Alicia say that in the time of nebbia Kareem saw cillum if there were 10,000 people that every one hit the support of 9999 people, no one wished him bed. He said that's a time that's a way that wasn't the time of this was unless maarif came upon the people of the Sahaba and the time of nebia krimson

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And he said when you start looking at your own crockery and don't look beyond, you will never be able to form the woman that will be formed when you look beyond your own self and look at the oneness and the greatness and the uniqueness of the oma with its multi faceted type of dimension and multifaceted type of people that forms the schema. That is why is the time of

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when there was once a dispute between a person of McCann, a person of Medina and they started calling to one another for assistance. And the bar Mahajan said

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come and help me to answer your answer. Oh people are gonna come to help me via cream sauce and got so angry and said we have you come up with a slogan of ignorance.

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It is Jaya Hilliard Kamara it is a it is a slogan of ignorance Jambo hacia urine sir Tom come in help me open Java come and help me Oh buccellati come and help me Is this the way we're gonna form it oma

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form in the words of mine are you surprised? When people look beyond their own ethnic group? Then we'll find the beauty of this particular oma, this oma Allah has given it such ways of uniting. Every body that Allah has created brings about unity of the ummah. So Salat is better performed when you are in Jamaat, when you are in JAMA 27 times more than performing at home. Why?

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It is united. You look at a gamma gamma palya for gamma pirna. Soccer tougher matchup.

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If everyone goes and read numbers at home, what is the use of putting upset with big machines? Why? Through the means of Jamaat Allah tala unites the oma? when we when we keep fast, although fast is an individual he boarded, he can put a Dunia musalman he was Johanna Versace tacky,

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tacky hypodontia socket, so that the people who are well to do look after the people who are not so well to do, what can you say with regard to it? It is such an rebonded that brings people who in this stuff, in the words of

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this will not come together. Only with z curriculum. Remember what I'm saying? This woman

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But will not come together only with Zika and eliminate Zika is important knowledge in secret is important. But he says only Zika and only ilam will not bring this together. In his last bar he made mention he said people who were there who had such great skills in terms of knowledge abolfazl and faizi. They were so knowledgeable. This Few days back I was making mentioned that they wrote a book on Sierra. They wrote a book on the life of Navy SEALs, in which they do not use one word in which there is an

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Arabic language. I leave could no look taba got a new task or an OTA hasn't gotten the highest

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spot. They have written a book on NaVi sauce from only using words that did not have the Arabic nocta Pura Kitab was Copa lived in a bizarre slum Kisan Tarik yopa. But they were the people who led astray they became a stray, despite the great knowledge that they possessed.

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He was the one whom assassinated

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when because the people were angry after he assassinated through they started beating him up. He told him he said don't cut my tongue.

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Don't cut my tongue. But this tongue I make so much sicker. He's made mention of how many 1000 times thicker he makes every day. Every day he makes so much 1000 acres. But maybe aquarium saw some said the person who kills Ollie will be the worst person in moment.

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The person who kills me would be the worst person in moment. Despite the fact that there are many 100,000 times he could everyday

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eliminate Zika in itself. If it is together with other qualities, it is essential, but in itself will not guarantee salvation will not bring the oma together. Omar will come together as a writer

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who will come together when people they fulfill the rights of one another.

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We will come together when people don't oppress one another. What will come together whenever moral and financial matters are resolved. That's the time when the home of our beloved Livia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he has rights as a Latina woman. When you are humble to the believers, there's a time and the woman will come together when you are humbled to the believers at the time and more or less is that mutual unity is essential for the formation of the oma mutual unity mana makes mention of a hadith. What amazing Hadith he said a pious person will be brought before Allah on the day of Tiamat he will have so much salad. So much occurred so much sicker. Allah will tell

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the angels put him in the fire of Johanna. He will say why you put in the fire of gentlemen. He said one sentence one made mention of a sentence that broke down but

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despite all the other sub going to Jana,

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you once made mention of a lecture that will bring people in you broke the code into the five of

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them a person will be you will have full of weakness, he will be he will be shivering, he will say, well life is gonna allow us to put him in Janet. So why are we putting him in gentlemen? He said once the omit was on the verge of fighting. And you said a sentence that brought the oma together go into

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this is how important unity is of others. And on the other hand, if we are not united Do you know what the harms and consequences of his analysis what are the punakha Latina tarraco therapy amongst those who dispute and become this divided to not become like that? What is our situation in terms of our disability today? Now what Allah tala says, Do not become disunited do not argue Emperor for tough Shalu.

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Allah will take away your strength. Now will take away your strength when you start this uniting in you start disputing with one another to you how what is our situation? Now there are certain types of differences we know that we cannot accommodate ahmadiyah and qadiani out of the fold of Islam, there is no unity with regard to that. There are fundamentals between Sunnis and Shias. There are fundamentals with regard to people who do not believe for example, in the hadith of our beloved maybe a cream sauce I'm not saying that you must go and fight with regard to certain people like that. But there are certain type of these type of things that are fundamental in nature but even in

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given exam example of NaVi sauce lamb Sana cream sauce in a new the moon africanism it's let me socialism was informed by Allah about the moon Africanist much, but maybe a cream sauce lamb did not take violent action against the monastics Sahaba. Some of the Saba sera Sula, this person I did this this person did that. The resource team said don't harm them. So yeah, why are sutala

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them said he said people will say Mohammed kill

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His own companions. People will say Mohammed kills his own companions. And Abdullah bin Abdullah bin obey wanted to kill his father, the leader of the monastics because of the harm he was causing to Nivea cream sauce from Libya. creamy sauce from Sarawak called him Abdullah don't harm your father. Why are asuna looked at what in what he did to you? And we saw some said or below, don't kill him, because he reads a lot with us. He's in the masjid with us. This is a situation that we got to keep in mind, what what are we going to show to the enemies, even if they use these type of things, we need to control it in a manner that is within we will speak out about what is not right from our

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point of view. But in terms of maintaining a facade of unity, that's what it was that maintain that facade, Taka Dishman, you know, a Muslim man lover, I was making mentioned this two days ago, you know, it's got nothing to do a deed in a sense. But let's look at the perceptions of people. Recently, there was a vote with regard to where the Olympics must be held. Let us give you an example how people today think, where where does Olympics be held? So one of the cities that was bidding for it was Istanbul, and one was Tokyo. So the mayor of Tokyo writes in his speech, with regard to white must go to token appease temple, he saved because the Muslims, besides believing in

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the oneness of Allah fight about everything.

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This this, imagine a non Muslim writing, the Muslims don't give it to Eastern Buddha Muslims. They decide, believe it or not, they fight about everything we have to be learning.

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You know, there is this email that goes around with regard to a person who is about to commit suicide. So when a person came to meet him, he said, Don't commit suicide, you're about to throw yourself while you're promoting. She said, I'm Tobias. What do you mean by? He said, Don't tell him? I said, Yes. Sorry. The kalama said open even after they say yes, those who believe in this code you believe in that says yes. He said, Don't you believe in the oneness and the identity of the Sava? He said yes. Then he went on to say, do you make refer to it? He said, Yeah, I don't I don't make a fire he went on went on. Then he found one issue in which he did not agree with he said, Let me push

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you instead of you being today that we won't push you up here he Kesava there are certain things that are fundamentals but there are also certain type of things which are which are not essential and fundamental to make that the basis of His love. is harmful to the human a person who is doing that is causing harm to the

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Dalai Lama.

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He used to believe that whenever person blood comes out, you have to make Wazoo you submit the blood comes out you have to make Wazoo Mr. Malik Rahmatullah family on the other hand, he used to believe in Satan, the person who bleeds Wazoo does not break

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in America. So one day someone asked him, I

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said, Oh, you ma'am, if you see a person, if you see a person you believe that, you know, when when you bleed you don't make.

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Even America really believes that a person who bleeds, he doesn't need who's who believes that a person. So if you see someone who's bleeding in concrete numbers when you did the math behind it.

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So what an amazing thing is that he said, Are you telling me I must not read numbers behind him or Molly?

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telling me I must not read numbers behind him or money.

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He believes it is not necessary that is his which

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I believe is necessary. But now just look at the aspect with regard to the broadness of your mouth. No Huisman era, the ultra mini came to Mina red for a cuts in Mena and

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became angry. In this sense, he said,

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Omar retrorockets, wise was monitoring for cuts. Thinking was a departure from the sooner not aware that was Maria latonya had made intention of becoming Muslim in that place, and he wasn't aware of it. Nevertheless, whatever the reasons, the next salad when

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he went to read namaz again behind smart students said you are not happy with him reading two records for records in a certain way. Again with him, What did he say? He said the oneness and the unity of the oma is more important than my Muslim.

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the oneness of Muhammad, the Oneness in the unity of the oma is more important than my Muslim. So whatever may be the rate behind it was that he's not reading numbers behind was smart. Why isn't?

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Everyone want to want to come? No, despite the fact that I was reservation, I will read numbers behind process this is the importance with regard to the unity of the soma, may Allah Allah make us as brothers we will say, but what can you add to this what is such a big

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General bonadonna here and we are very weak.

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What can we do what we are small, insignificant people with regard to maintaining unity, you know

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But I always tell people don't say you are insignificant. Don't say you are insignificant and small people who say someone is insignificant and small. Try and sleep in a room in which is a small mosquito who will sleep in a room which is a small mosquito mosquito is a small thing, but it won't allow you to sleep. So, we are not small and nothing is scripted each and every one each and every one can play a role in other people who can maintain unity or not lateral knows but we must never ever become the means of disseminating the oma, we must always play a positive role in trying to bring people together inshallah karenga inshallah, through that we will see the Baraka inshallah

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Allah Allah will bring and lasmiditan Allah Allah will bring Baraka Masada